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Mebane on contract talks with Seahawks: “I feel like I wasn’t in their plans”

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May 14, 2011 7:57 am
Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (TNT file photo).

Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane had some interesting things to say about his pending free agent status and where he might eventually wind up playing this year when I caught up with him recently.

The 26-year-old said he’s splitting time between Seattle and Los Angeles, and currently is working out at a local health club with teammates Roy Lewis and Will Robinson.

Mebane said he also spent four weeks conditioning at Athletes’ Performance in Arizona in anticipation of the league year beginning at the end of April, when the lockout was temporarily lifted.

“It’s pretty weird because usually around this time you’re in OTAs, or minicamps or some kind of team activity,” Mebane said. “But right now due to the lockout and everything you can’t really make any moves

“The way I’ve been really trying to handle it is just being patient – that’s all I can really do now,” Mebane went on. “I think God has something good in store for me. Patience is the real key part of it. At times I think about it, but I try not to let it get to me. The good part of it is I took care of business on the field. So the thing about it now, is what team is it going to be?”

As of right now, Mebane believes there is a good chance his future may not be in Seattle, even though the Seahawks drafted just one defensive lineman in this year’s draft.

If, once the dust settles on the current labor impasse and the league reverts back to rules of the 2010 CBA, then Mebane would remain a restricted free agent.
A third-round selection out of California, Mebane originally signed a four-year deal worth nearly $3 million in 2007. Mebane has been a four-year starter for Seattle, missing five games in four seasons and averaging 37 tackles and 2.5 sacks a year.

The Cal product believes he and the Seahawks had ample time to get a deal done before the lockout began in March, and that they engaged in amicable talks. However, the two sides never reached a point where specific contract numbers were discussed, according to Mebane. And that leads him to believe his time could be coming to a close in Seattle.

“When you go over that stuff, I guess it’s time to pack up and put the house up for sale,” Mebane said. “I feel like I wasn’t in their plans. And I feel like I have that right to think that because I got a third-round tender. If they really wanted me, they had plenty of time to do what they had to do. Me personally, from my experience, I don’t think I was in their plans. I would love to come back here, but I don’t know what their plans are.

“But it’s all good. I’m blessed. I thank God that I haven’t had any surgeries. I’ve had some nagging things here and there. But God put me in a good position.”
Mebane had his best season as a nose tackle in 2008, finishing with a career-high 5.5 sacks and 39 tackles playing next to Rocky Bernard, who played 3-tech that season. Bernard had 55 tackles and four sacks playing next to Mebane.

Mebane has a total of 2.5 sacks in two seasons since switching to 3-tech once Bernard left Seattle and joined the New York Giants in free agency. And there’s some feeling around the league that Mebane may be better served as a run-stuffing nose tackle than playing 3-technique.

“Hold on a second because I want to clear that up,” Mebane said, when asked that specific questions. “The production hasn’t been down. The thinking out there that my production was down is probably because my sacks were down. But the thing you have to look at is who I had next to me.

“Rocky Bernard is a well-respected player. A lot of people don’t realize it takes two people to be on the same page to have good production. Can’t one man do it by yourself – it t takes two.

“I can play both the three-tech and nose tackle, and there aren’t too many guys out there that can play both. I feel like my production has been real good the last four years. I put pressure on the quarterback my third and fourth year.”

Mebane went on to say he had more double teams to deal with after Bernard left and he moved to three-tech, which affected his production in terms of sacks, but that he believes he still provided a consistent, disruptive force in the middle of Seattle’s defense.

The Seahawks currently have Colin Cole playing at nose tackle, and when healthy the Iowa product has been effective in Seattle’s current defensive scheme.
Cole, 30, is signed through 2013, and scheduled to earn $3.75 million in non-guaranteed base salary in 2011 – the third year of his five-year, $21.4 million deal.

Under the 2010 CBA, an original round tender for a player with four accrued seasons like Mebane carries a $1.275 million, non-guaranteed base salary in 2011.
So if another team signs Mebane to an offer sheet and Seattle decides not to match it, the Seahawks would receive a third-round pick as compensation.
However, there’s still some uncertainty that Mebane would be a restricted free agent once a new agreement between the league and the players is reached. There’s a chance he could become an unrestricted free agent and allowed to fully go out and test the market.

Teams appear to be lining up for Mebane’s services.

Tennessee could be a natural landing spot for Mebane because of former Seahawks’ personnel executives Mike Reinfeldt, Ruston Webster and Lake Dawson in the building, along with new defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, who served as Seattle’s secondary coach last season.

For the same reason, Cleveland (Team president Mike Holmgren coached Mebane while in Seattle) and Chicago (former Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell is now director of personnel for the Bears) remain possibilities.

Then you can add to that list 4-3 defensive front teams in need of interior defensive line help like St. Louis, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Denver and Carolina.

So under the old league rules interested teams would likely be willing to give up a third-round pick to receive Mebane’s services

Along with New York Giants tackle Barry Cofield – who also could wind up as a restricted free agent for the Giants – Mebane likely will be one of the most sought after defensive tackles for a 4-3 scheme in this year’s free agent class.
Seahawks general manager John Schneider admitted after the draft in April that the fact that Seattle only drafted one defensive lineman created a bit more urgency to bring Mebane back, or finding more depth through trade of free agency.

“We’d like to have Brandon back anyway,” Schneider said. “So, it probably does to a certain extent. I’d be lying if I told you any different. But again, we’re not a team that’s going to panic. We’re going to kind of plod through it, and see what we can accomplish.”

Mebane said that no matter where he ends up, he’s enjoyed his time in Seattle.
“Just playing at home with the Seahawks fans is awesome,” he said. “That feeling is great. You couldn’t ask for noting better than that. I’ve been there four years. And I just got used to things. But I know how things go. Right now I don’t know how things are going to play out.

“I’m just sitting back and waiting. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m prepared. I’m going to make sure on my part that my mind and my body are all together, and I’m just ready for whatever.”

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  1. Cornutt says:

    God is awesome…blah blah blah, God gave me everythng I have…blah blah blah.

    Maybe I should pray that JS and PC can bring us a superbowl. I mean, there’s hardly any other pressing matters in the world, right? So sick of athletes getting on their religious soapbox at every chance.

    Sorry, it’s the righteous liberal in me rearing its ugly head…

  2. Okay I tend to be on the players side on this whole fiasco, but that being said . .. . I get really tired about all the players and ex-players the team did this and the team did that and they had enough time to do this. yada, yada, yada . . . .

    I am sorry but no team in their right mind was going to blow a bunch of money when they had no idea:

    1. if there was going to be a cap or not
    2. What were the FA rules going to be after the new CBA
    3. Were tags, or RFA’s going to exsist
    4. What the market value was for some players.
    5. What about rules on signing bonuses.

    And to top it all off – the “team” (read the actual football people) might have been told to cool the jets or not do anything above this or that.

    The Players need to get mad at the OWNERS – not the coaches, not the GM’s, not Roger Godell, The owners have them right were they want them and they are following the owners plan to a tee. Get them frustrated and fighting with each other – mad at someone else (in this place Godell) and they will fold!!! Which in the long run I think they will. Sadly

  3. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    It’s funny when a player comes on a radio show and says basically nothing, just the usual buzzwords and PR weasle statements that all the other public figures say, and people read it and move on.

    But when a player we love gives a real interview, makes real statements with real opinions that reflect who he really is, some genius has to come on the forum and attack him because he’s grateful for his plot in life.

    Yeah, Brandon, get rid of that good attitude. We need you to be more like Chester Pitts. Get bitter Brandon. Act childish please.

    That’s just brilliant Cornutt. Attack a guy because he shows an attitude of gratitude, and because he believes his Creator has blessed him and given him the life of his dreams. Yeah you’re right, Brandon is a real soapbox-ing religious jerk. How dare he express a positive outlook and give thanks where he believes thanks is due.

    Let’s craft a letter to all public officials saying that they’re a-holes unless they act like atheists during their interviews. Just because Cornutt said they have too.

    Good stuff.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It doesn’t take much to get most of these players frustrated, after all,(most of them think), they are entitled to be worshipped, and they are not getting the love right now.

  5. Tompage says:

    Brandon says his production is not down? He had 2.5 sacks in 27 starts at the 3-technique, those numbers don’t demonstrate the ability to consistently defeat a double team. Brandon is capable of occupying the double team which means he is most suited to nose tackle in our system. I like Brandon but his play over the past two years has not earned him a mega-contract. I hope it all works out and he comes back as part of the defensive line rotation.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    This whole article made me sick to my stomach. Mebane is 100% right; Seattle had plenty of time to work something out and they now find themselves in a very compromising position. Everyone knew ‘Bane would garner a lot of attention around the league and now that they didn’t address the d-line in ernest during the draft (I liked their draft mind you) they gave him all the leverage. And now that he feels as though Schneider didn’t really want him, his price to stay sure as hell isn’t doing down. For most of us on here he was #1 FA priority and he still is. I sincerely hope this is mostly posturing on his part and he does in fact want to stay.

    The one thing I will disagree with him is regarding the double teams. After moving to 3-tech in ’09 he did encounter a lot of doubles. That’s the nature of that “over” 4-3 they ran. But last year that simply wasn’t the case. He was in a one-on-one situation with the guard the vast majority of the time yet he failed to provide consistent pressure. I would argue that Rocky getting doubled allowed ‘Bane to get isolated on the center and he wins that matchup all day. But guards are typically much stronger and generally better technical blockers and he’s finding it more difficult to get into the backfield. That said, he’s a monster against the run and the MUST re-sign him.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    To clarify; when the center would shift to double Rock, that would have left ‘Bane with a “clear” lane to penetrate, while the guard shifted. In either case, he did get more one-on-one matchups with Bernard than he certainly got in ’09. But that doesn’t explain last year’s numbers. Anyway…

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Cornutt – With due respect, this wasn’t really a Sara Palin bible in one hand, rifle in the other taking a dump on the Bill of Rights because she’s functionally illiterate type situation. You know? (Also, with due respect to anyone’s political beliefs.)

  9. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I agree Duke, like your take on mebane’s production and the team’s approach to signing him. All we gotta do is look at the defense’s performance when mebane is out.

    I liked how B-bane sold himself up a little by mentioning his luck with surgeries, etc.

  10. elkhorn says:

    I would think that if you are religious that its your nature to praise God whenever you get a place to do it. Be humble and thank God for the things you have been given. I find no problem with that. I am not religious but I dont find it anything other than a good Christian doing what good Christians do.

    So religion aside, I dont see how giving Mebane a third round tender indicates they want to lose him at all, in fact it shows the opposite. They could put a higher tender on him and to me it would say, take him and we will take the pick. But third round? Seems hardly worth losing a guy who even at his lower production is better than third round talent.

    I agree with the above poster that most teams wont commit to a player before they know the rules they have to play by. I cant think off the top of my head any free agent player that was offered a new contract by his team, a few extensions but no new contracts. I hope that Mebane’s frustration is more about the lockout and less about feeling snubbed by his front office.

  11. Audible says:

    What the hell are you talking about Duke??? LOL

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, it was a pretty straightforward and honest interview, I thought. Boy, how does the prospect of projecting a Cole, Mebane, Liuget / Wilkerson rotation in the middle prior to the draft, to a possible Cole, Gordon?, Balmer? ….? ….? rotation sound? Lol. (sigh…)

  13. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    sounds like the Giants game versus the regular season bears game to me.

  14. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    or maybe raiders game vs arizona game

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Lol, it was a response to Cornutt’s post.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Mebane will likely be back

    As for his religious views, these are pretty tame.

    Iwill back cornutt in that I do take exception when a player will thank god for allowing them to win. I didn’t know god had favorite teams. And if god did have a favorite team would it be unfair if god helped that team win?

  17. I don’t mean to be flippant or anything, but I KNOW there’s a God:

  18. Soggybuc says:

    If Jesus has a favorite team i believe it would have to be the Lions because he favors the poor and downtrodden.

    Mebanes lack sacks in the middle is not that much of a concern to me as he is not truly a pass rushing 3 tech but is super important in the run game which is what or D-line is currently built for.
    A guy like Warren Sapp who can be a threat to get a sack on every 3rd down is an extremly rare commodity which is why you see teams look to the ends(4-3) or OLBs (3-4) to pressure with middle blitzing.

  19. Just cut and paste this text to substitute for future interviews of unsigned players:

    Every Unsigned Player: “I’m frustrated and trying to be patient. If they really wanted me, they had plenty of time to sign me, I guess me and my agent will to test the market. God is Great and my Agent is Great too.”

    Every GM: “We’re frustrated and trying to be patient. Before the lockout, we didn’t know what the new free agency rules would be, so we had to wait to see. We have a plan but we can’t execute it until there is an agreement between the league and players.”

  20. Mebane and his agent know the Seahawks are screwed if they don’t sign him (or possibly go after Aubrayo Franklin or Cullen Jenkins). Mebane has the upper hand as soon as negotiations resume.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Stevos – Nice. I’ll remember those posts when it inevitably comes up again.

    klm – I know there’s NOT a god.

  22. Duke-
    Your video just proves there is a Devil – he looks like Bill Leavy.

  23. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    “I will back cornutt in that I do take exception when a player will thank god for allowing them to win. I didn’t know god had favorite teams. And if god did have a favorite team would it be unfair if god helped that team win?”

    That statement doesn’t seem relevant to me. Where did Mebane say God has a favorite team, or that God helped that team win?

    Let’s not manipulate cornutt’s comments into something they weren’t. He was directly criticizing mebane’s comments, and distorting them into something it wasn’t. He used terms like “religious soapbox” and “at every chance”.

    Mebane was hardly on a soapbox, and he hardly gets on a soapbox “at every chance”. So that pretty much makes the criticism total BS.

    He criticized people who believe that “God is awesome” and “God gave me everything I have”.

    He very clearly said that people who say those things think that “there are hardly any other pressing matters in the world” than to pray for a super bowl win.

    I think that making those comments in response to mebane’s comments is close-minded, manipulative, and ignorant.

    I think that cornutt’s comments make a very clear statement that people shouldn’t mention their faith in their interviews unless their comments on religion agree with his “righteous liberal” views.

    Cornutt, don’t blame that sillyness on liberal thinking. I’m the publisher and general manager of a very liberal weekly publication, and I abhor your comments. They are the complete opposite of liberal values.

  24. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Letting a talent like Mebane go would be as senseless as when Tim Ruskell didn’t keep Leonard Weaver who instantly became an All-Pro.

  25. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    LOL @ Duke and KLM. I’m so religiously confused now …

  26. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    ACIB … uh, sorry I can’t agree with you there.

    Leonard Weaver was clearly too good a receiver and ball carrier to be a fit in Mora’s offense. All those YAC doomed him in Seattle.

    Get it right dude.

  27. I think if there was a God, we would have football OTA’s by now.

  28. pabuwal says:

    Colin Cole was a much more important force against the run than Mebane was. Mebane doesn’t have huge value to the Seahawks if he can only be above average against the run because of the presence of Cole and Bryant.

  29. chuck_easton says:

    You missed my point ChHawk.

    Mebane was thanking god for his health and his talent. No problem there. If you believe in god great. If you don’t believe in got thank Darwin and your parents for the genes. If your somewhere in the middle ok as well.

    I think cornutt is a little sensitive to the Christian athlete that uses his position as a pulpit to push their beliefs on others. That I can understand and agree with. I remember the Jags winning a playoff game several years ago and Mark Brunnel goes on to say that the lord was on their side that day and they won the game through the grace of god. It really turned me off and I tend to believe in a higher power. I really can’t see the lord as a betting entity that would have a particular interest in one side prevailing in a sporting event.

    I do know that I wake up every morning and thank whomever or whatever is in control that I have my health and that my family is healthy. But I tend not to use it in everyday conversation because that’s personal.

    I do find myself bristling when a player can’t have one comment that does not mention it such as Payton hills did during the draft. He’s a Christian. Great more power to him. But I don’t necessarily need to hear about it.

    What me bane was doing doesn’t come close to that but I can see how it might bother someone.

    I.e. Believe what you want. If I ask you about it I’m inviting you to tell me all about it. Otherwise keep it personal. I don’t start every conversation with my political, religious , or personal bedroom practices and those that do have to expect that not everyone is going to appreciate it or react positively.

    Nuff said

  30. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    naw chuck, I understand your point. I just don’t see how that’s relevant to cornutt, is my point.

    Your point is reasonable. His wasn’t. You said you’re backing him up, but you’re not. You took his ignorant, insensitive, factually anemic comment and added logic and perspective.

    At any rate, my feedback wasn’t significant and I could have left that part out of my post.

    I’ll say this though … These players are being asked to give their perspective on a difficult situation. For many players their perspective is synonymous with their faith. So for them to answer the question without at least mentioning that aspect of how they are doing would be pretty difficult.

    I think in Mebane’s situation in this interview it’s particularly important. He could have easily come off as a complainer without giving the other side of how he felt. He’s disappointed, felt that the team’s actions didn’t support some of the statements they’ve made, and so he answered the question honestly. Adding the statement about how he’s grateful, and to whom, is the other side of the same coin. Just my take.

    And yeah, it does kinda annoy me when someone takes it too far. Because it opens the door for criticism for others who claim the same faith. It’s happened to me on a number of occasions, where my opinion gets discounted because of some nut job taking a concept to extremes. But hey, that’s life.

  31. Cornutt says:

    Let me first say that in no way was I intending my comment to be offensive or hurtful to anyone of any faith. If it came across that way, then I do apologize. It wasn’t an indictment of any God, but rather an indictment of religious name repetition in an interview that should have been about football and Mebane’s place within it. So why do I have an issue with it? Because I don’t think that “rolemodels” should be the ones communicating their PERSONAL beliefs to the public—especially when the topics are as foundational as religious, finance, or politics.

    By the same token, I’ll stand by what I said because it is how I feel, and I believe it to be a valid perspective.

    Dukeshire: I wasn’t condemning BM for being an idiot. Sarah Palin is a different ball of wax. I never compared the two or insinuated that his comments were anything close to her drivel. I merely stated my opinion; which was that he didn’t need to bring his personal beliefs into an interview about football. Sure, say you’re thankful…but you don’t need to “Name” drop at every turn.

    CHawkFanIn9erLand: Wow dude. Have a beer and relax. You made it personal man, and I’m not sure that was needed. “Some genius.” “That’s just brilliant Cornutt.” And my personal fave!: “Let’s craft a letter to all public officials saying that they’re a-holes unless they act like atheists during their interviews. Just because Cornutt said they have too.”

    Ah…nothing like having a civil conversation. Way to articulate your views with class and integrity! (Not so much)

    When’s the last time you heard a “famous atheist” get on t.v. or radio and say something like: “Yeah, I’m just so glad that I have good genetics. My parents raised me well, and I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve had.”?

    I’ll give you a clue: Never.

    What BM is doing is called prosthelytizing, and in my humble opinion, it belongs in church or home and nowhere else. Why? Because it alienates anyone who doesn’t subscribe to that particular belief system. If BM believes in God, isn’t that good enough? Personally, I love football “religiously” but I don’t talk about it when it’s not relevant. If I am indeed talking to the wall that I assume I am, then you will already be denying the prosthelytizing assertion. Oh well, I tried.

    I think if you took the time to listen and learn anything outside your narrow scope of reality, you’d find that I’m an intelligent and thoughtful person. Then again, maybe you’d just be content in your happy little reality, assuming that anyone that doesn’t believe the same as you, is in fact…an idiot.

    Stevos: “I think if there was a God, we would have football OTA’s by now.” Well said, my friend.
    The bottom line for me is I don’t really care what people believe as long as they don’t come knocking on my door with pamphlets. I love football and I love this country, where we are allowed to believe whatever the f**k we want, and usually not be condemned for it.

  32. Cavemen for Christ!!!

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors hide chewer.


  33. maddog12 says:

    Well I don’t think we should care if a player professes his faith with any religion or professes aethistic beliefs or doesn’t mention it. Can the guy play thats the question we should be asking. In Mebanes case, who do we have or is available in FA that is better than him?

    Cornutt does it make you feel guilty or sad that you don’t belive as he does? I never understand why an aethist is offended by someone beliving in God. It does not hurt them (if there right). Now if their wrong and there is a God and they think there is not one…. that could be a problem. In any event this is not a religous blog.

    That being said, God is not a Seahawks fan…I know this because Peyton Manning does not play here.

  34. Cornutt says:

    By the way…

    Persons of faith (or atheists) can be horrible or wonderful. It’s not the faith or lack thereof that dictates whether a person has a “good attitude.”

    For my part, I’m done with this dialogue unless you’ll need a response in order to sleep well tonight.

  35. Cornutt says:

    Lol. No maddog, I am not sad or guilty feeling. For further explaination, please re-read my last post.

    I do agree with you though, that in this realm of things, we need good football players in our “program.” :)

  36. pabuwal: “Colin Cole was a much more important force against the run than Mebane was. Mebane doesn’t have huge value to the Seahawks if he can only be above average against the run because of the presence of Cole and Bryant.”

    Pabs, I’m quite sure the Seahawks are not thinking they don’t need Mebane since Cole and Bryant are good players. Fact is, the Seahawks need 6 or 7 healthy D linemen ready to play every game together. Red Bryant is very good, but he was healthy for only 7 games last year and only 6 games in 2009. And, Red was a great LDE while playing next to Cole and Mebane, not by himself. We need all these guys back together. Suggesting that one of them isn’t valuable doesn’t make any sense. The D line is only as strong as its weakest link, and behind Mebane, we got nothing.

  37. maddog12 says:

    Cornutt it makes be glad your not sad.

  38. maddog12 says:

    how about me glad…

  39. Cornutt says:

    Just one additional thought on this subject:

    I think this is one of the reasons blogs like this are so valuable and worthwhile. Even though CHawkFanIn9erLand and I have opposite beliefs in some ways, we still have something like sports as common ground. I think that’s pretty awesome. I even bet we could watch a game, slug down some brews, and enjoy the hell out of hangin’ out watching our ‘Hawks trash the Rams.

    Am I pushing things? :P

  40. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    cornutt …

    I don’t have an problem with your explanation of your opinion a few posts above. It’s intelligent, well thought out, and understandable. Your first post wasn’t (IMHO). It came off completely different.

    My comments might have lacked class. I interpreted your comments as divisive and ignorant and I said so. And I did it without tact. My bad.

    As for integrity … let’s not go there. We can’t prove or disprove it either way on this blog.

    That being said, in the context of the interview I think brandon’s comments made sense and were appropriate. If he’s asked a question and he feels that his honest answer includes his gratitude in his god, why shouldn’t he be able to say it? It’s not like he quoted chapter and verse. His comment was pretty bland comparatively. I don’t like it when someone gets on a soapbox and basically conducts a political or religious commercial during a sports interview, but that’s not what b-bane did.

    And your reasoning is that it may alienate people who have different religious viewpoints? It’s not like he said “Abortion is wrong, gays marriage is lame and will send you to hell, and let’s get a republican back in office”. He answered a question regarding how he feels about his situation with “I think God has me in a good place”. If that’s his honest answer to the question, then I think we should respect that. If we don’t respect it, I’m not sure he really cares. You expressed your opinion without really caring if it would alienate me, right?

    You and I both being liberal, I would think that we should hardly complain about entertainment and sports figures expressing their opinion. It’s pretty prevalent.

    I’m always down for an intellectual discussion. Your first post came across (to me) as anything but intellectual, or even factual. If you want to start an intelligent discussion, it usually helps to avoid hyperbole. Also, the use of “blah blah blah” twice doesn’t exactly come across as an intellectual point. You used a number of divisive statements to make your original point.

    Had you made your original point with your second post, I would have respected that. But I’ll be honest, your first post seemed to have some emotion behind it, seemed to attack brandon and maybe other christians, and it really turned me off.

    Anyway, in real life I would have and should have responded more reasonably, but you irritated me off and I’m kind of an a-hole.

    Sorry dude.

    No hard feelings. GO HAWKS!

  41. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    LOL @ “irritated me off”

    hahaha where’s my editor when I need her.

  42. Cornutt says:

    Well, we can agree to disagree on the original subject, but you’re right, I was the pot calling the kettle black. My Original post was pretty lacking and ill-thought out.

    In defense, I was in a hurry and didnt have to time/energy to be as articulate as I should have–especially ragarding such a sensitive topic. Lesson learned.

    Hell yes, Go ‘Hawks!

  43. Audible says:

    12th Man Rising is looking for a writer…any takers?

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would not be heart broken if Mebane went elsewhere. I am tired of short squatty lineman that cannot put pressure on the qb, and cannot get his hands on the ball to deflect a pass.

    Although I am ok with this years draft, We had a real good opportunity to strengthen our d-line in a draft that was the deepest in years for d-lineman. Still too many holes to fill and too many short defensive players to replace.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Cornutt – I know you weren’t. But after I read you refer to yourself as a liberal, that sentence popped into my head and I had to get it out. Lol. (Any chance to disparage her, I’ll take it.)

    GeorgiaHawk – They’re so thin up front though, if he walks they are in dire straits. In addition, he plays an important role on this team if even a bit one dimensional. He’s a contributor up front (and young), he’s not someone that can easily be replaced, IMO.

  46. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Colin Cole was a much more important force against the run than Mebane was.”

    I highly disagree with this. I watched both players with intense scrutiny throughout the course of the season and using the replay thing.

    Cole was easy blown off the ball and maneuvered away to open up rushing lanes, while Mebane mostly held his ground. Mebane seemed to struggle with double-teams more than he typically did in 08/09 but was still a significant impact in holding defensive line integrity.
    Cole was more active around the line after disengaging and always gave a spirited effort but it was definitely Mebane making the impact plays. Remember him submarining Carl Nicks or Jahri Evans in the playoff game against Old Orleans and stopping the run on 4th and 1?

  47. SandpointHawk says:

    LOL, great line….

    @CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Leonard Weaver was clearly too good a receiver and ball carrier to be a fit in Mora’s offense. All those YAC doomed him in Seattle.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would trade our whole defense for Detroits d-line.

    Why is it that we can’t find at least one stud d- lineman? And when it appears that we do he gets injured.

    Dukeshire- I agree that Mebane is the biggest plug in the dam. I am just impatient.

  49. It would be a real shame to see Mebane leave. I don’t see us having any better options and the guy does nothing but produce. I can see letting Hass walk; his production is so up and down.

  50. LOL@Duke– Glad you took the opportunity to disparage. Almost feels weird with her…like you’re taking jabs at a person with special needs or something.

    Man, I am getting too mouthy for my own good on this blog. Gone are the days when I quietly sipped coffee and enjoyed everyone elses posts. :P


  51. williambryan says:

    Am I the only one who read this as a blast at Colin Cole???? He basically threw him under the bus for HIS lack of sacks! WOW

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Cornutt – Lol! That is hilarious. And I agree, knocking her is picking the low hanging fruit. Still… (I know better than to continue with this particular thread, so that’s the last of it for me. Couple good chuckles though.)

    Tomorrow, the NFLPA and owners get back to mediation. I sincerely hope they are negotiating in good faith and are genuine about their desire to get something resolved. That notion goes against my better judgement however. It seems as though both parties are content with letting the courts dictate to them. Sad…

    And one thing that seems odd to me, is that after opting out of the previous CBA three years ago, the league has made only one official proposal to the (then) union. And that came just hours before the deadline that imposed the lockout and the union decertified. Moreover, for nearly two and a half years there was no negotiating what-so-ever. Spilt milk and all, but as we inch closer to missed games the angrier I become at the lack of urgency that’s been displayed from the get-go. In their press release in May of ’08, the league said in part;

    “We are resolved to do our best to achieve a fair agreement that will allow labor peace to continue through and beyond the 2011 season.”

    Well, that sounded good then, but three years later I see that as hollow and as meaningless as everything that’s been said since. This situation is total bullsh*t.

  53. 12th Man Rising is looking for a writer…any takers?

    Write for us for free and we’ll give you some “exposure.” We’ll build up our website and one day sell it for millions of dollars. Meanwhile, you can try to pay your rent with that “exposure.”

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

  54. maddog12 says:

    By letting the lockout continue I think this appeals court is leaning toward siding with the owners.

    Todate I think the players have been playing a game of I’ll see your lockout and raise you a backdoor strike. There seems to be no interest on the players part to negotiate other than when they are forced. Have not heard of their proposals.

    If the players loose with the appeals court I think they will then have to negotiate…with a buch of billionaires who now really have the upper hand. I don’t see the Jerry Jones’ as being that charitable in that situation.

    I think the players better start talking cause it has a real chance to get worse.

  55. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    yeah williambryan I read into it the same way. That kinda stinks.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So what if that’s a blast at Colin Cole! It’s the truth. Colin Cole is just too big and fat to be effective in the fourth quater, let alone 3rd.
    I would be happy if we could trade away our entire d-line and get a few 2nd and 3rd round future picks.

  57. Dukeshire says:

    williambryan / GeorgiaHawk – His comments do come accross that way but I’m guessing it was inadvertent. When Mebane had his 5.5 sacks at NT (1-tech), he was the under tackle in Marshall’s scheme. Cole at NT (both 1-tech and playing a 2 gap position) in Carroll’s is the over tackle. Cole has more of a contain responsibility than Mebane had, at the same (relative) position. In addition, he’s comparing a 1-tech player (Cole) to a 3-tech (Rocky) which is a bit apples to oranges, even when one takes Marshall and Carroll’s scheme’s into account. If anything, I think he’s guilty of foot-in-mouth without intending to necessarily criticize anyone. (At least I hope that’s the case…)

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, that was supposed to be directed at williambryan / CHawkFanIn9erLand. But GHawk, I’ll throw you in too. What the hell. lol

  59. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Yeah I don’t think he intended for it to be a shot at his current teammates, it’s just easy to interpret it that way.

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t get lazy on me now Dukeshire. lol

  61. BobbyAyala says:

    I named my dog after Rocky Bernard. Remember the little shimmy-shake he did after sacks?


    Ex took the dog though…

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