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Morning links: Okung ascending tackle ranks

Post by Eric Williams on June 14, 2011 at 11:35 am with 38 Comments »
June 14, 2011 11:35 am
Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung (Joe Barrentine/TNT).

The bloggers released their top 10 left tackle rankings this morning, and of course no players from the NFC West were among the top 10, with the likes of Walter Jones and Orlando Pace now retired.

But second-year pro Russell Okung did get one vote from ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando, and I’m sure he’ll be receiving more in the future if he stays healthy.

As Sando notes, Okung has the talent to be an elite player at his position. Now he just has to show the consistency and production over time to prove his worth.

Mike Williamson of Scouts Inc. also said that Okung will be in his top five a year from now.

More Sando: He talks with Seahawks receiver Mike Williams, who is looking to take it to the next level after a solid season in his first year in Seattle.

Elliot Harrison of votes the Seahawks vs. N.Y. Giants fiasco as one of the worst 10 games of 2010.

According to Pro Football Focus, Sean Locklear was the most efficient right tackle in pass blocking last year, while Russell Okung was ninth for left tackles.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a closer look at Steve Largent’s legacy.

Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson continues to dabble into TV broadcasting with his own venture on YouTube called the Real Robinson Report. Check out the video below focusing on the NFL lockout.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post writes according to sources on both sides, a deal between NFL owners and players could be reached within two to three weeks.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post updates us on the latest on the not-so-secret talks between owners and players.

Adam Caplan of Fox Sports breaks down Arizona and San Francisco as part of his league-wide, off-season review of each team.

Morning links
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  1. I was happy with the Okung pick last year, but wasn’t sold on it (if that makes any sense). We were desparate for a LT and he was the BPA at that position. I’m thankful he’s worked out as well as he has. If he can keep those ankles healthy he’s going to be a Pro Bowler. Most of the good LTs are in the AFC so I actually expect to see him in Hawaii this season (if the voting is fair and based on who plays best). He’s one heck of a building block.

    Imagine how bad life would suck as a Seahawks fan if we would have gone with back-to-back 1st round busts like Curry and Trent Williams! Thank you, Washington! Two guys in back to back years in the top 6 would have royally sucked! Lots of money tied up in two bad players. Ouch. Thank goodness it didn’t happen.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Big Russ is ridiculous. Any concerns I may have had were put to rest after the number he pulled on Peppers, the first Bear game. He’s the real deal, just got to stay healthy.

  3. Lockout still on? Man, it’s tough to stay motivated in these times, been neglecting this blog for some time now. Watched the first episode of The Real Robinson Report earlier today, and I was about to bring it up, but I guess Eric was on top of that one. Pretty entertaining so far.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- I don’t think none of us have to imagine how bad life would suck if we were to go back to back with 1st round busts.
    I don’t know to many teams that have had so many busts in the first round like we have in the last 10-12 years before Okung!
    Even the one’s that weren’t busts we lost to injuries, or injuries have effected their play. Then to top that off we don’t even get to pick in 2007 because we traded for a bust! Then to even top that off we pick a sure fire hall of fame gaurd only to lose him in his prime, and we still have the greatest fans in the country despite all this!

    I am so grateful to have Schneider as our GM!

  5. Georgia – It was pretty clear that we would have taken Trent Williams if Okung would have gone to Washington last year. The thought of that scared the hell out of me (because I hated Williams last year, too). Our regime isn’t bustproof… we just got lucky that Washington was dumber on that one. Overall, you’re right, I like the direction Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy have us headed in.

  6. Hey BK. We did get the better deal with Okung, but we gave it back the year before. How would you like to see B. Orakpo coming off the edge?

    Me too.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I just hope Okung doesn’t fall to the Seahawk state of the art facility injury curse.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve asked this several times, but aside from rumor and conjecture, does anyone have anything substantial to offer as evidence that Seattle was taking Williams if he were there?

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought this was as good as any explanation of how our QB situation might unfold this year.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – I don’t know. I think Collins would be happy to sign anywhere, actually. Even his “offer” to work with Locker has a caveat. Has to get to know him first. lol I believe Tenn. will still be in play for Hass simply because the Locker connection, whatever that’s worth.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- That would be a good question for Schneider. I have no idea who they would have taken. I actually wanted them to take Berry, however I am very happy with Okung.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – If I ever get the chance I will, because I’ve read here time and time again that they were locked-in on Williams. And nothing I’ve ever read supports that with anything of substance. I always ask if there’s something I’m missing, like a quote from Carroll, Gibbs or Schneider or something along those lines, and I’m still waiting.

  13. freedom_X says:

    I’d say there would be no quote of that nature from any Seahawk official. Before the draft, the front office would never have tipped their hand by indicating who they preferred, and of course they sure wouldn’t have said that afterwards.

    Everything I recall reading was analyst opinion indicating that – I cannot recall ever seeing direct quotes from the front office, and understandably so.

    Trent Williams was supposed to be the best fit of the top tackles that year, for a zone-blocking scheme. His athleticism and quick feet were ideal for that system. That’s one reason many people projected him as a preference for Seattle.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Did they bring Williams to Seattle? Did they attend his pro-day? They took Okung bowling for god’s sake to try and get to know him better. It’s impossible for me to believe that Okung was second choice. That is, until I hear otherwise. And it’s not about pre-draft quotes, necessarily. But in the absence of actual information, can we please desist with the “Okung is only here because Williams was unavailable” because we don’t know that. How do we know Williams was rated by them higher than anyone else that would have been available (presuming Okung is gone)? We don’t.

  15. There was a couple of interviews with Gibbs that made it seem pretty clear that Williams was targeted (and was a better fit). One or the other (Okung/Williams). One was shortly after Okung was drafted. Something about they were getting that position taken care of early (which meant probably #6, but I heard Berry was definitely in play if available though). It was kind of like the Eric Decker comments about us being interested in him (except from comPete instead of Gibbs).

  16. No. Nothing that said Williams was ahead of Okung though.

  17. Here is a quote from the following link. This is one of the quotes I remember reading last year.

    “It was obvious that (Okung) was one of the top, top players in this draft,” Gibbs said. “He and Trent Williams both went very quickly. We would have loved to have either of them. They were both great players. In our minds, they can’t miss.”

    There was another from Gibbs at a different time (I think) that led me to believe Williams was a slam dunk at #6 had he been available. I think I remember reading something pretty concrete about comPete going with a LT at #6. But, no, nothing from Schneider indicating that #6 would have been a LT.


    Diffrent story, same quote from Gibbs being talked about though.

    One thing I’ll say for Gibbs (different topic), he said what he meant. His head coach may have said that everyone will comPete, but Gibbs gave the middle finger to that idea in handing Okung the LT position from the get-go. Probably had a little to do with the resignation thing (speculation).


    The last line is ONE example of thinking LT was a priority (#6 overall). Although I remember reading/hearing something from comPete that made it seem clear that LT was going to be a LT almost for certain.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I thought that was kind of funny myself. Collins should be happy just to hold a clipboard for Locker.

    Just wishing for any reason to have Hasselbeck back for one more year.

  21. Tweet about #6 was “Back Door Man” which led many to believe a blind side LT would be the choice.

    Did the Seahawks keep James Carpenter “under the radar” this past draft? Just wondering. I’m surprised they drafted him since they didn’t take him bowling or whatever.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- Good article on Gibbs assessment of Okung.

    “So we’ve got a guy that’s going to come early, stay late, and aspires to be outstanding within himself. Self-motivated.”

    To bad Gibbs himself couldn’t live up to that assessment.

    Hopefully Cable can!

  23. It’s funny with most teams. Sometimes they don’t mean to look interested in a guy but it’s pretty clear that they are. Then you get times where picks come out of left field. Schneider gave a comment shortly after the Carpenter pick about being proud of his scouts (and everyone) for hiding their interest in him. Granted, you have to do that more (one would hope) if you have a later pick, rather than a high one but you definitely still see it with high picks.

    To me, if Okung would have gone to Washington, it’s pretty clear that we would have drafted Trent Williams (had KC passed on him, too). And then, getting back to my main point, I would have been angry. I’m glad it didn’t work out that way.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bottom line is that time will tell with Okung. If he keeps having these nagging ankle injuries then he will just be another in the long line of Seahawk 1st rounders that for one reason or another have not lived up to the hype.

    It is just so frustrating to me that the Pittsburgh stealers have had more success with free agents in the past years as we have had with first rounders.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    All of those quotes and stories are interesting (and I remember most of them) but none indicate they preferred Williams to Okung or that had Okung not been there they valued Williams ahead of someone else. They may imply that they had Okung and Williams rated as the top two tackles in the draft, but we don’t know Williams was a lock. That is, we don’t know they liked Williams, even if the felt he was the second tackle in the draft, ahead of another player at 6. With due respect, it seems revisionist to say or imply they dodged a bullet when Wash. took Williams.

    Of course we all can get angry about things that could have happened, but to presume we know what they would have done, based on what has been said, is a non-sequitur to me.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There is no way that any of us can proclaim that Trent Williams is a bust by just examining his first year.
    So what if we would have drafted Trent Williams! At least we wouldn’t have to be concerned with cronic ankle injuries.
    I still hold hope out for Curry, believe it or not.

    With that being said, I would not trade Okung for any left tackle period! Despite his injuries.
    To much upside!

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Here is the most reliable source for the NFC west predictions of 2011!

  28. GeorgiaHawk, I’m with you on that one.

    Trent Williams would have been a great pick instead of Okung, though I am very happy with how it turned out. Both were good as rookies, but both had injury problems and played on bad offenses. That said, I won’t be surprised at all if Williams and Okung see each other at many Pro Bowl games in the future.

    I think Williams may have looked like a reach as the 4th pick in 2009 because his technique was still a little rough and he wasn’t quite ready to start, while Okung was perhaps more NFL-ready, but Williams’ athleticism and potential is off the charts for an O lineman.

    Sometimes the only difference in when players are drafted are whether they look “ready to start” as rookies or not. Sometimes its the 2nd and 3rd round guys who still need time to mature who end up being better players in the long run. I have a feeling that James Carpenter may be in that category. He only played a couple years of Division-1 college ball, so he had less experience than other seniors, and he dropped to the end of the first round. His technique may need some work as a rookie, but to me he looks like a big boy on his way to becoming an overpowering man once he gets some work in on his technique.

    And I’m with you Georgia, I too still have some hopes for Curry. Not a bust. Yet.

  29. Palerydr says:

    I believe that Okung is one of the ten best tackles in the game after watching him handle Peppers one on one. I personally don’t get the Williams argument after one year you want to label him a complete bust? No I don’t agree with that does he need to improve, yes he does but many top draft picks take up to 3 years to fully mature in the NFL so I can give him some grace.

    What we need to focus on is all the positive discussions that I’m hearing the talking heads say is going on. One guy I’ll never lump into the talking heads category is Clayton, (Shefter is another matter don’t like the guy personally but is reporting the same) who if you didn’t know was the TNT’s beat writer for the NFL back in the day when you actually got a paper to read. He’s reporting that the league could be up and running by July 15. That would be after the new CBA is signed (end of June) and an agreement is made on how to approach free agency and mini camps.

  30. CDHawkFan says:

    From ESPN

    Multiple sources familiar with the talks said progress is being made, but they cautioned that there’s “a lot of drama and a lot of room for mistakes left.”

    To say this is going to be done in two weeks, one source said, “is borderline insane.”

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia, Did you recently learn how to cut and paste? Lol. You’ve been a link machine lately.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I just have a lot of time on my hands of late. Sorry if I have been linking too much. I am also a slow typer or pecker to be more accurate.

    Usually there are many links provided by others on this blog, however it seems like most have left for some reason ? hope I haven’t scared them off.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. No apologies necessary. It’s cool we have people trying to sustain the conversation during this painfully slow time.

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