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Morning links: Arizona the frontrunner in Kolb sweepstakes?

Post by Eric Williams on May 9, 2011 at 8:50 am with 52 Comments »
May 9, 2011 8:50 am

Adam Schefter of ESPN believes Arizona is the overwhelming favorite to land Kevin Kolb’s services. He also confirms what colleague Tren Dilfer said last week — that Tavaris Jackson could be a possibility in Seattle. You have to be an ESPN insider to view this article.


The Cardinals and Eagles were allowed to discuss a deal at various points this offseason, including the first day of the draft. Arizona had the chance to draft Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert in Round 1 — and passed. That tells me that the Cardinals believe they can find a way to land Kolb once trades are allowed.

Michael Lombardi, Solomon Wilcots and Charles Davis debate if the Seahawks will go after Carson Palmer of Kevin Kolb once free agency begins in this video link.

The Seahawks are 23rd overall in Adam Caplan of Fox Sports early power rankings.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports in his MMQB tells one way the Tennessee Titans will work to improve Jake Locker’s accuracy (think target practice) and says that the Seahawks turned up the reggae music and muted the TV after selecting James Carpenter in order to quiet out the draft critics.

New Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright is interviewed by his hometown paper the DeSoto Times.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports says the lockout could be a road block for Locker to start out right in Tennessee.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    I’d rather get Jackson for nothing than trade a 1st rounder for Kolb. If/when Jackson doesn’t work out, you can just cut him with no future ramifications and go to Whitehurst.

    With Kolb, you basically have a QB the caliber of Whitehurst. If/when Kolb doesn’t work out, you’ve lost a 1st rounder, probably one in the top 10 because of how poor Kolb is as a QB. That doesn’t even mention the huge salary cap hit. And in that case you are still left going back to Whitehurst, except now you lost a top 10 draft pick and mortgaged the futures salary cap in the process.

    Can anyone get a hold of some Bengals games and do a workup on Palmer? Specifically, I thought his arm was shot before last year started but never really watched enough to confirm that during the season. My best hope is they replay some Bengals games on NFLN this summer so I can watch him in more detail.

  2. Stevos says:

    Let the Cardinals trade away their future draft picks for Kolb. I hope the Seahawks don’t take the bait and don’t trade anything of value for any veteran QB. Next year’s draft picks are very valuable and could land a franchise QB. Build through the draft and young free agents..

  3. Ewalters7354 says:

    I personally would rather have Vince Young over T Jack.I believe we can land him for a 5th round pick.I don’t want either of them,really want us to resign Matt for another year,or even get Alex Smith(love the guys upside).Just am not sold on T Jack at all.The guy is a bum.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pabuwal,They was one game they showed when the Bengals played the Falcons and he looked real sharp.I would take him also of we can’t resign Matt.My reason being is that this is still a guy who can throw for over 350yrds at any given time if there is a shoot out.Also,I believe we are putting a system in place that will benefit our QB.

  5. pabuwal says:

    Vince Young is my first choice out of all the QBs also, but I don’t think its going to happen so I’ve focused my analysis on other QBs.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Shefter “confirms” Dilfer’s unsubstantiated claim that T Jackson “could be” a possibility in Seattle? Now I know it won’t happen. Whew! Close one…

    Eric, if you get the chance, can you inquire about this reggae music story by King (if you’re not too embarrassed). Somehow, I don’t think it happened quite the way he claims. You guys were there, did you hear any Marley or Peter Tosh bumping from the war-room at any point?

  7. HawksKD says:

    I think Kevin Kolb is just as much of a risk as drafting any QB from college in the first 3 rounds. There very rarely is a sure shot deal that comes from college. However I would rather we develop a QB from the bottom up to maintain in our scheme than bring one in from a similar scheme.

    That being said I do believe that Carson Palmer would be our best option at developing a young talent. He is a hard worker, embraces the leadership position, and has the talent to keep us in the run. He has about 3-4 good years left in his arm perfect amount of time for development.

    Anyone have anymore info in T. jack from what I’ve seen I’m surely not excited for that option.

    How does Palmer grooming Barkley sound…

    Of course everyone wants luck but I don’t want to be the worst team in the league to get him.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t understand the Carson Palmer lover here. Do people here really believe he’s capable of building or leading a team to the Super Bowl? In his last full 3 seasons, he’s thrown 20 picks twice. This to me, seems to be simply another case of the Carroll connection and not a reasonable solution to the position’s future.

  9. No interest in T. Jackson or Palmer – none; Jackson has played enough that we know what he brings. Rather see what Whitehurst has, and then pick our next QB in next year’s draft.

  10. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,I def don’t think he can lead up to a Super Bowl,but I also don’t think Matt can either at this point in his career.All I’m saying is that we need a decent QB that can be the leader of this team.I really want FO to give Charlie a legite chance to prove himself.Also,let’s not forget that Matt can get pick happy at times also.

  11. Stevos says:

    I like, or should say I liked, Carson Palmer’s skills. But a young rebuilding team should not trade high draft picks for a 31 year-old QB, no matter who he is.

    I wouldn’t trade next year’s first round pick for Peyton Manning, even if we could. By the time our young team matures and becomes playoff-ready, these guys will be retired. No trades. Re-sign Matt and keep searching for a young QB.

  12. HawksKD says:

    Woah woah… Not a Carson Palmer lover for sure..

    1st: I would like Hass re-signed but i do not think that will happen.

    2nd: I think Charlie has the potential to play well in our supposed run-first play action scheme. In being a compliment to a scheme instead of the core I question charlies development into a leadership role. I have no evidence or chance of evidence to that. If we were to develop a young QB I would like for that QB to be a core piece instead of a compliment. Do you see Charlie being a strong mentor? I do know that he has enough game experience for that.

    Palmer and Hass are the only 2 available QBs that have the ability and and experience to mentor our next cornerstone. The latter I want but don’t think possible.

  13. pabuwal says:

    Everyone forgets that Palmer played 4 games a year against the 2 toughest defenses in the NFL. Maybe he would be “better” playing in the NFC West?

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Perhaps. But I would argue that trading for a QB that Carroll / Schneider don’t see leading them all they way is relatively foolish. (They would appear to have done that once already.)

    HawksKD – That wasn’t directed at you specifically. Simply the amount of talk regarding Palmer and the volume of comments from people who would like to bring him in.

    pabuwal – Isn’t one of the underlying themes regarding the Seahawks, that they play in a weak division and that holds them back from competing against the tougher teams in the league? With that in mind, I’d prefer to not bring in players whose success is dependent (at least in part) to playing in a “weaker” division.

  15. pabuwal says:

    Duke – where do we find these QBs who will excel against any team, anywhere? The Seahawks haven’t had one of these during their 35 year run.

  16. chrisj122 says:

    Kolb – I don’t think he is proven enough to trade away the draft picks it would take to get him.

    Palmer – Just another stop gap QB until we figure out who the next guy is gonna be. Don’t really see the point in going after him or any other F.A. QB.

    Hasselbeck – Still seems to be the best option in my opion. He is as good as any other QB in available in F.A. He knows the personell of the team, he’s fimiliar with the system that will be put in place. If your gonna go out and get a stop gap QB it doesn’t make sense to look elsewhere Hasselbeck.

    Whitehurst – Maybe has potential, but really don’t ever see him being the guy who can be a franchise QB or even a QB who can put the game on his shoulders and carry a team. With him being the only QB on the roster maybe we will find out exactly what he can do, if there ever is a season. The upside if we do go with him as the starter if/when he does sub par, then we know what we have and will be in a position next draft to find our QB of the future (just know one to mentor him). With this senario I would love to win the Andrew Luck lottery, just don’t seeing it happen.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – No team in the history of the game has had a QB that has “excel against any team, anywhere”. I think I know what you are really asking with your facetiously worded question, but I’m not going to presume. I just know that I’m not at all interested in Seattle trading for a “stop-gap” at the most important position on the team. Palmer strikes me as exactly that.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    Definate no Jackson. just look at his stats he is an interception prone 58% completion rate QB who takes too many sacks. his only redeemong quality appears to be his running ability and even then he fumbles a ton.

  19. pabuwal says:

    Manning, Brady and Rodgers seem to be able to go into a good team’s stadium and come away with wins. They also have good home records.

    Of course Palmer is a stop gap. They didn’t draft a QB so who else is left of good value?

  20. Soggybuc says:

    “redeeming” dagnit we need an edit function.

  21. azhawkman says:

    I echo what many are saying…Hass seems to be the best value at QB for 2011, if there is a season. Kolb is still very unproven and hasn’t shown he’s worth an Andy Reid bend-over trade. I think Whitehurst can fair decent in the NFL but may not ever be a pro-bowl caliber or carry a team to a super bowl. The STL game was not won because of his arm, but it certainly wasn’t lost because of him either, something that is better than a lot of QBs fare in their 2nd NFL start in a game that means everything for a team’s season. I’d like to have MH and CW back in 2011 and draft one of talented QBs next year in Round 1. Let him sit under Matt for a year and learn from one of the smarter QBs in the game.

  22. pabuwal says:

    That’s a good term, “Andy Reid Bend-over trade.”

    I tend to think the STL game was mostly won because playing in a nationally televised game at Qwest Field for the division title proved too much for young Sam Bradford. And that pleased me that he folded in such a big moment against such an awful defense.

  23. to you guys who keep referring to Carson Palmer as a “Free Agent QB”. He is not. Neither is Kolb.

    Both players are under contract. Acquiring either player would require us to TRADE something of value such as a future high draft pick. This makes re-signing Hass is a less expensive option since it preserves the opportunity value we have in our future draft picks. For a young team, the decision is a no-brainer. To a rebuilding team, future opportunities are worth more than old players.

  24. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    If the rumors about Palmer being available for a 5th and conditional 3rd are true, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  25. williambryan says:

    I dont think Kolb or Palmer make any sense. Hasselbeck would be the most logical QB to be signed and hopefully Whitehurst will get the chance to start for a long stretch. However, If the team is going to make a “move” at QB I hope they bring in vince young. If there was any way he could keep it together mentally he can lead a team to the super bowl. He is capable of taking a team on his back and leading it to wins. He does NOT throw stupid INT’s. his ONLY downfall is upstairs but even with his uncertain state, he has dominated college football and had an amazing winning percentage. Some people argue that he doesn’t put up the numbers (stats) a franchise QB needs to, however his numbers are very comparable to rapelisberger and he has been in two SB’s.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – If that’s your criteria, then I believe you know where to “find these QBs”. And trading for a “stop-gap” makes no sense to me. How is that a net gain in any way? It also seems to be in direct conflict with how Schneider / Carroll have stated they want to build this team (which makes the CW trade a bit puzzling unless they really believe in him).

    I totally agree with Stevo. Especially if one brings “value” into the equation.

  27. I used to support the idea of trading a 1st round pick for Kolb – but I think I have changed my mind against it. There is enough uncertainty with Kolb that I cannot see spending the pick.

    I would rather they sign both a veteran and a college free agent QB to low risk contracts and draft a franchise QB in 2012 or 2013. Gotta think long term.

  28. klm008 says:

    Does anybody know why Palmer wants out of CIN?

  29. (which makes the CW trade a bit puzzling unless they really believe in him).

    Totally agree – but I think they did totally believe in him when the made the trade and then SD laughed all the way to the bank on that one. I think they totally thought he would come in and push Matt for the starting job and never could in the eyes of the coaching staff.

    I don’t remember if this is true or not BUT I thought I remembered hearing that CW was a JS guy and not necessarily a PC guy. I could be WAY off base on that!!

    at this point in time I don’t care how the QB situation is settled for next year as long as we don’t give away any draft picks for it. (and that is only because of the CW being just this year) I am willing to go with CW or whatever other FA we can get and not have to lose part of our future for. – TOTALLY understanding that this may meant that we don’t have as good a season as we could this year. –But also knowing we will be more prepared for the future!

  30. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I imagine it has something to do with inept ownership and all the arrests and drama that has to infest the lockerroom with players like Ochocinco, Cedric Benson, TO, Rey Maualuga, Pac-Man Jones and whoever else… The dysfunction there has to be crushing. I don’t blame him for wanting out, on any level.

  31. Stevos says:

    xcman, I also remember Schneider being high on CW. He said he liked him since he scouted him in college.

    But I’m not so sure Schneider or Carroll truly thought CW could be a quality starter. They knew Matt had injury problems and they needed the best backup they could find. There wasn’t much available in free agency, so they bucked up and overpaid for Charlie.

    Trading for a QB is almost always a bad deal. Teams like San Diego know this and love to stay deep at QB. Remember they used to have both Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers and tried to keep them both. They were deep at QB again in 2009 with Rivers, Voleck, and Whitehurst, and so they made out like bandits by trading Clipboard Jesus. I don’t think Schneider made a bad deal, necessarily, but teams who have an extra QB have the upper hand in those deals.

    That said, I do think Schneider is too smart to have two QBs on his roster that he had to trade for.

  32. klm008 says:

    Musical Chair QBs:
    WAS: V.Young
    MIN: D.McNabb
    TEN: M.Hasselbeck
    MIA: K.Kolb
    AZ: M.Bulger
    SF: A.Smith
    SEA: C.Palmer

  33. IBGoofy says:

    Sandpoint, just guessing here, but picturing CW pulling ‘the team’ together for coordinated practice just doesn’t fit….. Hass, yes, CW…… notta…. but Hass is likely gone….

  34. RADEoN says:

    i just found out Kris Durham is white… what a disappointment.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Some interesting quotes by Carroll, here. This stood out to me;

    “You may have heard a player was this or a player was that. To us, we may agree with you that he can do this and he can do that. But he wasn’t the guy that we wanted to play with; he wasn’t the guy we wanted to coach the most. We wanted to get guys in this program that will help us build. I know you ask, ‘Why didn’t you take a quarterback? You have quarterback issues and all that.’ We didn’t think we could afford to yet. We have such much work to do to build the culture of this team and to make it as highly competitive as we possibly could, we needed to make a statement and get there – get those things accomplished and get it done. So you saw us go right after a couple guys that are offensive linemen. Which is an area that – without that – the quarterback can’t play.”

    I’m so “All In” it’s ridiculous. (I sincerely hope the Carroll era works out, because if it doesn’t, I won’t buy in with the next guy until I see the Lombardi Trophy in the trophy case at VMAC. lol)

  36. Cincy has said repeatedly that Palmer is NOT on the market, and when they have said that in the past – they meant it. So I have no idea why so many people say he is on the way to a new team.

    I suppose he could retire – wait a while – un-retire and sign with someone. That worked when there was a CBA in place – who knows what will happen now!

  37. Kingpear says:

    I live in the Philly area, and although Kolb is servicable, he seems like a younger version of Hasselbeck. Is he the answer? Not for a first rounder!

    Also… “Forget” Carson Palmer! What do we need a 31 QB for. Is this a win now team? Sorry, NO!

    Keep building the lines, re-sign Hass for 2 yrs, and draft someone in 2012.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Kingpear – Also being from the Philly area, as pabuwal is (NJ I believe), do you agree with him that Kolb is incapable of reading progressions and whose success (in limited opportunities) is due only to the fact he plays with superior talent? (based not only on his play, but the scrutiny he receives in the print and sports talk media in the area. I’m interested in Kolb’s perception from someone who lives the area.) Thanks.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why not just give whitehurst a shot? Then we can put all these questions to rest on whether or not he will be our qb of the future. If he fails then we have a good qb class coming out in 2012, and our young line will have a year to work together.

  40. Soggybuc says:

    I cannot disagree with those statements by Carroll in any way. build the race car then find the guy to sit behind the wheel.

    It’s nothing tangible but I have a bad feeling that getting Kolb would be a very bad move that would set the “program” back. better to keep the picks he would cost and keep on building, hell we might even find a nice QB with one of them.

  41. Kingpear says:

    Duke – If Andy truly had faith in Kolb’s ability to read and disect defenses, would he be willing to trade him?

    Mike Vick is a 31yr old QB (like Carson Palmer). Sure, he has learned to be a pocket QB, but let us face facts that he only has 4-5 years.
    If Kolb was that good (at only 26) wouldn’t you lock him up to be the 10yr starter for the Eagles?

    I would agree that there is exceptional talent at the WR positions (D Jackson (although a jerk) is a stud) and the scheme truly benefits the passer in the Eagles system. My biggest issue with the trade is that I cannot see Kolb working out in Carroll’s system. It will eventually be run first, play-action, stretch the field. IMHO that does not play to any of Kolb’s strengths.

    Personally I would wait until 2012 (Luck, Landry Jones, Barkley, Weeden, Cousins, Brantley and my personal sleeper Ryan Tannehill)

    BTW… We will have to watch a game together if this season every starts… :)

  42. BobbyK says:

    Yeah. You get a comment like that from Mr. Happy and you realize he fully understands how to build a “program” properly. It’s refreshing, isn’t it?

    If Pete says that resigning Matt was his #1 priority this off-season, Bevell calls him in that day long window, etc. I’m not sure why we don’t “buy in” to Matt still very much being in the picture?

    I know they wanted Kolb last year, so I’m not sure why that would be any different now, either.

    For my money, I think there’s better than a 95% chance that our starting QB in ’11 is Matt or Kolb.

    I’ve never seen Paul Brown back down from a player and I don’t see why Carlson Palmer is any different. Palmer either plays for the Bengals or he doesn’t play in ’11 is the way I see it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… but if Whithurst could never be anything more than a 3rd string QB in San Diego and he basically was made fun by the people who watch practices this past season, then I’m not sure how he even deserves a chance to be the starter. If you’re a bust, you’re a bust in my books and you move on. You don’t give someone you don’t believe in a chance simply b/c you gave up something for him if you’re sold that he’s not the guy you thought he was when you traded for him (or drafted him, in some cases, too).

    I don’t know enough about Kolb one way or another to be chearleading that “I want him” or not. If he’s a young Matt Hasselbeck (seems to have the same mobility and arm strength of a young Hasselbeck… which is good/fine… I always thought Matt’s scrambling ability and arm strength were underrated back in the day), then I’d trade our 1 and 2 next year and wouldn’t think twice about it. If you look at it this way, we would probably have to use a #1 on a QB anyway (we are, afterall, going to need one soon) so basically, it’s really like only trading a 2nd rounder to get him if that’s what we gave up (trading a #1 and #2 for him). It would suck not to have a couple of early picks next year, but I’d rather be in that situation than not having a QB at all.

  43. BobbyK says:

    Also from Shefter in that same Insider Q&A in regards to the Seahawks QB situation:

    “The Seahawks invested a lot in Whitehurst, Byron, and they believe there is something there. So he’s a primary option. But Hasselbeck’s friend, Trent Dilfer, said Hasselbeck would be leaving Seattle. And if Dilfer said it, believe it.”


    Dilfer said it, so it must be true. Dilfer also said he’d win more Super Bowls than John Elway when that punk was drafted. He also thought Jimmy Douche was a better QB option than Sam Bradford last year (as was reminded of on this blog the other day). If that moron said it, I’d bet on the other side.

    And since when is trading a 3rd round pick a huge investment in someone? The Vikings made a huge 3rd round investment on Randy Moss last year and released him about a month later. Granted, that’s an extreme case that isn’t the norm. However, we made a huge 3rd round investment on David Greene in April of ’05, realize he sucked, and cut his butt in Sept of ’07. I don’t buy the “but we gave up a whopping 3rd round pick for a guy so we have to see what he’s got” stuff that is out there.

  44. Seattle isn’t in a position to trade for Kolb or Palmer. The team was 7-9! 7-9! The schedule is tougher this year. Even with Hasselbeck, they probably win only 5-6 games. Stick with Whitehurst and see what he can do. Sign a veteran as back up and roll with it. Get the QB in the draft next season.

  45. Love that quote from Carroll about the offensive linemen. I can get behind this coach.

    Examples of other teams that drafted O linemen first, and then – lo and behold – had success with a young QB.

    2006 – 1 – OT Ferguson
    2006 – 1 – C Mangold
    2009 – 1 – QB Sanchez

    2007 – 2 – OG Blalock
    2008 – 1 – OT Baker
    2008 – 1 – QB Ryan

    2009 – 1 – OT Smith
    2010 – 2 – OT Saffold
    2010 – 1 – QB Bradford

    2006 – 2 – OG Chester
    2007 – 3 – OT Yanda
    2007 – 1 – OG Grubbs
    2008 – 1 – QB Flacco
    2009 – 1 – OT Oher

    2009 – 2 – C Unger
    2010 – 1 – OT Okung
    2011 – 1 – OT Carpenter
    2011 – 3 – OG Moffitt
    2012 – QB ????

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Jets, Falcons, and Ravens also lost in the playoffs to teams that had inferior offensive lines. And the Rams lost to the Seahawks who had an inferior offensive line in the last game of the season and missed the playoffs.

    I like a good offensive line like anyone else, however it is not a cure all.

    If we don’t develope a top ten defense and find a top ten qb, then the best o-line in the nfl will not take us far in the playoffs. I have confidence that our defense will get better, and our qb situation will improve, however I just don’t see it happening this year. IMO.

  47. PC & JS were absolutely correct to get OL as they did in this draft. Last season SEA had nearly the worst run-blocking OL in the NFL. Defensive pass-rushers could pin their ears back from the start, even before they got a lead. SEA’s run-game was that bad.

    About Palmer. I’m a conspiracy theorist. Palmer had a tough season last year. It wasn’t anywhere near the ’09 season. Palmer had to deal with poor OL play especially from Andre Smith, but TO & Chad-85 also started out well but went from good to bad to worse with their route-running. Kinda like Housh when he was here, TO & 85 improvised their routes whenever the defense made it difficult to run the proper routes. From mid-season on CIN-fans were calling for a new QB. Looked a lot like Matt when his OL couldn’t pass-protect. Cumulative hits were getting to Palmer and he looked bad. Fumbling the ball away before he even gets touched and throwing lotsa picks. Maybe Mike Brown wants to increase demand for Palmer in an already QB hungry market. Have Palmer say he wants to be traded and then claim you won’t trade him regardless how much other teams want him, and say you’re willing to let him retire for a year. Meanwhile, QB-hungry teams may be thinking their teams would provide a more successful setting for Carson. Mike Brown ‘caves’ and trades for a first rounder plus a 2nd or 3rd for a QB he’s already replaced with Dalton, plus he saves the $11M salary(?)

  48. Sarcasticus says:

    I fully support letting CW start every game the league allows played this year. Andrew Luck will be a fine addition this time next year.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we don’t do something for our defense in free agency this year,getting Andrew Luck will be more of a probability then a possibility.

  50. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Leinhart. To me, he makes more sense than Palmer, Kolb, or Jackson. At least in terms of value vs. potential. Yes, he flamed out pretty hard in AZ but he’d certainly come cheap and nothing motivates more than money. Plus, the Carroll/BMW connection. Sign him for the minimum, let me compete with Charlie, and see who wins.

    Palmer – HUGE mistake if they sign him. While Carroll may be interested, I don’t see the GM signing off. Schneider is too smart for that. Palmer’s arm is toast. Stale toast.

    T-Jax – Not the type of QB the Hawks need. His accuracy is nearly as poor as Palmer’s.

    Kolb – Paying for potential is always dicey and a team with as many needs as the Hawks cannot afford to give up a king’s ransom for the 50% chance that Kolb pans out. I like Kolb and I think he’ll be good, but unless you’re certain he will be an all-pro, he’s not worth what PHI wants.

  51. Cornutt says:

    I’m not sure it’s fair to say that signing Palmer would be a “HUGE” mistake. To me, it only becomes a mistake (and this holds true across the board) if you give up too much and get too little. I have a gut feeling Palmer has a bit left…at least as much as Hass anyways. Still…it’s more than likely a moot point, as I’m guessing he will either be in Cin, or someone will overpay for him.

    As far as a 50% chance…hell, that’s pretty good odds. Odds that I would gladly take if I thought they were acurate. Certainly the odds are far lower than that with Kolb in actuallity. I wouldnt be that excited to give up a couple early picks for him, that’s just my gut speaking again, but still, there’s never ever ever a “sure thing.” It’s about taking calculated risks and having enough information that would suggest the cost/benefit to be in your favor.

    I tend to agree with the concept of giving CW a fair crack at it. What’s the worst that happens? At least you know what you have either way, and can justify making that trade by giving him an opportunity to show and prove.

    That is probably the longest post I’ve written…gues I’m glad ot have my internet back. :P

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