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Schneider and Carroll: QB spot not a concern

Post by Eric Williams on April 30, 2011 at 6:32 pm with 52 Comments »
April 30, 2011 6:34 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider said they were pleased with how the draft turned out today.

In all, the Seahawks drafted two offensive linemen, two outside linebackers, two cornerbacks, a free safety, a defensive end and wide receiver.

“Overall, I think we really improved the athleticism and the speed of our team,” Schneider said. “And then we were able to do some things up front to help us from a strength and toughness standpoint.”

Added Carroll: “We think we have found guys that we’re looking for. And we really don’t care what anybody else thinks, or anybody else’s opinion. We know what we thought about them, and it worked out very well.”

Both Carroll and Schneider addressed the fact that they did not draft a quarterback and currently only have Charlie Whitehurst on the roster.

“We’re happy with Charlie, and hoping he’s going to flourish and blossom and all of that,” Carroll said. “He’s a guy in my mind I’m not feeling like we missed out on a quarterback opportunity because Charlie’s growing with us.

“He’s just getting started to me. I don’t care how long he’s been around, he’s only been able to start a couple times. So he’s just a young guy proving himself, and he’s going to show us in time where he fits.”

Carroll once again said he considers Whitehurst part of this year’s draft class because they used a third-round pick to get him. Schneider said that the team is prepared to move forward and fill the need for more depth at quarterback through free agency or trade, which includes the possibility of bringing back Matt Hasselbeck.

“We had a plan going in, and we still have our plan,” Schneider said. “We just can’t execute that plan right now.”

Schneider also admitted the fact that they only drafted one defensive lineman creates a bit more urgency to bring Brandon Mebane back, or finding more depth through trade of free agency.

The team placed a third-round tender on Mebane, and he could be a restricted or unrestricted free agent depending on what happens in the league’s labor dispute.

“We’d like to have Brandon back anyway,” Schneider said. “So, it probably does to a certain extent. I’d be lying if I told you any different. But again, we’re not a team that’s going to panic. We’re going to kind of plod through it, and see what we can accomplish.”

Schneider said that Kansas City actually called after Seattle selected receiver Kris Durham. The Chiefs had a private workout with Durham and liked him.

“It’s pretty cool after you pick a guy to have a team like that call and be like, ‘Dang, that was a great pick.’”

Schneider said they had to adjust him to a spot to make sure they got him.

Added Carroll: “We liked Kris because he’s 6-5, and we wanted another big guy to give us the affect that Mike gives us out there, and to not lose that in case Mike’s not available.”

Carroll said that they liked safety Mike LeGree because he’s a playmaker, and they see him playing free safety during nickel situations, allowing Earl Thomas to move up and play man on inside receivers, like he did in the St. Louis game against Danny Amendola.

The Seahawks basically took value and stocked up on a couple areas where they wanted to get more physical athletic, on the edge of the defense at linebacker and at cornerback.

Carroll called USC linebacker Malcolm Smith, the younger brother of Carolina linebacker Steve Smith, one of the most athletic linebackers in the draft, and a guy that gives his team some scheme diversity because of his ability to cover running backs in space.

Schneider provided a quick evaluation of each player drafted today, which you can also check out in the video above.

OLB K.J. Wright: “We loved his versatility. He’s a real smart guy. He’s a captain of the team. He’s got some pass rush to him, but he’s very good in coverage. Long guy, very good athlete.”

WR Kris Durham: “Kris Durham was kind of an underrated guy in my opinion. He’s a guy that’s 6-foot-5, can take the ball out of the air for you. He’s runs a 4.51.He does a real nice job of running routes, he can kind of drop his hips, and he’s got some real nice wiggle to him. He’s really good at adjusting to the ball down field, and we feel like he has a chance to be an interesting red zone guy.”

CB Richard Sherman: “Big corner. A real athletic guy. Good length.”

FS: Mark LeGree: “He’s a guy with 22 career interceptions. He has great ball skills and is a tough guy. A great guy. You could hear him getting choked up on the phone when we called him. And he’s got great range, and he’s a good hitter.”

CB: Byron Maxwell: “Another big, physical corner that’s a very good special teams player. Real strong, last guy out of the weight room, last guy out on the field, that sort of thing. The strength coach at Clemson really likes this guy, and we were excited to add him.”

DE Lazarius “Pep” Livingston: “Playing in the SEC, he’s a real strong guy, a point-of-attack guy with good length. He was a guy we felt could come in and compete at the 5-technique spot and be a stout guy.”

LB Malcolm Smith: “He’s a real fast guy, and a Will linebacker and a run-and-hit guy. So we were looking to get faster there.”

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  1. B+ draft. Would be an A if we’d gotten a better interior DL. But you just can’t complain about the OL love.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Hopefully LeGree can make that leap from small school to the NFL. He and Kam ought to have a good competition at SS this summer. (I presume they’ll move him over.)

    Looking to get faster at Will, eh? I wonder what Herring’s future is, re-sign, etc…? And how they view Hawthorne? I wonder if they see him as an eventual replacement for Lofa. If Lofa doesn’t regain a step, it will be interesting to see how they handle that situation.

  3. I think we all know that QB is not a concern because they have a deal done to bring in Carson Palmer on the cheap.

    Carroll just doesn’t have the patience to sit through the growing pains of an inexperienced QB.

    I came into last season thinking Palmer’s arm was shot, but I would like to watch some of last years games again to be sure. Maybe its just fine, maybe its not. I am not sure.

  4. I’m glad that they didn’t go for a QB this year. I would have liked Ponder and maybe Kaepernick, but honestly the regime gave up value for Chaz Whitehurst, and he hasn’t had a lot of opportunity.

    I remember how many people wanted Matt’s head when he was learning the ropes. A guy isn’t going to pick up an offense in 3 spot starts in a year. I’d be okay with Chaz starting, I think that they have to give him a shot. Obviously be aware that you may need to get a QB to develop sooner rather than later, but you got a quality prospect in Chaz. Let him play babay.

    Really, really liked what they did with the Oline. James “Undertaker” Carpenter and Moffitt look to be beasts, I really like the Carroll quote about him wanting to bury people. This team is finally going to punch people in the mouth, something Seattle has been lacking for a while.

    I hate to say it, but Lofa won’t be in the league in 3 years, or at least starting. That may be generous. His knees are busted, he’s injury prone, he’s not the same. It’s not 2005 anymore. Walt, Matt, Lofa, gone. Curry is a bust. Maybe he can be a servicable linebacker, not the top 10 pick we thought. He’s getting a big salary, so is Trufant. Those are two guys I could live without.

    I really like Schneider, and I really like Petey’s attitude. Gotta admit I wasn’t stoked that he was coming to Seattle, but I got nothing to complain about so far. This football team is heading in the right direction.

  5. williambryan says:

    Eric or Dave, I was wondering if we could get some more coverage or thoughts on Moffit. From his highlight film I noticed that he dominated when either his man was shaded to one side of him and when he pulled. But he seemed to struggle when the DT would get head up on him and Moffit couldnt get much push. Is this observation shared by others and if so is this normal? I admit i havent paid a lot of attention to guard play. Thanks!

  6. Oh, and Carson Palmer is one of the worst starting QBs in the league. Don’t want him.

  7. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I’m a LOT more confident in Whitehurst’s ability to be an effective QB now that we’ll have a better offensive line and hopefully a better run game.

  8. You need to go back & compare Palmer’s stats to Hass’ over the last couple of years. I’m hoping they get him, especially with his experience w/ PC.

    I also wanted Ponder…

  9. azhawkman says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this team would be better off bringing Hass back on a 2-year deal? Maybe that isn’t what he wants but I’m curious what other offers he would get elsewhere? Arizona? Kolb might be a good fit in trade but I fear the price is too steep, not willing to give up multiple high draft picks. I’d honestly rather see Curry and Trufant be gone with their high salaries and afford pay Hass what he wants if that’s the issue. Anyway, none of that means anything as long as the lockout is in place.

  10. Its merely the impatience of the video game generation that wants Matt gone, and to bring in someone–anyone–even a sad sack like Palmer–to replace him.

    Whitehurst is old enough to have shown something-anything–yet he’s shown only inconsistency, even in PRESEASON. He’s not the real deal.

    Palmer is an oft-injured has-been, who has done marginally better than Hass over the last few years, despite playing with a FAR better offensive line, with better running backs and FAR better WR’s. Oh, and say what you want, but Lewis and company were far better coaches than Mora and Knapp. Gawd…

    GIve Matt a half-way decent line, RB’s, and recievers who arent a) slow and B) drop prone and c) small, and I think he’s prove time and again–as recently as last season, that he can play very well.

    Bevell is perfect for Matt. Why not overpay him and bring him back? We dont have his successor yet, so even if he SUCKS, he wont suck as bad as CW or anyone else we could find to man the post, so why not keep him until he crumbles or we find his successor?!

  11. williambryan says:

    the team is definitely better off without hasselbeck at all. With him the teeam might, MIGHT, be able to get to the playoffs each of the next two years but they wont be able to do much when they get there. and the team will be no closer to solving the QB of the future problem while “the veteran gives the team the best chance to win” We need to know if CW can get the job done ( I believe he can) and if he cant, earlier draft picks will help the team get better faster.

  12. “Whitehurst is old enough to have shown something-anything–yet he’s shown only inconsistency, even in PRESEASON. He’s not the real deal.”


    Playing behind Drew Brees and Phil Rivers his whole career…. so needless to say he doesn’t get PT as a developing QB. Gets 2 starts with Seattle and you write him off, citing his inconsistent Pre-season play?

    Glad you’re not GM.

  13. Makes you wonder about the DB position, in particular, Trufant’s status after this draft…. Remember, we have the Canadian competing there also….. We could see some significant player changes in that area this year…. Bigger, younger….

  14. So here is what I fell we know:

    Hasselback will be good but not spectacular most days – He will have TERRIBLE days and Great days. Playoff proven? for the most part I would say yes

    Whitehurst: Never been good enough earn playing time and in SD had a hard time even getting to #2 QB and his practice didn’t endear him to the current staff.

    Palmer: Could have some good years left. a few major injuries behind him. hasn’t played great as of late. but does play in a good division. Playoff proven – not sold but I havn’t studied it yet.

    Trading for QB’s – if we keep wasting draft picks on QB’s then we will never be anything much above at average at best. I am not in favor of bringing in ANY QB this year that we have to spend more than a 7th rounder on. Not Kolb, Not Palmer, not Matt Ryan, not anyone – okay I would trade for Aaron Rodgers.

    Go with Whitehurst – Try and sign 1. Matt, 2. Bulger 4. another FA. Let the chips fall where they may and then keep building – Luck, Barkley – whoever

  15. madpunter88 says:

    It seems the draft pundits had a lot of difficulty this year dealing with the lack of free agency. They continue to provide commentary and offer grades based on the traditional process that the draft happens after free agency and is essentially the last opportunity to fill in gaps on a team. You hear or read things like, ‘Team A really needed to address the RB position and they failed to draft one…who is going to start at RB next year?’

    Well, probably someone they intend to sign during free agency. The pundits were unable to adjust to the consequences of the lock-out and it really hurts their credibility. The grades mean nothing because we have no idea how this week’s draft compliments the strategy the GMs and head coaches are using to select the players — we don’t know the rest of the team yet.

    I read a criticism of the Redskins, for example, saying they have no one to play QB next year since they didn’t draft one? Is there any team that has used free agency more willingly the last decade? I pretty much guarantee they will have a QB — not drafting a rookie by no means indicates they are sticking with Donovan McNabb (and I shudder to think it might be Hasselbeck).

    Same thing with the Seahawks. The draft grades that blast the Seahawks for not filling certain holes ignore the obvious (or hopeful) that they intend to address those positions by other methods. In a normal year the bulk of big FA signings would be over and the draft would be the last resort. Not so this year; but few of the pundits and draft-graders were able to comprehend that.

  16. Seahawkgo says:

    Do not bring Matt back Pete. Let’s start CW. He is Seahawks future.

  17. BobbyAyala says:

    Someone tell John Schneider he’s not the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls.

  18. heyyou_66 says:

    Love this draft! Not flashy and not what the, so called experts thought we should take but filled many needs with big athletic guys. Happy with all, even Carpenter after some research on him and have to say that I am very very excited about Durham. I can see some Joe Jurviscius in him and I can see some randy Moss in him. I think he has the potential to be a very big contributor to this team!!!!

  19. To clear up what I’ve said before, I’ve been hoping they’d resign Hass for two more years while they develop a young guy. Now that they didn’t pick one up, I think we need him more, bit would like to bring in Palmer to compete too. I don’t know why, but Kolb doesn’t impress me nor does he have good stats.

  20. “I think we all know that QB is not a concern because they have a deal done to bring in Carson Palmer on the cheap.”

    Pabuwal, where are you getting that from? Source?

  21. Added Carroll: “We think we have found guys that we’re looking for. And we really don’t care what anybody else thinks, or anybody else’s opinion. We know what we thought about them, and it worked out very well.”

    Right on, Coach.

  22. Stevos – Dilfer has been saying on ESPN as often as he can that Matt will not sign with Seattle and they will get Palmer

  23. heyyou_66 says:

    Dilfer is an idiot and does not know what Matt will do any more so than you or I do!

  24. BobbyAyala says:

    Dude, I’m so happy about Durham too, I totally see “Joe Jurviscius” in him, as some others have commented.

    Seriously, if it’s not one tall white boy, it’s another.

  25. BobbyAyala says:

    “Pabuwal, where are you getting that from? Source?”

    Stevos breaks down Pabuwal. Demands a source for his opinion. Seahawks World shakes under harsh fan-to-media scrutiny.

  26. BobbyAyala says:

    “Dilfer is an idiot and does not know what Matt will do any more so than you or I do! ”

    Never has a more true statement been uttered on these pages.

    You and I both know that hey-you66 fries chicken strips for long john silver’s on the 8th day of the week, but there’s no reason to believe that a former teammate of Matt Hasselbeck — and a close friend — has any more information about the signal-caller’s future than the heralded burger flipper at the Ballard LJS.

  27. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Stop comparing Durham to Jurevicious because they’re both white. He plays much more like Randy Moss. If he hadn’t missed the 09 season due to injury and had more production he would have been drafted much higher!

  28. maddog12 says:

    Well the sky is falling….Kiper gives Hawks a D+ for a draft grade.

  29. blocis says:

    Reading ahead……

    Which DB’s are going to make the team. We drafted so many, you figure we will have to cut a bunch of DBs to get down to the 53 man roster. Who stays, who goes? Are we keeping all of teh rookies? That means alot of the vetrans are going. No Babineaux, no Milloy? Who else?

    Same with the WR situation. If the rookie from Georgia stays on the 53, who goes? I know that Stokley is gone now, but who are receivers 1 through 4? I wonder how happy Deon Butler and Golden Tate are today, I think they are fighting for WR #4 spot.

    Whats up with LB? We needed one for depth behind Tatupu, Hawthorne and Curry, but we took two. Who stays, who goes?

    This was a very strange draft for me. All of the picks (really, ALL of the them) seemed to be reaches. And we took too many DBs and not enough DL or QB. Did not address our needs and instead just caused roster churn at positions that now have too many players. I can’t really understand the plan.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – Duram in his limited action at Georgia ran more routes out of the slot that Moss has in his entire life. He reminds me of Jurevicius simply the way he runs and moves. Nothing about his style, from what I’ve seen, resembles Moss’ gliding style.

  31. BobbyK says:

    What do we know about Charlie Whitehurst…

    1. I’m not going to bring up the fact that he couldn’t/didn’t start in San Diego his first 4 years (even though I just did). There are only a couple of QBs in the NFL who would start over Rivers. However, he could not beat out Billy Volek for second string. Let me repeat that… he could not beat out Billy Volek to be Rivers’ back-up and we want him to replace Matt Hasselbeck? Sure, Volek had some NFL starting experience and that probably helped keep Charlie at #3, but it certainly does raise a red flag about what the Chargers thought of him (and they were the ones who saw him everyday).

    2. Anyone who follows this blog with any consistency knows that even all of the media people with access to practices were flat out making fun of how bad Whitehurst looked. How sad is that? When the trade was made… I had no opinion because I flat out knew almost nothing about Charlie. I was going to trust the regime. With that being said, a year later, we have seen a bit of him and we can tell there is some positive potential, but it’s not to the point where we should want to drive Matt Hasselbeck out of town (especially without us being able to draft a Locker, Ponder, or Kaepernick).

    There are too many times in life when people want to go with the new (Charlie) because it’s cool, yet they fail to grasp what they are actually wishing for (getting rid of Hasselbeck). It’s like regimes around the world where all of the peasants want to overthrow the leader and that’s all they care about with their one track mind. But once the regime is toppled, there is chaos because there was no blueprint for success and the cycle repeats itself. Charlie may still turn out to be the blueprint, and I truly hope he is, but we should not allow Matt Hasselbeck to leave before his gas tank is empty. Switching gears, we all have seen when players hang on too long, as well. However, we can tell that Matt can still contribute (look at the last two games he played, especially). He’s not at that point of being washed up yet. He’s not there now, but he will be in 3-4 years. Still, if we can get a few more years out of him, that will only be good for Whitehurst, too.

    Matt still has some gas left in his tank if he’s got some decent players around him. He was great against the Saints. Memories have faded by now, but he was great against the Bears, too. How many great passes were dropped when that game was still in doubt? Matt and Charlie (vs the Giants) had many a moment of sucking this past year, I won’t deny that, but it had more to do with no running game and a crappy, overall, offensive line. The Seahawks QB position this past year was set up to fail because of its lack of talent.

    I think Matt deserves to play with this new offense of Carpenter/Moffitt on the right side and the inevitable signing of Robert Gallery to give us a good left side with Okung. Every single offensive line position, IMO, will be better in ’11 than it was this past season and I am excited about Matt using his veteran knowlege to carve up opposing defenses since he will actually have a running game for others to repect. This will only help Charlie, too.

    If they do go with Charlie, he will be set up for much more success than Matt had last year simply because of the much improved supporting cast on the offense. And if they do go with Charlie, while I’ll be saddened that Matt is gone b/c I don’t think that’s the right/best move, I’m going to root like heck for the clipboard.

    Regarding the Palmer stuff — I’ll take Matt and giving up no draft picks over trading some for Carson Palmer.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    “Regarding the Palmer stuff — I’ll take Matt and giving up no draft picks over trading some for Carson Palmer.”

    I totally agree.

  33. Sarcasticus says:

    I am an optimist when it comes to sports. I have to be. I root for the Seahawks and the Mariners (going for second sweep in a row!). I spend lots of time watching college football and reading many different perspectives on players and such.

    With that said, I am not excited at all about this draft. I don’t think you can grade it because we haven’t seen the players on the field yet, but my gut says unimpressive.

    Last year, I think it is safe to say we were all excited, and I think for the most part we were all rewarded with an upgrade in talent on the field. All the pundits thought the Seahawks did great in the draft. All the newspapers were calling it the best. Kiper, Mayock, Rang all had glowing reviews. Everyone was excited.

    This year those same people are not. Now we call them talking heads and–heaven forbid—internet people!. This is not a great draft. They started with who I thought (I know…who the hell am I, right?) was a second rounder and then just kept picking that way throughout the draft.

    I hope many of these players make strong contributions to the team. At some point (maybe through free agency) they need to add stars. I don’t see any stars picked by this team this year.

  34. Stevos says:

    I’m still wondering what the actual source is on the supposed trade for Carson Palmer. I understand that some doofuses chatted about it on ESPN. But who has the true scoop?

    Mike Brown has flatly denied he would entertain a trade. Bengals management has the upper hand and has no history of backing down in negotiations. The Benglas drafted a possible QB of the future, but they still need time to find out whether Dalton will develop, and they need a QB for the this year, so I don’t believe they would let Palmer walk. Is there some credible source that has this trade from Mike Brown directly? Otherwise, I don’t believe it.

    I like Palmer, but he’s 31. I liked Matt, but his body is toast. I like Kolb, but he will be hugely overpriced in this limited market. Curious that the Seahawks are “not concerned” about QB.

    If there were a trade Curry for Palmer, I think I’d take that deal. Not sure that I’d trade a 1st round draft pick for a 31 year old QB though, and I can’t imagine that Schneider would.

  35. Canfan says:

    I agree, BobbyK. Re-signing Hass should be a priority. Letting him go would be similar to the mistake the Seahawks made when they let go of Krieg. You don’t let go of a proven veteran unless you’re certain that the young guy can do the job. It’s always smart to have a savvy veteran on the roster.

  36. SandpointHawk says:

    The Dilfer comments I’ve been able to track down, but I can’t find anything new Re: Palmer to The Seahawks.

    King 5 News in Seattle ran a story that hit the web as ~

    ESPN Rumor: Hasselbeck out, Palmer in as Seahawks QB…by KING 5 News SEATTLE – Rumors swirled Saturday that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will not return to the Seattle Seahawks and that he may be replaced with disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals signal caller Carson Palmer,’s rumor page is reporting.

    This story has been pulled by King 5.

    You have to be an ESPN Insider to get to the rumors page….

  37. ruminator1 says:

    bobbyk i totally agree on whitehurst. my preference is to bring matt back, continue to confirm on CW (but be looking to next year for a franchise qb because i don’t think he will ever be it–too slow, indecisive and not very quick). would love to see kolb come but there are several teams that want him and the price will be high. i also have a dim fear that he might get injured again). as for the draft, i am hopeful but not optimistic. i do like the attitude of a lot of these guys. if they work out the team will be different for sure. way too early to tell. i’d love for PC et al to be right and the draft gurus wrong

  38. ruminator1 says:

    btw dilfer not the only analyst to say that hass is done in seattle. several did and they were not saying maybe.

  39. When ESPN gives out draft grades they aren’t thinking about football, they are thinking about what deserves airtime to sell ads on TV. They talk up Cam Newton because Cam Newton sells ads. For years they talked down Bill Belichick because he’s a crappy personality to put on TV. They cover the draft with the same mentality.

    Cam Newton was a reach at #1. He might be good in a few years or he might flame out in spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, the Seahawks did a solid job building O line, defensive backfield, height and toughness into a rebuilding team. Another team whose draft I like was the Bills, who stocked their team with solid defenders, not flashy ones. Naturally, both the Seahawks and Bills get criticized for not taking flyers on one of the questionable QBs available.

    I like to watch the Ravens draft every year. For years they stocked up on defensive and offensive linemen – tough and nasty guys who never get a highlight on ESPN. The formula works for them. They pick workman QBs to control the ball, and now they are adding CBs and WRs to flesh out the team. Good way to build a team.

    The Ravens won’t get accolades on ESPN for their drafts, but the talking heads will later call them the “surprise team”. Carroll and Schneider have the Seahawks on a similar rebuilding plan. I don’t expect ESPN to have anything good to say about it.

    That’s fine. We’ll surprise them later.

  40. It’s fun to read all of the good stuff about your team (last year). It isn’t any fun hearing how bad your draft is (this year). However, the only thing that really matters is how they perform in the future and nobody knows that. The only proper time to give it a grade is a few years down the road. What if Carpenter is a good NFL RT and Moffitt is the same at RG? What if they make up our right side for over a half decade and are GOOD? What if any two of our other picks turn into good, solid starters? Then this is a damn good draft and will be graded like an A or B in a couple of years. It doesn’t matter how it’s graded right now, it matters how it’s graded in a few years! Give it a chance. I’m mad we don’t have Carimi over Carpenter… but that does NOT mean I’m not excited about Carpenter taking over at RT! I’m mad that we didn’t stash Marcus Cannon with one of those 4th round picks, but I’m stoked about watching those other guys develop for us! We’re Seahawks fans and we need to support our new players. If they turn out to be crap, then we can criticize all we want. Kind of like transitioning a certain player instead of franchising him. lol

  41. SeaMack says:

    The only ESPN analyst I could possibly believe about Matt is his brother. If he starts saying Matt is done in Seattle then it is probably true. Dilfer and Matt were friends and could still be, but he is so far removed from this franchise his opinion is moot.

  42. williambryan says:

    I cant stand the Hasselbeck apologizing that continues on the comment sections of this blog. When his performance is so freaking inconsistent and the only thing that changes around him is nothing (i.e. his supporting cast stinks and continued to stink throughout the last two-three years) maybe he is the problem? Why so much fear of the unkown??? Everyone knows you need to take risks to get the rewards. This team needs to find out what CW is going to be and nothing, NOTHING, that has happened can inform us on what he will be. He sat behind Rivers and an established winning backup QB in Volek, for three years, who wouldn’t? He was brought in to compete with Hasselbeck and hasselbeck stepped up his game to lead the team to a 7-9 record…wow… We do know that CW played very well against the rams, and we know that he got beat up against the giants but he kept competing and didn’t throw 3 or 4 Ints in the second half like someone else would have been liable to do. We don’t know how a full season of CW starting will go. I say lets find out. Whats the worst that will happen? Your afraid Hass will go to another team and make them a contender? Really?? Wherever he goes he is going to have an equal td to int ratio (because thats basically what he’s done the last three years here) and that is horrible. Seahawks, please answer the QB question. Bringing hasselbeck back is not the right answer.thats keeping the status quo and the status quo is not good.

  43. bayareahawkfan says:

    Re: Hass, its amazing to me how we can all see the same events and draw different conclusions. One thing that is clear from last year: the notion of throwing Charlie out there to “see what we have”, especially if it means tacitly accepting losing, is anathema to comPete.

    As far as Hass and Dilfer gossip, I understood that they were on the outs a while back, but had had a rapprochement. For what it’s worth, Matt posted something to Twitter last week in memory of the anniversary of Trevin Dilfer passing away, so to me – putting on my forensic hat – that’s reasonable circumstantial evidence that the two were in contact cast week.

    Finally, To be honest, none of this “Hasselbeck is gone!” talk making the rounds of the NFL rumors echo chambers worries me too awfully much (I am very much in favor of bringing Matt back – want to see him retire as a Seahawk), even if the origin is a series of conversations Dilfer legitimately had with him.

    My take on the Matt negotiations was always that Schneider had a number and number of years in his mind, Matt and David Dunn (as you would expect, given the leverage the playoff performances gave him) wanted more, and that they left it at, “go see what the market will bear, and let’s talk after you put some tangible numbers offered by other teams to that ‘leverage'”. And they were going to end up paying more, giving him more years, or something along those lines – but not by volunteering it.

    All this stuff being put out in terms of a definitive statement that Matt is not coming back seems perfectly in keeping with the above dance, to me, because it’s posturing for more leverage.

    I mean, why would the outcome of this draft – no QB, OL-heavy – in any way cause Matt to change his mind about coming back? Is the inference that standing pat on the O-line and making sexier skill position picks was what he wanted?

    THAT makes no sense, when you think about it,

    Now please, please, please, can we get the league year started before June?

  44. bayareahawkfan says:

    By the way, anybody else read Harbaugh’s justification of giving up as much as they did to jump up in the second round for Kaepernick?

    He basically said that the Niners knew definitively that they got him one pick before he was going to be taken (we’ll pass on how convenient it is for the Niners F.O. to have such certai knowledge). Who picked after them? The Browns.

    Holmy intrigued by the kid from Nevada, and not sold on McCoy? Interesting,

  45. williambryan — You can disagree and be appalled at what I am about to say (that is fine and we’re all entitled to our respectful opinions), but please listen to my reasoning (and I have no problem if you disagree with it)…

    I don’t believe that it will be “status quo” with Matt. If we sign Gallery and actually improve every o-line position from last year to this upcoming year (Okung/Gallery/Unger/Moffitt/Carpenter) we are going to have a QB situation set up to actually be successful. Matt has not had a good offensive situation since the Super Bowl year (although pass blocking was good in ’07, when he had to carry the team, and did). Basically, we all watch the games and know that our overall offense has sucked for almost a half decade. The talent isn’t what it is on most good offenses.

    I’m sorry if Matt isn’t Tom Brady or Phillip Rivers. I wish he was, too. But he’s not Tavaris Jackson, Trent Edwards, Brian Brohm, or Alex Smith either. He’s above average (all things being equal), but won’t perform like it if his surrounding cast is a top 5 worst offense in the NFL. If I played baseball and I hit 8th in the NL (in front of the pitcher) or hit 2nd in front of Albert Pujols, which would I be better in (Me? I’d suck regardless, but I’d suck less in front of Pujols… lol)? I’m not saying Matt sucks, but I firmly believe (b/c we have watched all the games) that he’s been put in a position to fail b/c of the overall “talent” level on his side of the ball. Same with Charlie against the Giants last year — that poor guy had no chance that day (and all he was asked to do against the Rams was “don’t lose” and we all know he *probably* wouldn’t have MADE the plays against the Saints that led to the win or put the passes on the money against the Bears (that the damn WRs dropped like crazy) that would have given the team a chance.

    If you give Matt a superior supporting cast, he’s going to be very good (where others still won’t), especially with his experience/knowledge. If you give him a crappy supporting cast, he’s not going to be great (but still better given the situation than a crappy QB). If you give a guy like T-Jax a superior supporting cast, he’s going to suck, regardless. If Matt had that team (’09 Vikings), they could have won it all (and almost did the year after w/Favre… different circumstances, though).

    I simply believe that Matt deserves and should be our QB in ’11.

    I respect the fact that you think Charlie should be it next year, too (you’re right, he’s not going to improve as much as he should until he gets his game reps).

    We agree to disagree, but we both agree that whoever is QB in ’11 is set up better than any Seahawks QB with surrounding talent in a half decade, right?

  46. I guarantee that Lynch/Forsett/Washington will have better rushing numbers in ’11 than they did in ’10.


    Surrounding talent.

  47. chuck_easton says:

    Silva of NBC gave Seattle a B+

    Prisco gave an over all B

    Kipper is just upset that Seattle didn’t take a QB and every time Seattle was on the clock he was sure that Seattle would take a QB. The team made him look bad.

  48. I agree with BobbyK, but if CW is the QB for ’11, that’s OK too. We’ll be in a much better position to take Luck in ’12.

  49. First re: Kaepernick, Pabs pretty well nailed the high position of that pick. I taste crowJ

    Kipers reaction is expected when you deviate from that which he makes his living.
    Seattle didn’t stick to the players on the board. Carpenter over Carimi. Moffitt-eh. And others came completely outta left field, K.J. Wright, Kris Durham.

    Hasselbeck = Holmgren and his intermediate WCO short passing game.

    Palmer = Carroll and stretch the field.

    I’ll give up a second all day every day for Carlson Palmer.

    Second = Moffitt, Tate, Unger, Tapp, Wilson .. John Carlson required a second and third.. Doesn’t count =)

  50. ruminator1 says:

    re the status quo–there is also something worse: LESS than the status quo. hass had a decent and at times a very good season. if we cannot run the ball, what does that do to the qb? and if at the same time the qb is supposed to complete these critical passes, what if he has little protection? give him a decent line, decent protection and what does that do to his completion and interception ratios? he has slowed down, he did make some wrong decisions, but compared to CW? world of difference. you cw lovers love to point to his one success (and it was simplistic football, nothing to test old CW), but what about his horrible game? why could he not beat out Volek? i think bobbyk is right on and he clearly is no CW hater. i think maybe this thing will be clearer once FA is back in. then if hawks could get kolb for example and put him in competition w/and tutor CW, we would see,

  51. Dukeshire says:

    excile – I already tipped my cap to him and now owe him $10. That’s as much “crow” as I’m prepared to eat. lol

  52. williambryan says:

    We don’t know that CW will be less. He has started two games. MH wasn’t looking too good after his first 6 starts! But anyways we shouldnt have to debate this forever. I would just like to know that if the line looks like Okung, Gallery, Unger, Moffit, Carpenter for the majority of the season that if MH does not improve his TD to INT ratio, that people will finally agree that MH is done as a starting QB. If CW is the starter and can’t get much done, then I will be ready to move on from him too.
    BobbyK, I will agree to disagree with you :) It is just my belief that no matter what MH supporting cast is he wont be any better than a 20-17 TD/INT guy. I respect you and everyone has there own opinion :)

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