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Morning links: More Hasselbeck-to-Tennessee talk

Post by Eric Williams on July 3, 2011 at 9:21 am with 45 Comments »
July 3, 2011 9:21 am

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean offers his thoughts on the possibility of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck joining the Tennessee Titans as a free agent in this conversation with Vinnie Iyer and Alisha Hood of the Sporting News.

Wyatt says with Titans personnel executives Mike Reinfeldt and Ruston Webster’s ties to Seattle, along with Hasselbeck’s developing relationship with Jake Locker, he believes Tennessee will go after the 35-year-old quarterback in free agency.

Wyatt: “They know Matt Hasselbeck. Likely Jake Locker knows Matt Hasselbeck because he’s worked with him some ways, been out in Washington. I think they’ll make a run at Hasselbeck first just to see his interest and just to see what’s going to shake out there in Seattle. If his future with the Seahawks continues. If they can make that work, that could happen. If not, I think it’s Kerry Collins.”

Wyatt also expresses skepticism that Vince Young will get things turned around after his inevitable release from Tennessee.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post examines how teams examine mental and emotional issues for players in the draft, including ADD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, bi-polar and anxiety/depression.. Pompei writes that Seattle is one of two teams that works with performance psychologist Dana Sinclair, who evaluates prospects in the pre-draft screening process. If one of Sinclair’s clients acquires a player with a learning disability, she draws up a plan to help the player.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a look at some of the franchise’s memorable dates in July, including Steve Largent’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

Former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora and his farther are part of a USO tour of NFL contingent of current and former head coaches traveling overseas to speak to U.S. troops.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange has some interesting stuff in his latest tip sheet, including the fact that Seahawks free agent center Chris Spencer could generate some interest once free agency begins because of the lack of depth at center in the open market.

Andy Benoit writing for the New York Times’ Fifth Down Blog writes that Russell Okung is on the cusp of becoming one of the top 10 offensive tackles in the league.

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders takes a look at team’s success using empty-set backfields. The Seahawks were in the middle of the pack using empty sets, but in the top 10 in terms of their effectiveness in that formation.

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  1. I think the LT list is going to look like this in ’12…

    1. Thomas
    2. Clady
    3. Long
    4. Roos
    5. Okung
    6. Oher
    7. Ferguson
    8. McNeill
    9. Gross
    10. Bulaga
    Vastly Overrated = Peters

    I love Gross, but he’s getting long in the tooth. This means that Okung will be considered the best offensive tackle in the NFC. IMO, the 7 of the top 8 tackles are in the AFC.

    Worst offensive tackles will start off with Trent Williams. Maybe not “worst,” but probably if you factor in the production vs. what he’s paid. lol

  2. I like BobbyK’s LT list with the exception of Oher. Seems the Ravens would love to move him back to RT if they could just find a decent LT.

    My attempt at handicapping the Seahawks starter for next year would be:
    Hasselbeck — 35% (would be lower if lockout was resolved a few months ago)
    Palmer —— 25% (would be lower if not for low compensation)
    Kolb ———— 20% (would be higher if not for high compensation)
    The Others — 20% (No future picks)

    The others are Whitehurst, Leinart, Jackson and Young.

  3. Soggybuc says:

    OMG Jake is from southern Alaska, Matt lived in Southern Alaska. pencil it done because we who would never ever think of actually going beyond the mighty miss say it must be so. because ya know that team from somewhere way out there can only offer Matt 3 sled dogs and some Caribou jerky to resign.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Not sure what all that means, but Hasselbeck is on record saying that he’d love to work with / mentor Locker. That adds significant fuel to to the rumors IMO, for a team needs desperately an opening day starter.

  5. BobbyAyala says:

    The longer the lockout persists, the more likely Matt returns.

  6. Hasselbeck has to be the first phone call John Schneider makes once free agency begins. If the Seahawks offer him 2 years at $7M+, Hass would be crazy to leave Seattle at this stage of his career.

    Their next phone call should be to Mebane, followed by a call to Mare.

    Then, I hope they make Jonathan Joseph an offer he can’t refuse and bring another quality CB to the defense. Follow that up by signing a veteran OG to lead the line – perhaps Gallery, or better yet pry Davin Joseph away from Tampa Bay.

    That would be a nice free agency period by Schneider.

  7. Stevos, that seems very feasible, actually. It would make up for (what looks like) a lackluster draft, IMO.

  8. Palerydr says:

    How bout a little credit I’ve been touting the Joesephs for a few months now. But both of the teams they play for Cincy, Tampa Bay have money to spend even if they are noted for being cheap so I anticipate theses 2 are gonna be tough for the Hawks to sign. I remember Chuck made a post listing our current DB’s and I agree that getting another shut down type of corner isn’t a high need. My argument to sign JJ might change after reading the link below. It appears according to this source he’s not good at press coverage and I think that you have to be good at that in Pete’s system. I think Gallery is too old and inj prone to make an 8 mill a year offer to. I see that type of move as the kind we have made to often in the past, big bucks for a big body not playing due to whatever…. So that is why I want DJ who’s 26 and could be the leader of this unit. My only reservations about DJ is how he will adapt to a ZB scheme

  9. Palerydr says:

    I think the Hawks are gonna be bringing in 3-5 undrafted DL
    Guys I think might be brought in:

    DT Martin Parker reasonably quick off the line but needs to build his strength 23 reps of 225
    DT/DE Cedric Thornton very similar to Pep Levingston
    DE Brandon Bair tall and a bit undersized but has good speed off the edge

    I mean I did win the draft predictions…. LOL big props to Eric on his prize package good stuff!

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Palerydr – What did you get? (Aside from the unwaivering admiration and respect from the rest of the blog, of course… ;) )

    BTW, Happy 4th everyone. Have a great day and be safe.

  11. Congrats Palerydr, I never saw the big awards ceremony. lol!

    I had tagged Cedric Thornton to the Seahawks in my mock draft, and you’re the first to tell me he was never drafted. I agree he fits the profile the Seahawks want and if players of his ability are still out there unsigned that’s good news for us.

  12. Palerydr, I wasn’t claiming I had an exclusive in wanting CB Joseph from Cinci and OG Joseph from Tampa. They’re clearly two of the best FAs out there, and both fit the Seahawks schemes, so I’m sure a lot of us have been looking at them for awhile now.

    As for Robert Gallery, I really doubt the Seahawks or anyone would pay $8M for him. I think his age and injuries will scare most teams off. Also, If Gallery wants to play for Cable then the Seahawks could get a nice deal. There is an assumption thought (I’m not sure if its been reported exactly) that when Cable has been talking about an “anonymous left guard” he’s already talking about Gallery and probably talked to him back when PC hired him.

    Gallery played two more years than Joseph and those were two injury-plagued years so his longevity is a little suspect at this point. Still, Cable badly needs a veteran leader on this line (can you imagine Max Unger being the most experienced starter on our O line? lol!) and if Cable thinks that leader is Gallery, I’m all for it.

    Happy Independence Day everybody. Here’s hoping we have new free agent news to talk about SOON.

  13. I think Gallery will be our LG and I definitely think that he won’t be earning anywhere close to $8 million per season to man that position.

  14. Soggybuc says:

    Happy 4th everyone. a grand tradition of family, friends good BBQ and blowing things up. my second favorite day of the year.

    While I would love to see Davin Joseph in Hawks blue it is highly unlikely. for one there is no way Morris is going let him walk and second thats a very promising young team and he most likely would not want leave that situation with a kid like Freeman looking for all the world as a future SB winning QB.
    Factor in that leaving the sunny gulf coast for the grey and drizzle of Seattle and really just looks like a pipe dream.

  15. chuck_easton says:

    First off Happy 4th to everyone south of the border. We in Canada had our Canada Day holiday on the 1st of July.

    I my every so humble and entirely uninformed opinion is that we will get a QB (either Matt or someone), then fix the DL issue, THEN a LG.

    I just don’t see DB as a pressing need since there are 12 on the roster and it looks like the starters have been somewhat pencilled in with Trufant, Thurmond, Thomas, and the Non T at strong safety. If a DB is out there and available sure, go for it. But I can’t see the need.

    The other positions ARE big needs.

  16. Hey Soggybuc, if Davin Joseph did leave “the sunny gulf coast for the grey and drizzle of Seattle”, wouldn’t that make him Soggybuc II?

  17. chuck, Its true there are big needs on the DL as well. I’m still thinking CB is a need though. Someone was mentioning the other day about re-watching the Oakland game last year when Trufant went down injured and the entire D backfield fell into disarray and was embarrassed. Except for ET, we have mostly young unproven kids to compete at DB.

    I think our biggest concern at CB is what that backfield looks like anytime Trufant isn’t 100%. His heir-apparent needs to step up asap.

  18. If the ’09 CBA is used for ’11 then I’d hope PC/JS might try for CAR’s LDE Charles Johnson 6-2/275, 24 yo, 11.5 sacks, 62 tackles in ’10. He was around the quarterback a lot. He’s good against the run. 5th yr player was tendered (RFA 1st rd) but that goes away if the ’09 CBA is used and he’s a UFA. Wonder how much ($$$) it’d cost SEA to get him?

    DT – gotta get Mebane back, unless they can land Shaun Rogers (still rather have Mebane).

    TB’s RG Davin Joeseph 6-3/313, 27 yo, is a mauler, missed 5 games in ’10 (foot). Can be beat in pass-pro by quick DTs. Was better in ’07 & ’08 than in ’09 & ’10. Joeseph was drafted by TB and their OL scheme is man, so he’s gotta learn the ZBS. Joeseph’s ’09 cap hit was $1.71M, likely to be in the $7M range in ’11.

    ATL’s LG Justin Blalock 6-4/329, 27 yo, outplayed RG Dahl last season. Good at run blkg, improved in pass pro. ATL will spend $$$ more to get Blalock back than they will Dahl. Knows the ZBS. Blalock’s ’09 cap hit was $0.89M, likely to be in the $5-6M range in ’11.

    ATL’s RG Harvey Dahl 6-5/305, 30 yo, built more like a tackle than a guard, Dahl’s a nasty player who compensates for lack of athleticism with toughness. His play dropped off a little in ’10. Knows the ZBS. Dahl’s ’09 cap hit was $1.55M, likely to be in the $4-5M range in ’11.

    OAK’s LT/LG Robert Gallery 6-7/325, 30 yo, built more like a tackle than a guard, after Cable moved him to guard his performance improved. Supported Cable after Davis fired him and isn’t currently receiving much interest by OAK. Knows Cable’s ZBS. Gallery’s ’09 cap hit was $5.26M, likely to be in the same range in ’11 (if not lower).

    With the talk of going back to the ’09 CBA for ’11, I hadn’t thought about the dead cap SEA would take for cutting players like Balmer, Andrews, et al. Does anybody have a handle on it?

  19. Please everybody also remember: Beer = bread in a bottle. It’s a nutritious drink that’s good for you!

  20. Dukeshire says:

    “With the talk of going back to the ’09 CBA for ’11, I hadn’t thought about the dead cap SEA would take for cutting players like Balmer, Andrews, et al. Does anybody have a handle on it?”

    1 – What do you mean by ’09 CBA? As of nearly a month ago, it was understood that the ’11 season would operate under whatever conditions were agreed upon for the “new” CBA. There won’t be a retro-active CBA in effect whenever we finally get going. (Soon, please!!)

    2 – What are you referring to by “dead cap”? Seattle didn’t draft either player so dead cap really ought not apply. Dead cap generally refers to money teams are obligated to pay players they have released whom they also signed to the original contract. So, in the case of players they traded for, you’d have to know the conditions of their contracts and the specific finances of the contract Seattle accepted. That is, how much guaranteed money they are still due that Seattle is on the hook for. It’s not uncommon for teams trading the player to accept the hit, but not always. And in the case of Balmer, it’s even further muddled by his paying back nearly $800,000 to SF for the trade to happen. (But whatever the dollar amount, he needs to go, IMO)

  21. Hass has been linked to just about every team out there – and of course they should – gotta have something to write in the absence of real football news.

    It will be interesting to see if the hawks will buck up for a 2 year contract – I remember seeing somewhere (way back when ) that the hold up was they wanted 1 year and he wanted 2 ( or more).

    actually make sense on both sides. But I think they longer this goes on the more likely that Matt will come back maybe even on a 1 year deal. He knows the offense and can look like he did this year and still command a big contract a year from now. I could be wrong of course

    although, there also is the possibility that some team over pays to get him for the year.

    Let’s just get a deal signed and find out!!!!!!

  22. I never caught that before (that the ’11 CBA would be the new CBA and not a retro-active one) – thank you for catching me up on that! Also, KWAP!, I forgot all about SEA owing SF $800K for Balmer!

    Bean Counter Stuff: As you know, guaranteed monies (up-front paid bonuses to draftees and acquired FAs) were allowed to be distributed over the life of a player’s contract under the team salary cap rules of the old CBA. If the player’s contract was terminated by the team prior to his contract expiration date, the team was held responsible for including the undistributed balance of the bonus amounts under the team’s cap for the future season (if the cut was in the offseason) or for the season during which the player was cut. The remaining pro-rated bonus amount for all the team’s cut players was the ‘dead cap’.

    There was an exception for one player cut prior to June-something, but that one’s gone by, and there was the limit of 51 (only the top 51-players salaries were counted until the cutdown to 53), and I can’t remember all of the other myriad of cap rules(?)

    Thing I was wondering about was:
    Could SEA attribute players bonuses like for Balmer and Andrews as being fully paid off during the uncapped ’10 season, or will the ’10 season be treated as if it was just another year of prorated bonuses, or will it be skipped like it didn’t occur (since it was uncapped) with some teams taking more advantage than others? What about players that got cut in ’10? If ’10 is seen as a voided year, is SEA on the hook for any undistributed bonuses for last season?

  23. Just throwing it out there, but Kolb knows pretty much the exact system, too. He’s been running the WCO in Philly.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Again, that would depend on construct of the financial agreement included in the trade. Remember, those signing bonuses are pain in a lump sup. They are not distributed over the course of the contract. However, teams prorate how that money is distributed against the cap, over the course of the deal. Big difference. The money scheduled for a given year would not be “waived” because there was no cap, like ’10.

  25. BobbyK, he’s also been running the bench. I’m yet to be sold on Kevin Kolb.

  26. When have I said I was “sold” on him? I was just presenting a fact; he knows the WCO, too.

  27. Miami was offering their 1-26 draft pick but Holmgren swung a sweet deal for Hasselbeck with GB. He traded away 3-72 and swapped 1-10 for 17 (Steve Hutchinson).

    Greg Cosell compares Kolb to Hasselbeck. Schneider has already hit a dinger with Philly, Clemons for Tapp. Looking forward to the results after another AB (at bat).

    Exclusive Eagles QB Kevin Kolb analysis

  28. pabuwal says:

    “At his best, I think he could be someone like veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, whom Cosell compared Kolb to. That’s a quarterback who could take a team to the Super Bowl as long as there is good talent around him and has good coaches to work with. Hasselbeck doesn’t have a gun for an arm, but it’s good enough.”

    I would agree with this. If everything goes right, you have another Hasselbeck – someone who can be a very good to even great QB – with great talent and coaching around him.

    I wouldn’t give up a 1st round draft pick because I think it’s a long shot everything goes right given what I have seen of Kolb and the curve I think he should be on. The way it stands right now, when Kolb encounters any type of pressure or his number 1 WR can’t get open, the play is as good as dead.

  29. excile – Very good/interesting read on Kolb. Thanks.

  30. Palerydr says:

    Duke your comment was too funny LOL! The big man got me the usual’s a couple nice hats, a Tshirt,a few Hawks trinkets including this hand towel that starts off the size of about 10 quarters stacked and turns into an 11×17 hand towel when put in water very cool! I got a couple of books “Notes from a Seahawks fan” and “100 things a Seahawks fan should do before they die” All in all I nice haul of swag IMO.

    Stevos apologies to you you’re right we all bring something good to the table. I now however have doubts about J Joeseph fitting the press scheme Pete runs on defense. I agree with Chuck that we have more needs in other places specifically DL that need to be addressed first. As for 8mil a year for Gallery that’s a number I have heard a couple of times from different sources Clayton on the radio and Mortenson on NFL live. I of course could be wrong about the money he’s looking for but if the number is correct then I myself wouldn’t pay that amount to a 30 year old inj prone OL.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Palerydr – That’s a nice little haul. Good on ya.

    That was a good read on Kolb.

  32. williambryan says:

    I dont think it has been discussed much but what about Terrell Pryor? I would think the Hawks might take a chance on him for perhaps a fourth rounder.

  33. This is totally off topic but I uploaded this video for friends & thought you guys might want to see it. 2002 5td SA game with the Viks. I edited it down to just the highlights. (and lowlights)

  34. bobbyj0708 says:

    My guess would be that the Hawks won’t go for a high end CB, they’d rather spend the money elsewhere. And I would bet the positions to get the most attention will be along the defensive line.

    I really don’t know the names that are out there for defensive line FA’s but I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Hawks go after 2-3 solid guys (and resign Mebane) in order to have quality starters and depth and make up for missing out in the draft. Getting good pressure from the front for will make up a bit for not having the best/most experienced CB’s.

    I’d also wouldn’t be shocked to see them go after a versatile strong safety to complement ET. Pete’s defensive systems really seems to value safeties who can cover and support the run and ET seems to be the only guy we have who can do that. Don’t know who’s available in FA though.

    I haven’t got a clue what they’ll do at QB; they offered Matt what seemed to be a pretty fair contract before the lockout but there are definitely other options out there. The price will probably too high for Kolb (1st Rd pick?) but I could easily see Palmer being the guy.

    As for a LG I doubt Gallery is in their plans. He’s an older guy with injury concerns and the Hawks definitely seem to be all about getting younger on the OL. I could see them throwing bucks at Davin Joseph or Blalock to get that spot handled for years to come but I just don’t see Gallery fitting into their plans.

  35. Soggybuc says:

    Stevo that is indeed the origin of my moniker. grew up east of Tampa and was there when the expansion happened so I still root for the Bucs as well as the Hawks.

    I think 8 mil. for Gallery would be a bit to steep. honestly he should be willing to pay the Hawks to get away from that train wreck thats the Raiders.

    I’m not sure the Titans would be all that positive of a move for matt. they are a team in a bit of a chaotic place atm. new coaches, new system and playbook, a #1 receiver thats about to get jail time or at least a suspension and a pretty tough division to boot.
    Seems Matts best chance for success is to stay put. would the Titans be willing to way overpay for a stop gap QB when they have a number 8 first round QBOTF to get signed?

  36. I agree 100% that a DT (or great pass rushing DE) is a million times more important for us right now than a CB. However, there isn’t much available in free agency with respect to signing a great defensive lineman, but there is great talent available at CB (and WR). You can’t magically will a position to be available when it isn’t. If there was a Pro Bowl DT and a Pro Bowl CB available, I would expect us to go for the Pro Bowl DT based on need. But just because a Pro Bowl DT isn’t available, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for a Pro Bowl quality CB (if that makes any sense) if one fits into our plans. I’d love to sign Suh, Ngata, or Wilfork, but they are not available. Asomugha is (and Tru is overpaid based on his production and doesn’t fit the system as well as someone like Asomugha).

  37. I don’t think any team in the NFL is going to pay Gallery $8 million per season. He may want that. His agent may think he deserves it. But I don’t see any way some team is going to give it to him.

  38. You will probably find this somewhat funny:

  39. Soggybuc says:

    LOL, slightly below average but still an upgrade for the Lions.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    The Lions haven’t met a bellow average Seahawk player they haven’t wanted to sign or trade for. It’s weird.

  41. I wonder if the Lions would trade for Curry? lol

  42. Soggybuc says:

    Sure they would, we give them Curry, a first and a third. then we get a Ford hybrid and 2 chevys and a case of hot dog buns.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    That doesn’t make any sense. Why would the Fords give Seattle a Cheyy?? Maybe a box of Motorcraft spark-plugs and a case of air filters. lol.

  44. Well they do need someone to take Peterson’s place in he LB Corp.

    Maybe we can get a 4th or a 5 th for him :)

    As far as the suggestion of Terrell pryor – it ain’t gonna happen. In doubt anyone will pick him up as a QB.

  45. Palerydr says:

    Saw this on sports center this Morning too funny!

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