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We have a winner of 2011 Hawks mock draft

Post by Eric Williams on May 11, 2011 at 11:47 am with 31 Comments »
May 11, 2011 11:47 am

Several of the 29 entrants in this year’s Seattle Seahawks mock draft managed to predict at least one of the Seattle’s picks right.

However, only one person got the right player in the right round, and that was Palerydr, who correctly had Seattle selecting Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter in the first round, so he wins this year’s contest.

Seven others, including myself, had Carpenter being selected by Seattle, in the second, third and even fourth round.

Six others had Seattle selecting John Moffitt, but none in the third round.

And Stevos is the only person that had Seattle selecting Stanford cornerback Richard Sherman. Stevos had him going in the seventh round; Sherman was picked in the fifth round.

Check out the results here. Palerydr email me at and I’ll set you up with a prize packet.

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  1. Guess I should have given it a shot. You guys remember me predicting Sherman that day. No way would I have predicted Carpenter in the first, but very happy with the pick now.

    You know, the more I read up on and watch footage of next year’s crop, the happier I am that they “couldn’t afford” to spend a pick this year on a QB. Also, even though everyone is talking about Luck, I looked a little harder at Barkley because of PC recruiting him and knowing the system–and I also DON’T want us to be “The Biggest Loser” in landing the #1 pick. I’ve been VERY impressed with what I’ve seen and even watched his high school highlights where he looked like a pro already, let alone a high school kid. You have to love where he places the ball and how tight the spirals are, unlike many of this year’s crop where the ball is flopping around on its way to the target.

  2. Question:

    I’ve read over the last couple of days that certain jersey numbers have already been assigned to certain incoming players, i.e., that Locklear’s number 75 has been assigned to Carpenter. Does anyone know where that’s coming from? I looked it up on the roster page of the official Seahawks page as well as a couple others and have seen numbers assigned yet.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Nice job Palerydr, impressive. Although I’m not sure which actually impresses me more; Carpenter in the 1st or a late round pick being predicted, as Stevos did with Sherman. Well done by the both of yous…

    I’m proud to say I’m one of the 6 that had Seattle taking Moffitt, albeit in the 4th. (Of course, that had more to do with my man-crush rather than knowing they’d be heading in a more power direction up front. Still… lol)

    rgbuckl – That’s a good question. The first report I could find was PFW but they don’t link an official release from Seattle.

  4. If you’re all as bored as I am, with not much to talk about football until the uncertainty of the lockout is resolved, here are a couple of links to check out. Like I stated earlier, I’m warming up to the idea of getting Barkley next year, especially since we will hopefully not be picking first. If we don’t get him, no big deal as it sounds like there will be plenty of prospects, but for now, check these out:

    As a high school QB in Santa Ana, CA:

    USC 2009 as a true freshman:

    USC 2010:

  5. Palerydr says:

    Thx all I guess what this really means is 1 out of every 8 comments I make actually means something. I’ll let the masses figure out which is which. :)

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Fun posts rgbuckl. Barkley is one of those kids whose parents invested in a QB coach for him in pop warner, so he ought to be well schooled at this point. I can already hear the critics 10 months from now (should he come out); he’s too short (No chance his listed 6’2″ is accurate…) his stroke is too long (he drops it down to his waist as he draws it back…) etc… He’s a legit prospect, IMO. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

  7. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I’m not a fan of Barkley at all and he could stay in school. Next year’s QB class is easily worse than this one in my opinion.

  8. rgbuckl says:

    ACIB, I’m shocked–you’re normally such an optimist!

    Duke, you said it. I’m really getting a man crush for this kid the more I research. I’d say that QB coach was a nice investment (note to self for my son when he comes of age).

    I live in Hawaii, in the Navy, so I don’t get many games from home, but I did see the ‘Dawgs beat USC the last two years (pretty happy about that though). Therefore, I thought maybe he wasn’t very good, but he was hurt and didn’t play the UW game in 2009 and although he lost to UW in 2010 and didn’t throw a TD, he still ended with 70% completion, no INTs, and 148.1 passer rating.

  9. IBGoofy says:

    LOL!…. Based on how seattle selects, anyone getting ONE draft pick correct did great!!!!! ;-)
    Nice Job folks!!!

  10. Dukeshire says:

    rgbuckl – I’ve had the chance to watch several of his games over the past two seasons here in Pac 10, er… Pac 12 territory, and I’m not quite sure what to make of him. He’s improved exactly the way you’d want to see a QB develop who’s been gearing toward the NFL since high school. But on the other hand, there seems to be something absent from his play. And if I’m being totally honest, it’s that he’s such a technician (or appears to be) that the passion and energy you’d hope to see or feel from your QB is lacking. It could just be me too, I don’t discount that, but when I’ve seen him play, I haven’t seen him take his team on his back and lead from the front, if that makes any sense. Of course I’ll be watching much more closely this year, but from a relative distance, I’m split on him.

    Stanfor / USC will be a hell of a game from a scouting perspective this year, I’ll say that.

  11. rgbuckl says:

    That game will definitely be a must watch from a scouting perspective, not to mention entertainment alone.

    So do you think he’s a little like watching Jay Cutler, lacking emotion? I wonder if that’s something that could come with time and success. We know PC would fill him full of rah rah!

  12. Soggybuc says:

    Barkley is an impressive talent and i read somewhere Pete was recruiting this kid his last year in Junior high or something along that line.
    Watched a couple of interviews on youtube and he strikes as quite kind of guy more akin to Eli Manning style than a rah rah Farve type wich i think is fine as long as the team sees that you can get it done on the field they will get behind you.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    That’s a good comparison from a leadership perspective I think, at least from what I’ve seen. I think that’s what I was getting at.

  14. Dave Boling says:

    rgbuckl … After the draft I was on with Mitch Levy of KJR, and he had just finished an interview with James Carpenter. Mitch asked him about his number, and Carpenter told him he was given 75. Mitch said he asked him if that was just a temporary thing, and Carpenter told him no, that was his number. So, that’s from the horse’s mouth. And Carpenter, definitely, is a real horse.

    Should tell you what you need to know about right tackle.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Dave – Good info and thanks!

  16. IBGoofy says:

    Thx Dave…

  17. Dave – we’ve all been given the low down on the o’line excluding the LG. Gallery to me is a long shot having missed 14 of the past 32 games or 4 last season. Gibson who is already on the roster was not singled out. So who do you perceive as the front runner?

    Rotoworld suggests Gallery

  18. Dave Boling says:

    I was unsold on every one of the, oh, five or six guys they plugged in at left guard last year. I haven’t seen enough of Gallery to really make a fair assessment. I remember him coming out and seeing some of his struggles at tackle. A couple obvious things: He’s enormous and he’s familiar with what Cable is looking for. Nobody knows him better than Cable, and nobody has more investment in how this line and offense performs next season. If he thinks he’s the man and they go get him, that, alone, would give me reason to believe he’ll be an upgrade.

    Would that be a lot like Alex Gibbs bringing in Ben Hamilton? Don’t think so. Gallery is a little younger and, despite missing some games the last couple seasons, I don’t think his injury issues are chronic. The size of an Okung-Gallery-Unger-Moffitt-Carpenter line is imposing. That’s also three first-round talents up there — and four of them very young. There would be a real learning curve on that right side, and mistakes could be expected. I don’t expect there to be any shortage of grit, however.

  19. PPF rated him as a poor run blocker is why I asked. But after watching # 76 Gallery in THESE McFadden 2010 highlights you’ll discover he has a nasty streak. He pummels the Bronco at the 4:55 mark then again on the next play. Gallery was out against ram, card, tex, charg.

    Gallery must be given the benefit of doubt taking into consideration the year McFadden (1,157, 5.2) and the Raiders (2,494, 4.9 avg) had rushing.

  20. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    So I’m reading about KJ Wright and he seems to profile exactly like Aaron Curry except with better size. This is why I was so against drafting Curry and felt he was undoubtedly the most overrated prospect in the past several drafts. Garden variety linebackers with no special skills are dime a dozen and can’t be found all over the draft. Who’s the best 4-3 OLB? Probably Lance Briggs; he was drafted in the 3rd round! A few years ago it was Julian Peterson, and he was drafted in the late-1st despite being a phenomenal pass-rusher.

  21. As much as we know Curry is a bust, the two players drafted in front of him suck just as much for their respective teams. I’m sure the Rams and Chiefs are equally as frustrated with Jason Smith and Tyson Jackson. And they make even more money than Curry (for sucking).

  22. newjerseyhawkfan says:

    Congrats Palerydr…lol…1 out of 8. I would rather be lucky than good. Luck wins every time. Speaking of which. I am hoping for a shot at Luck or Barkley in next years draft. Sign Matt or just go with Charlie. Please don’t give up a first or second round pick for Kolb! Live in Philly area watched him in a couple of games. Not impressed granted he was behind a crappy o-line.

    Especially liked this years draft. Carpenter and Moffit. Cable running the offense. Makes for a smash-mouth offense. Its a shame we gotta deal with this lock out. Afraid we are gonna lose some or all of this season.

  23. newjerseyhawkfan says:

    Gotta admit I’m on the fence about Curry. CIB my legs are hanging your side of the fence. Lol. Just kind of hoping Carroll and Company figure a way to increase his impact in the near future.

    UGH! Ruskel was terrible. Grateful for the move to PC & JS.

  24. Palerydr says:

    If there is or isn’t a season next year I’m still going to pay attention to watching the top QB prospects a lot closer next year than I ever have before. I fully expect us to select 1 in next years draft. Will be fun to speculate on who it will be.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – That’s interesting, because what I’ve read seem to point to some differences. Where Curry was regarded as strong at point of attack, Wright is not. Wright is regarded to be fluid in zone and otherwise coverage, Curry was not. Curry was a big hitter but Wright is a sure tackler.

    But in any case, yes, a 4th overall on a two down linebacker is absurd. Here’s hoping Wright has the ability to develop into a more complete / solid player, if unspectacular.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Should be interesting in the NFC west this year.The lockout will set the 49ers back some with a new coach coming in. The games on paper for the Seahawks and the Rams look to be more difficult then last year. And Arizona is lacking more than a quality qb, however I can still see any one of these teams taking the NFC west with another 7-9 or worse yet 6-10 record.

    I just don’t see the Seahawks picking first in next years draft. maybe at the very
    worst 5,6, or 7. The NFC west is just too weak, and the 12th man is good for a win or two. Our Special teams are good for a win or two.

    The more I think about it, the more I believe we can take this division again despite the lockout and a young o-line. Especially if we can resign Hasselbeck.

    Only if we are decimated by injuries again will we be picking first. IMO.

    Speaking of injuries, ( and I know the Seahawks have had many the last few years), I can’t help but think that perhaps the new state of the art facility with the breathtaking lake views are subconsciously programming the players mindset to vacation mode when they are there. Perhaps it would be better if Paul Allen
    builds a new facility for the players to train in. Something that looks more like a prison then a spa or retreat, then move it back to the dessert. It just seems like they started getting a rash of injuries about the time they moved into the new facility. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – I used to love training camp in Cheney. It was small and really personal, interacting with the players. It was a great atmosphere.

  28. newjerseyhawkfan says:

    I admit, have not researched this to prove if this is correct or not. IMO the injury bug that have plagued the Seahawks coincide with arrival of Ruskel regime philosophy of smaller and faster personnel.(Saw the smaller not so sure about the faster). Excited to watch and compare Carroll’s philosophy of bigger and taller personnel and how it will relate to the injury bug. Knock on wood!

  29. newjerseyhawkfan says:

    Not sure how to post articles from my android. PFT has story about Carroll and Lienhart having talked. Interesting if true.

  30. Part of the “injury” situation is simply the way things go in the NFL. Every team has injuries every year. One thing you know is that you’re not going to end up with the same 22 starters that you began with.

    However, our WR situation in ’08 was truly wacked out. That was some old fashioned back luck, too.

    But part of the problem with us bitching about “woe is us for having more injuries than other teams” mentality is who we have brought in… Seriously, looking at the concussion history of Ben Hamilton last season, did anyone is their right mind think he was going to play in 16 games? Then we sign Chester Pitts (coming off microfracture) after we saw what it did to Walt? And this was our current regime who did this. If you want to make it worse, which we can with Ruskell, is it any wonder a guy like Mike Wahle hurts his shoulder when that’s the reason Carolina released him? I mean, some of these guys we’ve signed, AND HAVE HOPED WOULD BE KEY CONTRIBUTORS (maybe not Pitts, but certainly Wahle/Hamilton), should not have been expected to be key guys in the first place. I like teams (like Schneider wants to do) who want to get young and stay young = less injuries (assuming you’re not drafting injury prone players, which we don’t seem to be, thank goodness.

    Switching gears — I’ll take a sure tackler like what Wright supposedly is over a “big” hitter like Curry any day of the week.

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