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Morning links: Leinart in Hawks’ plans?

Post by Eric Williams on May 12, 2011 at 8:17 am with 64 Comments »
May 12, 2011 8:46 am

I’ve heard some rumblings throughout the league that the Seattle Seahawks could be interested in bringing in former USC quarterback Matt Leinart as a fall-back option should other possibilities fail once free agency begins, but nothing confirmed.

However, those rumblings were buoyed by this report by Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News, who says that he’s heard that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll has spoken to his former player about joining Seattle.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Leinart will be in a Seahawks uniform in 2011. But it does appear that Leinart could be in play as one of the possible scenarios Seattle is considering in filling the void at quarterback.

Leinart fizzled in Arizona after four seasons, with the Cardinals releasing him after he lost his starting job to Derek Anderson in training camp in 2010. Leinart caught on with Houston as the third-string quarterback, where he was coached by former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp.

Something also to consider, Leinart, Matt Hasselbeck and another former USC product – Carson Palmer – are represented by the same agent, David Dunn. So he should have a good understanding what the Seahawks’ plans are and how his clients might fit in those plans.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times pens a blow-by-blow break down of the flip-flopping in some of the reporting of the Matt Hasselbeck situation, and whether or not he’ll be in Seattle once free agency begins.

Seahawks receiver Kris Durham talks with KJR’s Ian Furness in this audio link.

NFL agent Jack Bechta writing for the National Football Post talks about his formula for finding a successful team for his undrafted rookie free agents.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange says fringe veterans will benefit from the lockout, earning spots over undrafted free agents because of the condensed prep time to get ready for the regular season.

The Seahawks are No. 24 in USA Today’s post-draft power rankings.

Seahawks defensive tackle Craig Terrill will perform with the Craig Terrill Band at the Kirkland Performance Center in support of their new album “Genuine” on Saturday. Blues artist Kara Grainger will open for them.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    When did Scott Wolf “hear” that the ‘Hawks spoke to Leinart? During the day and a half the lockout was lifted prior to the draft? Maybe there’s something to this, but I’m terribly skeptical. Was Leinart’s issues in Arizona in part, due to his attitude and how he related to coaches and teammates? The Raiders and Texans were the only teams that expressed interest in him after he was cut from Arizona, what has changed?

    Eric, I thought Leinart’s agent is Tom Condon. Did he fire him after signing with Houston last year?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    *Wasn’t* Leinart’s issues…

  3. pabuwal says:

    The same agent represents all of the QBs? Yeesh. so that means when one QB knows of the Seahawks plan, the rest will know also.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I like to get clarification on that, because Tom Condon was Leinart’s agent last year. So I’m curious if that’s changed.

  5. Hey… why not take a flier on him… if his attitude stinks, show him the door (e.g. LenDale White)

    He’s another possible reclamation project, why not… doesn’t hurt to take a real look… will it pan out? not feeling strongly one way or the other…

    Carpenter would be a good blind side protector for him on the right side… ;)

  6. My initial reaction to this story (if there’s even any truth to it) was NO WAY IN HELL, b/c I never thought much of Leinart.

    Then I read the comments from some AZ fans on the site, who felt, objectively that he never got much of a fair shake in AZ for a couple reasons. So, then, no real harm in bringing him into camp. I think Carroll has shown a good ability to judge players on their merits, not on his relationship with them.

    If nothing else, Leinart could be a reasonably experienced, reasonably priced back-up.

  7. Dukeshire: You are correct. He recently switched from Condon to David Dunn.

  8. Leinart didn’t play in ’10, he was inactive/emergency QB. HOU offered Leinart a 1st round tender March 2nd (I assume he signed it), but they also drafted Yates, giving them 4 QBs. Yates probably doesn’t make the PS(?) Giving up a 1st doesn’t make sense, but SEA could also end up out of the running again for QBs in the ’12 draft if they take the division again:

    Week 1 SEA 0-0, SF 0-0, ARI 0-0, STL 0-0
    SEA @ SF sunday 1:15 pm
    CAR @ ARI sunday1:15 pm
    PHI @ STL sunday 10 am

    Week 2 SEA 0-1, SF 1-0, ARI 1-0, STL 0-1
    SEA @ PIT sunday 10 am
    DAL @ SF sunday1:15 pm
    ARI @ WAS sunday10 am
    STL @ NYG monday 5:30 pm

    Week 3 SEA 0-2, SF 1-1, ARI 2-0, STL 0-2
    ARI @ SEA sunday1:15 pm
    SF @ CIN sunday10 am
    BAL @ STL sunday1:15 pm

    Week 4 SEA 1-2, SF 2-1, ARI 2-1, STL 0-3
    ATL @ SEA sunday1:15 pm
    SF @ PHI sunday10 am
    NYG @ ARI sunday1:15 pm
    WAS @ STL sunday10 am

    Week 5 SEA 1-3, SF 2-2, ARI 2-2, STL 1-3
    SEA @ NYG sunday10 am
    TB @ SF sunday1:15 pm
    ARI @ MIN sunday10 am
    Bye: Rams

    Week 6 SEA 1-4, SF 2-3, ARI 3-2, STL 1-3
    Byes: Cardinals, Seahawks
    SF @ DET sunday10 am
    STL @ GB sunday10 am

    Week 7 SEA 1-4, SF 2-4, ARI 3-2, STL 1-4
    SEA @ CLE sunday10 am
    Byes: 49ers
    PIT @ ARI sunday1:15 pm
    STL @ DAL sunday10 am

    Week 8 SEA 2-4, SF 2-4, ARI 3-3, STL 1-5
    CIN @ SEA sunday1:15 pm
    CLE @ SF sunday1:15 pm
    ARI @ BAL sunday10 am
    NO @ STL sunday10 am

    Week 9 SEA 3-4, SF 3-4, ARI 3-4, STL 1-6
    SEA @ DAL sunday10 am
    SF @ WAS sunday10 am
    STL @ ARI sunday1:15 pm

    Week 10 SEA 3-5, SF 4-4, ARI 3-5, STL 2-6
    BAL @ SEA sunday1:05 pm
    NYG @ SF sunday1:15 pm
    ARI @ PHI sunday10 am
    STL @ CLE sunday10 am

    Week 11 SEA 3-6, SF 4-5, ARI 3-6, STL 3-6
    SEA @ STL sunday1:05 pm
    ARI @ SF sunday1:05 pm

    Week 12 SEA 3-7, SF 5-5, ARI 3-7, STL 4-6
    WAS @ SEA sunday1:05 pm
    SF @ BAL thursday 5:20 pm
    ARI @ STL sunday10 am

    Week 13 SEA 4-7, SF 5-6, ARI 3-8, STL 5-6
    PHI @ SEA thursday 5:20 pm
    STL @ SF sunday1:15 pm
    DAL @ ARI sunday1:15 pm

    Week 14 SEA 5-7, SF 5-7, ARI 3-9, STL 6-6
    STL @ SEA monday 5:30 pm
    SF @ ARI sunday1:05 pm

    Week 15 SEA 6-7, SF 6-7, ARI 3-10, STL 6-7
    SEA @ CHI sunday10 am
    PIT @ SF monday 5:30 pm
    CLE @ ARI sunday1:15 pm
    CIN @ STL sunday10 am

    Week 16 SEA 6-8, SF 6-8, ARI 4-10, STL 7-7
    SF @ SEA sunday1:15 pm
    ARI @ CIN sunday10 am
    STL @ PIT sunday10 am

    Week 17 SEA 7-8, SF 6-9, ARI 5-10, STL 7-8
    SEA @ ARI sunday1:15 pm
    SF @ STL sunday10 am

    Results: SEA 8-8, SF 6-10, ARI 5-11, STL 8-8

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Eric. I looked briefly but couldn’t find anything.

  10. Eric (or anybody)-
    Would it be tougher for a young o-line to have a lefty QB (Leinart) come into the game off the bench? Or does it even matter?

  11. Leinart: No, No, PLEASE NO!

  12. Sarcasticus says:

    Will he bring his own cheerleaders? If so, I support this decision.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Are there any stats that compare teams injuries from year to year, and how they rank?

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I always wanted to go to Cheney to see training camp. Did Easley
    really jump over the fence ?

  15. Can’t see why they wouldn’t take a chance with him, Pete has done it in the past, and who knows, maybe Leinart has changed and learned something throughout his career, he might not be more than a backup, he might not even make the team, but if he gets cut, it can’t hurt, I still believe he can be a perfectly fine quarterback if he get his act together and actually work for it. This is all assuming there’s going to be a season of course, which I’m starting to doubt.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    The team could do it from a starting tackle standpoint. The fact that Okung is on the leftside and Carpenter is capable of playing LT means the team loses nothing if the QB goes from righty to lefty.

    My son plays RT for his team because they have a left handed QB. He could easily be a LT for another team (5′ 11″ and 220 lbs as a 14 year old). The coach has pretty much flipped the entire formation to match the lefty QB.

    I think Seattle did the same in the Jim Zorn years.

  17. Most of the anti-love for Mattt L. began about the time Whisenhut took over for Green. It is hard to tell where the love loss came but Warner quickly took over so Matt probably took his money and screwed off a bit knowing the Bidwells had to pay and Whiz did’nt care for him. If he is offered a second chance here he should jump all over it AND compete like theres no tomorrow because there would’nt be.

    Double playbooking your Qb’s is common these days, in fact Matt H and CW had different versions of the same book, so a lefty book is not out of the question. In my version of the scenario I would have as duplicate a Qb top 2 as possible ala Rogers/Flynn and Brady/Mallett set ups, thus narrowing that playbook differential. Not that many double lefties evr been done but hey B. Huard could back him up (lol).

  18. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I would LOVE to bring in Leinart. Dude was straight up phenomenal in college, but his head wasn’t in the right place. At this point he’s a zero-risk signing with upside. Maybe he’s been humbled after his experience of being unwanted and is devoting more effort now like Mike Williams. Literally no downside here, if he’s a locker room issue or plays like JP Losman you can just cut him.

  19. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Also Ken Whisenhunt is a dumbass talent evaluator at QB. He was against Leinart from the start and wasn’t going to allow him to succeed. He should at least given him the benefit of the doubt when the alternative is Derek Anderson, who’s (in)accuracy makes Charlie Whitehurst look like Peyton Manning!

  20. Not sure we can write Spencer off yet. There are only so many spots you can improve on in just one year, especially when the offseason will have only a very short free agency period (if any). It makes sense that Locklear is gone, since they gave away his number and also have four better tackles on the team now (Okung, Carpenter, Polumbus and Andrews).

    But the interior of the line has problems, and Spencer can play any of the three positions. We don’t even know if we can sign Gallery or not, and Gallery has missed some time recently. Spencer was healthy all year and many called him the most consistent lineman we had last year. He deserves one more chance to “compete.”

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Leinart was so good, or potentially so good then why didn’t any of the many qb starved teams pick him up last year when he was released?
    My guess is that he isn’t very good.

    A great College program with superior surrounding talent can make any average qb look good.

    Leinart starting for the Seahawks would be the perfect formula for getting the number one overall pick in 2012.

  22. There is an extremely long list of great college QBs who never did anything in the NFL. All of the following won the Heisman Trophy, like Leinart, and they aren’t or weren’t good… Jason White, Danny Weurffel, Gino Torretta, Chris Weinke, Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, Arndre Ware, etc. I’m not saying Leinart is too old to turn it around, but there is good reason to doubt him. The QB position is one in the NFL where he has to be one of the most dedicated and hardest workers… I’ve never heard encouraging reports like this about him. His perceived lack of arm strength is the least of my worries, as you can get around that (to a certain extent) with smarts.

  23. Matt Leinart would cost a 1st round draft pick.

  24. Where did you get that first round stuff?

    I heard or read about $1 million or so/yr..

  25. Leinart is an unrestricted free agent. His one year deal with Houston for 666 g’s could have reached 1M with incentives.

    Schneider/Carroll had some 268 roster moves and this is supposed to carry any significance?

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would rather have John Kitna back over bringing in Leinart. At least Kitna can win over the locker room.

  27. I’ll take Leinart, his beer bong, and his ASU girlies over T-Jack.

    That’s in no way an endorsement for Leinart!

  28. Dukeshire says:

    As it stands right now, Leinart is a RFA and the Texans have placed an original round tender on him (a first). So if Seattle really wants him, either they cough up a first (for a total and complete bust to this point) or are able to otherwise reach some sort of trade with Houston. Now, if the ’11 season moves forward under a different set of rules regarding free agency, then that designation may change. But until then, it’s going to cost a first to get him.

  29. Eric Hosmer is a stud!

  30. raymaines says:

    If the season started tomorrow…

    Which it wont, and we all know that, but…..

    Houston would be glad to trade Matt L for a 99th round pick in the 2025 draft for his rights. If the ‘Hawks want him (God forbid) they could have him for next to nothing.

  31. Duke – that’s not the way I’ve interpreted the situation. Your linked article is from march 2 and states in the last paragraph:

    “There’s a chance that many of these tenders won’t be valid once a new CBA is reached. It’s part of an NFL offseason full of uncertainty, with the labor deal set to expire and possible lockout to start as soon as Friday.”

    Scroll down this link below to the Houston roster. Daniels is on the roster. Foster is an Exclusive-Rights FA. Matt Leinart is an Unrestricted FA

    Wikipedia is usually pretty thorough.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Leinart is one of those addition by subtraction type players.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of bidding war will develope over the services of hasselbeck when free agency starts. It’s going to be such a mad scramble for free agents when this lock out finally ends. I have a feeling that so much is going to happen in such a short time that the Insider will consider hiring Dukesire or someone to help Eric keep up with the onslaught of news.

    Eric, are you ready for some double duty?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    excile – If the ’11 season operates under the same rules that regulated the ’10 season (no cap, etc…), then it takes 6 seasons, not 4, to become an unrestricted free agent. Of course if a new CBA is reached or a stay is put in place and the lockout lifted while a new CBA is being negotiated, then it’s possible (even likely) he’ll become an UFA. But as I said, they way it stands now, he’s restricted, in the same way Mebane is.

    Simply put, something will have to change before he will become an UFA. And the way things are going, the ’11 season will be held without a new CBA in place but conducted under something resembling the ’10 season.

    That wiki page lists free agent designations as they would have been under the expired CBA not what they will necessarily be moving forward.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – I’ll do it for free! lol.

  35. Yeah. It’s going to be one big storm when it (FA) happens. Personally, I hate the unknown. I like to be organized and know the rules ahead of time. However, when you’re a team with limited overall talent, like the Seahawks, it’s possible this could definitely be a plus (assuming that Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy are on the ball and can take advantage of it).

    Fingers crossed.

  36. Duke – Washington placed a first round tender on Campbell last off season. He was set to make 3.1 M but was traded to Oakland for a 4th. I can hardly see Houston paying upwards of that amount for a backup. But in any event they cannot and will not receive a 1st as compensation.

    “The Texans placed an original draft pick compensation on quarterback Matt Leinart which would normally mean Houston would get a first-round pick if he signed elsehwere.

    However, because the Texans upgraded Daniels, who was originally a fourth-round pick, Houston can only receive a second-round pick for Leinart.”

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think with a year under their belt the new regime will be in much better position to handle, if not thrive in a crazy F.A frenzy. Imagine though if they had to deal with this last year, plus not being able to implement their system with training and practice due to a lockout.
    That’s why,(IMO), teams with new coaches and system,(like the 49ers), are going to have a huge disadvantage this year. And that goes for all rookies too.Especially rookie qbs, and rookie o-lineman.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One positive thing that Leinart may have going for him is the Mike Williams experience. I would have almost bet my house that Williams would have never grown up and remain as one of the greatest busts in NFL history.
    I guess there is always hope, no matter how slim it may be.

  39. Sarcasticus says:

    The only reason Leinart failed in Arizona was because I was against him. Go ahead look it up. Can’t find any proof? Now, look to see that it was Whisenhut’s. Can’t find anywhere where Whisenhut expressly stated his dislike for Leinart? There’s your proof! It was all me! I am the only one that will go on record and admit that I don’t like Leinart and wanted him to fail.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Kurt Warner says,( in an article from the USA today about possible qbs that Arizona will pursue this year), “Matt hasselbeck is a great quarterback that can still play”
    As much as I would like to have the Seahawks sign Hasselbeck, he most certainly deserves to finally have a very good group of receivers to work with.IMO

  41. Dukeshire says:

    excile – I’m not sure why Daniels being upgraded effects Leinart’s original round tender. But anyway, yes, Seattle could work out a trade (as I said in my original post regarding this matter) and not have to give up what apparently, is now a second (or whatever he was tendered). But the main point of this discussion was whether Leinart was and UFA or not. And you seem to now realize he is not (unless something changes). I think a lot of people were operating that misconception. And again, before there is actual football played again, he may become one. But at the moment he’s a RFA and will remain that way if the league operates the ’11 season under the ’10 rules.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    BTW, someone a day or so ago asked about the court-ordered mediation. That will resume Monday with the 8th circuit appellate court to hear the league’s appeal on June 3rd. Let’s go boys… camp is scheduled to begin in only 2 months, or so…

  43. chuck_easton says:


    I’ll throw this out there so ACIB can have the weeekend off.

    Curry to Houston for Leinart and a 4th round draft pick.


    Curry to Philly for Kolb and a 6th.

    Enjoy your weekend off ACIB, we don’t need to hear from you now.

  44. ‘The Sam linebacker controls the D gap to his side of the field. He is in an inside-foot to outside-foot alignment on the tight end or what most coaches call a 9 technique spot. He can never get reach blocked by the tight end in this position. He is the force player for everything run to his side of the field and turns everything back inside to the pursuit. The Sam linebacker has to be a good containment player. He has to be big and strong enough to play on the edge of the tight end. He has to be able to run in pass coverage also.’ Paraphrase from PC’s speech transcript last linked by Duke.

    A.Curry is PC’s guy vs the run, and KJ Wright (fourth and final 4-3 strongside linebacker selected in the draft) is maybe PC’s better pass-pro guy and comes in on 2nd & 3rd and longs after the run is stuffed on 1st down. If Curry is at the Sam during a pass (1st dn, or 2nd & 5, etc), rather than hesitate and get behind in coverage maybe he just oughtta pin his ears back.

    I’m not convinced Curry is a big bust. Maybe he is just not asked to do too much in PC’s scheme? If they intended to trade Curry because they thought he didn’t fit their defense, I’d have thought they would have tried to renegotiate his contract to make him more marketable.

    Leinart had a high C% on lotsa underneath stuff in AZ, but dumping it off in AZ when you’ve got Fitz, Breston & Boldin downfield gets you cut. On a team with maybe a better run-blocking OL (hope-hope) and throwing screens to beast-force & LW, if Leinart has some time (and is accurate enough) he should be able to hit JC, BMW, Obo & Durham for some long ones, too. I’d be surprised some if they gave up a 2nd, but not too terribly disappointed.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    klm – It will be interesting to see what they have in mind for Wright. My initial thought is that he’s going to be Will in nickel to start (Herring’s a FA) and ideally push Curry at Sam. Lofa’s the only 3 down LB on the roster and I believe with Wright’s versatility, he can develop into that as well. Heater gives way to Herring at Will in nickel packages and the Sam comes off the field all together. In addition, if Lofa does not return to his better play, Heater will take the Mike position and now Wright is your starting Will. LB is pretty thin actually and Wright’s going to get chances to play. (And let’s not discount the idea he may push Heater at Will as well.) We’ll see…

    Lynch was interviewed on NFL Network. I’m always fascinated listening to him talk. He makes me smile.

  46. If the hawks spend ANY draft picks in a trade for a QB this year AND that QB is not your future for, at the LEAST, the next 5-7 years then JS should be fired the instant that QB fails.

    If they are going to morgage the future TWICE in 2 years to get a QB and neither one pans out then they have no business running a franchise since they will never get a good QB since they can’t evaluate them anyway.

    NO DRAFT PICKS FOR QB’s this year. – get someone in FA or go with Charlie. Draft one in 2012.

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The more I hear about qb scenarios for the Seahawks this year the more i’m convinced that bringing Hasselbeck back is the best thing to do. And I think that he has about four good years in him if he stays in shape.
    Remember that he didn’t play much early on in his career. And it does’t appear like he has lost his desire or confidence. I’m sure he has lost confidence in the o-line, however that should change in a year or two.
    Bring him back and draft a qb in 2012 so he can learn from one of the best football minds.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    I too think he’s the best option regarding FA QBs or any trades. But, I’m not sure about 4 years, there are a lot of miles on his body (injury wise). That said, they may have to offer him a 3 or 4 year deal in order to keep him, with the idea he likely will be only a 2 year player at most. The difficulty there I would think, is making the guaranteed money reasonable.

  49. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    4 MORE years?! More like Hasselbeck has been terrible for what’s rapidly approaching 4 seasons.

    “Enjoy your weekend off ACIB, we don’t need to hear from you now.”

    Thanks for looking out buddy. Lol

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hasselbeck is light years ahead of most all other qbs, so why woudn’t any qb desperate team not want to have him?

  51. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    An immobile, old, injury-prone statue with a noodle arm and terrible stats during his most recent seasons isn’t lightyears ahead of anybody.

  52. Palerydr says:

    Leave it to our own little ray of sunshine ACIB to put all MH shortcomings into a neat little package. Just listen to me(ACIB) and do it my way and we’ll be SB contenders year in and year out. Well what is your way???? How do we get there according to Debbie Downer???? Why don’t you put your plan out there so we can all take turns ripping it to pieces. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of takers. Oh and of course do us all a favor and omit your endless rant about Aaron Curry if you can edit yourself that much which I doubt.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hasselbeck has had to frequently dumb down the game plan through the years because his teamates cannot keep up with him intellectually.

    Kind of like we do for ACIB.

    ACIB, are you Aaron Curry?

  54. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Let’s lay off the personal attacks. I’m just the messenger, it’s not my fault the truth hurts. And it’s the game plan is dumbed down for Hasselbeck because he can barely throw for 20+ yards without getting picked off or taking a ridiculous sack.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Osama bin laden had messengers, however the message he was sending wasn’t the truth. Can you explain why a superbowl winning qb like Kurt Warner would say that Hasselbeck is a great qb that can still play.

  56. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Because he’s a fellow veteran QB who isn’t going to publicly say Hasselbeck (or any other classy player) is finished? Kurt Warner was also enthusiastically saying Matt Leinart was finally developed and ready to take over the Cardinals. Some respectful chatter by Warner doesn’t change the fact that Matt Hasselbeck has been garbage for 3 straight seasons and is 36 years old.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who else besides you, (ACIB), has been saying that Hasselbeck has been garbage for the last three seasons? Give me some names.
    Remember that some were saying Kurt Warner was washed up when he was with Arizona.

  58. Palerydr says:

    If we’re gonna lay off the personal attacks then take your own advice and NEVER say anything about Aaron Curry again.

  59. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I don’t make personal attacks on Aaron Curry. I insult his terrible play on the football field.

    “Who else besides you, (ACIB), has been saying that Hasselbeck has been garbage for the last three seasons? Give me some names.
    Remember that some were saying Kurt Warner was washed up when he was with Arizona.”

    The stats and the tape for themselves, he is a washed up old geezer. Take off your nostalgia goggles and look at it objectively, Hasselbeck has been one of the NFL’s very worst QBs after
    2007. And Kurt Warner was amazing in his heyday with the Rams, much better than anything Hasselbeck ever showed. If anything, Carson Palmer has a much better chance to have a Warner-like bounceback than Matt does.

  60. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    speak for themselves

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And calling Hassellbeck an old geezer is not a personal attack.?

    You are going to keep looking like a fool if you continue to use this twisted logic.

    Still waiting for a name,( other then you), that says Hasselbeck has been garbage the last three years.

  62. Palerydr says:

    While I almost never agree with ACIB I will give him this MH has made some questionable decisions that IMO have lead to losses. I’m not gonna call the guy garbage however he is in the last phase of his career. Kurt Warner had superior talent in his heyday I believe MH in the same situation could have put up similar numbers just due to the system and players Warner had available to him. Your comparison isn’t very good there ACIB. When Warner left the Giants it was a pretty widely held belief he was washed up before he went to the Cards.

  63. williambryan says:

    Lets not go crazy here. Hasselbeck is not even close to the same level as Kurt Warner. Not Close. Hasselbeck WAS a very good WCO quarterback and that is all. He had his best years with a good Oline, good WCO WR’s and one of the best coaches of all time. I think its ridiculous for most of the commentors here to pass off Shaun Alexanders possible HOF run as “anyone could do it behind this line…” and then go on defending Hass to the ends of the earth. Unbelievable. He is no better than a .500 QB at this time. I dont believe he can lead a team to better than a .500 record and I don’t think he can do better than an equal TD to turnover ratio. It’s time to move on. I challenge those of you who want hasselbeck to start to think back to 2007 when you were screaming for SA to go.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Move on to what? What’s your plan?

    Hasselbeck has never had, overall good receiving. Especially from Soft Alexander with the brick hands.
    How many times did the Seahawks lead the league in dropped passes in the S.A era?
    If Arizona can some how sign hasselbeck ,then we will finally see what a good qb can do when he has a very good receiving core.
    I am sure Pete Carroll is aware of this.

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