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Morning links: The Carlisle way

Post by Eric Williams on May 23, 2011 at 8:42 am with 40 Comments »
May 23, 2011 8:45 am
Seattle Seahawks strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle. (Peter Haley/TNT)

Seattle Seahawks strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle brings a unique approach to his job. In my story today, the former offensive lineman focuses on improving movement of his players on the field.

“If you think about the game of football, you shut your eyes and the ball is snapped, what do you see 22 guys doing? They’re all moving,” he said. “And so if you want to train guys to play football, it’s not about sitting in machines. It’s about moving. And so the weight room then becomes a facilitator to movement.”

Carlisle has more time on his hands because of the lockout, but he’s working on refining his system and says he’ll be ready to get the players up and running quickly once the lockout ends.

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander is inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame over the weekend. Alexander tells Brad Radice of Ch. 42 sports that he’s in great shape, and if the Washington Redskins showed interest, with his family residing in the D.C. area, he would listen. Check out the video below.

Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin talks with KJR’s Dave Mahler in this audio link. McLoughlin said the Seahawks are studying the possibility of replace the FieldTurf at Qwest Field with grass, but that it appears unlikely. McLoughlin also said there’s a possibility the team will wear throwback uniforms in 2012, and that the league uniforms will be designed by Nike beginning in 2012.

Former Seahawk defensive end Lawrence Jackson, now in Detroit, offers some interesting perspective on his time in Seattle in this interview.

Russ Lande of the Sporting News continues his free agent quarterback evaluation with a review of Carson Palmer.

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post evaluates the draft picks of the NFC West. Like most draft experts, he liked Gabe Carimi and Derek Sherrod better than James Carpenter.

Former Seahawk Deion Branch is among the top 15 receivers with the least amount of drops in 2010, according to Pro Football Focus.

NFL owners gather for their spring meetings in Indianapolis.

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    Lawrence Jackson falling asleep in meetings, doodling and not paying attention….What did he expect the new Carroll regime to do? Give him a pat on the back and say that’s OK?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    What a great attitude Carlisle has. It would be so cool to have him put a program together for you, a non-athlete. It’s such a pain in the ass to find new workouts and routines on the internet, and I’m not into asking the hacks at 24 Hour FItness (at least at the one I workout at) to put something together. Although, I have a feeling he’d kill you in about 15 minutes. lol.

  3. Branch was set to surpass the 1,000 yard mark had he played the entire season in NWE averaging 64 ypg. Of coarse here in 4 games he had but 112 or 28 ypg. Makes me sick that TR kicked Jackson to the curb over that squirt. Miss the classic “sprinkler” celebration performed by Jackson in the Seahawk triumphant years. Nearly identical are Darrell Jackson stats to those of Steve Largent in his first 7 years.

    This years free agent WR’s are young and talented. An intriguing prospect that should become available is Braylon Edwards . He seems to have overcame the drops in 2010. To bad the Seahawks have other pressing needs; QB, DT, RG that urgently need addressed. The door is open to land that top flight WR. Possible shot at Sidney Rice or Vincent Jackson. Rumor is Plaxico Burress is heading to Philly when released from incarceration.

  4. I love how the have Palmer as a player on the move

    He is under contract and the Bengals have said he is not going anywhere. Based on past history I would believe them that he is not going anywhere.

    Of course it is possible but I think HIGHLY unlikely that he goes anywhere

    Throw back jerseys??? — Yes please

  5. Strength and Conditiong coach? is this the same guy responsible for all of the ankle, thigh, and muscle issues over the past few years? seems to me the ‘Hawks had an inordinate amount of injuries that to me were due to not enough conditioning? …my opinion of couse…

  6. Dukeshire says:

    DFloydd – Carroll brought him in from USC. Mike Clark was the previous strength and conditioning coach under Holmgren and Mora. (’04-’09)

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I honestly can’t see the ‘Hawks spending any significant money on a FA receiver until the QB situation is solidified, at the very least. I guess I side with the Bill Walsh approach, that the WR position is the last piece of the team-building puzzle. As excile alluded to, they’re not there just yet.

  8. @Duke, thanks for clarifying…..I didn’t think he looked familiar from years past of what i considered less-than-good conditioning from ’04-’09..

  9. JMSeaTown says:

    Cannot wait for the throwback unis.. I’m sure they’ll be used in a prime-time game, or season opener. I’ll be in attendance with my Cotez Kennedy :)

  10. Considering Carlson has sold / is selling his house and Cincy drafted QB Dalton one would presume he is not in their long term plans.

    Hmmn… on conditioning and the high ankle sprain. Not sure you could avoid many of those recent specific injuries suffered by Hawks. Watched Hamilton roll up on Okung several times. What exercise would safeguard against that?

    Duke – you enjoy stopping off at a gym? I was a racquetball gym rat back in the day but those are far behind. I recently purchased a Bowflex Extreme 2. Now when I feel the urge can work out in comfort with TV and PC. Also have a great cardiovascular workout. The DP air gometer bike that keeps me out of traffic accidents. Never was into bicycle riding or jogging so if there is a better exercise machine than an air bike, please share. The DP also includes the arms.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    excile – I’d rather shave my head with a cheese-grater than go jogging. Lol. My girlfriend loves it; “Oh, just 10 miles today.” I don’t know how people do it. But yeah, I get to to gym 3-4 days a week. I’ve never had any home gym equipment though (except the perfect push-up I was given as a joke), so I probably wouldn’t be much help there. Although I’ve heard great things about the Bowflex as a solid all-around machine.

    I workout at 24 Hour, but am considering switching to Crossfit. Some friends have taken me a couple times and their workouts are ball-busters. I like ‘em. For me though, even though I like working out, I need the motivation of a membership to stay on top of it. I’m afraid if I had a Bowflex or some such, it would likely become a glorified clothes rack. Lol.

  12. freedom_X says:

    Darrell Jackson didn’t do anything after he got bounced from Seattle, and was a malcontent constantly complaining about his contract. He was out of the league in 2 years. Getting rid of Jackson wasn’t one of Ruskell’s boner decisions.

  13. Duke – the Bill Walsh way might be to add the WR piece last, but Mr. Happy was pretty aggressive at the start of this rebuild about bringing in Brandon Marshall. I can see them going after a guy like Rice if he ends up being available just based on their flirtation with BM (and, to a lesser extent, Vincent Jackson last year).

  14. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – Perhaps. But considering how they’ve gone about building this team since then, doesn’t their flirtation now feel even more peculiar than it did at the time? It does to me. I’m a big Rice fan and would love to have him in a Seahawk uniform but from where I sit, they have much bigger fish to fry and would argue Carroll / Schneider realize that.

    Despite the flashy hullabaloo surrounding Marshall, did they even talk contract? Were they turned off by his visit to such a degree that despite the full red carpet treatment they lavished upon him, they didn’t pitch him a deal? They knew the 1st round tender before they flew him in. That seems odd to me and suspect (now) that another agenda may have been at play.

  15. I may be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time, but the Seahawks seemed to be frontrunners for a long time and I think the Dolphins upped the ante with two 2nd rounders and that’s something the organization wasn’t willing to do, thankfully.

  16. Palerydr says:

    I would like them to sign Malcolm Floyd. He’s big,(6′ 5″) and fast enough to stretch the field. He filled in well for Vincent Jackson last year as the number 1 option. He also IMO would not cost as much as a Jackson or Rice. If we are stuck with the final 8 clause when the new CBA is signed then we aren’t gonna be able to sign them anyway. I also would love to sign Davin Joseph and Jonathen Joseph(also rumored to want to stay in Cincy) but these 2 would fall into the same categories as Rice and Jackson.

  17. Not a boner decision?

    In essence Seattle’s #1 primary receiver was traded to SF for a 4th round / Mansfield Wroto.

    There is no reason to believe Darrell Jackson numbers would have declined had he remained a Seahawk. The 49ers were / still are in limbo at the QB position. . The notion his numbers would have plummeted as seen in that train wreck 49ers offense is absurd. Just ask Trent Dilfer how bad off Djack had it.

    Malcontent? Jackson was knocking down 3+M but was promised more by the previous FO. TR refused to make good on those promises. As the 2006 season got underway TR traded a 1st round draft pick for Patriot Malcontent WR Deion Branch. A 5’-9” smurf that hasn’t cracked a 1,000 yards receiving. Signed him to a 6/36M contract. “DB Money” was written on Djack shoes next game day. In 13 games DJ had 956 yards, Branch in 14 finished with 725.

    The Seahawks have not had a receiver since the departure of Darrell Jackson that even resemble a true #1. He wasn’t the best in the league but was hands down a better option than Branch or any other receiver on the Seahawk rosters.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    6-10 Seahawks Division winners again!

  19. freedom_X says:

    Denver picked up Jackson the year after that. He caught 12 passes for 190 yards, and as I recall, they were pretty desperate for receivers that year with Brandon Marshall suspended early in the year, and they had Jay Cutler in his prime. And Jackson hasn’t played in the NFL since. if SF thought the QB was the real problem, they wouldn’t have cut Jackson.

    If a guy can only play in one system, he’s not worth as much as his stats indicate. Ruskell got the other end of that stick with Branch, Branch did not seem like a good fit for a Holmgren WCO at all, but Ruskell gave up a #1 pick for him.

    But it’s a lot better to get rid of a guy 1 year too soon vs. 1 year (or more) too late. Based on Jackson’s total lack of success after leaving Seattle, it was the right move. If Jackson had been a Bobby Engram team leader type guy, it might have justified keeping a player in decline, but he clearly wasn’t.

    He was creating constant distractions with his contract business, and as it turns out, he was probably getting all the money his talent deserved. Given that he couldn’t play anywhere else, maybe he was being overpaid rather than underpaid.

    Lesson for Djack (and anyone else) – get your money in writing. If it’s not in the contract, you’re not getting it.

  20. There was some “bone on bone” rumors with respect to Jackson’s knee too.

  21. Jackson was to make 4M had SF kept him. He was cut and Denver signed him to a one year 1.5M contract. Brandon Marshall was suspended for the first game so Jackson replaced him and scored a TD on a 48 yard reception. Week 6 DJ replaced rookie 2nd round Eddie Royal the #2 WR. Bronco also had Brandon Stokley on their roster.

    “If a guy can only play in one system, he’s not worth as much as his stats indicate.”

    You get that from an NFL bible I’m unaware of?

    “But it’s a lot better to get rid of a guy 1 year too soon vs. 1 year (or more) too late. Based on Jackson’s total lack of success after leaving Seattle, it was the right move.”

    Again, there is no reason to believe that DJ performance would have been in decline had he remained in Seattle. Remember the #80 was retired and DJ’s stats were identical using both players first 7 year numbers as Hawks.

    “He was creating constant distractions with his contract business”

    Where you getting that from? He may have locked horns with TR and miffed Holmgren but the team made the playoffs. 2005 his teammates were elated upon his return for the Redskin game. SA was knocked out with a concussion just before half. DJ carried the team with 140 receiving yards. They went on to the SB. Again the following season after the DB debacle he put up 950 yards in 13 games.

    Unreal, your disrespect for a Seahawk great.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – Yeah. He came back to play pretty well after missing most of ’05, but he was never the same, health wise. That knee was a chronic issue after that.

  23. BobbyK – if the bone on bone was more than rumor then the Hawks more than screwed Jackson over. It was there medical staff that cleared him to play in the playoffs.

    Jackson was making issue of that and did miss the final 3 games including the playoffs in 2006. But I find it hard to believe he would have played the entire season as a 49er had it been to severe. He also passed physicals in SF and Denver. Unlikely the bum knee would have been overlooked by both.

  24. chuck_easton says:


    You aren’t going to win this argument. I have no respect for a guy that does nothing but complain about getting his money. Also that I want DB money was showing up his coaches on national TV.

    I think of the comment from jurivicious when he got to Cleveland when he said it was a treat to be on a team where you played if you worked all week instead of Seattle were you had a guy that never practiced but came in on Sunday and always started. That was in direct reference to Jackson. If it where me running things I would have got rid of Jackson before 2006 if it meant being able to keep JJ.

    Jackson was a distraction and he wasn’t well liked by his teammates.

    You can’t change the facts because you liked the guy. I was happy to see him go.

  25. raymaines says:

    Dang, I wish the lock out would get over with. We need some real football stuff to talk about.

    How about them Mariners, kicking butt & taking names!! Yeah, baby.

    Oh this is just SOooo pitiful.

  26. “You aren’t going to win this argument. “ chuck_easton

    And you are!

    He was showing up management not the coaches. Namely TR.

    “I think of the comment from jurivicious when he got to Cleveland when he said it was a treat to be on a team where you played if you worked all week instead of Seattle were you had a guy that never practiced but came in on Sunday and always started.” chuck_easton

    2005 Joe Jurevicius played ONE SEASON in Seattle consisting of 16 games including 3 playoff games.
    2005 Darrell Jackson only played in 6 regular season games. Weeks 1-4 before having surgery on the knee Oct 13. He played again in weeks 15 & 16. Sat out 17 and returned for the Redskins playoff.
    So he didn’t practice but started in the playoff games. Big whoop. His teammates were jubilant he put up 140 yards against the Skins and followed it up with 75 against the Panthers. To bad the XL SB TD was called back on that ticky tac PI.

    “I would have got rid of Jackson before 2006 if it meant being able to keep JJ” chuck_easton

    TR attempted to resign him but he chose his hometown, Cleveland.
    <a href=“”Joe Jurevicius career stats nuff said

    “Jackson was a distraction and he wasn’t well liked by his teammates.” chuck_easton

    Hasselbeck sure didn’t want to see him go! JJ was just sour grapes.

  27. chuck_easton says:


    Jackson was a good WR that excelled in Mike Holmgrens offense. He was not great ad he will never go down as one of the great Seahawks.

    At the end his ego and his constant complaining weren’t worth the talent.

    Go back and look at the comments from 49r fans his one year there and Denver fans his one year there. Neither team was sorry to see him go. His one year in Denver fans were screaming to have him cut because they were tired of all the dropped passes.

    He didn’t get the nickname DDrop for nothing.

    He had some very good games but I also remember his frustrating habit of dropping crucial 3rd down passes. Fortunately Seattle had engram and JJ as toto guys on 3rd down.

    I’m not saying Branch was the right move but Jackson had to go.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s a good one chuck_easton. “Distraction Jackson”. LOL.
    DDrop was one of the many beneficiaries of the Seahawks having the greatest left side o-line of alltime.
    How many years did the Seahawks lead the league in drops with DDrop as their #1?
    Injuries aside, DDrop was not even close to being a great receiver.

    “Oh, how dare I say It!

  29. Your entitled your opinion but at least get the facts correct.

    How many years did the Seahawks lead the league in drops with DDrop as their #1?

    ZERO…. the two years they may have led the league in drops included Koren Robinson and he was the #1 WR. Seattle drafted him 1-9 and besides drops he had issues off the field.

    One of the pay sites ( you would know this if not a fry cook and able to afford) did a special article on DJack and the drops. He ranked highly among those targeted so frequently.

    It was not DJ who dropped 3 passes in XL. Credit those to Stevens.
    It was not DJ who dropped the winning TD in the playoff game against GB. Credit that to Engram.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    This is a pretty interesting look at Jackson, from a 2006 article. Included is a link to Football Outsiders Catch %. If you guys are talking drops, stats, etc… worth a look.

    And look, there’s no need to degenerate this discussion into personal attacks (yes, I’ve been guilty of that myself…). It’s a worthwhile debate that doesn’t need to get personal. Anyway…

  31. Dukeshire says:

    “It was not DJ who dropped the winning TD in the playoff game against GB. Credit that to Engram.” Rams…

  32. ah.. calling the dude ddrop and in the same refering to as fry cook doesn’t seem alll that degenerative IMO. Anyhow,. tx for finding the link… eh , I mean Rams. And I knew that. GB was “we gonna score”. o well

  33. freedom_X says:

    The “NFL Bible” I get that from is called the “free market.” If a guy can only put up numbers for one team, who else is going to bid up his price?

    If I’m the best fry cook in the world, but I can only do a good job at McDonald’s, why would Burger King or Wendy’s offer me more money to work for them? I either work for McDonald’s at the wage they name or hit the unemployment line. Just like Djack.

    If Jackson had the ability to put up Largent-like numbers for *any* NFL team, he’d still be in the league, even as a #4 receiver. He’s not.

    I’d say if Steve Largent had been traded to another team in his 7th year, he would have managed to hang on in the NFL for another 3-4 more years.

    Holmgren said Jackson’s contract carping was a distraction. Not necessarily to the extent that Holmgren wanted Jackson traded (it sounded like Holmgren wanted to keep Jackson) but Holmgren did acknowledge the contract issues distractions as a legitimate factor.

  34. chuck_easton says:


    I never referred to him as DDrop but he got the nickname.

    He was a solid WR in his years here. But it ended on a very sour note when he decided to publicly take on the boss. Try that at your workplace and see where it gets you.

    But the fact is he didn’t make it in SF when they were starved for WR’s. He only lasted one year in Denver. I was following their website that year and the fans were highly frustrated with his lack of production.

    I’m not taking sides in who said what to who regarding the contract. Jackson had his version, management said they never heard of it and weren’t about to consent to some verbal agreement that was supposededly made between Jackson and Whitsitt. To compound matters Whitsitt claimed he never promised anything. First rule of Contract Law get it in writing or have a witness to the conversation at minimum.

    As I said, Jackson was good while playing in the Holmgren offence. Whether it was due to his bad knees or for other reasons he never caught on in any other system and was out of the league within 2 years of leaving Seattle. He didn’t produce for either team he played for after Seattle.

    Also, look at the 35th anniversary team as voted by the fans. The three WR’s on the team are Largent, Blades, and Engram. No Jackson to be seen. I don’t think we are going to see #82 with Jackson’s name hanging on any Ring of Honor anytime soon. (Won’t see #83 with a certain Mr. Branch their either but that’s an entirely different kettle of fish).

    What I was saying is you are not going to win your argument that Jackson was great because of how he was viewed by the fans on the way out the door. I don’t think you lose the argument based on the numbers, but you will have to accept that you are in the distinct minority in your assessment of the man.

    We can launch into the Shaun Alexander debate next. It will get just as heated. But one hint is I will take Shaun’s side in that debate all the way to my grave. I just don’t expect very many people to be standing next to me when I make the argument.

  35. x

    didn’ finish th read caus if worth would need to pay 4

  36. TIT
    trust in tim
    the idiots triumphant

    Jackson kept the hawks in the playoffs. had a knee injury under TR. botch job by management.

    hutch lost to fa cause of FO botch job.

    Fans of TIT remain.
    give… your triumphant :)

  37. x randy moss did nothing in oak. lit it up in NWE. had he went back to a team QBed by culpeper and done nothin? u make no sense

    Moss is the best of all time. Plain and simplel

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Comparing Jackson to Largent is like comparing Alexander to the great Walter payton.

  39. freedom_X says:

    If Jackson’s so good, how come he doesn’t have a job? How come he hasn’t had a job for 3 years? How come no one’s even invited him to a camp in 3 years? Make sense of that.

    New England thought he could stil play, so they traded for Moss. If any team thought Jackson could play (or could play 3 years ago), they’d signed him.

    If Moss wants to, he’ll be in someone’s camp this year, and probably will make a team. On the other hand, if he’s washed up (i.e. can’t play anymore) he won’t make a team. Just like Darrell Jackson.

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