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James Carpenter meeting

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on April 30, 2011 at 10:17 am with 76 Comments »
April 30, 2011 11:46 am

This man is huge. He looks bigger than Okung, at least thicker. Comes off as very genial, but extremely soft-spoken. He called himself very laid-back, and claims that he’s actually much more out-spoken than he used to be.

He said most of the same things he did on the phone after he was drafted. He plays a physical game, he said. Tried to get him to talk about some of his best hits, but he said he had many of them and would not elaborate.

His mom and dad were there. The dad used to work in a pulp mill making paper. He said his favorite food is mac-and-cheese.

New Seattle Seahawks James Carpenter, with father James Sr., mother Geraldine and head coach Pete Carroll.

So … not really an enlightening interview. But it was good to see him on the hoof. When they called him a road-grader, it was very easy to picture.

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  1. BlueTalon says:

    “This man is huge. He looks bigger than Okung, at least thicker. ”
    “When they called him a road-grader, it was very easy to picture.”

    I thought that was pretty enlightening!

  2. Having a huge guy like this is fun… adding nasty attitudes like Okung and Moffitt is even better. Max Unger is the old man, a 2nd round pick from ’09. lol

  3. Maybe he can also learn to play DT on goalline stands?

  4. There goes Stanzi – thought KC was happy with their Brady backup?

  5. Marcus Cannon gone, damn!

  6. There goes Cannon. Great pick by NE! Damn!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    He’s a quite guy, nothing wrong with that. I thought that was funny too when he said he talks a lot more now than he did.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    NE is loaded. Great draft for them.

  9. DT Jerrell Powe is still available isn’t he? I kinda like the name. . .

  10. EyeAmBaldman says:
  11. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Yeah, I dig that name too

  12. I have him in my mock, too!

  13. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    The thing about O’Kung (lol) is that he’s lean and very muscular even at that weight which is uncommon and very impressive.

  14. I’m simply sick to my stomach watching Cannon highlights on ESPN. Trade a #3 next year to get him! Damn!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – Yeah, Carpenter is more like Colin Cole. Big round, barrel chest.

  16. I’d like to have had Cannon if just to play him at DT occassionally on goalline stands

  17. Aha! Jaquizz is a Falcon!

  18. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Dejon Gomes is gone….dammit! All these CB’s are going to be gone by the time we pick @ 154.

  19. Mike Mayock has said several times that this is not a good class for depth at defensive back and a lot of them are overvalued because of it, maybe the organization agrees with him? I have wanted a great new corner back for quite some time, the last three maybe even four years I believe , but if the value simply is not there, it could explain a lot.

  20. Lotta these picks starting to look like STs players

  21. Dukeshire says:

    JacDG – That’s a good point. Staying true to their own grades and not reaching, despite what those on the outside may think.

  22. The Eagles got a great player — Alex Henery.

  23. EyeAmBaldman says:

    I can live with that…but can we live with another year of Kelly Jennings?

  24. How about 2 prospects that still intrigue me? Demarcus Love (can he play guard? I hear he’s a run blocker?) and Ahmad Black, as a situational guy behind Cam Chancelor – maybe we could find a role for him?

  25. EyeAmBaldman says:

    I like both of those players, Oakley.

  26. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Nevermind, Black just got picked by Tampa

  27. Thought PHI just took D.Lewis, DB Pitt

  28. God damn bucs took my pick!!!!!

  29. The only players left that I’m personally very intriuged by, is Nathan Enderle (QB) and Mana Silva (DB) Silva is pretty fast, and a tall guy as well, could be good on special teams and in the Bandit package.

  30. TB took A.Black @ #151

  31. and there goes Yates. . .

  32. McElroy….

  33. HawkfaninMT says:

    I’d like Lawrence Guy as a back up for Red, Garrett Chisolm as some OL depth, Greg McElroy, Niles Paul, Jeff maehl, Terrence Tolliver, Greg Romeus….

    Lotsa talent still out there!!

  34. CBs C.Brown (TX), R.Sherman (Stanford), C.Rucker (MI St)?

  35. HawkfaninMT says:

    Chris Rucker also… That guy is big with charcter concerns, sounds like Jimmy Smith-lite!!

    … Pay no attention to the disparity in ball skills!

  36. EyeAmBaldman says:

    C. Brown was already selected by the Steelers. :(

  37. HawkfaninMT says:

    I will take Sherman, Solid pick!

  38. chuck_easton says:

    Ok there’s the CB for everybody

  39. R.Sherman (Stanford)! Take that Harbaugh!

  40. Wow. I just don’t get it.

  41. McElroy or Enderle have to be on our radar somewhere.

    Romeus intrigues me too if the Hawks are happy he will get healthy!

  42. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Finally a DB!

  43. Sherman eh – see the size and flat speed is there. But haven’t heard much about him. Maybe take a year or two to develop?

  44. EyeAmBaldman-
    Oops that’s Chykie Brown outta Texas, not Curtis Brown also outa TX. . .

  45. chuck_easton says:


    What’s the problem with Sherman? You’ve ad an issue with every pick

  46. Seahawks2620 says:

    Carroll and Schneider must have a thing for dreads this draft.

  47. My issue is the same each time, there are SO many higher rated players, I don’t understand the picks. They all seem like a reach.

  48. shouldn’t we draft a FB somewhere?

  49. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – That’s only because we know how the TV guys rated them. That doesn’t have anything to do with Carroll and Schneider, you know?

  50. Or sign one in FA (whenever that may be).

  51. And now a free saftey. Another reach for a position we don’t need.

    Either Carrol and Schnieder are some kind of smart (lets hope) or some kind of flakes.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – He projects to SS.

  53. EyeAmBaldman says:

    blocis, yes it is an area of need for depth. Milloy may not be back this year so we need more bodies back there.

  54. HawkfaninMT says:

    BANNON is the FB we will be grabbing… My mock has to get atleast 1 right! Right?

  55. chuck_easton says:

    Sherman looks like a PC type CB. 6’2″. And 195lbs. Pete likes his CBs big

  56. Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford, 6-2 / 194, 4.49 & 4.51-40s at his proday. 37 & 38″ vert, 11′ broad, 16 reps, 4.33 SS, 6.74 cone. Redshirted his Jr yr, went from WR to CB after. 49 tkls, 4 picks, 6 pass defenses & 1 FR his Sr yr.

  57. just picked a Safety. Doesn’t seem like a need position compared to D-Line. But picks down in these rounds are for special teams depth too, I suppose.

  58. I get it Duke, but iits not just the TV guys. Check ANY website, any of them.

  59. EyeAmBaldman says:

    klm, gotcha. Chykie has a cooler name, too! LOL

  60. EyeAmBaldman says:

    HawkfaninMT, I hear you….I’m thinking I’m not getting any right either!

  61. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – I get that. By TV guys I’m referring to it all. It does feel like reaches at times but again, that’s only because we’re not privy to their evaluation process.

  62. Mark Legree apparently has about 20 interceptions… that’s pretty good.

  63. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Agreed, Duke. All of this stuff WE have access to is trivial compared to the research PC, JS and the scouting dept. have done. They have a LOT better info…anyone else’s ratings of prospects means nothing to them.

  64. Milloy is a SS, Earl Thomas is our FS.

    Hey, safeties and DBs are core special team guys, so we had to expect to get one or two of these. But I expected a better quality CB (Davon House was passed by earlier).

    I don’t know what the thought is on DL. I thought we needed 2 in the draft and expected them earlier than the 6th round.

    For me, this is a very weird Seahawk draft. Interesting to see how the media grades this creative application of ‘we will go our own way’

  65. EyeAmBaldman says:

    I don’t know why it matters what the media thinks of the Hawks draft.

  66. Eric Hagg, Tyler Sash, Deandre McDaniel, etc.

    So many higher rated DBs still available when Carrol and Schneider go off menu again.


    I will stop now.

  67. chuck_easton says:

    And if we want an idea Pete Prisco who rarely has anything good to say about the Seahawks gave us a B for Carpenter and an A for Moffet. He even said he sees several Pro Bowls in Moffet’s future.

  68. It doesn’t matter what the media thinks, it only matters how the new guys play.

    I just don’t get the massive difference in player evaluation.

  69. Aaron Curry was also rated higher than Clay Matthews, that’s all I’m going to say.

  70. Sorry, I will stop now (for sure)

  71. JacDG….. right on. I needed that!

  72. EyeAmBaldman says:

    LOL, JacDG…exactly.

  73. chuck_easton says:


    Also take into account the measurements of those supposedly higher rated DBs. If they are not at least 6 feet tall they won’t be considered by the Seahawks

  74. Chuck, I think the guys I was talking about were all over 6′

    But JacDG is right on….. we’ll have to see how it works out.

    You know, I expect a little off menu ordering at the draft by every team, but the Hawks are off menu every pick, that why I am scratching my noggin so much.

  75. It kinda looks like a reach every pick. Makes me wonder if JS is expecting to trade on every pick and get extras?

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