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Morning links: On Dilfer and QB evaluation

Post by Eric Williams on May 6, 2011 at 8:32 am with 20 Comments »
May 6, 2011 8:32 am

Doug Farrar of SportsPress Northwest takes former Seahawks quarterback Trent Dilfer to task for his evaluation of some of the top quarterbacks in the draft the past two seasons. Specifically, Farrar points out that Dilfer whiffed on his evaluation of Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen last year, and questions the former quarterback’s evaluation of Andy Dalton as a first-round talent in this year’s draft. It’s definitely worth a read.


“I want to make it very clear that I have a great deal of respect for Dilfer as a player and a person. He is a tough guy on and off the field who was drafted sixth overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1994, but really didn’t live up to that grade. More than anything, Dilfer had to be a student of the game, a total grinder, and a mentor to younger quarterbacks to make it through 13 years in the league.

“He was the ‘winning quarterback’ on the Baltimore Ravens’ only Super Bowl run in 2000, but that had much more to do with Ray Lewis probably having the greatest single season for a linebacker. In a nutshell, Dilfer is a good guy who loves football and used his toughness and intelligence to go beyond his innate physical abilities. It’s only natural that he would see that in others and lean that way when picking his favorite draft-eligible quarterbacks, but there’s such a thing as taking that bias too far.”

Dan Arkush of Pro Football Weekly reports that according to a team source, Matt Hasselbeck remains in play for Seattle.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network has Kevin Kolb going to Seattle, Mark Bulger to Arizona, Alex Smith back in San Francisco, Donovan McNabb in Minnesota and Matt Hasselbeck in Miami in his early handicapping of the free agency period, whenever that begins.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports ranks center Chris Spencer seventh among the pool of potential free agents if the league reverts back to the 2010 CBA.

Chad Reuter of ranks the 2012 offensive draft class by position.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports questions why Seattle waited until the fourth round to select a defensive player after the Seahawks’ defense allowed opponents to score 33 or more points in nine of their past 12 starts. Judge also believes Seattle reached for Carpenter at No. 25.

Bill Billick of Fox Sports discusses the free agent quarterback Market and how Seattle fits into it in the video below.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Billick: NFL Draft Aftermath</a>

Morning links
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  1. Audible says:

    Good article by Farrar:

    “You have to be able to evaluate players who don’t fit your “type”, or your board is going to have more talent gaps than any other, and you probably won’t have a job for very long.”

    Sounds like Ruskell as much as Dilfer.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    So with a bit of a history lesson, we now understand Dilfer to be not only a blowhard, seemingly trying to further his own career with sensational and hyperbolic statements, but also (at least recently) terribly inaccurate as a talent evaluator. Perfect.

    The thing about Clark Judge questioning Seattle taking offense over defense with their first two picks (then asking someone to explain it to him) is that Seattle ranked 28th in total offense, including 31st in rushing in ’10. The offensive line has been a revolving door for at least the past 3 seasons. Even the casual observer ought to realize the offensive line here has been in desperate need of an upgrade for years. Carroll is re-building a franchise here, not simply patching up symptoms without curing the disease. In addition, I wonder if Judge is aware that 6 of their 9 picks were dedicated to defense? It seems very unlikely.

  3. hindu121 says:

    I really believe a good portion of the defensive problems the last two seasons have been due to them being on the field so much because the offense can’t keep a drive going. I think we will find that even though we drafted offensive players, this will improve our defense.

  4. fbergford says:

    I’m just happy we didn’t take a QB in the first round…all I have to say is the last time we did that we got Dan McGwire…how did he turn out, and let’s not forget about Ric Mirer!

  5. Good points, Dukeshire. Sportswriters have a huge bias against teams drafting for the future. In the abstract, they’ll talk about how important it is to build a foundation, but when a team makes solid moves like drafting O linemen, sportswriters usually punish them. As long as Carroll and Schneider believed in their draft, I don’t care what the press wanted.

  6. interesting rankings of free agents by Pete Prisco.

    Spencer at #6 while Gallery is ranked #21?? I don’t think so. Truth is, I’d rank Spencer ahead of his likely replacement, Max Unger, but not in the same class as a dominating lineman like Gallery. Age and injuries must be the reasons for Gallery being ranked so low.

    Interesting also to see Jason Babin ranked #8. When Babin came to the Seahawks, I was expecting to see raw speed in his pass rushing, but he never seemed to play that fast and he couldn’t release from blocks very well. Still, I thought he was what Carroll would want in a Leo for his new defense, but Carroll released him. Then Babin went to Tennessee and tore it up. Now that he got all those sacks, he would cost us a lot more to bring him back, but I would think he fits Carroll’s scheme at Leo.

  7. I feel it is stupid that the “experts” say Hass is gone but both Hass and the team say heck yes there is a possibility he is back!!!

    They were within the amount of guaranteed money to getting a deal done before.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Babin went crazy last year, that’s for sure. But he was on their strong side so I’m not sure he fits here.

    And I believe it was Holmgren that cut him. If I remember, they dumped him to create a roster spot for Kerry Collins during the ’08 decimated WR season.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    *Colbert* anyway…

  10. The thought that PC and JS are addressing underlying issues rather trying to address symptoms with baling wire and duct tape is refreshing… :)

    This is a better plan – even if you don’t necessarily agree with their draft choices… this mentality can help build a much stronger foundation.

  11. When you are 7 spots away from the end of the first round – how is it a reach to take a guy that was projected late 1st early 2nd.

    I think Moffitt was a steal in the third round! So the experts are goofy.

    What I want to see in FA

    1. QB situation settled – not through trade
    2. DL depth
    3. CB upgrades

  12. Stevos says:

    You’re right, Duke, I forgot that it was 2007 when Babin was in Seattle. My how time flies, he’s already been with 3 teams since us. I still think he looks like a Leo prospect worth taking a look at in free agency.

    xcman, looks to me like you have the priorities right. I hope “DL depth” includes signing Mebane on day one.

    Does anyone think there’s anything to Dilfer’s speculation that Bevell will want to bring in Tavaris Jackson? Or is Dilfer just being Dilfer?

  13. HawkfaninMT says:

    I wouldn’t be against bringing in TJ ona 1 or 2 year deal to comepete with Whitehurst… Whichever wins out will be our back up after we get our franchise guy next draft!

  14. BobbyK says:

    Bevell knows first hand how bad T-Jack played in MN. Unless he’s an idiot, which I don’t think he is, he’s not going to want him in Seattle.

  15. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Doug Farrar is a sap and a total hypocrite for criticizing Dilfer. This is the same clown who was leading the Aaron Curry hype train and basically said he was DeMarcus Ware, Brian Urlacher, and Patrick Willis all in one. I never took his opinion seriously but that ridiculous piece ensures I will never visit SportsPressNW or read an article by him ever again.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – Pot, this is kettle. Kettle, meet pot…

  17. BobbyK says:

    People like Dilfer are blowhards who aren’t held accountable for their stupidity. If a “real” NFL GM were to do something as stupid as draft Jimmy Douche over Sam Bradford, it would eventually cost him their job. But Dilfer can be wrong more than he’s right and he still has his job the next year, whereas he’d be canned if he worked for a team.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    … and that’s the nature of it. There isn’t accountability for stating opinions, nor should there be (presuming they aren’t slanderous or bigoted or otherwise hurtful) because if there were, no one would have a job. lol. Dilfer provides exactly what’s expected of him. It’s transparent, shallow and typical. I’m disappointed that we’ve (including myself here) spent as much energy as we have discussing it. At best, he provides the illusion of insight. (Which is a shame, because he’s capable of so much more, IMO)

  19. Just read Clark Judge’s article where he defines the James Carpenter selection as a reach. For me, what is missing from casual commentary such as Judge’s is an explanation as to why the selection was a reach. Just saying that both Carimi and Sherrod were still available without explaining how either of them would a better fit for the Seahawks’ scheme strikes me as verbal version of empty filler.

    Has anyone read an analysis of the Carpenter selection that backs up the “reach” label with a thorough, fact-filled, review of the issue?

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