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Morning links: Hawks still need a QB

Jim Corbett of USA today weighs in on the Seattle Seahawks with an in-depth look at where the team sits heading into the 2011 season.

Corbett rightly says that quarterback remains the top issue for Seattle, depending how the team chooses to address it in free agency.

The quarterback issue is one of five burning questions Corbett addresses about the Seahawks.


“Carroll said he’d like to bring Hasselbeck back. Question is, at what price? And what other options will be available when football returns? The hiring of former Trojans quarterbacks coach Karl Smith might be a signal the door is being kept open for Palmer or Leinart.

“Then again, Carroll said the Seahawks didn’t chase a quarterback in the draft because they spent a 2010 third-round pick on former San Diego Chargers third-stringer Whitehurst a year ago.”

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Morning links: Orton an undervalued QB

ESPN’s KC Joyner uses a statistical look at Denver’s Kyle Orton to argue that he could be the best quarterback available whenever free agency begins this year. You must be an ESPN Insider to view the article.

“Last season, Orton posted 7.5 yards per attempt (YPA). This total ranked tied with Eli Manning and David Garrard for the ninth-highest overall YPA in the NFL. (Note: This YPA total includes attempts and yards racked up on penalty plays such as pass interference, defensive holding, illegal contact, etc.)

“That wasn’t the only place where Orton ranked in the top 10. He also placed 10th in vertical YPA with an 11.5 mark (vertical passes being defined as those thrown 11 or more yards downfield) and had the fourth-best YPA (18.7) on bomb passes (thrown 20 or more yards).

“And his case can actually be taken back further than just this past year. Since 2008, 17 quarterbacks have won at least 20 regular-season games, an elite group including Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers and Orton.”

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Morning links: Kolb Sweepstakes

ESPN’s John Clayton believes the Arizona Cardinals are the leaders of the pack in the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes once free agency begins, giving 2-1 odds that he will land in the desert.

However, Clayton has not ruled out the Seattle Seahawks potentially going after the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, although he gives Pete Carroll’s crew longer odds at 10-1.


“The Seahawks will get in the Kolb mix, but they could get close to the same production if they bring back Matt Hasselbeck, then make a move on a new, young, franchise quarterback next year.”

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Morning links: Williams says Seattle players may hold minicamp next week

Seattle Seahawks receiver Mike Williams (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson).

Seattle Seahawks receiver Mike Williams talked with Brock Huard and Mike Salk of ESPN 710 Seattle on Tuesday. Williams discussed how he is staying in shape, and also addressed the uncertainty at quarterback for the Seattle.

Williams, who has a weight incentive clause in his contract, said he’s not having any issues keeping the weight off. He’s averaging about 5 ½ to six hours of cardio a day, between field work, working out in the gym and playing basketball every day

But he also says the lockout is hurting players because they are not getting the regular work they need with the coaches.

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Offseason rewind: Can Whitehurst lead Hawks?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst against St. Louis. (Elaine Thompson/AP)

When Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll responds to a question, he doesn’t always answer it directly. So as a reporter you’re usually left parsing words – reading between the lines and looking for hints as to what his real intentions are moving forward with this team.

And I think Carroll provided a few clues as to what he might do at the quarterback position during his pre-draft press conference in April.

Asked what his ideal vision is for the quarterback of his system, Carroll had this to say:

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Morning links: Hasselbeck top free agent QB?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck warms up (Joe Barrentine/TNT).

Former NFL scout Russ Lande, writing for the Sporting News, gives Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck the best grade yet in his evaluations of the top quarterbacks that could be available once free agency begins.

Lande believes that Hasselbeck is the top option available, but is somewhat overlooked because he plays in Seattle. He says Hasselbeck would be a good fit for Arizona, Miami, Buffalo and Washington. And for teams that drafted a young QB for the future (San Francisco, Tennessee or Minnesota), Hasselbeck would make a good mentor.


“Hasselbeck is a high-end QB who has not received much national recognition due to playing in Seattle. When I evaluated him on film, it was clear he is better than many other well-known quarterbacks. He is fundamentally sound, which helps him to be very efficient. Hasselbeck is able to move defenders around with ease and can make quick, accurate throws in all situations.”

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Morning links: The Carlisle way

Seattle Seahawks strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle. (Peter Haley/TNT)

Seattle Seahawks strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle brings a unique approach to his job. In my story today, the former offensive lineman focuses on improving movement of his players on the field.

“If you think about the game of football, you shut your eyes and the ball is snapped, what do you see 22 guys doing? They’re all moving,” he said. “And so if you want to train guys to play football, it’s not about sitting in machines. It’s about moving. And so the weight room then becomes a facilitator to movement.”

Carlisle has more time on his hands because of the lockout, but he’s working on refining his system and says he’ll be ready to get the players up and running quickly once the lockout ends.

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Morning links: More Gallery talk

It looks like the Seattle Seahawks could have some competition for offensive lineman Robert Gallery in free agency. Tom Curran of writes that he’s heard the Patriots could be interested in Gallery to fill their need for an interior lineman.

However, ESPN’s John Clayton continues to say that Gallery’s best fit is in Seattle, for obvious reasons because of his ties with new Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable, and the Seahawks’ need for a left guard.

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