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Morning links: Unique players wanted

Post by Eric Williams on May 2, 2011 at 8:36 am with 77 Comments »
May 2, 2011 8:39 am
In the team's draft room at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks to fifth-round draft choice Mark Legree of Appalachian State after the team selected Legree in the 2011 NFL Draft. (ROD MAR/SEATTLE SEAHAWKS)

With several critics giving Seattle low grades for this year’s draft class, in my story today Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll provided an explanation for the selection of Seattle’s nine picks at the conclusion of the draft on Saturday.

Carroll said the team was looking for specific skill sets in players they brought in, and that they did not care if they were rated highly by other teams. Carroll used USC linebacker Malcolm Smith, Georgia receiver Kris Durham and offensive linemen James Carpenter and John Moffitt as examples of players they feel have specific skill sets that help Seattle.

“We’re looking for unique qualities that separate players from other players,” Carroll said. “And then we try to accentuate that weakness and make them special.”

Peter King of Sports Illustrated hears from Seahawks general manager John Schneider on all of the criticism of this year’s draft, including former Seahawk, ESPN’s Trent Dilfer.

“That was disappointing to hear, coming from a quality guy like Trent,” said Schneider. “I have to tell you, I’m totally excited about our draft. So are our scouts, who’ve spent 11 months working and getting ready for this weekend, and quite honestly, we did what we wanted to do in this draft. As far as James Carpenter goes, we know Pittsburgh liked him, and we know Green Bay liked him, and then Buffalo at the top of the second round. We had Carpenter rated higher than [Wisconsin tackle] Gabe Carimi, based on his versatility. We think he can play four positions on the line. He’s a legitimate left tackle who we expect to start at right tackle.”

Adam Schein and Peter Schrager of Fox Sports wonder what the hell the Seattle Seahawks were doing in this year’s draft in the video below.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Draft Grade: Seahawks</a>

Not everyone hated Seattle’s draft class. Evan Silva of NBC Sports and gave the Seahawks a B+ grade.

And Jarrett Bell of USA Today handed out a B- grade to Seattle.

And Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports gave Seattle a solid C grade.

Gil Brandt of the NFL Network provides a list of the top undrafted rookie free agents still available.

Clare Farnsworth of talks to team scout Derrick Jensen about scouting James Carpenter.

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  1. Canfan says:

    I wonder what grade the experts gave the Seahawks in 2009 when they drafted Curry.

    Grading the draft is crazy. Nobody really knows which of the top six QBs will be busts. History shows that at least half will be busts.

    Why don’t the experts do us a favor and grade the 2008 draft NOW? I’m interested in reading how their instant draft grades compare to the grades they’d give now.

  2. Audible says:

    Sounds like Carpenter is going to be the starting RT and back-up LT., which makes sense because that’s such an important position. It’s hard to argue with that sort of reasoning.

    I think Durham pick is going to be one of the big surprises of this year’s draft.

    I’m really excited about Moffit too. I think he’s going to play a sort of Robbie Tobeck sort of role on the line.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Schein… A classic take by a hack whose sole objective is to insight a fan-base into reacting to his thoughtless drivel. Any argument that begins with this phrase; “I like John Schneider. I like Pete Carroll and Co., but really?!”. “… but really?!” No adult male should ever utter this phrase if they intend to be taken seriously. Unless his intention is for us to think of him as a 14 year old freshman high school girl, in which case, mission accomplished retard.

    He says they needed a tackle, moments after complaining about Carpenter. Sigh… Fortunately the video cuts out right after that.

    And regarding Dilfer; He goes “crazy” on ESPN, killing the ‘Hawks draft. He then does the same thing with Cowherd and King. I can’t figure his angle here, unless it’s to further his own career as an “analyst”. He played in the league for 14 years and ought to know as well as anyone that it takes years to know how successful or not a draft was. For him to get so worked up over what he perceives to be a failed draft is simply foolish, or contrived. I suspect the latter.

  4. As soon as free agency is opened, I really want us to pursue Pat Devlin and perhaps also Ian Williams, I think Devlin could end up being a really good quarterback in the NFL, I know he needs some time to improve on his technique, but as far as production, intangibles and intelligence is there, just need to improve his mechanics.

  5. IBGoofy says:

    Don’t forget folks, we had a pretty low access to players based on our draft position and previous moves…. what did New England have? Three picks in the first

  6. IBGoofy says:

    Three picks in the first thirty two or so slots…. (sorry)…

  7. pabuwal says:

    Last year the Seahawks took the players we wanted, we all thought it was great, all the draft experts thought it was great and it worked out pretty well. So it’s not like the “media” and the “fans” are dumb when they grade.

    This draft class could work out awful or it could work out very well. We are just going to have to trust these guys that they know what they are doing – otherwise it will be a painful next several years.

    Eric – what is the greater probability in your eyes, the Seahawks trade for Kevin Kolb or they trade for Carson Palmer?

  8. Thank you, Dukeshire.Those words helped me I’m so sick and tired, of people that don’t know what they are talking about.Say thinks about the seahawks they can’t find there ass with both hands.Mr Dilfer the bst way to explain his lack of braines is he works for ESPN the most bias station on TV.

  9. HawkfaninMT says:

    There’s a lot of players I would love to see the Hawks bring in for a try…

    Pat Devlin
    Ian Willaims (ND-DT)
    Jeff Maehl (Oregon-WR)
    Noel Divine (couln’t hurt!) (RB)
    Kris O’Dowd (OG/C)
    Jake Kirkpatrick (OG/C)
    Mark Herzlich (LB)
    Terrance Tolliver (WR)
    Steven Friday (DE)
    Victor Aiyewa (LB)

  10. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Last year Seattle got high marks from the “media” because A; they took players in spots where the “experts” had graded them, or even in the case of Tate, after they had been perceived to fall. And B; trades, primarily the Leon Washington deal. Simply because they were praised last year, doesn’t make the draft pundits any less full of hot air. Whether they praise or criticize, they have no real idea how teams rate players or what their given draft strategy is. But if the Tod McShay’s of the world have player X graded as an early second round pick, and you take him at the end of the first, well that’s a reach and you have no idea what you’re doing… B.S.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I’d like to see Maehl and Williams come in, as well.

  12. pabuwal says:

    The concept of “reach” means you can trade down and still get that same player while getting more because other teams won’t pick that player as highly. It doesn’t necessarily mean that player won’t pan out.

    I think Carpenter would have been a 2nd round pick but he probably might not have lasted until the end of the round where Seattle picked.

    PIcking in the top 7 vs the bottom 8 in each round almost mandated they needed to “reach” to get some of these players, unless they could get adequate compensation for moving down just 10-15 spots (which I am guessing wasn’t the case). Even the trade out of the second round wasn’t all that great. I imagine any trades out of the first round would have been worse.

  13. bayareahawkfan says:

    Duke, don’t forget that big part of the Hawks’ high grade last year was also due to the LenWhale and Vickerson pick ups, swapping with Tenn in the fifth.

    Those didn’t work out, but they were high upside/cost ratio moves.

    Adam Schein might be the biggest D-bag of all the sports “personalities” out there at the moment, and that’s saying something, considering that Mike Florio is still in the business.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I wasn’t implying that “reach” meant not panning out, I didn’t say anything about that. Reach infers that you can get that same player later than when you selected him (trades aren’t necessarily part of that, but they could be). So for those who say that the ‘Hawks reached for Carpenter, it’s based on whatever mock draft they’ve read or whichever player ranking they’ve seen. Or in the case of Kiper or McShay or Mayock, etc… their own player grades and rankings. But it has nothing to do with the Seahawks player evaluations and draft board. They may have in fact reached for Carpenter based on their board, but no one knows how it was set up. No one has a clue how Schneider / Carroll rated players or how their ranking were. To say that Carpenter (or anyone) was a reach is based on information disassociated with the Seahawk’s player evaluations. We simply don’t know that right now. That information may come out later, as that type of draft day information often does years later. But not now. More intelligent comments from these “experts” might include; “Based on my draft board, grades, rankings, etc…” or “Seattle seemed to reach here…” But to say definitively that they reached is ignorant and shortsided, IMO.

    bayareahawkfan – Yeah, I didn’t mean to exclude those guys and you’re right. They were praised for those deals at the time.

  15. Audible says:

    Is there a site that follows media predictions and compares them to how players actually do in the NFL?

  16. pabuwal says:

    I think smart front offices have their own draft board and then try to determine where those same players will go based on how they perceive the rest of the league’s draft boards are ordered. They then try to identify mismatches where they can create value by obtaining a player for “less” than what he is “worth.” The Patriots always seem to have 20 draft picks every year with many high end contributors to their team.

    So from that standpoint, I would see most of Seattle’s picks as reaches somewhat and I think the “pundits” were saying Seattle did not attempt to create this value and get their players. I do agree with this, but I think their draft position worked against them hard in terms of trying to “buy lower” by trading down and still hitting their draft board. The risk to them was too great to trade down and miss their players.

    If they had drafted higher in each round, it would have been very easy for them to get extra picks and still get the same players they thought were highly ranked. They would have created value by drafting players they thought were beginning of the round prospects AND getting higher draft picks in the process.

  17. pabuwal says:

    That last sentence should say “getting MORE draft picks in the process” and not higher draft picks in the process.

    Eric – I’m thinking it is still Palmer.

    Duke – what do you think? Can I roll over my winnings on a Seahawks QB bet?

  18. So is there gonna be a live chat on the draft today?

    Part of the reasoning for the low draft grade was the lack of addressing the pass rush accompanied with not drafting a QB. The pundits claimed this to be a weak class of QB so why the hoop la? But as Jamie Dukes pointed out, Hawks need pass rush and didn’t draft accordingly. Austin and Paea nearly slipped into their lap. They still have FA bit it will offer quality at the guard position. What will they do if Mebane exits?

    These teams remain obvious candidates for QB through FA.

    Seattle Seahawks
    …6 Charlie Whitehurst
    Miami Dolphins
    …3 Tom Brandstater
    …7 Chad Henne
    Oakland Raiders
    …7 Kyle Boller
    …8 Jason Campbell
    Washington Redskins
    …3 John Beck
    …5 Donovan McNabb
    Arizona Cardinals
    …3 Derek Anderson
    …2 Richard Bartel
    …6 Max Hall
    …19 John Skelton
    San Francisco 49ers
    …5 David Carr
    …7 Colin Kaepernick

    Available starting caliber FA QB’s include: Marc Bulger and Matt Hasselbeck. Carlson Palmer, Vince Young and Donovan McNabb will likely part ways with their current teams. Kevin Kolb would like to start requesting trade. Arizona Cardinal stand out WR Larry Fitzgerald made known his desire for Kolb. That’ll cost em. Miami could go so many different ways. Vince Young in the “Wild Cat” ?

    Attempting to link QB to team is difficult. I should refrain missing so badly before the draft, but

    Seattle Seahawks trade second for Carlson Palmer
    Miami Dolphins – Marc Bulger
    Oakland Raiders – Donovan McNabb
    Washington Redskins – Vince Young
    Arizona Cardinals trade a first and conditional fourth for Kevin Kolb
    San Francisco 49ers – ? .. Matt Hasselbeck probably remains in Seattle or reunites with Holmgren. The resigning of Alex Smith seems unlikely and Colin Kaepernick is a project hardly ready to start. This team needs a veteran mentor on the cheap,

  19. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – We just view what a “reach” is considered (or ought to be ) very differently. And yes, roll it over my-man. What do you have in mind? (I suspected there might be a QB wager forthcoming, actually. lol)

    Carroll was just on Softy and had, what I thought, were some interesting things to say. For one, they thought Carpenter is a better tackle than either Carimi or Sharrod. It really was as simple as that. And regarding Unger, they do in fact have him penciled in at center. They really like his ability to get to the second level and in pass-pro. And more importantly, Unger is excited to play center. He feels it’s his best position and Carroll said Unger “wasn’t beating the drum to move to guard” last year.

    Reading between the lines, Spencer and Lock are all but gone.

  20. pabuwal says:

    Duke – QB is probably the only position I can wager with you and hope to win, so here goes.

    I think Carson Palmer will be on the Seahawks this year (whenever that starts). If he signs with or is traded to the Seahawks for the upcoming season, I win 2:1. If he is the opening day starter, I win 3:1 in place of the 2:1. If he is not on the Seahawks this year, you win straight up. The bet would be for the $10 I won last week.

  21. hawkdawg says:

    Kolb will be far more expensive in picks and salary than Palmer. I predict Palmer between those two.

    Whether that will be the right move, I do not know, but predict that it will be the move.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Lol. So, when you say “not a Seahawk this year” I win, is that at any point during the season? Or if he’s not on the roster by opening day?

  23. I don’t think it would make much sense trading for Carson Palmer, when you already traded for Whitehurst last year, and gave him a pretty nice contract, and you still haven’t really seen him in game action, if Bengals released him, sure, but I don’t think we’ll trade for him. I’ve said this before, but Leinart is probably going to be released from the Texans, rather take a shot at him than trading another draft pick for a QB. At this point, I don’t think Matt will be back, so Shitehurst.. sorry Whitehurst will hopefully get his real shot, he was not good enough to beat out Matt, but I really want to see him play a few games in a row since I can’t watch the practices.

  24. pabuwal says:

    Duke – we should cut off the bet by opening day. For all we know, that could still be November the way things are looking!

  25. SideWalk_Hawk says:

    The think the question of quarterback is the most exciting development in the whole draft. I have been rooting for CW all off season. I’de like them to commit to the guy. Bring Hass back, but make him the back-up and let CW run the show.

  26. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I find it odd they deliberately said they consider Carpenter a better prospect than Carimi or Sherrod. Leaves them open to some criticism in the future if either player turns out better than him. Not that I disagree with their assertion or anything, I just find it weird they actually name-dropped players. That’s not common among front offices, usually they go with blanket statements like “he was the best tackle/player left on our board” or “we’re confident in his ability to succeed” or something like that to avoid direct comparisons between prospects.

  27. What’s the odds that it’s Matt Flynn for a 2nd?

  28. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – Carroll was asked specifically about those two, he didn’t single them out on his own. And to paraphrase, he said that they liked Carpenter better as a RT than either. Especially his power, flexibility and leverage; his ability to get underneath the defender.

    But yes, when asked why Carpenter over Carimi or Sherrod he unequivocally said they liked him better than either one.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    klm – The Packers don’t want to part with him. In addition, a second is crazy.

  30. mikeyak says:

    I have followed this sight for two years and it is one of my favorites. I admire the way you people use this sight and the inteligence you show. I have always learned more by listening than talking so I have not logged on. However! This ACID gets my ire up! Leave Curry alone!!! Sometimes it takes time and the propper position you are used in. He is good, just needs to be in the proper spot and I believe he now will be. Remember it is wiser to keep your mouth shut if you know nothing than to open it and prove it.

  31. mikeyak says:

    This years draft. Solid for the O line which is where we really needed it. Also getting bigger in secondary a big plus IMO. I think Front office and coaches did a great job. Who knew a guy named Largent and what round was he drafted in? Huh?

  32. Palerydr says:

    Kiper gave the Cardinals an A for drafting Matt Leinart nuff said. I’m looking forward to the start of FA whenever that may be. Despite all the people saying Hass is gone I think he comes back but only for a 3 year deal. With CW as our only QB they must have their eye on somebody besides Hass. Maybe Devlin but who else I wonder?

  33. blocis says:

    Here is captain obvious checking in….. This Seahawks draft is abit controversial, so it will be interesting to grade in a couple of years, but for now its over, so lets move on.

    I really don’t see the point of picking up a Carson Palmer. Much rather either resign Hass or trade for Kolb. I read somewhere that the market and price for Kolb may be lower now that so many teams have drafted a quaterback. I bet he still costs a 2012 1st rounder.

    It would be nice if free agency would start soon.

  34. klm008 says:

    You’re right, no longer on the radar. The Packers were floating the M.Flynn trade for a 2nd before the end of the CBA last March. They didn’t take a QB in the draft so unless they see Graham Harrell as some kinda miracle up-and-comer, they won’t pursue further. But a 2nd was cheaper than a 1st (& 3rd?) for Kolb, and Flynn (LSU’s BCS championship QB) has gotta be as good or better than Dalton or Kaepernick. Mainly because he’s only 6-2 he wasn’t taken until the 7th rd in ’08. Flynn beat out Brohm (GB drafted in the 2nd rd) for backup that TC, then GB cut Brohm who was snatched up by BUF.

  35. Audible says:

    Would anyone pull the trigger for Kolb with a 2nd round pick? 3rd round?

  36. Cicero says:

    To be fair, that was more of a product of Brohm being incredibly terrible as opposed to Flynn looking like a stud.

  37. pabuwal says:

    I’d throw a 3rd rounder at Kolb if I had a QB coach that could teach him read and recognition skills. If the QB coach can’t teach him these, than the pick was a waste as they already have a career backup in Whitehurst.

    Duke – so what do you think, are we on?

  38. BobbyK says:

    I won’t criticize a draft that takes two o-linemen with their first two picks. Not when our line has been as bad as ours for as long, too.

    I predict that we’ll trade a #1 for Kolb or we will resign Matt. I don’t know which it will be though. When Mike Brown makes up his mind, he doesn’t back down. I don’t think Palmer will win a pissing match with him (even if it meant the Bengals could get some draft picks). Remember when the Redskins offered a bunch of stuff for Chad Johnson and Brown dug his heels in and wouldn’t give an inch almlost on principle? He’s not going to start a new precident, IMO. I totally see Palmer not playing in the NFL in ’11 (unless it’s in Cincy).

  39. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “This ACID gets my ire up! Leave Curry alone!!! Sometimes it takes time and the propper position you are used in. He is good, just needs to be in the proper spot and I believe he now will be.”

    Oh boo hoo. What are you, this blog’s Chris Crocker? He is not good. Now that Kelly Jennings is as good as gone, Curry is without a doubt the worst defensive player on the team. We’ve been using him in many different ways and he’s equally as useless in every capacity. Just like he was in college.

    This is precisely why I IGNORE draft pundits. They’ve hammered this ridiculous notion that Curry is “too big and fast” to fail while ignoring that 6’1″ is completely average NFL LB height and he’s only fast in a 40 yard dash.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – While I share your view that Curry is a bust, to say that “he’s only fast in a 40 yard dash.” really is hyperbole and terribly uninformed. Television does not do his game-speed justice. Having seen him play in person several times now, I can say with confidence he’s usually one of the fastest players on the field, regarding game speed. It’s crazy and dramatic when you see it in person. However, his horrific tackling, chronic over-pursuing and failure to shed blocks renders his speed useless. But make no mistake, he can get sideline to sideline like few can when he wants to, which is an issue I’ll leave for another time.

    pabuwal – I like the bet but not 3:1 for him to start. If they trade for him, it’s quite likely it will be with him as a starter in mind. So if you want to make it 2:1 they acquire him vs even that they don’t (before the season begins), I’m in.

  41. pabuwal says:

    ok we will go with the 2:1 only version.

  42. Hawksince77 says:


    In addition to PC responding to the question about Sherrod and Carimi, he already said by his actions how he compared Carpenter to them. Even if he didn’t say anything, the same criticisim would apply in a few years if people believe the former end up better than the latter.

  43. SandpointHawk says:

    Duke on Curry :”However, his horrific tackling, chronic over-pursuing and failure to shed blocks renders his speed useless”….

    I’ll add : With his understanding of angles I’d love to play pool with the guy…

    And here is a fun one for a change even if it is Bleacher Report: Has the Curse of Hutch Been Exorcised…

  44. Hawksince77 says:

    After reading all of Silva’s draft grades on all the teams including the Seahawks (he gave the Seahawks a B+) I found his reasoning credible, based on what I know about the players in question.

    This entire draft process, though, made it clear how important the decisions a FA makes effects the long-term health of the franchise. How they evaluate players; short and long-term player/scheme strategy; coaches hired; who they actually draft.

    Remember last year when Alex Gibbs was going to be the o-line savior, and then walked out just before the beginning of the season. I feel much better about Cable and his approach, and his influence with PC to get the guys he did.

    Before I got on my “Draft Mallett” bandwagon, I was all for drafting a RT at 25 (although I thought Sherrod the best option, based on what I had read) and in some moments advocated taking a guard in the second. The o-line, to me, was that important, given the talent at the offensive skill positions (excepting QB) so I could hardly be happier with it. Especially after seeing Mallett’s fall – he must be a real douche.

    Also, PC had some interesting things to say about CW, about he was a young guy who hadn’t had an opportunity to make his mark. I sure like the idea of him starting over a weak-armed alternative. Not sure how much an upgrade Kolb would be – have to leave that assessment to others. And if Palmer has lost a lot of arm strength, I would be leery about handing him the starting reins.

    Spencer and Locklear clearly won’t be re-signed. It’s Under’s position to lose at center, and Cable has already annointed Carpenter the starting RT with Moffit starting at RG, leaving a nice space for Gallery at LG.

    Mebane was always a priority to re-sign. I believe they tendered him so that he could test the market and then have Seattle pay his market price. Just my opinion.

    Other FAs? Before the draft I was thinking CB and WR, simply because there are so many good ones on the market. Now I am thinking d-line. There are a number of good DEs out there (not so sure about DTs) so who knows.

  45. klm008 says:

    I love 1st two picks by SEA. I only wish they couldda landed Cannon as well. That’s my misdraftting, because they must already have somebody in mind for LG. I like to dream about Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph, but LG’ll probably be someone nobody in the media has talked about, and he’ll fit the OL Cable has in mind perfectly.

    GMs/scouts have all just filled their coaches player positions with prospects they were sent out to obtain (or as close as they could get, or they just landed BPA). This draft should have been as close as it gets to filling needs. SEA needed specific OLers. We got ‘em.

    Later players in SEA’s draft I’m still trying to work out for myself what PC & JS are cooking up. I know they got what they were trying to get, and I’ve half-heard what Rang/Farrell & Mr Williams said in their video, and it kinda makes sense, but it’s still not clear in my mind. I know Duke has said what it’s all about, I just have to learn what he’s talking about. (Wish I could have heard that video better, too).

    Looking around, STL got another pass-rusher in Quinn. Spagnola’s gonna turn Rams DL into NYG of NFCW. Constant pressure and rotation with Long and Hall. Vertical threat receiving TE Kendricks, WRs Pettis and Salas gives Bradford good targets. STL also drafted DBs J.Hines, M.Baker, J.Nelson, & OLB J.Williams. Two things Rams didn’t get was backup RB for S.Jackson, and Atogwe’s replacement at safety.

    SF HC J.Harbaugh (ex-NFL QB) also got good pass-rusher in DE A.Smith. Kaepernick must be pretty good or Harbaugh wouldn’t have taken him. SF probably re-signs A.Smith and hands Kaepernick the clipboard. Can’t belive they would forget A.Smith and start D.Carr, but maybe Kaepernick can learn WCO quicker coming from the pistol than shotgun/spread offense QBs? One-cut RB K.Hunter 5-7/199 looks a lot like Gore. It’ll be hard to spot him behind their OL. SF added DBs C.Culliver 6-0/199 & C.Jones & C.Holcomb to go with N.Clements & S.Spencer. SF added DE B.Miller 6-1/254 (seems small for a 3-4- does he play OLB?) SF added 2 OLers: D.Kilgore & M.Person. Harbaugh also added a WR R.Johnson 5-11/199 USC. Harbaugh has been closest to the college players of anybody else drafting in the NFCW. Like SEA’s picks, most of SF’s picks aren’t as well known or regarded by the media. They might actually be very good for SF.

    AZ’s draft picks have the highest grades by the sports writers/draft experts. Still, they didn’t get a QB. Kolb is on their radar and Fitz said he would be happy with him. Also, Haggans and Porter are both 34 and AZ added some pass-rushing LBs with Sam Acho and they stole Q.Sturdivant. Still, with CBs P.Peterson and DRC it could take long enough for receivers to get open that even Porter and Haggins could get sacks like they did in their prime. An interesting thing is that FA Faneca is gonna need a walker to play next season and AZ didn’t get an OG to replace him. They didn’t get any OLers at all(?) They may also be bidding up SEA for a LG. Receiving TE R.Housler adds another threat over the middle for whoever plays QB for them. They also got a good lead-blocker in A.Sherman, something I kinda hoped SEA would get but didn’t. They also landed UCLA’s DT D.Carter and SD St’s WR D.Simpson in the late rounds.

    I’m really glad SEA got some good OLers.

  46. Lets just move Curry over to Fullback. Can’t be any worse. I have all the faith in the world in PC and JS. Last years draft was a great one, I believe, and this year will follow suit. So what if the so called “experts” are saying that we reached to get a few players. Next year when most of those “reached for” players are starters on the roster and we are giving other teams haydays, all of the “experts” are going to be backtracking and eating their words. You cannot judge a draft simply by where you think he should have gone. 32 teams, 32 different needs. As far as Kolb, its too expensive, and in my own opinion, not proven enough to make it worth it. Palmer- not even. We need to let the Oline gel this year and take a franchiser next year.

  47. rgbuckl says:

    I love what Silva said about our draft pick…”Don’t believe what you read elsewhere!”

    If any of you have the Senior Bowl DVR’d, you may want to go back and check it out. 4 of our 9 draft picks played in the game, including our first 3 picks starting. K.J. Wright was opposite Von Miller, Moffitt started at center, but would look better as OG. Guess who protected Ponder, giving him forever to make the throws he made, opened huge holes the South ran through, and shutdown Kerrigan all day long? That’s right–Carpenter!

    Sherman also had that interception that was negated by a teammate’s penalty.

  48. rodman says:

    Trent Dilfer was on the radio this morning saying that he had heard that the Seahawks were interested in free agent QB Tavarias Jackson. 28 years old. Familiar to and with the system that Darrell Bevel wants to run. Good news or bad news? Definitely won’t take the two first rounders that the Eagles want for Kolb, or the 10 million per season Hass wants.

  49. rgbuckl says:

    Still watching Senior Bowl & guess who was 2nd string LT behind Carpenter–Sherrod. Guess who immediately started breaking into the backfield after the swap–Kerrigan.

  50. BobbyK says:

    I’d trade 10 first round picks for Kolb if the alternative is to sign T-Jack.

  51. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “However, his horrific tackling, chronic over-pursuing and failure to shed blocks renders his speed useless.”

    Upon further thought Dukeshire I will concede that you are right about this.

  52. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “I’d trade 10 first round picks for Kolb if the alternative is to sign T-Jack.”

    Me too! Goodness gracious I’d rather sing Favre out of retirement than being T-Jack anywhere near Seattle. What a bad QB.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    “I’d trade 10 first round picks for Kolb if the alternative is to sign T-Jack.”

    That was funny to me, then this…

    “Goodness gracious I’d rather sing Favre out of retirement than being T-Jack anywhere near Seattle.”

    LOL! I must be in a goofy mood, because those two comments cracked me up. BTW, has Dilfer gone off his meds this weekend? It’s as though he and Herm Edwards are trying to out-crazy one another.

  54. ruminator1 says:

    clearly and fortunately this is not a site for consensus. usually, when it is simply a matter of opinion, i am happy to read/consider it. when someone provides good reasons for their opinions, all the better. the opinions on the draft and on the draft gurus are for the most part at least thought provoking. personally, i read and watch the guru talk, but it is simply another set of opinions. i think a lot of work and thought goes into their analysis, even their post draft grades (at least in a lot of cases). i think it an exaggeration to suggest they do not know what they are talking about or that they have no experience with drafts and draft specifics. many were in high places, handled drafts, had important roles in drafts. many were former players who know players and watched a hell of a lot of film, talked to a lot of people, attended workouts etc etc. i also think that their expertise tends to be generic. they are not in specific draft strategy sessions where the specific needs of specific teams are discussed and priorities established. take the evaluations of Locker as an example. his grading on accuracy and completions and interceptions compare closely to Favre’s senior season. these things are indicators but not determinants. who knows how Locker will turn out? Gruden loves him, Bilichek doesn’t. or any of the drafted qb’s this year? or Carpenter et al for the hawks? the more i listen to PS & S, the more impressed i am with their reasoning. we trusted them enough last year and i will love it if their judgment pans out this year. and for all the Curry is a bust advocates, i suggest the book is not fully in. he is fast, he hits hard, but he over pursues and is out of position. really he hasn’t “produced” the way folks imagine a 1st round 4th pick should. have we seen enough to make the judgment he is a bust? i don’t think so but i sure would love to suspend the automatic negative crap we get all the time here.

  55. rgbuckl says:

    Doesn’t look like anyone has paid any attention to the Senior Bowl comments I’ve made, but just watched K.J. Wright make an interception & Mike Mayock went off about him.

    That’s two picks in the first half for our draftees–& was Wright not Von Miller.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    rgbuckl – I have and I love hearing it. I’m very interested in learning what they have in mind for Wright. Will or Sam. I suspect Will to start to either replace Herring or perhaps to push Hawthorne and become more of a 3 down LB that Heater is.

    Where was he during the Sr. Bowl? I presume strong side.

  57. rgbuckl says:

    Looks like they started him at LOLB opposite Miller at ROLB, then put Jim at MLB when Miller lined up at DE.

    Carpenter was by far the best OT, Sherman was shutdown at CB + INT, Wright had the other INT & Moffitt at times ( when playing OG ) was the only decent OL for the North–that includes Solder & Costanzo getting beat.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    rgbuckl – Thanks, that’s what I thought. For some reason I didn’t save the game and my DVR erased some time ago. Next year I’ll remember to save. Reviewing it would be a lot of fun.

    Sherman is the one pick I’m not terribly excited about. I watched him get abused at times at Stanford. But more concerning to me was that he doesn’t strike me as a real physical player. I’m much more excited about Maxwell. But they saw something in him, so I look forward to seeing what he’s got.

  59. BobbyK says:

    Looks like Wright is going to be given a chance all over (SAM, Leo, waterboy, VMAC coordinator, etc.).

    “I’ll remind you guys that we played Brian Cushing at ‘Leo’ at SC and we played Clay Matthews at ‘Leo’ at SC, as well. K.J.’s got a chance to be that guy, too. So that gives him a chance to, really we’re going to play him at (strong-side), we’re going to look at him at the ‘Leo’ spot and we’ll also see what he can do in nickel as a cover linebacker. … He’s a very unique player and we need that flexibility.” ~ Pete Carroll

  60. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    ” for all the Curry is a bust advocates, i suggest the book is not fully in. he is fast, he hits hard, but he over pursues and is out of position. really he hasn’t “produced” the way folks imagine a 1st round 4th pick should”

    I disagree. I think Curry doesn’t have much force at all when he tackles. A specific example is the game agains the Chiefs. Matt Cassell made a short checkdown pass right over the middle to Thomas Jones. Curry came down full-bore with a head of steam in a straight line to him. Instead of crushing Jones, he ineffectually bounced off and Jones got the backbreaking first down.

    He has not only absolutely shown he was not worth the 4th pick, but entirely unworthy of being drafted in the first 3 rounds. Clay Matthews had more sacks in 2 consecutive games this season than Curry has total in his career.

  61. rgbuckl says:

    I only really got to see Sherman in the Senior Bowl, but yes, he’ll take some work with the physical parts of being a CB–especially in run support. His height and former WR skills definitely help him in coverage though.

    Mayock was going off about how Wright is so long, “all arms and legs,” so he can probably help a lot in dropping back in coverage when they run that bandit package.

    I wish I had more footage of Maxwell. I do love the suplex he did on a guy in the one youtube video I could find on him. He just picked the dude up on slammed him on the ground.

    I’m dying to see how they use all of these guys and how Browner fairs with the other guys. He could end up being a starter as well, so who makes the team and who doesn’t.

    Anyone want to take a stab at who they’ll pull in as UFAs? There are some nice prospects left, but all the other teams will be after them as well. Remember that Devlin is out there too as well as Adam Froman from Louisville who sounds really intriguing.

  62. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Sherman is the one pick I’m not terribly excited about. I watched him get abused at times at Stanford. ”

    Well Sherman has the relatively good excuse that he’s raw due to being new at the CB position. I’m excited for him due to his size alone. For a 5th round pick its unlikely you acquire a starter anyway so I’m fine with gambling on a super athlete with excellent potential.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    That’s a good point, he’s only played corner for 2 seasons. Plus he’s from Compton so I wonder if Carroll tried recruiting him or otherwise has a bit of a history with him?

    I’ll say this, if you’re under 6′ you’re not playing corner for Carroll. lol

  64. BobbyK says:

    Yes. He did recruit him (but he chose Stanford).

  65. Dukeshire says:

    rgbuckl – Maxwell plays angry, doesn’t he? I love it. That suplex is at the 1:00 mark (along with some other great hits / plays).

    By the way, here’s the play in it’s entirety they edit at the very end.

  66. RADEoN says:

    i think this years O-Line will pan out to:

    Okung, Carpenter, Unger, Moffitt, and Andrews (at least gets a shot) which, imo, sounds pretty punishing.

    i do think aaron curry is about shot maybe put him at strong safety or buy out his contract and let him go. Hill is a more bruising linebacker anyway.

    I’ll be glad to watch kelly jennings leave. what a sucker.

  67. RADEoN says:

    rgbuckl: who knows if there will be an RFA/UFA free agency system this year. I’d like to think the new CBA does away with all that.

  68. BobbyK says:

    Cable has already said that Andrews is his starting RT and there was no mention of Andrews.

  69. rramstad says:

    “Cable has already said that Andrews is his starting RT and there was no mention of Andrews.”

    Presumably you meant to say that Carpenter is his starting RT.

  70. rgbuckl says:

    Nice! We just had a brownout, but after recovering my computer, it actually saved what I had typed below. Firefox rocks!

    Yeah, that’s badass! You gotta love the attitude this new crop of guys will bring. I can’t wait to actually be known as a tough team and be intimidating on the defensive side–have a little respect.


    I think we need and are absolutely counting on the FA system right now–especially for a couple of QBs. Bring in someone to develop and trade for Palmer–if we don’t resign Hass.

  71. Seahawks2620 says:

    Not sure if anyone would be interested at all, but Kyle Orton could be an option for a stop gab QB. I honestly don’t know very much about him, outside of his 20/9 TD/INT ratio and the fact that he was traded from the Bears to the Broncos for Cutler. I also understand that he is not a franchise QB, but he appears to be pretty solid. I am not familiar with how mobile he is, but it is just something to consider. Feel free to either support the thought, or shoot it down with logical reasons for doing so.

  72. doctahawk says:

    Long time lurker here. Thought I’d put in my 2 cents about the draft…From a scheme perspective, I’m pretty content with how it turned out. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we can actually sell a little play action, and it looks like the F.O. is also committed to finding a way to slow down the Larry Fitzgeralds and Dwayne Bowes in our future.

    As far as the holes in the DL, maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but given the run on DT’s and DE’s in the draft, perhaps the pickings will be a bit less slim when free agency and waiver wire time finally arrives. And if Matt looks elsewhere, has anybody considered Alex Smith as a possibility here?

  73. undrafted FA to consider:

    Alex Linnenkohl C- Oregon State: Would be cool to see a little civil war going on on the OL just for kicks and giggles during training camp. AND I think he can long snap if needed.

    That and he is a local kid so why the heck not!!

  74. BobbyK says:

    Yes. Carpenter is the starter at RT, according to Cable. No mention of Andrews. He’s as good as gone.

  75. chuck_easton says:

    According to Cable:

    OL if OTA’s started today:

    Okung, (Somebody, anybody, Beuller?), Unger, Moffitt,Carpenter

    I have a strong suspicion that that one un named starter is known but nobody can say his name yet due to no CBA. I wouldn’t be suprised if there isn’t already a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ in place that only needs to be made official when/if it can be.

  76. rramstad says:

    Yep, Robert Gallery is the 350 lb elephant in the room…

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