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Seahawks 2011 draft class

Post by Eric Williams on April 30, 2011 at 4:07 pm with 33 Comments »
April 30, 2011 4:08 pm

First round (No. 25) – James Carpenter, OT, Alabama
Third round (No. 75) – John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin
Fourth round (No. 99) – K.J. Wright, OLB, Mississippi State
Fourth round (No. 107) – Kris Durham, WR, Georgia
Fifth round (No. 154) – Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford
Fifth round (No. 156) – Mark Legree, FS, Appalachian State
Sixth round (No. 173) – Byron Maxwell, CB, Clemson
Seventh round (No. 205) – Lazarius Levingston, DE, LSU
Seventh round (No. 242) – Malcolm Smith, LB, USC

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  1. Did anybody else get more than 1 right in the mock draft contest?

  2. That would be amazing. This group is unexpected at best.

  3. Love the Carpenter and Moffitt picks, love the Sherman pick. Like the Durham pick.

    Many of us got 1 right in the mock draft contest. I wonder who won?

  4. nidhighe says:

    The draft “experts” will probably give us a low grade, but I like these picks. After all, how many draft “experts” have been successful NFL GMs?

  5. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Love it! I’d rather take a USC linebacker over a criminally overrated Wake Forest turd like Curry ANY day.

  6. I like the class, nothing flashy but it will hopefully set our O-line for the next decade. My favorite picks are Moffit, then Carpenter and then Durham and Legree, don’t really like the KJ Wright pick, would love to get Carroll and Schneider’s thoughts on him.

  7. There’s lotsa potential street free agents out there – hope JS can be calling them right now. . .

  8. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    And ignore the analysts who will probably criticize the picks, those same fools gave us high marks for Aaron Curry while criticizing the Texans and Packers for reaching on Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews.

  9. I wonder why they went after Pep Levingston in the 7th when Lawrence Guy from AZ State was on the board?

  10. If I didn’t know these guys know what they’re doing I’d be skeptical right now. No QB, no added pass-rush (unless Wright or Smith are some kinda miracle Leos), but we got the OL braced-up, there’s more talent in the defensive backfield, if Red gets hurt there may be somebody who can make Balmer expendable, and STs coverage should be outstanding.

    Still, looks like STL, SF & AZ all had really good drafts.

  11. I like this draft class if for no other reason that it solidifies our offensive line. Sure, I would have liked Carimi over Carpenter and would have loved stashing Marcus Cannon away for a year but overall I’m happy. It’s nothing flashy, but if you don’t have the dirty work players like Carpenter/Moffit, then your other players really don’t get much of a chance to shine either.

    People criticized our RBs last year b/c they sucked. People are going to praise them this year because they are good and are actually going to have holes to run though.

    As stated before, the improved offensive line actually is going to help our defense out quite a bit, too.

    It’s time to get Gallery in the fold and our o-line will be ready to rock! Also, adding a blocking FB via FA will be welcomed… I hope the coaching staff is as sick of watching Carlson try to do stuff in the backfield as I am. He needs to play TE — you know, the position he was drafted to play. lol

  12. bobbyj0708 says:

    Can we get rid of the “NFL Draft on Twitter” feed now? That thing sucks balls…

  13. Dukeshire says:

    klm – The lockout is back on. No UFA signings.

  14. New starters and a lot of new competition on the O line — that’s going to be exciting to watch in training camp, as well as all the new competition in the defensive backfield, and at wideout as well.

    I’m still concerned about our D line depth, and very concerned about our QB situation, but I’m ready for mini camps!

  15. Norseman says:

    intriguing draft if nothing else. nearly the entire class is run-focused (including the receivers). admittedly i am a bit surprised that we didn’t invest a mid round pick in another defensive tackle or end. it seems the collapse of our run defense after injuries last year would have warranted a pick along the defensive line earlier than the seventh round.

  16. This years draft was a head scratcher for sure; but the lineman were good picks at a much-needed position, Legree was a good pick and seemed to make the War Room VERY happy that they landed him where they did, Sherman and Maxwell are guys that obviously have talent and good size–and they can play multiple positions. Wright is an odd pick, but its the fourth round–how many fourth round picks work out? Durham is also an odd pick, but the kid has speed and size, and CW likes him. And the last two guys are interesting, at least. Levingston is a wierd one–I wonder why they picked him when guys who outperformed him and had better size were there? I wonder who else they thought was after him?

    Malcolm Smith is the guy Im really intrigued with; He has ridiculous speed, but is very undersized for a LB, let alone a Leo. He’s actually smaller than Kam Chancellor by ten pounds! So, will they try him at SS, LB, or Leo DE? Or all three? He runs a 4.4 40, so unless he is super stiff in the hips, he should be able to cover any TE. Im really interested to see what he can do in the NFL.

    I think Carpenter/Moffitt in the first and third is a slam-bang top end of the draft. Those guys will anchor our line for a decade. The rest of the draft was fourth round on for us, and all those picks are a crap shoot anyway. If two or three of those guys stick and fill roles, the draft will have been a success. If more of them hang around, and even one of them becomes a starter, it will go down as a great draft.

  17. Exactly right – there aren’t many sure things in any draft, let alone in the later rounds.

    We focused our top picks on the biggest problem area, and that is the smart way to play it.

    Winning those games against StL and NO may well have changed priorities, had we picked at #8, maybe it would have been one of the QB’s – but it is what it is, and if we come out of this draft with two new O-line starters who can play – then that’s a win, period.

  18. How temporary is the temporary stay of the injunction to the lockout?

  19. expecting an arse kick this season and gonna have one

  20. There you are again ACIB!! Anyone ever tell you that your worse than herpes? Every time I think i’m rid of you, there you pop up again. Just go cry in the corner. I’ll call you when they get rid of Curry so you can go on with your life.

  21. I think that Carroll must be thinking of trying Smith at SS. I like Chancellor personally but, I think he will probably always give us a little of the pass coverage liability we have with Milloy. Smith just has sick physical tools that few SS’s possess. Hopefully Pete and the guys can coach him up and we have a player in a couple of years. If not, we only wasted a 242 nd pick anyways. I can’t see them playing him at LB or Leo at 6 foot 220.

  22. John Schneider, being the late-round draft master that he is, is probably very very busy right now phoning and signing undrafted free agents. I expect a FB and a few more D linemen on the team by tomorrow.

  23. I found a few of the third day moves puzzling. Right now I am going to put my faith in Pete and John over that wind bag Trent Dilfer and the other flapping gums that have never had to be accountable for their player evaluations. The Durham pick is a real head scratcher for me though! I think he’s a decent player but, the conventional wisdom is that we could have had him much lower. A lot of people questioned whether or not he would even be drafted. The pick is especially troubling since there were still a number of talented DL’s and CB’s to be had. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a big mistake.

  24. Stevos, the lockout is back on. Schneider cannot sign any players. Hate to break it to ya.

  25. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Kris Durham is the white Randy Moss fellas. Haters gonna hate.

  26. williambryan says:

    I expect Chancellor to start at SS but I think Legree is going to be on the field alot! He reminds me of Bob Sanders in the small hard hitting SS mold. I like that pick a lot.
    I expect training camp and the pre season will be A LOT more physical this year.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Not only no UFA signings, no rookie mini-camp next week. This is the first time I can actually say this B.S. lockout is effecting actual football. (I didn’t feel that way about no free agency, for some reason.)

  28. maddog12 says:

    This lock out mess is really bothering me. Can’t do anything but complain about it. Maybe since the 8th granted a stay against the lower court ruling players will be more willing to talk. Owners on the other hand probably don’t care and just what to break tthem.

  29. Natedog–check out the video on Caroll and Schneider talking about picking Durham: another team or two was after him, and Seattle HAD to take him at least a full round ahead of where they wanted to, or lose him. Someone was right behind them and ready to take him. That other team wont let on, in the hopes Seattle cuts Durham in the next couple years. Get it?

    He’s 6-5, runs a legit 4.5 flat, uses his hands, gets open deep, and fights for the ball in traffic and wins. What else you want out of a 4th/5th rounders?!

  30. Obviously Caroll and company arent 100% on Chancellor, and brought in three guys who can play multiple secondary positions: CB, FS, SS, nickel back…

    They were really stoked to get LeGree, and his highlights are better than anyone elses, and he seems to have an incredible knack for the ball. I really like him.

  31. You’re right, natedog, I had a brain fart and completely forgot they couldn’t sign any guys tonight.

    But I don’t know why you’re complaining about Durham. He’s a heck of a receiver and should make the team.

    I think its hilarious that every year after the draft, somebody calls some player “a reach” and says “the conventional wisdom is that we could have had him much lower”

    Whose “conventional wisdom? The wisdom of some guy who works for an internet draft site because he can’t get hired by an NFL team as a scout? Why does everyone assume the internet “scouts” have their information straight but the professional scouts and GMs are all mixed up? You have no way of knowing how many pro scouts had Durham ranked as a 4th rounder, or how many teams wanted to draft him. I’m just glad to get another tall WR with great hands. We need him.

  32. Sarcasticus says:

    I feel like this entire Seahawks’ draft was done from the perspective of no first rounder. It was like they started picking from second round talent first and then just kept going like that throughout the draft.

    If they had drafted a Carimi or Smith with the first pick and then took Carpenter in the second and so on, I would be very excited.

    I think grading players is very hard to do. I also think picking players every round that the majority of former players, scouts, and coaches call reaches is hard as well.

  33. ChrisHolmes says:

    Decent draft – maybe. The OL were necessary; here’s hoping they pan out.

    But for a draft so deep with DL and our obvious need, it was a little disappointing to see us not walk away with anyone until really late…

    And I am sad Seattle didn’t get Mallet. I called it the day before the draft on NE snagging him. I think he’s going to be the best pro QB out of the lot and we passed on him.

    I hope we resign Matthew.

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