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Morning links: Hawks looking to trade back?

Post by Eric Williams on April 18, 2011 at 8:28 am with 21 Comments »
April 18, 2011 8:29 am

A reminder that we’ll host a live chat with Brian McIntyre of Mac’s Football Blog, to talk Seahawks draft and lockout issues, at 11 a.m. today

Peter King of Sports Illustrated provides an update on the health of NFL Films president Steve Sabol, who has a brain tumor, along with some draft tidbits, including this nugget: “Seattle wants to trade down so bad from 25 that John Schneider can taste it.”

Russ Lande of the Sporting News offers a seven-round mock draft here, with the Seahawks selecting Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn in the first round. has Seattle selecting Illinois defensive lineman Corey Liuget.

Pat Kirwan of the NFL Network has Seattle selecting Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith in the first round and Miami offensive tackle Orlando Franklin in the second round.

According to Pro Football Focus, former Seahawks defensive end Lawrence Jackson made the most out of limited snaps after being shipped to Detroit by his former USC coach Pete Carroll.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports the Titans have had eight quarterbacks travel to the team’s facility, with the latest Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet. Others include Colin Kaepernick (Nevada), Christian Ponder (Florida State), Nathan Enderle (Idaho), Andy Dalton (Texas Christian), Jake Locker (Washington), Cam Newton (Auburn) and Blaine Gabbert (Missouri).

Greg Cosell of the NFL Films evaluates Florida offensive lineman Mike Pouncey, calling him a reliable, versatile athlete that will be a solid starter in the league.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune ranks the cornerbacks in this year’s draft.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports says the second round of mediation is mostly for show, and according to sources that he’s talked to on both sides, there has not been that much movement because both sides believe they can win in court.

Mike Florio of expresses a similar pessimism here.

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  1. I say strive for greatness even with the number 25 pick. Supposedly, most of these QBs coming out aren’t future high-end NFL starters. My ultimate strategy is:

    Trade down and pick up a few impact DBs or OL. Sign Vince Young. Give him the proper structure and support. Taylor the offense to his skills. And all of a sudden, average to below average players like Marshawn Lynch and Mike Williams look like studs and the Seahawks are one of the teams to beat in the NFL.

    Or go with QBs with low ceilings thinking the Seahawks can spend 5 years building “the perfect team” around them. There are only so many times they can be the 8 year old bullies in a playground full of 5 year olds and win these 8-8 division titles.

  2. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I really don’t think I can bear another season with a sucky o-line and a d-line that is only serviceable but lacks enough depth to get the job done for an entire season. This game is won in the trenches.

    I know that QB is extremely essential to winning, but I really don’t think we see a franchise QB being available at any of our picks. Invest in our ability to control the line of scrimmage while we can. If we blow it trying to force a qb pick to work out, we’ll still have to find a qb and our LOS won’t be any better. Worst case scenario, IMHO.

  3. raymaines says:

    “Seattle wants to trade down so bad from 25 that John Schneider can taste it.”

    and Peter King knows this how?

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Peter King is a blow-hard.

    They would have to trade for Vince Young, he’s still under contract. That not withstanding, I’m curious what “structure and support” Jeff Fisher was unable to give him? From the outside, structure is exactly what Young had a problem with it seems. (At least from a study and preparation standpoint.)

    I do agree that this year’s crop of QBs has questions throughout the entire class. I would much prefer Seattle selects someone like Stanzi in the 4th or McElroy in the 5th or 6th than spend the first on any of them. (Although if Ponder falls to them in the second, they’d have to look hard at that. He won’t though.)

  5. Peter King is a bit of a blowhard but he’s a well connected blowhard. makes alot of sense when you look at whats available at 25. one guy at that spot is not as nice as 2 or 3 later on down.
    you dont build a race car with A spark plug. you build it with 8.

  6. Vince Young needs to learn how to handle adversity on the field and off the field. He needs someone he can trust to help guide him along the way. Young always seemed to be Bud Adam’s guy rather than Jeff Fisher’s guy like McNair was. Bud Adams forced the draft choice and forced Fisher to play him at certain times. That couldn’t have gone well with a coach who thinks he is better than he really is.

    Pete Carroll’s fatherly, rah rah approach is perfect for a player like Vince Young. Warren Moon can also help Young, hopefully with lessons from mistakes Moon has made along the way.

    Young is due a huge bonus – no way he gets that and he’ll be released as soon as the lockout ends. This assumes the Titalns don’t realize their error and decide to keep him.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Soggybuc – It would not surprise me to see Seattle trade back. But “so bad Schneider can taste it”? Please, he has no real idea what Schneider’s plans are.

    pab – Warren Moon can help Young? If how Moon has helped Newton is any indication, that’s not a partnership I would touch with a 10′ pole. Young’s 27 years old. He knows what he’s doing. As for Carroll’s “rah rah approach”, I don’t buy it. Carroll is willing to give players chances only if they have helped themselves. Even as late as the end of last season, he was “melting down” in the Titans locker-room, and Carroll and Fisher are close. I simply would be shocked if Seattle made a play for Young.

    As for him being cut, that too would surprise me. If they really intended to release him, they would have done so before the lockout. And the longer the lockout lasts, the more likely it is they’ll keep him. Fisher’s gone and Young is now having players (Chris Johnson) stepping forward and taking up for him.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    To clarify; Carroll would certainly question Fisher about Young’s work ethic etc… and I believe he values Fisher’s opinion.

  9. HawkfaninMT says:

    Left out of Lande’s mock, for those of you who haven’t looked is the 2nd and 4th picks. 2nd is Torrey Smith, I don’t know much about the WRs cause I don’t think the Hawks NEED one vs the need of other positions. 4th He has them taking Taiwan Jones… Just not sure how much that guy understands about the pathetic play of our OL and the lack of depth of our DL (Clayborne pick not withstanding)

    That being said… I wouldn’t mind the Pat Kirwin’s mock above that has us going with Smith and Franklin. Both would fill huge needs for us and Franklin could be a monster on the inside. WOuld still rather have Cannon who is available.. but not bad

  10. HawkyHann says:

    Seahawks first 3 draft picks. It’s a hogfest!! O Line, DLine, O Line.

    I cant bear watching another patchwork oline. Washed up old men with blown out knees. We’ve tried that and learned that system is not the formula for success. I know drafting Oline is not the sexy pick but its a neccessity. Just do it and get it over with.

    I’d take Charlie Whizzle this season over any of these college QBs. Except for Newton, he’s pretty special but will be long gone.

  11. Duke – I dont think it happens either. I give it 10% chance it happens. I’m just stating the way I would do it.

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Peter King is an idiot.

    Even if we do trade down (which is not a bad strategy and one I would support if the “needs” are not met at OL/DL in the 25th pick), Peter King is still a dumbass.

    I could see Schneider trading down for some extra picks and that would make great sense. I’d love to see a youger OL and revamped D line and maybe a 3rd or 4th round QB selection (McElroy?) to learn under soon-to-be re-signed Matt Hasselbeck. Not unfathomable….

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    I can’t believe anyone think’s Peter King is a dumbass… the man is plugged in. I read him every week; he rarely says anything without sources. I’d wager he knows something we all don’t but he can’t spill the whole beans.

    And Vince Young? Really? Who the hell would want him? He clearly can’t handle the demands of being a franchise QB for an NFL team. I mean, if you can’t QB Jeff Fischer’s team, you can’t QB for anyone.

  14. Even at a 10% chance of happening I don’t want VY on my team so I guess we agree to disagree.
    What I would do is as soon as the lockout ended I would have first class tickets to Davin Joeseph, Jonathen Joeseph and Malcolm Floyd. I wouldn’t let them leave town with out signing a contract. I would be in contact with Matt and Brandon’s agents and do the same with them. I would listen to offers to trade back in the draft or pick a DL or Jimmy Smith. I’d grab an OL with my second pick and and more DL depth with the 1st pick in the fourth round. I’d also have to renegotiate Trufants contract as he would be making too much money for my 2nd/3rd corner

  15. Dukeshire says:

    ChrisHolmes – He may have sources, but he still manages to almost always be wrong.

  16. “I can’t believe anyone think’s Peter King is a dumbass… the man is plugged in. I read him every week; he rarely says anything without sources. I’d wager he knows something we all don’t but he can’t spill the whole beans.”

    Good call. The real blowhards are the guys on internet message boards who think they know more than one of the biggest national NFL columnists, with hundreds of connections all over the league. Ridiculous

  17. I still think we will trade our Pick #25 to San Diego for their Picks #50,#82 and #89!

  18. hawkdawg says:

    What’s ridiculous is the idea that Schneider is actually sharing his genuine innermost thoughts with ANYONE he believes has the slightest inclination to blab about them.

    Any writer, King included, who portrays a team’s or GM’s wishes at this time of year as some sort of unqualified fact is doing his readers a disservice.

    This is the Time of BS. And Schneider can spin it with the best of them. Maybe he does want to trade down. Maybe he wants to trade down only under certain circumstances. Maybe he he’s equally interested in trading up. Who knows? Certainly not Peter King.

  19. When people worry that you’re going to kill yourself, that’s not a “quality” I want in my starting QB. I know there are plenty of other VY incidents, but that was the one that did it in for me.

  20. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Dukeshire Are you serious?

    King gets his pre-season picks wrong a lot (Carolina, Matt Moore), but I’ve been reading him for years and I don’t think the guy is *wrong* that often about much else. I mean, think about his job… The guy has to get fed misinformation more frequently than a foi gras duck. Especially this time of year.

    Now we see Schneider confirming what King said…

    I dunno. It could be totally off-base – a smokescreen because maybe they do want to pick someone at #25 – but this just didn’t seem like a case of Peter being wrong.

    Maybe I’m too much of a fan. I love the guy.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    ChrisHolmes – Well, I don’t think Schneider saying he’d be open to trading back is a big revelation. Many of us here have speculated about that very thing (without King’s sources). That said… I’m not a Peter King fan. Granted, I read him infrequently at best, and have found him to be pretentious and a wildly speculative and usually wrong. (And always an unapologetic name dropper. “while at dinner with Bill Belichick and Tony Romo…) For me, I put zero stock into anything he says. Last year for example, he was making “predictions” for what Seattle might or might not do, and none of them were accurate. Nevertheless, he’s just not my cup of tea. (But don’t kind yourself, I’d love his job. I can speculate like no other… lol)

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