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TNT 2011 mock draft

Post by Eric Williams on April 24, 2011 at 8:58 am with 48 Comments »
April 24, 2011 9:46 am

Here’s the Tacoma News Tribune’s mock draft for this year as predicted by some guy named Eric Williams.

Cam Newton – QB, Auburn
Ht: 6-6 Wt: 250
Comment: Questions aside, Newton’s overwhelming talent wins Panthers over.

Marcell Dareus – DT, Alabama
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 319
Comment: The most complete player in a deep, talented defensive line class.

Von Miller – OLB, Texas A&M
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 246
Comment: Bills need an elite pass rusher after finishing with 27 sacks last season, tied for 27th.

A.J. Green – WR, Georgia
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 207
Comment: The T.O.-Ochocinco show has run its course in Cincinnati.

Blaine Gabbert – QB, Missouri
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 234
Comment: Cardinals would like a veteran signal-caller, but it’s hard to pass up perhaps the most polished thrower in the draft.


Robert Quinn – DE, North Carolina
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 265
Comment: Browns get one of the best pass rushers in the draft at a need position.


Patrick Peterson – CB, LSU
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 219
Comment: Perhaps the safest pick in the draft, Peterson will have an impact in the secondary and the return game.


Nick Fairley – DT, Auburn
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 314
Comment: Fairley’s defensive line coach at Auburn was Tracy Rocker, now the D-line coach for the Titans.

Tyron Smith – T, Southern Cal
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 307
Comment: Cowboys need another tackle to keep Tony Romo upright.

Jake Locker – QB, Washington
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 231
Comment: Coach Mike Shanahan likes a quarterback who can move, so Locker fits here.

Aldon Smith – OLB, Missouri
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 255
Comment: Has the ability to develop into a DeMarcus Ware-type pass rusher, with ex-Cowboys coach Wade Phillips taking over Texans defense.

Da’Quan Bowers – DE, Clemson
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 280
Comment: Vikings benefit from the talented pass rusher slipping down the draft board.

Prince Amukamara – CB, Nebraska
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 206
Comment: Lions will be giddy if he’s still available here.

Julio Jones – WR, Alabama
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 220
Comment: Rams add an explosive playmaker on the perimeter for Sam Bradford.

Mark Ingram – RB, Alabama
Ht: 5-9 Wt: 215
Comment: The most complete back in this year’s draft, Ingram is an instant upgrade for the Dolphins.

Cameron Jordan – DE, California
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 287
Comment: Joins former Bears teammate Tyson Alualu to give Jags potent pass rush.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – NO. 17 (from Oakland)

J.J. Watt – DE, Wisconsin
Ht: 6-6 Wt: 290
Comment: Watt has the size and skill set Patriots look for in a defensive end in the 3-4.


Akeem Ayers – LB, UCLA
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 254
Comment: Chargers need some production for underperforming linebackers.

Mike Pouncey – G, Florida
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 303
Comment: Giants need to do a better job of protecting QB Eli Manning.


Ryan Kerrigan – DE, Purdue
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 267
Comment: Bucs get their pass rusher in the relentless Kerrigan.


Anthony Castonzo – T, Boston College
Ht: 6-7 Wt: 311
Comment: Chiefs get the best offensive tackle prospect in this year’s draft to help upgrade offensive line.


Nate Solder – T, Colorado
Ht: 6-8 Wt: 319
Comment: Former tight end has the athleticism to develop into a productive left tackle.

Adrian Clayborn – DE, Iowa
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 281
Comment: Eagles add an explosive edge rusher to improve limited pass rush.

Cameron Heyward – DE, Ohio State
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 294
Comment: The son of the late former NFL running back Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, Cameron is a perfect fit as a 3-4 end for Saints.

Corey Liuget – DT, Illinois
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 298
Comment: Gives Seattle depth and insurance up front in case Brandon Mebane leaves in free agency.

Jimmy Smith – CB, Colorado
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 210
Comment: Considered by some to be the best pure cover corner in the draft, off-the-field issues drop Smith down the board.

Gabe Carimi – T, Wisconsin
Ht: 6-7 Wt: 314
Comment: The Outland Trophy winner is probably the most pro-ready offensive lineman in the draft.


Danny Watkins – G, Baylor
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 310
Comment: The 26-year-old firefighter is a perfect fit for the blue-collar work ethic of the Patriots’ organization.

Marvin Austin – DT, North Carolina
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 312
Comment: With Tommie Harris gone, the Bears need an explosive rusher inside.

Phil Taylor – DT, Baylor
Ht: 6-4 Wt: 355
Comment: Mammoth tackle provides anchor for Jets up front.


Aaron Williams – CB, Texas
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 204
Comment: Steelers haven’t had a Pro Bowl cornerback since Rod Woodson made it for the seventh time in 1996.

Derek Sherrod – T, Mississippi State
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 321
Comment: Packers looking for a left tackle of the future.

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  1. Oh, you’re killiin me Eric! Lose Mebane and add Liuget? Yes, this may happen, but it would simply put us right back where we started. Zero progress. I’d hate that. Mebane needs a contract, and we need to ADD players around him.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, when I took Solder yesterday for the Colts, you said he may not be athletic enough to play LT! Lol. Glad to see you came around.

    Liuget is a solid pick (although I’s have a hard time with them passing on Smith) and ideally would be paired with ‘Bane and Cole as part of the interior rotation.

    Stevo – ‘Bane simply doesn’t provide the interior pass rush from the 3-tech spot this defense needs to improve. Even if they lose him in FA, adding Liuget is a net gain, at least from a potential standpoint. I want them to re-sign him too, but he’s awfully one-dimensional at 3-tech.

  3. Ditto what Duke said ;-)!

  4. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Eric, why pass on Smith or Carimi to grab Liuget? Just curious…

  5. Gabbert’s going number 3 to the Bills and if this draft pans out the way Eric thinks, the Seahawks will select one of the remaining QBs with number 25.

  6. Agreed that Liuget could be a net gain and could start over Mebane. But losing Mebane? That would devastate me since he’s one of the few real playmakers on our roster.

    Also, I would seriously question not going with Smith, Carimi, or Watkins in the above scenario, since all are bigger needs than DT. I don’t think our team can afford to draft BPA and end up with a bunch of good DTs and no offense. Still, I think Schneider will do everything possible to trade down and not pick at 25.

  7. I think the Seahawks want to trade out of number 25 because Colin Kaepernick is their man and they want to get him early in the second round.

  8. SeahawkFan12: When you look at the players Seattle has under contract right now, there’s not a lot of depth at defensive line. Add to the fact that Mebane could be gone in free agency and defensive line has the most depth in this year’s draft, then Liuget appears to be the most logical choice. I’m not sold on Jimmy Smith. The off-the-field issues are concerning, in my opinion, particularly after what just happened with Brandon Marshall.

    Pabuwal: Seattle basically gave up a second-round choice to secure Whitehurst, so I question whether the will use a first or second-round pick on a quarterback that is not a slam dunk franchise QB. I think they draft a developmental prospect and fill in the gaps in free agency.

  9. Gentleman, It’s 101 Hours till Showtime!

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting look by Yahoo Sports (I know, I know. They’re usually pretty awful) at teams’ best and worst first round draft picks. Sadly, Seattle could have gone a couple different ways with the worst.

    Also, is it bad that a friend and I are making draft analogies to religious figures today? Like Goliath; boom or bust. Whereas David, with limited skill-set, was just a playmaker. And Jesus; workout warrior with all the intangibles who couldn’t manage to say on the field. Lol. (At least we think they are funny…)

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Kaepernick as an early second round pick? There’s no way a team in need of a QB anytime soon takes him. That is, he’s a major project. I predict 4th at earliest.

    Eric, I think you make a good point about the 3rd for CW last year. That reasoning actually make me feel even stronger about Stanzi and / or McElroy.

  12. I like McElroy late also, but I think you’re (Duke) wrong about Kaepernick. He definitely will not last past the 2nd round. QBs who have the potential to win despite mediocre to bad OLs are in great demand in today’s NFL. Gone are the days where teams need Pro Bowlers on the OL to make it to the playoffs or even the Super Bowl. The Seahawks OL with Okung last year wasn’t that much worse than the Packers, Bears or Steelers OL.

    Given Carroll’s reluctance to displace one of the bottom starting QBs in the NFL with Whitehurst last year, I think they are ready to move on from him. They’ll give him a shot in training camp but they won’t ride with just him. He was exactly what his SD preseason performances showed him to be.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    We’ll find out in 4 short days about Kaepernick. And we’ve discussed this before, but I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of the Packers and Steelers o-lines. (And the Bears early season, injury laden o-line was not what they became late.) If o-lines weren’t as important as you are suggesting, the two teams in the Super Bowl last year wouldn’t have invested 1st rounders to their respective lines last April.

    And we know Schneider will draft a QB at some point. He has said as much just last week. But to think it would be a player with as much work to do as Kaepernick is impossible for me to believe.

  14. In one week after we dissect the picks, we won’t have much football left to talk and argue about!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Sadly, that’s true. No UFAs to sign. No rookie mini-camp. Absolutely sucks. As I said the other day, I genuinely hope the NY crown boo the hell out of Goodell Thursday night when he takes the podium, regardless which side they fall on. He represents the whole ugly mess and the fact neither side is serious about reaching an agreement in a timely manor.

  16. Hey, the Canadian Football League is still going on right? OR, you could try and watch some soccer instead (I’m European, I can’t help it)

  17. I am okay at best with Mallot in the 2nd – fine with ponder in the 2nd. the rest of the guys 3rd-5th round!!!!

    and if we take a QB at #25 this year with the guys available – Especially with way more pressing needs. OL,DL,CB – then we deserve to lose for the next 3-5 years until they discover that the guy we drafted wasn’t ready.

    I just don’t feel these guys are any better than what we have now. BUT I have been wrong in the past, but just the fact that even the NFL experts are soooo split on these guys makes me nervous.

    on this mock I would be happy with any of the guys that go 25-28 or even 32 for that matter. Wish I could get somewhere on Thursday to see the 1st round with people.

  18. Oh, and just to touch on the mock, it looks very plausible, but I wouldn’t be too happy if it turned out this way. I’m not the biggest fan of Liuget, and with all of Seattle’s division rivals getting what might be the best players on their respective position, well, that wouldn’t be too good for Seattle.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    JacDG – No footy for me, thank you. (And we have the Portland Timbers first season in the MLS just starting.) I suppose it gives me more time to golf and play the ponies. (Plus college football should the NFL actually miss games, as I think they might, at this point.)

  20. The only way the NFL doesn’t miss games is if the Players are successful on the appeals up to the Supreme Court after Judge Nelson rules for them on Monday.

  21. I think Kaepernick is drafted on Friday (when they have the 2nd-3rd round of the draft).

    A talent depleted team cannot draft one position in the 1st round and let one of their few quality starters leave at that same position (Mebane). That’s not how you rebuild.

    We’ve covered the fact that Mebane doesn’t get the pass rush necessary at the 3-tech, but he’s a good player who must be kept. There’s no crime against having 3 good DTs (especially a guy like Mebane who can handle both interior positions) and I would be fine with a DT at #25 as long as it didn’t mean allowing Mebane to leave. Again, that would be pointless, IMO, even with the net pass rushing gain (which I totally agree IS needed).

    I have no idea what’s going to happen with this new CBA. It’s frustrating for everyone, I’m sure. There’s a chance that Mebane will be restricted and he’ll be a Seahawk no matter what next year and all this talk is pointless. There’s also the possibility that he could be free and gone. We just don’t know.

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    If Kaepernick is drafted before the 4th, there will be a lot of chuckling from 31 other war rooms. That kid is good, but as Duke said, he is a MAJOR project. He’s not an under-center QB (he ran the Pistol at Nevada). No way he’s drafted in the 2nd, and hard to believe he’ll go in the 3rd. Call me out if I’m wrong, but the fact that people are saying that about Kaepernick is indicative of the lower quality of the overall QB class this year.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – Drafting someone like Liuget or Wilkerson and Mebane walking are not mutually exclusive, IMO. In fact, I can’t imagine they draft a DT unless they were committed to re-signing ‘Bane (at a reasonable price). Not only would Liuget and / or Wilkerson play 3-tech but can move to LDE as well. Then, the would the starting talent improve, so too would the depth as ‘Bane can also plat NT / 1-tech and Red would have a level of insurance. I’m not selling the idea, but it has merit to be sure. In addition, there is no guarantee Mebane even re-signs with Seattle. How about passing on Liuget and someone offers Mebane a deal Seattle’s not prepared to match (and remember he’s tagged with an original round tender)? A realistic possibility considering he’ll receive attention in FA. How thin would they then be across the line? Yikes.

    SeahawkFan12 – Agreed. If he’s taken before Saturday, I’ll be shocked. (And welcome being called out too ;) )

  24. Kaepernick will rise this year because of the Josh Freeman comparisons. He has great physical tools, great leadership abilities, has his mind in the right place to play the position and showed improvement every year in college.

    No one should expect a QB at the 25th pick to light the world on fire or even play his rookie year and the thought is another year of improvement will get him closer to realizing his potential in the NFL. I’d rather draft a QB like him late that takes a few years to become elite than a QB like Matt Ryan who came in at his ceiling which is Matt Hasselbeck 2003-2005.

    Matt Ryan reached the ceiling early in his career and the case can be made he’s regressed every year since then. He came out “pro ready” but didn’t have the tools or the physical ability to grow as a passer from there. Without a high level team around him, I’d wonder what type of performance he would really be putting up at this point. If a few of Ryan’s high end teammates got hurt, I’m convinced Ryan would look average and people would blame the injuries around him. That is not the definition of an elite QB. Elite QBs don’t care who plays around them, as long as they are sub-NFL caliber players.

    The way Ryan burst on the scene fooled people into thinking he will get to the elite level, but in reality, he came in as “good as it gets.” I see a little of that in Sam Bradford. It’s kind of like a Tim Ruskell 2nd round draft pick.

    I’ll be the first to admit that Kaepernick has definite bust potential, but his ceiling is as high as they come. That is excellent value for a QB at the 25th pick.

  25. As much as I can’t wait for Thursday… and as much as its fun to talk about the “top prospects”… I think that if things actually go well for us then Thursday might be just a tease and we will wait for Friday for our draft.

    I’m hoping the Seahawks manage to pick two, three or four players in rounds 2-3 on Friday. Nothing would be worse than drafting yet another “can’t miss prospect” in the first round and crossing our fingers for the next five months that he’s not another Curry, LoJack, or Jennings.

    John Schneider needs to demonstrate why he got the GM job. This will really be a great story to watch unfold. Schneider needs to trade, trade, trade, and draft a bunch of guys in the middle rounds to help this team.

    If he can do it, then he earns the “I’m not Ruskell” award!

  26. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal says – “Matt Ryan reached the ceiling early in his career and the case can be made he’s regressed every year since then.”

    I would be interested in hearing such a case. His passer rating in his 3 seasons has been, 87.7 80.9, 91.0. His TD to Int ratio has improved each of his 3 seasons. Again, I would love to hear such an argument because there is no evidence Ryan “came in at his celling”. And claiming that he wouldn’t be the same QB if his high end talent around him went down is odd considering the same can be said for every QB in the league.

    Kap is athletic and has a better arm than Mallett (IMO) but you now have him as “excellent value” at 25? That is crazy to me. I would be furious if they took him in the first. He’s not close to NFL ready from a read and progression and pocket perspective. As SeahawkFan12 mentions, he’s coming from a pistol offense. That may actually be further away from a NFL offense than someone coming from a spread.

    And Josh Freeman? I’ve not read that comparison anywhere. But I have read the Jason Campbell comparisons a time or two.

    But as I said, if he’s taken before Saturday, feel free to call me out. (Because at this point, I’m calling you out if he’s not.)

  27. Stat of the day:

    “Since 1999, some 110 quarterbacks have been drafted after the second round, but only six of them have been picked to a Pro Bowl – Tom Brady (sixth round in 2000), Marc Bulger (sixth round in 2000), Derek Anderson (sixth round in 2005), Matt Cassel (seventh round in 2005), Matt Schaub (third round in 2004) and David Garrard (fourth round in 2002).”

  28. Duke – I agree with everything you said. I don’t think we have anything to debate about the 3-tech or the DL in general. If we don’t get a Liuget or resign Mebane, then the status of our defensive line will finally match the incompetence of our offensive line. Ouch. Either way, that’d suck!


  29. Duke –

    I wasn’t clear in my definition of “regression” for Matt Ryan, it was regression from the curve Ryan was projected on after his rookie year. His stats are essentially the same as they were his rookie year, even though his Yards Per Attempt was only above Bradford, Anderson and Clausen this year. It dropped from 7.9 his rookie year to 6.5 the last 2 years.

    I’ve always thought the general trend of the YPA stat is very important to help gauge the growth of a young QB. Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers have gone up in each of their 3 years as a starter (2 other players who came in as starters with Ryan). Dropping by 1.5 yards over a period of 2 years is pretty steep for a player his age.

  30. pabs, I was going to ask what about Hasselbeck, but he was drafted in 98.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    You are correct about his per attempt ave. But to say that his 7.9 average as a rookie is an indication that he’ll not improve as a QB, is a narrow measure, IMO. Let’s take Tom Brady for example; in ’07 he averaged 8.3 per with a 117.2 rating, but last year he “fell” to 7.9 per with a 111.0 rating, yet some have argued that ’10 was his best season in the league. Unanimous MVP. 36 TDs 4 picks… And while Ryans per att ave has indeed dropped, his passer rating and TD / Int ratio was better last year than rookie season, when he posted his highest per att ave.

    It sounds almost like you feel as though Kaepernick’s celling may be higher than Ryan’s because it’s an almost certainty that his per attempt average in his first season will be the lowest of his first 3 seasons (should he actually get that many). I may be putting words in your mouth, but it does feel like that’s the argument you’re trying to make and if so, I cannot agree with that premise.

  32. Duke –

    No, that’s not the argument I was trying to make. Let me start by saying Ryan is a really good QB – the type who will win a lot of games with the right surrounding talent. He can’t afford to have a subpar OL or subpar running game around him when playing higher end NFL teams – much like Hasselbeck.

    Ryan came in with a huge bang his rookie year. Everything about it was incredible. It seemed like the guy was quickly going to become one of those elite QBs, people always talk about and always fear – right in the same breath as Manning and Brady. He was thought to be “pro ready” when he was drafted and he didn’t disappoint.

    But he has stagnated. The YPA is the biggest statistical example to cite. But I certainly don’t think of him as elite, I think of him as that next level down. He laid an egg in the playoff game this year with 2 game changing INTs. It’s only been 2 years and that’s probably not enough to judge him completely. But if my assessment is correct and he needs high level talent to play well, then he is going to encounter a massive rough patch shortly. Great QBs play great with an interchangeable set of players and those players tend to turnover every few years in today’s NFL. We’ll see where he is when he has no running game and the pass rush steps it up.

    I think the ceiling is higher for Kaepernick because if he can harvest his skillset, he won’t need a great team to be great. The great ones don’t care who the RBs are, who the WRs or how many OL are hurt or are making the HoF. They are able to elevate the team either way. In that same playoff game I referenced above, Rodgers seemed like he should have been sacked 10 times but each time he made Atlanta pay. It seemed the same way when Freeman played Seattle a few months back.

    I brought up the YPA as one of those things that jumped out with me for Ryan and my thought that he isn’t in the elite level, but I didn’t mean for it to enter the “where is Kaepernick’s ceiling discussion.”

  33. Eric should have a poll of who we all want with the 25th pick should all of the following be available (I’m not going to put Pouncey or Locker on here because I’m pretty sure they will be gone).

    Carimi, OT
    Liuget, DT
    Smith, CB
    Ponder, QB

    Who would everyone want and in what order?

    1. Ponder – not b/c I think he’s the best, b/c I value the position and think he can be good.
    2. Carimi – I think he’s safer than Liuget, but perhaps not as high of a ceiling (in defense of Carimi, I think he’s going to play in a couple of Pro Bowls from the RT position).
    3. Liuget – Would be nice to have a quality TRIO (if you know what I mean) on the interior defensive line unless you like watching Craig Terrill subbing in for Mebane in 2011. Ouch.
    4. Smith – Highest upside, biggest risk, IMO. Wouldn’t be mad about any of these picks though, although I’d love to trade down if we can’t get Carimi (I think we could trade down a few spots and pick up a 4th or 5th and still get Ponder).

  34. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Okay. I am curious though, what you think Kap will be able to do that Ryan doesn’t. Or what Kap will do better. Running is an obvious one. From a pure passing standpoint however and all that goes into it, I don’t see it. He is so much farther behind where Ryan was, coming out (release to the complexities of a “pro-style” offense.)

    Like I said, time will tell.

  35. I certainly don’t see him having anywhere near the impact Matt Ryan had in his first few years. But “IF” Kap can harvest his skills, he won’t even need an average OL or skill position players to be good – he will make them look good. Matt Ryan needs a good OL, RB and WR to look good (and he certainly is a good QB).

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Well, he’s a good guy from everything I’ve read so I’m not rooting against him in any way. And he’s got a cannon, that’s for sure. Just a bit skeptical.

  37. Carimi, OT- they may sign Locklear? Otherwise how could they pass on him.
    Liuget, DT – solid pick should plans for RT be in the works.
    Smith, CB – QB frenzy will leave better options on the board
    Ponder, QB – in GB Schneider helped selected Rodgers team needs being O/D line.

    Schneider answer to Sando when questioned recently on the draft:
    Seattle would like to add at least one offensive lineman and one defensive lineman in the draft. The team wants to add at least one quarterback every year as a matter of philosophy. Quarterbacks become valuable commodities even if a team already has a viable starter.

    2010, in GM Schneider’s first year with Seahawks ZERO QB’s taken
    Fair enough. Lets check in on his past 8 years at Green Bay, 2002-2009.
    2008 2 56 Brian Brohm, 7 209 Matt Flynn
    2006 5 148 Ingle Martin
    2005 1 24 Aaron Rodgers
    Maybe he was talking prior years. lol

  38. NFL 2011: 10 Teams Who Urgently Need to Upgrade the Quarterback Position
    1. Carolina Panthers- Jimmy Clausen Tony Pike UFA Matt Moore Brian St. Pierre RFA Keith Null
    4. Cincinnati Bengals- Dan LeFevour Carson Palmer RFA Jordan Palmer
    5. Arizona Cardinals- Derek Anderson Richard Bartel Max Hall John Skelton
    7. San Francisco 49er’s- David Carr UFA Alex Smith Troy Smith
    8. Tennessee Titans- Brett Ratliff Rusty Smith Vince Young UFA Chris Simms Kerry Collins
    10. Washington Redskins- John Beck Donovan McNabb UFA Rex Grossman
    12. Minnesota Vikings- Rhett Bomar Joe Webb UFA Tarvaris Jackson Patrick Ramsey
    15. Miami Dolphins- Tom Brandstater Chad Henne UFA Chad Pennington Thigpen
    25. Seattle Seahawks- Charlie Whitehurst UFA Matt Hasselbeck J. P. Losman
    Oakland Raiders- Kyle Boller Jason Campbell UFA Charlie Frye Bruce Gradkowski J. T. O’Sullivan

    2011 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks

    Top 10 QB Prospects
    1. Cam Newton* Auburn 6’5″ 248 lbs Top 5 Pick
    2. Blaine Gabbert* Missouri 6’4 3/8″ 234 lbs Top 10 Pick
    3. Jake Locker Washington 6’2 1/2″ 231 lbs Mid-Late 1st
    4. Ryan Mallett* Arkansas 6’6 3/4″ 253 lbs Late 1st – Early 2nd
    5. Christian Ponder Florida State 6’2″ 229 lbs Early 2nd Round
    6. Andy Dalton TCU 6’2″ 215 lbs Early-Mid 2nd Round
    7. Colin Kaepernick Nevada 6’4 5/8″ 233 lbs 3rd Round
    8. Ricky Stanzi Iowa 6’4 3/8″ 223 lbs
    9. Greg McElroy Alabama 6’1 7/8″ 220 lbs
    10. TJ Yates North Carolina 6’3 3/8″ 219 lbs

    WARNING: following exercise may cause mental anguish to the typical arm chair GM

    Who will these teams have for QB in 2011
    1. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton
    4. Cincinnati Bengals- Blaine Gabbert
    5. Arizona Cardinals- Kevin Kolb
    7. San Francisco 49er’s- Jake Locker
    8. Tennessee Titans- Marc Bulger
    10. Washington Redskins- Christian Ponder
    12. Minnesota Vikings- Donovan McNabb
    15. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Mallett
    25. Seattle Seahawks- Hasselbeck/Whitehurst. Sought after prospect at #25 emerges.
    Oakland Raiders- Vince Young

    Carlson Palmer retired?

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Not to speak for Schneider, but when he said that, I presumed (and do believe) that particular philosophy was developed under Ted Thompson, who became the Packers GM in ’05. And if you look at Thompson’s track record (including what you posted), a QB every year is pretty accurate, including his years (’00-’04) in Seattle;

    Josh Booty 2001
    Jeff Kelly 2002
    Seneca Wallace 2003

    It’s not an absolute of course, drafts develop in peculiar ways. And he and Carroll both said they consider CW a part of last years draft, for what that’s worth. Anyway, just conversation…

  40. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Your ’11 starters is interesting. Fun list and I can see a lot of those happening. Gabbert in Cinci would be good for that franchise. And I noticed you didn’t list Buffalo. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a bit under-rated I believe, too.

  41. tacomaguy33 says:

    I will puke if 49ers draft Patrick Peterson. He’s the best athlete in the draft and will punish the Hawks for years…

  42. Duke, I should have mentioned CW. But Ted Thompson hasn’t selected a QB in the past couple drafts. Looks to me like over the years he only drafts for them when he doesn’t feel he has a capable backup or for need.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has played under center in the NFL. None of these prospects are worthy of a high 1st IMO. Bills may go that direction early second if they covet a particular player.

  43. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Liuget to replace Mebane reeks of Aaron Curry to replace Julian Peterson. A lateral move AT BEST.

  44. Don’t think they pick Liuget with Smith still on the board (if they stick at 25)…

    Fast, big corners with good hips are rare beasts.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    excile – That’s true but I think as a philosophy, the idea stands. He did draft 7 QBs in 11 years. I’d be interested to know how many he’s signed to practice squads over the years in addition. In any case…

    ACIB – I think you are missing the point. They traded Peterson THEN drafted Curry. This would be an entirely different situation. And at best, it would be an upgrade. But there is a real chance ‘Bane could walk, and then they’d be left in a much worse position.

  46. BobbyK

    I’d go with
    1. trade down for more picks.
    2. Carimi, OT
    3. Smith, CB
    4. Watkins OG
    If those three guys aren’t on the board, get me out of the first round, and get me more picks.

    Ponder is a nice QB, but maybe no better than 2 or 3 others who will be drafted in round 2-3. We can’t afford to reach and hope this year. We need multiple good players, not a few with high upside and question marks. There will be lots of quality starters in rounds 2-5. I want numbers.

  47. HawkyHann says:

    Ruskell had a bias towards the south, just look at how many freaking Auburn football players he drafted. Now, Shneider has a bias towards his homestate of Wisconsin. Why else would he swap 2nd round picks with San Diego last year and give up our 3rd pick this year, plus pay him guaranteed cash like we already did. Then we find some washed up OLine who provided patch work, Ruvell Martin, we’re targeting a sleeper WR from UWisconsin-Stevens Point. The media has done everything they can to make us believe we’re not satisfied with Charlie. I’m not buying it.

    If Carimi is there, he’s ours. I’m fine with this pick . Losing Mebane would be a disaster. Pay that man, and lock him up. I’d think our Cal-Berkely backfield would be able to keep him around if the proposed offers are close.

  48. Every GM in the history of the world (I’m assuming) has given some credence to what they know and their area. All of us would, IMO, to a certain extent.

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