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Hawks select DE Levingston with No. 205 pick

Post by Eric Williams on April 30, 2011 at 2:16 pm with 43 Comments »
April 30, 2011 2:17 pm

The Seattle Seahawks select Lazarius Levingston with the No. 205 overall pick in the seventh round, the first defensive lineman Seattle has taken in this year’s draft.

At 6-foot-4, 293 pounds, Levingston can play defensive tackle or defensive end, so this appears to be a good backup for Red Bryant.

The Seahawks now have one pick left in the draft.

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  1. ruminator1 says:

    this one is a mystery. have been reading various draft “experts” and they suggest that Seattle reached on every pick except for Moffit and the kid from Appalachian State (by which they mean that every pick they could have picked up later on. not sure i agree on many picks but this one? rated 269th, with apparent injury problems and speed and agility issues

  2. “rated 269th” by whom, ruminator? By some “expert” who doesn’t work for an NFL team? There are two kinds of draft experts – the real ones, who work for NFL teams and do not publish their rankings, and then there are all the others

  3. Damn, stopped streaming, guess I’ll have to watch ESPN, I was kinda looking forward to Stomp The Truck..

  4. I like this guys just because of his nickname. “Pep” Levinsgston. Great name and projects well as a 5-technique where we desperately need depth.

    Also, notice all the players from the SEC! No accident there. Seahawks are picking guys who faced tough competition in college.

  5. It’s not like you’re choosing from a list of blue chip prospects in the 7th round.

    Not that this is a criticism, but Ruskell picked players from big time college programs, too. There are guys like Jahri Evans who are available and weren’t big school studs. I don’t care how they find them… I just want them found, whether they went to a big or small school.

  6. raymaines says:

    I’m sure somebody that was drafted in the 7th round went on to a 10 year career and went to the HOF, but I’m thinking it won’t be this guy. He was probably the BPA but I’m thinking he’s a practice squad kind of guy at best.

    One more meaningless pick then we’re back to the courts. Sooner or later we’ll be able to sign free agents and that’s when the real fun begins. Two guys from Oakland and QB. Yee Haw! Bring it on.

    I think the ‘Hawks can compete for the division title again next year, but St Louis looks like they have improved themselves. SF and AZ not so much.

  7. I wanted Shaun Chapas.

  8. raymaines says:

    And then, just to be totally optimistic, what if the ‘Hawks draft team has it totally right? What if the ‘Hawks can run the ball with the best of them and everybody stays healthy? They have a tough schedule, but maybe they win the division and the first playoff game at home. ……..

    The ‘Hawks offense controls the ball 35 minutes per game, the defense stops “big plays” and most of the little things fall the right way.

    I’m dreaming big, but hey, maybe. Maybe. Go SeaHawks!!

  9. JS picked NC’s EJ Wilson 6-3/286 last year. He apparently wasn’t big enough for PC’s scheme(?) At 6-4/269, not sure Lazarius Levingston is either.

  10. Sounds good to me raymaines. Of course, it may take awhile before our offense starts controlling the clock.

    Think of the 49ers last season, who drafted Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati – easily as good as Carpenter and Moffitt – yet those two still played like rookies until late in the season.

    But… we are headed in the right direction! A true rebuild!

  11. Oops – I see another weight for L^2 = 292#. Musta bulked up some.

  12. bigsmooth says:

    Holy cow Dilfer is absolutely destroying the Hawks’ draft on ESPN. Saying they will have a VERY hard time signing Hass (Redskins and Cards will be major suitors apparently). Killing them for not taking Dalton. Basically saying they’ve had by far the worst draft. Not sure he’s a draft expect though.

  13. EJ Wilson was cut after being injured too much to get the chance to compete. It wasn’t that he was too small. EJ caught on in Tampa and may still become a good player.

  14. beerbobj says:

    klm008. Not sure where you saw that he only weighed 269. See following:

  15. chuck_easton says:

    Don’t listen to anything Dilfer says about Seattle. He’s still bitter about his time here and has not had anything good to say about the organization since he left.

  16. I had heard an interview with Trent Dilfer after he reviewed all the TCU film and was totally in love with Andy Dalton . I just think Dilfer was rooting hard for the Seahawks to pick Dalton. He had me pretty convinced too. But I’m happy with our OL upgrade.

  17. Yeah Dilfer tore us up but then Kiper and Mayock actually were a little more gentle. Dilfer was just mad that we didnt take Dalton but I dont think giving Matt two big linemen would be a reason he wouldnt want to come back.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Dilfer doesn’t know his ass from deep center field.

  19. How about AZ ST’s DT Lawrence Guy, 6-4/305 (in case we lose Mebane?)

  20. Even if Matt doesn’t come back, I truly believe Whitehurst can be decently serviceable, he won’t get us to the super bowl, but we are still a few years away from hoping to be in one. Leinart is probably the odd man out in Houston, he might get a shot to be the roster, and we might still select Pat Devlin who I believe can be a really good QB given the right amount of time, which we don’t really have. We made the moves we needed to.

    Moffit and Carpenter will hopefully be a duo we can trust, remember how it felt being able to run with Shaun Alexander behind Walter and Hutchinson? While Carpenter and Moffit might never reach that level, they will hopefully be a force, we haven’t had one of those amazing drafts, but we’ve picked up really solid player and hopefully fixed out O-line issues for good, if Unger works out at center, we’ll hopefully have the O-line set for the next decade!

  21. GB took DT L.Guy. Sure hope we can resign Mabane.

  22. How about DT Ian Williams 6-1/311, Notre Dame?

  23. We absolutely NEED Mebane back. Be nice to snag a good FA DT also.

  24. Even though Carpenter and Moffitt will clearly be better in 2013 than they will be this upcoming season, they are, nevertheless, an upgrade for our right side from the “production” we got from RT/RG last season.

    If we sign Gallery, he is already good, and will clearly be a HUGE upgrade at LG in ’11. Okung will be healthy and will clearly be better this upcoming season because of it.

    Basically, both guard and tackle positions will be better in ’11, IMO. I am also an Unger at Center fan. I’m not worried about losing any production from that position (especially when he will be lined-up next to two players who Spencer lined up next to last season).

    We will be able to run the ball much better in 2011 and I don’t think there’s any question about that. Instead of being one of the worst at it in ’10, I think we’re definitely going to be in the top half of the NFL in rushing in ’11.

    Where’s John Kuhn? I think he’s a free agent, right? That would be HUGE for the running game, too.

  25. When this draft is over, how long till we can get them all signed and in camp?

  26. Or, how about USC’s C Kris O’Dowd 6-4/303 ?

  27. Sounds good to me, Bobby. But as for Max Unger, I think it will be interesting to see him step on the field next to Moffitt and Carpenter. Max is going to look a bit puny next to these big cats! ;-) Likely, Max will be starting C, mostly because he’s not big and powerful enough to play OG for Tom Cable.

    I was very interested to hear Cable describe his new O line as “Okung, — , Unger, Moffitt, Carpenter. He’s saving that LG spot for “somebody” it seems, and I’ll bet he has somebody in mind.

  28. Seahawks2620 says:

    If we could manage to grab Carl Nicks, this line would be set for a veryyyy long time. Probably a long shot, seeing as how he is already part of a pretty great line, but who knows.

  29. What else did Dilfer have to say? Just passing on a QB was his big issue?

    He may be bitter re Seattle (not that I’ve noticed that before), but he’s not a stupid analyst at all.

    That said, I’m not saying he’s some big draft expert – I don’t count any of the tv people’s opinions over the actual NFL teams doing the scouting.

  30. SC’s FB S.Havili went to PHI – did anybody notice if Stanford’s FB has been taken?

  31. The last pick of the 7th round… usually a good place to take a Kicker.

  32. heyyou_66 says:

    I think they are trying to trade down

  33. USC’s OLB Malcom Smith

  34. chuck_easton says:

    Stanfords FB/LB plays both ways. Taken by the Browns in round 4

  35. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeffrey Maehl or Oregon catching some balls at training camp. I think he’s still out there available?

  36. Malcom Smith, USC guy!

  37. Highlights of Smith look ok.

    I wonder, they liked McElroy and he was still there when they took Levingston. What are they up to and what does the Seahawk staff know that we don’t yet?

    As long as they’ve got a plan to add a couple of QBs somewhere, and that could include resigning Matt, I think they had a solid draft.

    They still need to add a little depth on the DL though.

    Don’t worry about what Dilfer says. He’s an idiot and was a lousy QB. He only got a Super Bowl ring because the Ravens D completely shut down the opponent.

  38. Remember, they could have drafted or signed someone like Brady or Manning, but with no blocking, they would be getting killed out there too.

    I can’t wait to watch our new “Smashmouth” style of football. No more reputation throughout the league as a bunch on cream puffs. Let them be scared we’re going to punch them in the mouth the way Cable’s boys did to us last year.

  39. raymaines says:

    Dilfer and all the other talking heads at ESPN like sexy picks. For all I know they might be right, but they ALWAYS want any given team to pick a QB, RB, WR, or defensive back. O linemen picks will never be graded very highly.

    I’m not saying Seattle was right to pick who they did, but Dilfer and ESPN are predestined to dislike the picks.

    Dilfer was funny today on a rant against kickers. Kickers are the guys the guys that score about 1/3 of the total points for any given team and set the starting position after every score. Keep in touch, Trent.

  40. raymaines says:

    Where’s the proof reader when you need him? Kickers may or may not be real football players, but you need good ones on your team!!!!!!!!!

  41. el_gato_furioso says:

    the 2010 draft will yield:
    3 starters in 2011 (Okung, ET, Thurmond) possibly 4 (Chancellor)
    3 regular contributors (Tate, Davis and McCoy)

    Even a NDFA like Pinkard could contribute

    the 2010 draft is already a success. If Tate, Davis or McCoy step it up as regulars and or eventual starters this may go down as one of the Hawks best drafts of all time.

    I think PC and JS at least deserve the benefit of the doubt after that one.
    I’d at least trust them more than Kiper or Trent Dilfer for crying out loud

  42. ruminator1 says:

    stevos maybe you can provide a really positive review of levingston by a source you trust. i could not find one that was positive by anyone. but then i couldn’t find a good one on smith either. i would agree that PC knows USC guys better than the reviewers, but still…

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