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Morning links: Hasselbeck and playbooks

Post by Eric Williams on May 18, 2011 at 7:18 am with 26 Comments »
May 18, 2011 7:18 am

Liz Mathews of ESPN 710 Seattle caught up with Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck at an event for retired Seattle players on Tuesday evening.

Hasselbeck tells Mathews he did not receive a playbook from Seattle’s coaches, but that he has got one anyway while working out with fellow players.

“I didn’t get one,” said Hasselbeck. “It definitely hurt my feelings, but it’s alright because all my teammates gave me theirs. So it worked out. It worked out fine.”

Hasselbeck also said some Seattle players might get together and have organized workout similar to what other teams are doing around the league. But that remains tough to do because most teammates are not working out in the Seattle area.

Rob Rang of CBS Sports likes the way Mark LeGree will fit in with Seattle, saying that he could be the Ryan Clark of Seattle for Earl Thomas similar to how Clark frees up Troy Polamalu to make plays in Pittsburgh.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network adds to Seattle to the list of potential landing spots for Chad Ochocinco. Ummm…. I don’t think so.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post provides another informative breakdown of where the NFL lockout sits in the courtroom.

Danny Kelly of Field Gulls provides this Q&A with new Seattle safety Mark LeGree.

ESPN’s Mike Sando posts a podcast with Matt Williamson and Ross Tucker debating the merits of the Seahawks’ draft class this year.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports says this NFL season could be ugly because of out-of-shape players with no minicamps.

Morning links
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  1. Maybe it truly will be the start of the Charlie Whitehurst era? Really weird that Matt didn’t get a playbook… really weird indeed.

  2. IBGoofy says:

    Good interview link to Legree…. Sounds like he’s ready to ‘earn’ his position….

  3. Soggybuc says:

    Liked the Legree interview. hopefully thet ordered him a Seahawk hard hat.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    JacDG – Think of it though, he is a FA and likely didn’t go to VMAC during the two day lifting of the lockout. If he were under contract and still wasn’t given a playbook, then we’d have something there. But like he said, he’s got one from his teammates he’s been working out with, so it’s no biggie.

    The Legree interview over at Field Gulls is good. I thought one of the most interesting things he said was that he’s had to take a 9-5 job to pay the bills while the lockout’s in place. It makes sense; he’s not Cam Newton who I’m sure has taken huge loans based on what his perceived contract will be. He doesn’t have that first round earning power. Seems really down to earth. As I’ve said before, I can’t wait to see the Chancellor / Legree battle in camp. (BTW, Danny Kelly is doing a really nice job as Field Gulls’ new lead writer. He’s a real breath of fresh air from John Morgan’s pretentious, at least in my view, style and seems to be enjoying himself.)

  5. IBGoofy says:

    The Williamson/Tucker debate doesn’t really offer anything new, IMOHO…
    The critics of our first two picks never seem to recognize how late and how few upper picks we had in this yrs’ draft…. The proof of our draft will obviously be in how well Carp & Moff play, but I really don’t think either was a ‘stretch’ pick for a team with the OL probs we’ve had for yrs…..

  6. The Legree interview is good. Sounds like a good kid.

    Found it interesting that Matt has a play book now anyway – copied from one of his fellow players…

  7. ‘Hawks draft was blah’ Matt Williamson … yeah, would agree. Factor in that the 3rd round pick was used on Charlie Whitehurst. But Jimmy Smith with off field issues is far from a sure thing. Remember Jimmy Williams from a few years back. Graded the #1 CB and fell to Mora in Atlanta early second round. Hawks took CB Kelly Jennings a few picks earlier that draft.

    49ers have invested heavy in their online drafting all five starters. Overall they tally as a 26th selection. R Guard Rachal was taken latest at 2-39. Their stocked at the skill positions as well. TE Vernon Davis 1-6. WR Mike Crabtree 1-10. RB Frank Gore 3-65. QB Alex Smith 1-1. Lol might be a stretch or Colin Kaepernick 2-36 blah blah blah
    On paper this team should roll. Their D is also stacked now include DE Aldon Smith 1-7.
    Begin the season with Alex Smith or Charlie Whitehurst. That would be a coin flip. 49ers bring in Hass…

  8. Speaking of possible QBs for next year, here is a scouting report on Kolb. I agree with the strengths, weaknesses and bottom line analysis, but I don’t agree with how they roll up into a 7.5 of 9 score. I would say its more like a 6 out of 9.

    An excerpt –

    “Weaknesses: Kolb is not as good a passer as his talent suggests. While it is important for a quarterback to be willing to dump off passes to backs, he seems to do this way too fast — in fact, he almost seems to prefer this option instead of holding on to the ball and waiting in the pocket for routes to develop so that receivers can get open down the field. He has a habit of staring down his primary target and this allows the defender to break quickly on the ball too often. He does not seem as comfortable in the pocket when it starts to get squeezed. Kolb is not nearly as effective as when the pocket is clean and pressure-free (that’s true for all QBs, but Kolb’s discomfort is much more evident).”

  9. Dukeshire says:

    To play devil’s advocate, here is the “strength” portion of that analysis;

    “Strengths: Kolb is a vastly underrated athlete who has the foot quickness and athleticism to not only avoid sacks with ease, but also make big plays scrambling with the ball. He has a very strong arm. Kolb makes throws with ease, and with a quick and compact delivery. The ball bursts out of his hand and gets to the receiver very fast. He does an excellent job of carrying out play-action fakes, then re-sets and makes strong and accurate throws. Kolb excels at 20-plus yard throws — accurate with good zip — after play-action fakes. If he does not find an open receiver down the field quickly, he is willing to check off to a safety-valve running back.

    He shows no hesitation throwing the ball away to avoid sacks and will not force passes into bad spots. His athleticism and natural throwing ability enable him to be a very accurate thrower even when he has use an odd motion due to pressure. Accurate on screen passes and does a good job waiting for pressure to get to him.”

    So on the one hand, he “… instead of holding on to the ball and waiting in the pocket for routes to develop” he checks down too much. But on the other hand, he “…does a good job waiting for pressure to get to him.”

    Understand, I’m not interested in Kolb at what appears to be (rumored) a ridiculously high price. It’s just that pabuwal’s dislike of Kolb rivals that of ACIB to Curry. (Well, not quite… ;) )

  10. pabuwal says:

    I did say I agreed with the scout’s assessment of Kolb’s strengths.

    And yes, I would be very displeased if they give up a 1st round pick for Kolb. I would find a 3rd rounder and no new contract to be fair with the hope that Bevell could develop Kolb to overcome his weaknesses. It’s probably an unjustified hope because Bevell doesn’t seem to have done a good job developing young QBs.

    I think ACIB feels Curry is the worst player ever to play LB for the Seahawks. I feel Kolb is overrated and overpriced, kind of like I actually do with Tatupu. But if the price was right, I would be more indifferent towards him.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Yes, that’s why I put that retarded little winky face at the end of that sentence.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    pabuwal you are not being fair to ACIB. ACIB thinks Curry is the worst player to play LB in the history of the NFL. Don’t sell the man’s disdain short here.

  13. The most disconcerting sentence in that story?
    “Matt Hasselbeck at an event for retired Seattle players”
    That line gave me the creeps.

    JacDG, I don’t think there is anything weird about Hasselback not getting a playbook from the Seahawks. He is not currently under contract with the team. The fact that he is getting together with Seahawks and considering them team mates (and borrowing a playbook) is a great thing to hear.

    Hearing about him pulling team mates together for offseason workouts would be the best news I that could hear these days. I hope it happens.

  14. Interesting comments from Rob Rang on LeGree. I can’t really see Earl Thomas, with his tiny size, being used like Troy Palumalu. We’ll see, but I’m expecting to see Thomas playing deep and going for the INTs while the other safeties attack.

    Really looking forward to seeing our secondary come together over the next couple of years. LeGree could be a nice addition next to Thomas and Chancellor – all three guys are playmakers – and Walter Thurmond could step up and surprise people this year. Also looking forward to our new tall fast athletic CB Sherman from Stanford. We have a lot of youth and potential in the DBs for a change.

  15. This no-football offseason is making it painful to watch anything football-related on ESPN or NFL Net. They are just filling time with pathetic stories. Today, a story on ESPN said that the NFC South “now has the best QBs in the league” Why? “because Cam Newton was drafted by Carolina” lol! A month ago, scouts weren’t even sure whether Newton was too risky to draft or not. Now, after not a single practice, he has “improved” a division that has Drew Brees, Josh Freeman, and Matt Ryan.

    Ugh. Don’t turn on your TV hoping for some football news. Its a train wreck. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I am also exited about the potential of our d-backs. I just hope that they will not get all beat up having to make most of the tackles.

  17. rgbuckl says:

    I can’t wait to see those guys compete–that’s what makes this lockout more painful. We’d normally be seeing OTAs and hearing how those guys match up. Sure, it may take a year or two for it all to come together, but how exciting to have such a young crop of DBs with so much potential.

    Just think, maybe next draft we beef up our DL, pick up a nice QB prospect like Barkley, and grab a couple decent skill position players. Then we’d be set for a few years with lots of younger, developing players.

    With the lockout, it doesn’t hurt to daydream…

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric, has Hasselbeck got that dang cast off his hand yet!

  19. Georgiahawk: Hasselbeck has had the cast off for a while now.

    Stevos: Troy Polamalu – 5-10, 207
    Earl Thomas – 5-10, 202

    And of course, Pete Carroll coached Polamalu in college and has compared Earl to him in terms of skill set.

    Having another guy play single safety deep will allow Earl Thomas to use his instincts and free lance more, similar to what Polamalu does.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great! Thanks Eric.

    Hasselbeck has absolutely no obligation to the Seahawks and yet he chooses to train as if he was still a Seahawk. What a class act he is!

  21. Dukeshire says:

    No doubt Eric. Carroll wants to be able to rotate the SS to a cover-1 as he did with Milloy in NE, depending on the offenses formation and blitz called. I really do see Legree as more of what Carroll like in a SS from a tools standpoint. And that’s not a knock on Chancellor. With his size, if he’s able to range the way Legree has shown in college, that’s a hell of a weapon. Worst case (hopefully) is that Chancellor is your Dime and Bandit SS. Thomas, Legree, Chancellor roaming… if it’s ‘aint picked, they’re punished. (At least this is my hope…)

  22. HawkyHann says:

    Aaron Curry is co-producing the remake of Life Goes On. He’s also playing the lead role as Corky Thatcher.

    When he shows upto VMAC he yells out “there’s all my friends”

  23. mojjonation says:

    The secondary won’t be safe until Jennings is gone. Trufant hasn’t been the same since his inhury. If Thomas is 5-10, then I’m 6-0 (5-9 actually). He kind of looks like a midget out there. But he can move like a squirrel on crack.

    MH has a playbook but no contract. This is only bad if he bails and goes to a team that we play while he is on their roster. Granted remembering every play and formation once you don’t have a reference is tough, but just having him across the field on the opposing team would make you wonder just how much they know about our offense and defense.

    I see Cam Newton as a better prepared Jamarcus Russell. Newton is still a shotgun baby, which I have zero respect for, but he appears to have a better head on his shoulders than Russell. I only make this comparison because I have yet to hear some knucklehead label him “the next great black quarterback”. I think I heard that placed on Russell a few times. Why some self appointed expert has to annoint someone the next great this or that based on the color of their skin is beyond me. Basing the success of a race on one person playing one position on one team in one sport is ridiculous. I’m just glad I haven’t heard it yet. I still don’t think Newton will be able to handle the complexity of the NFL. Then again, most college shotgun QB’s can’t.

    As much as the haters detest the drafting of Jake Locker so high, I think he has the best chance of succeeding in the NFL over those pistol kids. He actually played in a pro style ofense and had to take care of business from under center. Then again, I’m a homer. We won’t know until Goodell and his money hungry homies come to their senses and let the players play.

  24. jchawks08 says:

    GeorgiaHawk, I totally agree. This man has no obiligations whatsoever to the Hawks, yet here he is with a playbook (And seriously LOL at that fact if he doesn’t end up with us this year) doing what he can to stay sharp and ready. Matty, you are a class act, and I hope to see that #8 throwing TD’s as a Seahawk for the remainder of your career!

  25. Dukeshire says:

    “If Thomas is 5-10, then I’m 6-0 (5-9 actually).”

    If they measured him at 5’10” at the combine, then he’s 5’10”. If UT’s media guide lists him at 5’10”, then it’s a near certainty he’s shorter.

  26. Thanks, Eric. I hadn’t realized Thomas was over 200 pounds. He plays smaller. And I hadn’t realized Polumalu is only 5-10. He plays bigger. Height and weight don’t tell the whole story here. That said, I really can’t doubt that Earl has potential to create havoc in any assignment he is given. Putting a talent like him in more positions to make plays only makes sense.

    And I hope Rang is right and Legree is able cover deep. I’m cautious about getting too high on LeGree at this point, since he played at App St. and didn’t face top college competition, much less NFL competition yet. But I like all the aggressive DBs brought in through the draft. Definitely one of the big themes of this draft for us. Versatility of all the DBs will be a bonus. What Carroll and Bradley did with the dime and bandit defenses last year was fun to watch. Its only going to get better!

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