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Morning links: Konz out to prove he belongs

Post by Eric Williams on June 30, 2011 at 8:11 am with 25 Comments »
June 30, 2011 8:11 am

Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository checks in with Seattle Seahawks tight end Jameson Konz. The Kent State product wound up on the season-ending injured reserve list after suffering a hip injury during training camp.

But he hopes to stay healthy and earn some playing time this season. Athletically gifted, Konz has to prove he can be effective at this level.

Konz says he’s been in Seattle the last two months working out with Matt Hasselbeck and others at the University of Washington.

Konz: “I don’t have any insight on what my role might be. Whether it’s receiver, tight end or H-back, I’ll do everything I can. The position doesn’t matter. My love of the game is profound. I just want a chance.

“I feel like I’ve recovered 100 percent. I still feel fast. I feel back to normal. I know I have the passion and the potential to do whatever they want me to do.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a look at the NFC West division schedule and notices most of the division games are back-loaded to the end of the season, which should make for another interesting finish to the season.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune catches up with Minnesota quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, who says he wants a chance to be a starter again.

Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 in Minnesota confirms that the Seahawks have done their due diligence on Jackson.

Clare Farnsworth of reviews the 1991 team.

Walter Jones and Kasey Keller will help celebrate the opening of the Seahawks and Sounders team shop in downtown Seattle on Friday by having their hands cast in molded gel.

Justin Forsett talks with KJR’s Dave Mahler in this audio link.

Adam Caplan of Fox Sports reviews the top 15 defensive free agents.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that a deal for a new CBA is still a long ways off.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports continues to bang the drum that progress is being made.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Well according to Caplan the only top defensive player the Seahawks will be shopping for is tackle…Looks like our defense is in a lot better shape than I thought….

  2. Tavaris Jackson is almost worthless on the football field. And I didn’t even need to do my “due diligence” to figure that out. He’s a good athlete with all of the tools, but that’s it. He’s not a good QB. There have been many QBs with “all the tools” who have sucked playing QB in the NFL and he’s one of them.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    They have to find a spot for Konz! I just don’t see how someone that athletic and dedicated can be a flop? He just needs some good coaching.
    It appears as though he didn’t get good coaching at Kent State. In fact it seems like Kent State has a history of late rounders to undrafted free agents doing very well when they get an opportunity in the NFL.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Hard not to root for a guy like Konz, with that attitude. (Can we get Aaron Curry a copy of his comments, please.) As thin as the ‘Hawks are at fullback it wouldn’t surprise me to see them work him there. If he proved to be a capable blocker he’d provide a additional threat of motioning out and creatin mis matches. One more thing that will be fun to watch when camp opens.

  5. It’d be interesting to see what Curry would do, say, tweet, etc. if he were a mid round pick fighting for a job and didn’t have his big payday yet.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    While it is always en vogue to blame the defense here in Seattle I agree that defensive line is the most pressing need.

    Seattle has enough LB’s that they can afford to see Heller walk and wouldn’t even have to sign a FA to replace him.

    They have signed or drafted enough DB’s that, as Duke has said, they have to let the kids play at some point to see what they have.

    Look at the DB’s on the roster or that have been drafted:


    That list of DB’s doesn’t even include Babs or Milloy. I’m sure the team will find 8 or 9 guys from that list that can fill out the roster of DB’s without having to go out and get a high priced FA signing at DB. Of those 12 names 3 were drafted last season and 3 were drafted this season. With the exception of Trufant it’s a young group of DB’s.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree! Let the kids play!

    At least they would have recovery speed to catch a TE. And we wouldn’t have to cringe every time they come up to make a tackle for fear of concussion. And at least they would have a chance to make a play on the ball when covering a receiver tight going deep!

  8. Heller? Hill + Herring?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I think Chuck had a flash back to Will Heller Seahawk TE now in Detroit.

  10. I wish they were still in Cheney so I could see Konz jump over Durham.

    Jump ball who wins?

    Durham 6’5″ 43″ vertical = 120″ (10′)
    Konz 6’3″, 46″ vertical = 121″ (10’1″)

  11. Let’s start free agency, when it begins, by trading away K.Balmer for someone to mow CenturyLink’s new grass field (if we can get one).

    I don’t see SEA giving away any ’12 1st round picks for FAs once this free agency begins. Probably gotta get a long term QB in the ’12 draft because PHI will get a good player in trade for Kolb and we haven’t got any of those we can afford to give away. If we say CB and safety aren’t needs (let the kids play) then we need a LG (R.Gallery), a 3-tech DT (B.Mebane and Siavii or ?), a FB (bring back M.Robinson plus get Naufu Tahi – give us some 2 FB sets?), a QB (Matt for a couple, or play CW or ?), bring back Mare

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would say Durham, only because Konz is coming off injury. Konz would win the 40, and the bench press.
    We definitely have some young athletes on this team!

  13. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Lol, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen from you.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    klm- Thanks for the Walter Jones interview link. I liked what he said about when he heard that Tiki Barber was going to make a comeback, that the thought crossed his mind too. Down from 330 to 290! Wow I bet Jones could do it.
    I also liked what he said about when he retired that the first thing he did back in Alabama was to get Direct TV so he could Watch the Seahawk games.

  15. Palerydr says:

    When FA starts I ‘m not sure it’s a done deal they are gonna sign Gallery. He’s 30 and injury prone. Yea I get the connection with Cable and he’s shown some influence in getting 2 OL for the first 2 picks. I posted this list and feel pretty good about it here’s my FA shopping list

    Resign Hasselbeck, and Mebane

    CB Jonathen Joeseph -> chances are good he will resign with Cincy

    DE Cullen Jenkins/Charles Johnson ->Panthers are close to same boat as Cincy and will need to spend so won’t come cheap

    LG Davin Joeseph Bucs ->same as us good shape in cap with money to spend so another tough sign.
    Harvey Dahl-> Back up plan for Joesph

    WR Malcom Floyd Big fast deep threat to stretch the field and got to cut costs somewhere so sorry all you guys who want Rice

    FB Vonta Leach/Le Ron Mclain/Marcel Reece need a road grader for a power run game

    Would also sign as free agent rookies
    DT Martin Parker/Cedric Thornton
    DE Brandon Bair
    DT/FB Matangi Tonga 6′ 3″ 290 4.7 40 and has soft hands out of the backfield with ability to play both sides of the line.
    WR Terrance Toliver/Jeff Maehl
    C Kristofer Odowd
    OL Willie Smith/Zach Hurd /Justin Boren/David Mims
    QB Pat Devlin

  16. I don’t care who they bring in as long as they are better than someone on the roster making us better!

    I want to on an annual basis, draft our studs -and sign role, back ups and fill holes with Free agents.

    I don’t believe that you can continually win if you are always trying to get your best players as FA. you typically have to overpay a little and there is not a balance that way

  17. We discussed that quite a bit the other day.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Palerydr- I like your shopping list! Will be a fun time when free agency comes around.

    xcman- I agree totally with you on the free agent strategy. This year is just an exception. IMO.

    I read something today and I forgot where I read it, about how Nnamdi struggled in his first two seasons and he was starting to get that bust label. Then he had a breakout season in his 3rd year.
    I am just hoping that this will be Currys breakout year! Make it happen Curry!

  19. I don’t think it is bad to grab some top notch guys when you can! We just need to make sure that you don’t WAY over spend on guys – (read Wistrom, Kerney) decent guys but you had to over reach since you didn’t have any of your own guys to fill holes.

    Ricky Watters was a good signing for us. Right timing – fit the system- didn’t drastically over pay. You get the idea.

  20. Palerydr says:

    I believe that even though we live in one of the best areas of the country, other than the traffic, that players don’t like coming here due to we annually lead the league in miles traveled, I think that is why we end up over paying for some of these guys. Best FA signing that I can think of was Chad Brown which seemed high at the time but was money well spent. This year is different that’s for sure I agree with Xcman fill holes with FA but don’t overpay. Develop your strength through the draft which I believe is the current strategy of Carrol and Schneider.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We annually lead the League in miles traveled? What a joke! So what! What a hardship it is to ask a player to sit on his A$$ an extra one or two hours in this day and age!
    Lewis and Clark would roll over in their grave to hear such talk!
    I can see it now. “Oh know I better not sign with Seattle because it will mean that I have to trek through many miles of wilderness to get to the stadium before game time! What a hardship that would be on me!” And would if I fall and hurted myself trying to travel those extra 1000 miles”
    This Travel crap is complete nonsense! Did the great 49er teams have problems with it? No! Great teams can play anywhere at any time and win football games!

  22. I’m all for signing a stud like Sidney Rice and I really don’t care if we have to overpay to do it. When you have a chance to get a young stud who can legitimately say he’s one of the best players in the NFL at his position, you go for it, IMO.

    You draft well and you resign your own guys before they hit the open market (that’s why I’m mad about Mebane being available to anyone later this summer). You also use free agency, mostly, for good bargains. However, every once in awhile, go for the stud (but only if they are truly great… we’d go after guys like Wistrom, Grant, Kerney… guys who were not elite at their positions… but we’d pay them like they were…). These guys should be players you can trust with giving them money, too (the anti-Haynesworth).

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lost a bet with my girl friend! So now I have to leave this blog for a month! No I am not going to jail smart a$$ess. Will be back august 1st.

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