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Hawks get together for workout at UW

Post by Eric Williams on June 2, 2011 at 2:41 pm with 14 Comments »
June 2, 2011 2:41 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, left, leads teammates during an impromptu football workout at the University of Washington on Thursday. (The Seattle Times, Ken Lambert)

About 35 Seattle Seahawks players, free agents and players with other NFL teams gathered at the University of Washington’s indoor practice facility for an informal workout on Thursday, according to Tim Booth of the Associated Press.

A handful of Seattle players had been gathering at UW informally for the past, two months. But this full-fledged workout, organized by running back Justin Forsett, is the first time Seattle players got together for a practice during the league’s lockout, which began in March.

Players in attendance included Marcus Trufant, Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Curry, Charlie Whitehurst, Lawyer Milloy, David Hawthorne and Jordan Babineaux, along with University of Washington products Mason Foster and Nate Williams

Most of the Seahawks in attendance live in the Seattle area. However, Whitehurst, the only Seattle quarterback under contract, made it a point to fly in from Atlanta.

“I’m always looking for a chance to get together with the guys I’m going to throw to,” Whitehurst told Tim Booth of the Associated Press. “I don’t know if it matters what position you play, but the guys who came felt it was important. Quarterbacks, obviously every opportunity we get, we’re going to take it.”

Players discussed the looming lockout, remaining optimistic that things would get back to normal sooner rather than later.

“It’s just weird not playing football right now,” Seahawks offensive lineman Max Unger told Booth. “We’d normally have just less than a month of offseason and then we’d be off till fall camp. … I don’t really know man, that stuff is up in the air. There is a lot of red tape to cut through.”

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  1. datwerm says:

    Glad to see some kind of activity on the home front. I just hope ALL the guys are working out and keeping strong to stave off some of the injuries that will happen this season. GO HAWKS!

  2. williambryan says:

    Thats cool that Forsett organized it and its cool that both QB’s were there. Although it may be hard for some to believe that Whitehurst left Georgia… (Sarcasm)

  3. MadSweeney42 says:

    There are some good names in there, especially some vets (ahem Trufant and Curry) that need some work. Forsett, yet again, proving that he’s not Canton-bound but is an extremely valuable player to the organization. I’ll argue the same damn thing for Hass. I know he takes a lot of heat, some of it well deserved and I don’t think he’s taking us to the Promised Land again, but unless we’re trying to get a high draft pick, he’s the man to lead a new and improved line and a group of young WRs into a cohesive unit to hand off to the QBoF (which ain’t Clipboard Jesus IMO).

    I assume that neither of our projected rookie OL were in the mix. It really sucks that they can’t/shouldn’t show up. I wouldn’t either, or at least I wouldn’t do anything physical that could injure me before I was able to sign a contract. Some teams are going to be hurt by the lockout more than others, and unfortunately with our poor OL, we are high on that list.

  4. bayareahawkfan says:

    Hey, let’s talk about the real news hidden in this item – I think I see JP Losman there in that picture! That means Whitebeard will surely have to elevate his game during these workouts (/sarcasm).

    I all seriousness, this workout taking place is awesome news, as is the “secret” meeting between owners and the NFLPA.

    So much so that I’m stupidly believing we might see mini camps and free agency by the end of the month!

    Let me dream, at least for a little while :)…

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Has there been a more underapreciated player in recent Seahawks history than Forsett? He produces whenever he gets the opportunity and now he’s displaying leadership that’s been sorely missing here. Love the Little Big Man.

    It’s great that this many players are here, not the most convienent part of the country to get to.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why would it be so hard for some to believe that C.W. would leave Georgia to practice with his team? That’s what he should do!
    We cannot Know as fans what is really going on with players. We have to rely on media sources to supply us with that info.
    If that info is incorrect than it’s not the fans fault.
    I for one are happy that C.W. is with his team practicing. However before this I wasn’t sure.( No sarcasm).

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I too like Forsett! I can’t wait to see how Forsett and Lynch do when our o-line developes in the next few years.

  8. edstang45 says:

    Nice to see Matt there…..hope it means he’s planning to get things done as soon as the lockout is over!!!

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Who needs football? ESPN is airing the national spelling bee. In prime time no less. One of the announcers just said; “It’s so fun to watch Joanna spell.” Dear god… lol

  10. The spelling bee was major entertainment in my household, keeping the entire family glued to the screen.

    If Hass signs with another team, it will be easy for me to root for CW. But I’d have a hard time rooting for Carson Palmer. He’ll always be a Bengal. I like to root for guys who, at the end of their careers, will be remembered as Seahawks. Especially at the QB and RB positions.

  11. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Spelling bee…LOL!

    Yes, Forsett may be the all-time under-appreciated Seahawk. Love his leadership in putting this together. Let’s hope the lockout ends sooner rather than later…I could care less who “wins”. I’m ready to re-sign Hass and get the boys back at VMAC for some legit training and cohesion.

  12. Assume the “impromptu” workout mentioned in the title of the photo was taken at the practice that is discussed in the body of the article(?) Is that Unger (furthest back) with the beard? Is that Losman in the blue tee and with the backwards ball cap? There’s no way Mason Foster and Nate Williams can be Seahawks(?) They’re not signed, but they’re practicing. . .

    Assume Forsett and Unger were there, though they weren’t mentioned as being in attendance(?) Interesting that Hasselbeck, Babs and Milloy are FAs and they’re working together, but SEA’s draft picks aren’t(?) If FAs get injured in practice don’t they face a similar problem as a draftee who hasn’t yet been signed? Glad to see Milloy there – hope he doesn’t retire and can help continue to coach up ET on the field. Sure wish Mebane and our new OLers were there.

    Hasselbeck being there sorta seems to say that during the short time the lockout was lifted Bevell and Carl Smith musta told him he was wanted back by SEA for next season. Together with CW, they make a good coupla QBs for SEA.

  13. It’s really hard to believe that Matt won’t be the QB in ’11 (unless we trade for Kolb).

    I don’t think anybody has a bad word for J-Force. Great teammate. Fun guy to root for.

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