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Morning links: No Locker, please

Post by Eric Williams on April 25, 2011 at 8:18 am with 19 Comments »
April 25, 2011 8:19 am
Washington quarterback Jake Locker. (AP file photo)

A reminder that we will host a live chat with draft analyst Rob Rang this afternoon at 5 p.m., so have your draft questions ready.

Art Thiel of states his case for the Seattle Seahawks taking a pass on local product quarterback Jake Locker if he’s still on the board when the team selects at No. 25.

Thiel wishes Locker much success at the next level, but believes he will be better served plying his skills away from the intense scrutiny he would experience here in Seattle, having cut his teeth at the University of Washington.


“Whether Locker is the right guy to succeed Matt Hasselbeck is far secondary to the fact that the Seahawks are the one franchise where the most difficult position in sports will be a tad more so for him.

“The game is tough enough with a snarly 320-pounder in your grill. No need for a large primate lolling on your back.”

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post offers an interesting evaluation of Locker, saying he lacks the natural instincts and accuracy to be a productive quarterback in the league, and that he would not take him in the first round. He also thinks this year’s quarterback class is being “vastly overrated,” and the only one he would take in the first round is Cam Newton.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that the Seahawks showed the proper restraint on passing on receiver Brandon Marshall and going instead with Mike Williams after Marshall’s latest incident.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald takes a closer look at the offensive line prospects available in this year’s draft and how they fit into Seattle’s plans moving forward.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated says one reason this year’s draft might not have a record-setting number of quarterbacks in the first round is teams like Minnesota, Arizona and Seattle may be patient enough to wait in order to get their quarterback in free agency.

Stephen J. Dubner writing for discusses the risky nature of drafting a quarterback in the first round.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post breaks down Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder using similar route concepts that he will use in the pros.

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports gets an unvarnished look at this year’s draft class from former NFL scout Dave Razzano.

Mike Florio of reports of the 25 players who accepted invitation to attend this year’s draft in New York, only two are quarterbacks – Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert.

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  1. I posted this on another thread, but I heard aguments against taking Joe Mauer over Mark Prior in Minnesota some years back when the Twins had the #1 pick. There was going to be “too much pressure” on Mauer in Minnesota. lol

    If you’re going to be good, you’re going to be good. Actually, if you’re going to be a home town kid staying at home (like Locker or Mauer) then I think a Minnesota or Seattle type of place is good, as you don’t have the overly intense scrutiny as much as many other places (like some of those East Coast teams, Dallas, Chicago, etc.). I bet it would be tougher on Locker going to the Jets or Giants as a rookie (assuming one of those teams needed a QB) than it would to stay at home.

    I am not arguing that Locker deserves to be taken in the 1st round or about his college career. We’ve done that before. I am arguing that you don’t need to leave an area in order to be good.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I agree with Greg Gabriel, it seems that all these QBs are “vastly overrated”. The fact that players like Dalton and Kaepernick are thought of as “legit” 2nd rounders is preposterous. In any other year, they’d be later round prospects AT BEST. John Clayton referred to all of these rookies as “developmental”, which is a bit of a no-duh statement, but he solidifies the notion that Seattle should re-sign Hasselbeck to bridge that development. You can read his brief point here:

    And it seems Thiel’s point is solid in Seattle passing on Locker. I doubt he’s available, but if he is it could be a disastrous run for young Jake in Seattle. Just my opinion.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    With due respect to Mauer, the scrutiny on a NFL QB is immeasurably more intense than MLB catcher, regardless playing in front of their home-town crowds. That said, if Carroll / Schneider really feel he’s got what it takes to be the franchise guy, they have to take him.

  4. So Eli Manning wouldn’t have been able to make it in New Orleans? I know that’s not what you’re implying, but I don’t buy it. If you’re going to be good, you’re going to be good. That’s just my opinion.

    The “Is Locker going to be good?” debate is a whole different story, as has been rehashed many times before.

    I hope to at least make part of the chat with Rang today! Awesome opportunity!

  5. It’s a pretty good breakdown of Christian Ponder, and I firmly believe he could end up being the best quarterback in this draft, if he can stay healthy.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I think it depends on the player. But yes, I believe that getting away from home can be important for some. I think the right environment has as much to do with success as talent does, for most.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    NFL Network is re-airing the Welcome To The NFL from ’09 with Sanchez, Crabtree, McCoy and Curry. Sanchez said something very interesting that I never heard before (or maybe forgot). He said Seattle contacted him the day before the draft (Mora or Ruskell I presume, but he didn’t specify) and told him that they were taking him at #4, if he was still there. They didn’t expect him to be, but if he was, they would take him. He was stunned when they took Curry and they showed him at his house on draft day, he asked his dad what happened? “I talked to them yesterday and said they would take me.” Interesting…

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    You can’t teach accuracy. Locker has none.

    I’ll cry if they select him. There’s at least three other QB’s in this draft I’d rather have and they all could be available when Seattle selects.

    Biggest bust of this draft: Newton.

    Second biggest: Locker.

  9. Sando picked Mark Ingram at #25 in the ESPN mock draft:

    I really can’t see us going with a RB at this point.

  10. SeahawkFan12 says:

    ChisHolmes, you may be right on the bust predictions, but I disagree on one part. While I’m not sure accuracy can be “taught”, it can be developed. It takes a lot of work and it requires the player be “coachable”. For those reasons (and more) I agree that Newton has the best potential to be a bust. The biggest hurdle any player has to overcome ESPECIALLY at quarterback is learning the NFL system and terminology. That is why I’m not high on the QBs coming from spread/pistol offenses. They are already behind the curve relative to the QBs who played the pro-style offenses.

    Again, this is not the year to be in need of a QB. It’d be awesome to get Luck next year, but you never know what will shake out…is it Thursday yet? ;)

  11. Why can’t you teach accuracy? Bring in a Zen QB coach. If SEA picks Locker, maybe the first year or two he should spend in unlearning bad habits, acquiring a good stance, getting healthy, coached up and throwing countless repetitions on the scout team. You don’t normally take QBs that need further development in the 1st round, but you might if you see him as a rough diamond that only needs a little polishing and you know he’ll be gone to another team before you can pick again. All depends on the team and if another team would let us trade down. Maybe. . .

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – I totally agree.

    klm008 – What is a “Zen QB coach”?

  13. bobbyj0708 says:

    If Seattle doesn’t take at least one OL with a high pick and/or grab someone talented in free agency (if there is free agency) then I think that would be a huge mistake. Just think how much the Hawks would improve if they had even an average running game. Beast, JF and LW would be better, whoever plays QB won’t be asked to do as much and probably the best thing would be the defense wouldn’t be on the field so much. I really feel getting the O-line up to snuff would give Seattle the biggest bang for their buck right now.

  14. I admit that I don’t know much of Locker (I never saw a full game of his until this year) but I read an artile yesterday where he was compared to Favre in not having many check-downs (i.e. low completion percentage). I am not going to claim to know the UW offense or anything like that and in the games I saw he was usually running around for his life, but it was an interesting read. I’d post the link but am too lazy to find it. If you’re really curious, it was something posted from yesterday or the day before.

    Duke – I will agree with your point with an average player but if you’re a star, I think you’re going to be a star regardless. I can see the ‘average joe’ stuff though.

  15. I agree with Sando that the Seahawks showed the “proper restraint on passing on receiver Brandon Marshall and going instead with Mike Williams.”

    Its so obvious now, of course… that now I am forced to enjoy the egg on my face after writing here last offseason that I very much wanted the Seahawks to sign Marshall. Thank goodness cooler head prevailed. I still don’t think Williams is close to the WR that Marshall could be, but at least Williams isn’t a complete idiot. Good job once again, Scheider and Carroll.

  16. Duke-
    I wasn’t just using ‘Zen QB coach’ to be flippant, really. A Zen QB coach (a term made up especially for Locker) would be a QB coach who specialized in training the consciousness of the QB to be cooly efficient under any amount of pressure. The knock I hear about Locker, besides accuracy is being quick to go to the scramble, and then to take hits where he’d be better off sliding or going outta bounds. If I could give you a proper name, I’d be shouting it daily from the hill by the VMAC (if they’d let the fans back up there). Zorn? Holmgren? Gruden? Carl Smith??

  17. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “The number of sacks Locker takes can be directly tied to his lack of top instincts”

    What an idiot.

    He also goes on to call Cam Newton the best QB prospect in this draft. Yeah, right. I’d rather take Locker than that bumbling 1-year wonder any day.

  18. ChrisHolmes says:

    Even Polian believes you can’t teach accuracy. I’d trust a guy who’s been doing this for a living for a long time…

    But even then, I’m just going by what I’ve seen over my lifetime of watching football. I’m no pro scout, but I’ve never seen a guy get significantly more accurate at the pro level (we have seen, however, some halfway accurate college QB’s get worse in the pros, because the game is faster and more difficult).

    The QB’s who have always been successful at the NFL level have more or less already been accurate in college. They get knocked (as everyone does pre-draft) on stupid stuff, like being slow in the 40 (as if that were the most important stat for a QB in the NFL).

    It’s the nature of the beast. It’s the draft. I saw Peter King retweet something the other day (and I can’t recall who to credit this with correctly) but the sentiment was (paraphrasing): “By the time we’re done analyzing these kids pre-draft, none of these them can play.”

    Locker was, for better or worse, horribly inaccurate as a college QB. He’s not going to get any better in the NFL.

    Locker reminds me (cringe now) of Rick Mirer. I was a big Mirer fan when I was younger – and dumber. Mirer’s completion percentage his senior season? 51%. And like Locker, he ran a lot – too much. First sign of trouble, Mirer ran. Locker will do the same. And when he does throw he’ll have accuracy problems.

    I mean, Crikey, Whitehurts gives me the chills with his accuracy issues on short and intermediate throws and stuff outside the hashes. And you guys want Locker?

    As unsexy as it is, I’d rather have a lineman over Locker (and I’m probably one of the only people on this board who hopes they take a QB this draft – and I hope they resign Matt).

    My ideal world… they’d trade back into the early 2nd and pickup a 3rd, grab Mallet, resign Matt, and let Mallet sit for a year or two. I think Mallet – with the right team and set of coaches around him – has the potential to be the one star QB out of this draft. Dalton – maybe. But I don’t see enough from any of the other QB’s to make me believe any of them will be more than an Akili Smith.

    Mallet… I think he’s got everything it takes to succeed. The question will be whether the off-field concerns are legit and something to continue worrying about. Warren Sapp managed to leave all the juvenile stuff behind and he had huge question marks coming out. So did Randy Moss and he’s going to the HoF.

    Not saying anything like that for Mallet – I am just saying, sometimes guys can shed their college immaturity at the next level. And sometimes (Dez Bryant) they can’t.

  19. Seahawkgo says:

    Locker has no talent at all to lead Seahawks to SB.

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