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Lombardi: Hawks still high on Mallett

Post by Eric Williams on April 13, 2011 at 11:26 am with 45 Comments »
April 13, 2011 11:27 am

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network reiterated earlier comments he made a few weeks ago, again saying that he believes Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett is the best fit for the Seattle Seahawks among the second tier of quarterbacks that likely will be left when they select at No. 25, with Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert probably going in the top 10.

Lombardi likes Mallett’s ability to throw accurately down the field, and says that Seattle is not scared off by the Arkansas product’s potential off-the-field issues.

Mallett’s stock took a hit after he bristled during his combine interview in Indianapolis in February when asked to address rumors of drug use (which you can watch a portion of it here).

Add to that the fact that Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback left on Seattle’s roster and free agent Matt Hasselbeck may not return, and Seattle has some urgency to address the quarterback position with the team’s first-round pick.

“I think they really do like Mallett,” Lombardi said in a conference call with reporters this morning. “They’ve done a lot of work on him. I think Miami’s done a lot of work on him. I think there’s a feeling within the league that Seattle is hoping he makes it down to their pick at No. 25, so that they can get him.

“I think he does fit what they want to do offensively. He can run a pro-style offense, and they don’t feel the problems off the field are as bad as some people might suspect. So I do feel like that’s one area where they would feel like they’ve solved that problem if they turn that card in.

“It’s interesting, they’re 7-9 and they’re picking 25th. So they’re down there in the draft and they’ve always been very aggressive. So I think if they wanted to go get a guy, they would go get him and move up. But I think until the get the quarterback problem fixed it’s going to be very difficult. They tried to sign Matt Hasselbeck before we locked out. He turned down their last offer, so I think their expectation is they’re not probably going to get him back, so they better address the quarterback.”

Lombardi also said Washington quarterback Jake Locker is a better fit for someone like Washington head coach Mike Shanahan. Some mock drafts have Seattle taking the hometown product at No. 25.

“When you look at what Locker’s best skill set is, it’s to be on the perimeter and moving in the pocket,” Lombardi said. “He’s not an accurate quarterback and he’s not a drop-back passer. And Mike’s passing game is about being on the edges and challenging, whether it’s boots or nakeds and things like that. He’s looking for athleticism at quarterback. So when I look at Locker, I see a guy who would fit what Mike does.”

Mallett is scheduled to do an interview with KJR’s Ian Furness at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon to talk about the possibility of landing in Seattle.

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  1. HawkfaninMT says:

    Wouldn’t be overly excited if we draft him in the 1st, but it also wouldn’t break my heart. Would love to see him the 2nd though!

    While the topic is on the table… Who’s off-field concerns worry you more: Mallett or Jimmy Smith?

    For me it is Mallett. The really great CBs in the NFL have had a bit of cockiness to them. He seems to have gotten his head on staright in the years following his college missteps. Mallett is a QB that lost his cool when he needed it most, at the combine. To me that is a bigger concern than a Freshmen in college drinking a bit, or whatever he was cited with having.

  2. Im going to be sick if Seattle takes Mallett at 25. Give me a break, havent we learned time and time again not to reach just because we need a qb? From Kelly Stouffer to Dan McGwire to Rick Mirer, iffy qb’s taken out of desperation and/or owner stupidity have never worked out. While two undrafted qb’s and a guy we traded a third round pick for (Krieg, Zorn, Hasselbeck) have been the best qb’s in hawk history.

    So why draft a guy who at 22 years old runs a 5.5 40? He’s only going to get slower. And what Lombardi doesnt seem to realize is that Mallet fits Jeremy Bates offense, not Bevell’s. And Bates is long gone.

    Not to mention Mallets questionable atttutude, leadership, and off-field issues.

    Give me Smith, Pouncey, or Wilkerson, in that order. Hell, I’d rather have Torrey Smith–at least he has a great work ethic and attitude. I would rather have Locker, for Pete’s sake. Mallet? Blech!

  3. while this should not be meant as an endorsement of who i think the hawks should pick, i thought it would be best to post something that counters the statements on ryan mallett’s so-called “off-field issues”.

    in fact, i think i found this link from reading tnt:

    i watched those combine interviews, and mallett doesn’t freak out the way a certain cardinals quarterback did ( )… he simply chose not to address his drug arrest to the media, but DID say that he would gladly answer those questions for any teams’ personnel who would ask.

    i think mallett’s “issues” are all a matter of media sensationalism.

    ideally, we need linemen, both on the “D” and the “O”, but ruskell and holmy should have been smarter about drafting a quarterback to be the proper heir apparent, and this creates a need for the hawks.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    HawkfaninMT – Mallett’s for sure. And primarily because of the position he plays. QB sets the tone for the entire franchise. Whatever his attitude / behavior, it will be magnified unlike any other position. A supremely talented corner, WR, RB, etc… with attitude / off-field issues can be dealt with. Talent wins on Sunday, as they say. But at QB, there is a different standard.

    All that aside, I’m not convinced he is a good fit, tools wise, for what Bevell / Carroll seemingly want to do. Slow feet and a slow release generally don’t make for a successful combination in an offense that covets mobility and the ability to move the pocket. On the surface, Locker is a far better fit for them and they couldn’t be more different. (I don’t want a part of either one, but for the purposes of the conversation…)

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Holmgren’s last draft was ’08. I can’t hold him responsible for the QB situation now. Not one season removed from arguably Hass’ best season.

  6. My wish list, in alphabetical order, at #25 is Carimi, Locker, or Pouncey.

    My 2nd round wish list is Cannon or Wisniewski.

    I’m scared to death of Mallett! I saw Dan Marino play in person once and was amazed at how quick his feet were. That’s the thing that stood out to me the most. Yes, his release was crazy fast, but those feet could shuffle so amazingly quick. So, even though Marino was slow, he could still get around the pocket. I have never seen Mallett in person, but from watching t.v. you can tell he’s not the quickest guy in the world in the pocket. I’ll admit I was shocked as how slow his 40-time was at the combine too. For a guy who is going to have to be a pocket passer in the NFL, he’s got a longer release too. Does anyone else here see any red flags?

    I’ll admit that I was super high on him early in the season and I know that a 40-yard dash time isn’t overly important for a QB but, still, I can’t believe he’s that slow. And add the slow, longer release to that and I’m not sold anymore. If he had a reputation as an extremely hard worker and leader, then I’d be more willing to being okay with him at #25. But when you add a questionable (at best) attitude/work ethic, to a slow release, to slow feet, to slow straight line running… let me just say there is cause for concern.

  7. Red Bryant can outrun Mallet in a 40 yard dash. I bet Colin Cole can run a 40 in 5.5 seconds. THAT is why 40 times matter. While no one really cares if a qb runs a 4.4-4.9 40, running a 40 time over 5.0 seconds for a qb is pretty awful. And anything over 5.2 is just ridiculous.

    Can you imagine what speed-rushing DE’s and 3-4 OLB’s are gonna do to this kid in the NFL? They will eat him alive. As I said, even the DT’s can outrun him! And he will only get slower, not faster. Thats a sobering thought.

    Im just praying Seattle is doing the old Timmay! Ruskell trick of trying to drum up a trade-down partner for an extra pick. You know that despite his flaws, Mallets cannon arm and flashy stats make teams want him in the second round. If Seattle can make someone nervous, pehaps they trade up to 25. Wouldnt that be cool?

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I totally agree. I think he’ll get killed in the pocket.

  9. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Great. I really hope this is a smokescreen.

  10. I don’t know a lot about Mallet, but here are a few thoughts:

    1) In watching that part of his combine interview (linked to from Eric’s post), I don’t see what the issue is. I thought he handled the questions fine. He seems confident, and handled the questions well. If there is something specific that he did or said that makes him seem like he doesn’t have good character, I just don’t see it.

    2) The article that airbags linked to above ( is definitely worth a read. It’s long, but they do a lot of investigation into Mallet’s past, and they don’t find anything concrete about him being a poor leader, having drug habits, or anything bad. In fact, everyone they talk to says he is a good leader, and they quite frankly can’t figure out how these rumors started. He has a lot of confidence, and perhaps arrogance, but he can also point out his own flaws, such as his speed. They also look at his release and compare it with hard numbers against other QB’s releases in this draft, and it doesn’t seem as slow as everyone says it is…at least, when you look at the numbers. Also, in the video in the article, he seems to avoid pressure fairly well in the pocket. His biggest problem is when he adjusts, and then has to adjust a second time and deviate from the first adjustments he made, he doesn’t do it as well.

    3) When I was watching the combine, some analysts felt that he was the best pure passer at the combine. I would prefer a good passer over a good athlete at the QB position, any day.

    4) In the article from above, they also touch on the comparisons to Leaf and McGwire, and quite frankly, they pretty much quell the argument that he is anything like them.

    So anyway, I don’t know that much about him, but it seems to me that there are a lot of rumors floating around about Mallet, but when you actually look into it further, they are just rumors. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being a good quarterback…Tom Brady isn’t very athletic, either, but as long as a QB can anticipate and avoid pressure, it doesn’t matter too much. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Dolphins draft him ahead of us.

  11. I hope the Dolphins take him!

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes I agree that Mallet will get killed in the pocket for the Seahawks, and not because he runs a 5.5 40. You could put Vick behind our line and he would get killed!

    That’s a good wish list BobbyK. I hope we can get one of them.

  13. Soggybuc says:

    1. Mallet spent 2 days with Carroll and Co. and pretty sure it wasnt passing drills but picking him apart personality wise and if he has the mental acuity to understand and run NFL concepts. if they deemed him capable then it’s a non issue.
    2. Good coaches will always tweak and change thier systems to fit great talent. if his accuracy and range are too good to pass up they wont.

    I really dont want the hawks to take him but just trying t figure out the reasons they might. I would rather have Jimmy Smith or any lineman in one and two then snag Tyrod Taylor with our 4th.

  14. EastCoastFan51 says:

    Brady stats at combine, just for conversation.
    5.23 in the 40 and vertical jump of 24 1/2, not impressive by any means….

    just saying numbers don’t always tell the story. Tests in school are just that “a test”, while it’s how you put it to good use in real life that matters.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    EastCoastFan51 – True story. The numbers at the combine are only that, numbers. A measure. And as Soggy said, Carroll spent the better part of two days with him and may be impressed enough to take him at 25. I trust Carroll’s judgement and if they take him, I’ll be on board. I just don’t see him as a good fit here and would be surprised if they take him (should he be there).

    Soggy – I don’t see Carroll adjusting his offensive philosophy much for players. He’s already jettisoned one OC for “philosophical differences”. I think whatever players he brings in will be with the idea that they fit what he has in mind, for good or ill.

  16. Hawksince77 says:


    Thanks for providing the link. You did a nice job summarizing, but for some reason, people out there with very strong opinions (talkin’ to you, STTBM :) haven’t taken the time to check it out. I know, because I have posted that link in several discussions and keep hearing the same old thing by posters that haven’t looked deep enough into Mallett’s character and his game.

    And he won’t get killed behind Seattle’s line. Remember when he said he preferred 5-man protection with everyone out? He got the heck blitzed out of him in college, and he threw something like 5 TDs to 1 pick in those situations.

    He’ll take sacks because he won’t throw the ball away. He goes through his progressions and will check down if necessary. He will audible at the line to thwart the defense. As Naz points out, his biggest flaw is when the defense changes something up unexpectedly (the NFL will do that far more) he is less effective. That’s where he needs to grow, get coached up, gain experience.

    Seattle will be lucky if they can take him at 25.

  17. I don’t want to compare the 40-time for Brady and Mallett. I want to compare their foot speed in the pocket and their ability to avoid the rush. I have been lucky enough to also see Brady play in person and, while he’s no Marino, he’s quick shuffling his feet in the pocket. Does anyone really think a big slow guy like Mallett is going to have quick feet anywhere close to that?

    With that being said, I do think Mallett may be fine in the NFL. It’s his head, not his physical skills, that bother me the most. I don’t know of many people who have been “unfairly” labeled turn out to be choir boys in the NFL. Again, I don’t care if it’s a CB or DE character concern, but this is the QB position and I have no interest in taking some character risk.

  18. Hawksince77 says:

    As far as Miami taking him, I’m worried about that as well, but based on that long article on Mallett Naz posted above, written by a Miami fan with a specific interest in evaluating Mallett for the Dolphins, concludes that Ponder is more to Miami’s QB taste. (that grammer sucked)

    Anyway, I was also worried about Minnisota, but they may like Locker better. Perhaps a more likely scenario where Seattle misses out on Mallett is one of those teams that need a QB drafting in the top ten trade up in front of Seattle to take Mallett. Given that everyone knows Seattle may take a QB, that seems a possible scenario.

    Or maybe everyone keeps hatin’ on Mallett and he remains there at 25 fresh and clean for Seattle to do with whatever they want.

  19. maddog12 says:

    I ask, how many times has Lombardi been wrong? I don’t know what source he used (if he had one) or is just going on the two day visit and where he thinks Mallet might go in the draft. In any event, I don’t see PC or JS confiding in Lombardi as to who they want.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Hawksince77 – I’d agree, that’s a realistic possibility. If he falls past Jax at 16, someone may trade ahead of Seattle to grab him, as they would be the next likely team to consider him. So if Seattle is truly interested, they may have to trade up themselves to get him.

    And of course he’d prefer to have 5 in-protect and run 4 verticals. What QB with a big arm wouldn’t want an opportunity to sling one deep with the game on the line?

  21. Dukeshire says:

    maddog12 – Not sure about Lombardi being wrong or not. But Minn. had him in for a 2 day visit right after Seattle, for what that’s worth.

  22. Duke – as of right now, and I know this will change before the draft, who’s your pipe dream in the first two rounds? Today I’m at Locker/Wisniewski. I know you don’t like the Locker one, but what do you think of Wisniewski?

    Other scenarios I’d be happy with: Carimi/Cannon, Carimi/Wisniewski, Pouncey/Cannon, Pouncey/Wisniewski.

  23. NFLN has a mock going on right now and they have Mallett going #10.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ryan Leaf preferred 5- man protection with everyone out and he put up some very good numbers at Washington St. Almost good enough to be pick ahead of Peyton Manning.

    Comparing College defenses to the pros is like comparing Leafs College Career to his pro Career.

    I sure hope we don’t get desperate and reach for Mallett at 25. 2nd round maybe, however I hope not.

    The only good thing that would come from picking Mallett is that the Seahawks would suck so bad with him and Whitehurst that they would actually have a good shot at Luck in 2012. Kind of like Carolina picking Clausen last year.

    I can just see the the signs in the stands after we lose the first six games of the season with Whitehurst and Mallet.

    “Lets Suck to get Luck”! “Lets Suck to get Luck”! “Lets suck to get Luck”!

  25. Hawksince77 says:


    I wouldn’t take Mallett at 10 (and I think he’s the best QB in this middle-heavy class, meaning that there is no Bradford or Stafford an it, and none of them rate, IMO in the top half of the first) given who would still be on the board. Some serious talent, for sure, to be passing on that for what MAY be a good QB in the NFL.

    I think 25 is great for Mallet or Locker, but no where near the top of the draft. Way too many talented players, especially on defense along with a couple of killer WRs.

  26. Ponder/Dalton…

  27. Everytime I watch Mallett he impresses, I watched all season (saw about half of his games live). Since January I’ve been watching every video link I can find on all the QB’s… what about Mallett’s game is scary? I don’t see any “red flags” from watching him play. His 40? who cares – what’s Manning’s? Brady’s? Marino’s? Kelly’s? . He’s accurate and makes quick decisions… that’s enough to be worth the #25 pick for a team with NO quarterback all by itself honestly. But he also knows how to run an offense, change calls and has a cannon. What scares people off I think is the investment at the position and the opportunity cost of a talented lineman, I get it. But, we could flank Pouncey or Carimi with Jones, Jacoby, Matthews, Munchak, or Ogden out there at o-line and we’d still lose.

    Consider our alternative at QB: Whitehurst and a late round project (doesn’t that seem eerily like the 2010 Arizona Cardinals).

  28. It’s interesting you brought up Stafford and Bradford as better than this QB class… are they really? Neither could be considered a bust, yet neither has actually been very good so far and they were overall #1’s. The general consensus is that Bradford is destined for greatness because he was just below average in his rookie year. Let’s not forget he played horribly in a few games, one of which was the defacto NFC West Championship game, where he was outdueled by our very own Barry Gibb. In fact no QB drafted in the past two drafts has been overly good so far, with the possible exception of Josh Freeman.

  29. I think our reality is this… Matt is finished, we have to move on and QB must be addressed. When you NEED a QB you have to fix that ASAP. So our options are Mallett, Locker, Kolb, Palmer, Left Field alternative.

    #1 IF there was a CBA, Kolb for #25 would be ideal – safer than drafting either, lower return on investment though probably. Kolb for 2012 #1 (we may cost ourselves a very high pick in that scenario, so I’d rather go Mallett/Locker and keep what will almost certainly be a high #1)

    #2 Mallett: He has his detractors, but when he is playing the game of football he is impressive… His biggest skill is his accuracy, not his arm strength, however his arm strenght is tops in the class – he also makes his reads quickly and picks the right guy usually.

    #3 Locker: He has talent for sure, but he never put it on display… that’s worrisome to me. I love his athleticism and he provides some things with his legs that has benefited some of the greats (Elway, Montana, Young, dare I say Rodgers). He’s also a workaholic so the light may come on some day.

    #4 Palmer: Only #4 because spending a #1 pick on a 3-4 year stopgap is not attractive… He would make us the instant favorite in the division and make us a low level contender (think 2010 Bears).

    #5 Left Field: A flyer on someone’s backup (ala Whitehurst), someone like Flynn. It’s a low cost move most likely, so not a high risk, but the risk is if they flame out… we’re left with Whitehurst and Whitehurst part 2. Or as I put it before, the 2010 Cardinals.

  30. The only QB I’d feel good about getting is Locker. It has nothing to do with UW prejudice. The X-factor with all NFL players is not talent, they all have it. It’s work ethic and nobody works harder than Locker. Take the smart farm boy with a coach for a dad and an amazing work ethic over a one year wonder w/questionable intelligence (Newton) or the super tall with no athletic ability gun slinger (Mallet). Or any of the 2nd tier QBs, unless you can get them at a cheap price in later rounds.

    Seattle’s needs go far beyond a QB. OL, DL, CB, WR…

    Seattle has Beastmode in his prime for 4-5 more years. Get him some blockers so D’s can’t stack the line. Get a run game and everything opens up.

    Get a run stopper who can shut down SJax, Beanie, and Gore.

    Personally, I think the Hawks would be admitting their mistake in trading for Whitehurst if they draft a QB at #25. I’d have much more respect for the GM if he said Whitehurst is our guy, we’re gonna roll with him this year and see where we end up. There will be QBs available in 2012 as well. In the meantime, gain strength on the O or D line through the draft – that’s where every good team is solid.

  31. HawkfaninMT says:

    @ Sac94: I think you missed a couple options…

    #6 Sign a back up with the idea that Charlie has a chance this year as the starter and if he doesn’t work out we are committed to drafting one high next year.

    #7 Sign a starter. It looks like Vince Young will be available, Donovan McNabb should be available, Depending on how the draft goes Alex Smith may be available (if you think he could be better with a change of scenery)

    I personally am hoping for number 6. I feel like Luck and Barkely will be better than any of the QBs this year, and if Charlie is as bad as some fear, we should have a shot at one of these guys. If he isn’t then we don’t need either of them

  32. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – So hard to say right now. But “ideal”, I’d be pretty happy with something like Liuget or Pouncey then Ponder or Stanzi. I think there’s only an outside chance those players will be available at #25 and #57, but possible. I have to say though, if Mallett manages to fall to 25, they’d be hard pressed to pass him up. (I could go on and on with scenarios I’d be happy with…)

  33. Hawksince77–I have to admit you nailed it, dubbing me opinionated. I resemble that comment! But I also have the courtesy to acknowledge others right to having equally strong–even if opposing–opinions. So I hope I havent come across as disrespecting anyone else with an opinion that differs from mine.

    I watched Mallet in a few games over the last two years, and I saw more I didnt like than stuff I did. I have read several in-depth articles on Mallet that all–even the complimentary fluff pieces–noted what I saw; under pressure, especially against elite competition, his accuracy went to hell and he made dumb mistakes. Consistently.

    I cant remember the sources, but several articles by folks who watched a lot more game film than I did noted his completion percentage and qb rating went down the tubes when pressured (moreso than expected), and his stats werent too good against elite teams.

    Another thing that bothered me about him was his facial expressions and posture; when doing well, he looked arrogant as hell–Leaf-like; and when things werent going well, you could see it written all over his pouting face. I had the same issues with Jimmy Claussen and our own CW last year.

    I have also listened to interviews with him, and read transcripts to several more, and the general feel I get is that he isnt a very good verbal communicator, and he’s an immature young man trying to come across as mature–and failing. To me, that translates into a guy who isnt yet a leader.

    Which is exactly what I thought about CW after watching him in preseason last year. Both Mallet and CW appear to be tall qb’s with strong arms and underdeveloped leadership skills. Pouters. And I dislike, and distrust, both of them.

    I watched McGwire in college, and he didnt look as slow as Mallet in the pocket. He also made “quick decisions”–in college. His slow footwork and glacial release doomed him in the NFL. I think the same will be true for Mallet.

    But Ive been hideously wrong before. I hated Manning in college, because I could see what a fake-ass jerk the guy was, and everyone was kissing his butt. But of course he’s a great player. I liked Brian Brohm coming out of college, and he failed miserably. However, I seem to have been right about Claussen, the jury’s still out on Sanchez, and I was dead right about Bradford, whom I liked from three-four years ago. And among my friends, I am famous for picking Emmit Smith as a HOF’er coming out of college, but also the guy who insisted Brett Favre would never be an elite qb for GB because he threw too many INT’s.

    So Im aware that I am no Rob Rang.

    GB is NOT going to let Flynn go, certainly not for cheap. They will want a first rounder for him as well, minimum. And Kolb isnt going to go cheap either, it wont be hard for teams to outbid Seattle. Philly wont trade him for a single pick, certainly not the 25th. We dont have the picks to go after anyone this year, since we wasted a third getting CW to soothe Carolls worries about Matt.

  34. Is Mallet accurate?

  35. ChrisHolmes says:

    I sure like listening to Mallet break down a play. This kid has football IQ – he eats, sleeps and breaths this stuff. You can tell just listening to him.

    My favorite QB’s have always been pocket guys. Marino, Brady, Manning. I’d kill for a QB with a high football IQ, passion to be the very best and the arm to actually accomplish it.

    Locker – pffffft. Kid has no accuracy and the ball is definitely not live coming off his release. He’s going to have serious problems at the NFL level.

    @neklok Intangibles like leadership and work ethic can only take you so far. At the NFL level, you have to have those PLUS the tools. Danny Wuerffel anyone?

  36. PS I did check out your link, Hawksince77. I ve read about 10 articles on Mallet from around the country. I also take rumors with a big bag of salt grains, as Im one of the people reminding everyone of Ruskells dirty trick in spreading the cocaine rumors about Warren Sapp, and all the BS that came out about Dez Bryant last year (mostly caused by the Cowboys who were desperate to see him fall). In both cases, the rumor-mongering and innuendo worked like a charm.

    WIth Mallet, I dont even care about the rumors of cocaine use. Ive seen enough not to want him as a Seahawk, for better or worse. But I respect your intelligence, and your differing opinion.

    Didnt Locker score like 20 on the Wonderlic? Very very poor for a qb. Mallet had to have scored much higher.

  37. Mallet ran a 5.37-40. Tom Brady was sposed to have runa 5.32-40. Would Mallet have better chance of success if he went to a C.Weis-type offense? Did Josh McDaniels get hired by STL? No, guess they won’t take him. Would NE take Mallet with their 2nd pick in the 1st?

  38. ESPN has a good article and video interview between Ryan Mallet and John Gruden.

    I think I’d still prefer getting a real solid O-Lineman in the 1st. However, if Hasselbeck does not return then we are going to need to draft a QB this year.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    klm – What is a Charlie Weiss offense, to you? Because from NE to Notre Dame to KC (not to mention his coordinating experience with the Jets and before) he has not a singular offensive philosophy, at least one that I can point to. So I’m curious what you mean by that.

    And if McDaniels wasn’t hired by St. Louis, are you implying that they might draft a QB in the first if not? And NE? I must not be understanding what you are trying to say here…

  40. Maybe I should drive the 2 hours to St. Paul and talk to the owners/players?

  41. Hawksince77 says:


    It’s all good, and I find your more detailed concern about Mallett both interesting and thought provoking. You could well be right. We’ll see what PC and company think in a couple of weeks, along with the rest of the NFL (the guys actually making the decisions). Mallet could go as high as 10, according to one expert (Dolphins trading up to get him) or slide past 25 and deep into the second round, like Clausen last year.

    From a distance it’s so hard to say. If Seattle drafts him, I hope he turns out great. If not, not.

  42. Duke –
    At least a year ago, Brock Huard described 4 basic NFL offenses. He had read a book or some books about it by somebody, can’t remember his (their) name(s), and was very enthused about it. Sorry I can’t find the podcast link, I’ll keep trying. From my notes, he described the four as:

    1) West Coast Offense: Offensive system that emphasizing rhythm and tempo. Progression passing offense which uses high percentage short slant passes and RBs as receivers. Timing, 3-step and throw. Read the defense, manipulate zone defenses by stretching the field both vertically and horizontally. QBs should be mobile since RBs may not be available to block, and large receivers able to gain YAC are preferred. Adherents: M Holmgren, M Shanahan, M McCarthy, S Payton, A Reid, and CHI’s Ron Turner.

    2) Charlie Weis Offense: Adaptation of the Erhardt-Perkins offense, “pass to score, run to win”, known for multiple formations and personnel groupings on a core of base plays. Under Belichick, each formation and play were separately numbered, and additional word descriptions modified each play. Under Parcells C Weis’ offense was called a smash mouth type offense, it maximized the team’s TOP, didn’t call on RBs to be receivers. Offense is well suited for teams playing in harsh outdoor weather conditions. C Weis’ offense used the run to set up the pass via the play action pass, faking the run to set up deep passes when the secondary bit on the faked run. As NFL rules changed to benefit passing, C Weis’ offense adapted to take advantage where matchups occurred with empty backfields and 5 potential receivers. Belichick emphasized a wide open passing attack in ’07 with this offense. Adherents: Belichick’s Pats, Parcells w/NYG, Cowher’s Steelers, CAR Panthers w/J Davidson, KC Chiefs w/C Gailey, DEN Broncos w/J McDaniels, & ND under Weis.

    3) Norv Turner Offense: Aggressive offense, big picture, always looking to take deeper chunks of field with deep digs & in routes, also referred to as the Air Coryell offense. Similar to the WCO where timing and precision are important as routes are needed to be run like clockwork in order to be successful. Adherents: Norv Turner, M Martz, DAL’s J Johnson, D Coryell & Jon Gruden.

    4) Peyton Manning Offense: “Check with me”, genius (QB).

    The thing I wondered about Mallet maybe being a better fit in the “Weis” offense was having the RBs stay in as blockers. In the WCO with the RBs out in routes Mallet would be a sitting duck. I’d also heard (elsewhere – don’t ask me where, cause I don’t remember) that Weis’ uses multiple routes differently than other coaches – something about lotsa crossing routes hoping to get ‘incidental’ picks that their QB can take advantage of. If Mallet was there at the end of the 1st, I just wouldn’t be too surprised if NE took him.

  43. Wherever he goes, whichever team takes Mallet and wants him to start, they’re probably gonna haveta change their offense to fit what he’s capable of, which probably isn’t scrambling.

  44. I wonder if J.McDaniels is gonna make the STL offense look like the DEN offense of last season?

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