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Morning links: A closer look at Rob Rang

Post by Eric Williams on April 12, 2011 at 8:11 am with 25 Comments »
April 12, 2011 8:11 am
Rob Rang, senior draft analyst at, watches Washington's pro day (Joe Barrentine/TNT).

We’ve rely on him heavily for his analysis during this time of year, but Dave Boling of The News Tribune takes a closer look at draft analyst Rob Rang in this interesting profile, examining how the high school teacher worked his way up the ladder from humble beginnings to one of the nation’s prominent draft analysts.

Rang teaches English and history at Mount Tahoma High in Tacoma.


“He started by contributing on message boards and chats. And then he made the wise choice to exercise some latitude with a class assignment at CWU [Central Washington University].

“My junior year at Central, I had a class called Technology in the Classroom, and we were supposed to create a website, supposedly math or English or whatever,” Rang said with a laugh. “But I did mine on football.”

Electronically connected football observers started paying notice.
The next development will give hope to every basement blogger in the country. Rang was up to his elbows in hot water one evening while conducting his noble duties as a dishwasher at the Rodeo City Barbecue in Ellensburg when he received a call.

“I got a call from, and they asked me to go to the Senior Bowl to scout for them,” Rang said, still sounding a bit amazed.

So, he put away his rubber gloves and headed to Mobile, Ala., where he boldly approached the coach of one of the teams – Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren.

“The first guy I walked up to was Mike Holmgren, and he right away introduced me to the other guys in the (Sea-hawks) scouting department,” Rang said.
Holmgren and other scouts appreciated his energy and dedication for the work, and also that he was an educator. Holmgren had started out as high school teacher.

“I think they identify with anybody who is really passionate about what they’re doing,” Rang said.

In his latest mock draft, Rang has Seattle selecting Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith.

Chad Reuter of has Seattle selecting Jake Locker.

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network stays with Seattle selecting Ryan Mallet in his latest mock draft.

Gil Brandt of the NFL Network looks at his top 100 players in this year’s draft.

ESPN’s John Clayton is less optimistic that Matt Hasselbeck will return to Seattle.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a look back at Seattle’s inaugural season in 1976.

Seth Rubinroit of The Daily Trojan checks in with former USC quarterback Matt Leinart, who says he’s looking for another opportunity to prove his worth in the NFL.

Sean Leahy of USA Today reports that mediation between owners and players is set to begin Thursday in St. Paul, Minn., with Federal Judge Susan Nelson appointing chief magistrate judge Arthur Boylan to serve as a mediator between the NFL and NFL Players Association.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post takes a closer look at where the labor disputes sits heading into Thursday’s meeting.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Great stuff on Rang, Eric. Thanks to you and Dave for passing along.

    “The next development will give hope to every basement blogger in the country.” Sooo, you’re saying there’s a chance… lol

  2. maddog12 says:

    Rubinroit’s article sighted by Eric…Is there a chance Leinart is an option to compete with Charlie? Has Leinart been asked if he has interest in going to the Seahawks? If he came up here he better be more focused than Lendale White.

  3. Who’s advising Matt Hasselbeck on his contract? I hope it’s not Tim. No team is going to pay him more or give him a higher probability of a starter’s job then Seattle.

    Any team that drafts a QB high and brings Hasselbeck in as a stop gap isn’t going to pay the stop gap much, especially given the money tied up in a draft pick. And of the teams that need QBs, most will draft one high this year.

  4. Enjoyed the Rang profile. I especially liked the lede. Good job, Dave. I didn’t know Rang was a high school teacher. He seems like a down-to-earth guy. Hope he stays that way.

  5. Duke,

    “What was all that 1 in a million talk…?” ;o)

    You should do it professionally.

  6. Hass is being hurt by the lockout. Ideally he would sign with a team before the draft, so the team doesn’t have to draft a QB (especially if it’s a team like the Vikings that already has a developmental QB).

    I sure hope Hass returns to Seattle, but I think I’ll also be excited to see what one of the young prospects (Mallet, Ponder, Stanzi, etc.) can do.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Maddog – I hope not, regarding Leinart. I think if Carroll had any interest in him he would have reached out to him after he was cut last year by Ariz. Thankfully (IMO) he did not. He has ccareer backup written all over him, at this point.

    rgbuckl – Lol!

  8. Take a CB or DLer 1st round?

    If you go to Football Outsiders and look at SEA’s defense you’ll see it’s pretty poor. Ranked 29th in DVOA overall for ’10, 29th overall in ’09, dead last in weighted defense (’10), 29th in pass defense, 17th in run-defense, and 28th in variability from game to game. If you look at defending the pass vs specific receivers (look at the lower chart), vs the #1 WR (Tru?) SEA ranked 14th. Vs the #2 WR (KJ?) SEA ranked dead last. SEA ranked 28th vs other (slot?) receivers (Herring, Thurmond, Curry?), and 10th vs TEs (Curry, Lofa, ET, Milloy?). Against RBs receptions, SEA ranked 29th. SEA got burned on screens as well as vs RBs leaking outta the backfield. Not enough pressure?

    Then if you look at how well their DL performed they ranked 24th overall in ’10, 27th in stopping opponents’ power run success, 15th in stuffing the run, 7th in stopping 2nd level runs (good LBs), but 24th again in stopping open field runs (DL doesn’t have much chance to catch open-field runners anyway).
    SEA’s 4-3 run-D stats look similar to 3-4 run-D stats. If you look at the 2nd chart (below) they list gap positions and average adjusted line yards (ALY) rankings per run-play. “Left End” is to the right of the RDE of the defensive line which allowed an average of 5.05 ALY per run and ranked 28th (of 32). “Left Tackle” is the RDE who allowed 3.89 ALY and ranked 13th, “Mid/Guard” are the DTs who allowed 4.42 ALY and ranked 25th, “Right Tackle” is the LDE who allowed 3.84 ALY and ranked 12th. “Right End” is to the left of the LDE and allowed 4.46 ALY ranking 27th.
    Starting DL lineups (per NFL Gamebooks) & Run Yds:
    vs SF: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 49 yds
    @DEN: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 65 yds
    vs SD: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 89 yds
    @STL: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 88 yds
    @CHI: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Balmer, LDE-Clemons 61 yds
    vs AZ: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Balmer, LDE-Clemons 113 yds
    @OAK: RDE-Red, RDT-Cole, LDT-Balmer, LDE-Clemons 239 yds
    vs NYG: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Siavii, LDT-Terrill, LDE-Clemons 197 yds
    @AZ: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Siavii, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 41 yds
    @NO: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Siavii, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 112 yds
    vs KC: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Siavii, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 270 yds
    vs CAR: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Siavii, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 131 yds
    @SF: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 95 yds
    vs ATL: RDE-Siavii, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 98 yds
    @TB: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 208 yds
    vs STL: RDE-Balmer, RDT-Cole, LDT-Mebane, LDE-Clemons 47 yds

    SEA’s DL ranked 28th vs the pass, getting sacks on only 5.3% of pass plays. Not enough pressure.

    Looks like Duke’s right again. Oppoosing offenses with accurate QBs with quick releases picked on KJ – and if their WR was tall and powerful, broke tackles for big gains. If they take Jimmy Smith in the 1st, should they also try to keep KJ for nickle?

  9. HawkyHann says:

    I love seeing a fellow CWU grad success story. Great article.

  10. maddog12 says:

    Qb to me is the biggest question right now. We have so many areas of need. Going to be interesting to see how it comes together.

  11. KLM? how can you statistically prove that the defensive line SUCKS and then declare Duke right again. He professes continuous that the DL isn’t a weak unit but lack depth. Think that is how he put it just the other day as he declared the o’line w/o talent save Okung and possibly Unger.

    On another note. I leave the draft prospects profile breakdown to Mayock. I don’t bother with the Rang chatter but do read the Dukeshire input daily that accompanies Eric and Company. That includes others who have shared input. Walterfootball is a good source on occasion and QI Sports adds video to there mock.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    excile – I said the d -line has some talent, yes. That is not the same as saying they are not in need of talent upgrade. I’ve said at least a dozen times leading up to this year’s draft that between o-line, d-line and corner should come their pick at 25, depending on who has been taken in front of them, for what that’s worth. But when compared to the o-line and corner situation, the starters on the d-line are a significantly stronger unit, IMO. But again, nearly all their sacks came only when the D blitzed (I don’t have the numbers in front of me but it’s overwhelming), that has to change. I’d really like to see a monster at 3-tech, able to provide interior pass rush while stout against the run. You know, everything we’ve been hoping to see out of Mebane.

    But looking forward on the o-line, yes, I would like to see a near clean sweep.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Following up on my 3-tech comment; I like Mebane. He’s a solid DT. But doesn’t seem to be developing into the all around dominant interior player that is needed (by any defense) but especially in this “under” scheme. So yes, while I feel Bryant, Cole, ‘Bane, Clem comprise one of the strongest starting units on the team, there is certainly room for improvement.

    And I say one last thing, so long as Balmer is allowed to see the field as a Seahawk, they will never have a dominant d-line.

  14. Our starting defensive line of four is fine if we analyze each individual part. I have no problem with Clemons. I have no problem Cole. I like Mebane. And I love Big Red. However, as a unit, they simply can’t consistently generate the needed pass rush. Their run defense is a different story. I remember laughing last year when all four of them were healthy and teams tried running the ball against us. As a whole, those starting four have a strength (stuffing the run) and a weakness (rushing the passer).

    The offensive line is a different story. They simply suck. Moving forward, we have a stud in Okung and a solid player in Unger (I say “solid” only if he’s at Center, I belive he’s part of the problem, in run blocking, if he’s a guard). We have crap available at either guard position (that’s supposedly so easy to get some good player in late rounds even though we’re a team that never “finds” them) and our RT is set to be paid like one of the top players at his position in the NFL even though he can’t count (I’m not sure how he’ll do better at snap counts at RT from RG) and was a healthy scratch late in the season far too often if he’s supposedly any good (especially on a team with worthlessness along most of its line).

    We have above average play, IMO, from every defensive line starter (assuming each is healthy — a big IF).

    We have 2-3 of our starting offensive line positions guaranteed to suck in ’11 if there are no changes.

    I’m not denying that we don’t have a significant need along BOTH lines of scrimmage. I simply think that the OL needs more immediate help than the DL. For the record, if we go DL in the 1st round and OL in the 2nd round, I’ll be okay with this (as long as Pouncey and Carimi are gone).

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- Stop reading my mind! lol. Hey by the way do you think trading up to get Locker would be a good thing?

  16. Seems like every one is failing to realize just how rare a disruptive pass rushing 3 tech tackle is to find.
    We need depth on the D line for sure so that there is less of a fall off when the starters are pulled for a rest. but the best thing for the D will be an offense that actually can stay on the field and shorten the need for the rotation in the first place.
    Fancy stats are cool and all but when your guys are hitting the other guys in the mouth harder than they are, the run game is easy.
    Whats the best way to keep Peyton Manning from scoring on you? keep him sitting on the bench.

  17. Because defensive tackle is such a rotational position, I would LOVE to draft a 3-tech to replace Mebane AND keep Mebane to play 1-tech. In this scenario, Cole would play nearly starter snaps anyway as a rotatinal guy (hopefully costing Terrill a roster spot… can you say bonus?). Balmer is ok as the 4th guy and Siavii is a decent backup to Big Red. Leo is fine, with Clemons starting and Davis as the developmental backup (if he isn’t ready, resign Brock). It all comes down to this: A stud 3-tech would compliment our existing roster the most IMO.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Sac_94 – That’s pretty much what I was saying the other day, as well. I like it.

    Soggybuc – I totally agree, they are hard to find. That’s why if Schneider / Carroll think someone like Liuget or Wilkerson (or whomever) can develop into that player, they have to take a hard look at it, IMO.

    And you’re also right in saying that owning time of possession is a critical element in winning football. Seattle’s been on the wrong end of it for 3+ seasons now, and defenses just get beaten down when they’re n the field 35+ minutes a game. But generally speaking, the rotations are based more on down and distance than giving the guys a breather.

    If they don’t trade out of 25, everything will depend on who is available after the first 24 players have been taken. And with so many needs, they ought to be able to find a player that can come in and contribute right from the get-go.

  19. I think Seattle is looking at Wilkerson as a 3-tech DT who might possibly be used at LDE either in front of, or backing up Red Bryant. He’s also insurance in case Mebane isnt resigned.

    Im pumped that Rang has Smith falling to Seattle at 25. If that happens, Seattle gains a top-15 talent for a cheap price, and thier playoff win ends up costing them almost nothing, talent-wise, at least in the first round. That would be awesome.

    I still like Pouncey. My nightmare is to see Caroll pick Mallet the Mullet. Yech! All we need is another too-tall, too-slow, arrogant qb. Im still pissed about the CW trade, I really hope Caroll and company dont compound thier mistake by reaching for a qb. If they want a qb so bad, they should just trade down or up into the top of the second and take Dalton, Kaepernick, or Locker if he falls. A guy who runs a 5.5 40 just isnt going to make it in a WCO offense, especially not with a crappy line.

    And for the last three years, Oaklands O-line was in the top 3 in sacks allowed. Over the last 6 years or so, they’ve been in the top 11 in sacks allowed. Why is this important? They had a better line than ours, and Tom Cable, our supposed savior of the O-line, was the O-line Coach/Head Coach for most of those seasons. Now he’s here. And while he will likely improve our run blocking, it doesnt bode well for future pass pro.

    I hate to say it, but a guy who can run might be a better fit at qb; ie, Locker or one of the other quick athletic qb’s likely to fall into the top of the second.

  20. BobbyK–In the defensive line’s defense, Clemons really came on late in the year, after Bryant was hurt and on IR. If he had hit his stride earlier, it would have made a big difference. Same thing with Raheem Brock–he started slow, and finished the year on fire, pass-rush wise. Also, Bradley and the D-line coach seemed to figure it out as far as pass-rush and blitzing, in the final third of the season–all without Bryant.

    I think Bryant returning healthy and strong will really improve our pass-rush next year. Also, Dexter Davis should begin contributing now that he’s got a year of experience under his belt. Caroll seems really high on him.

    But its obvious we really need at least one more solid contributor on the line to provide some pass-rush.

    I too would love to see us use at least one of our first two picks on the line, preferably at LG/RG, but if Pouncey and Smith are gone, and Wilkerson is available, I think we’ll be very happy for the next decade to have him.

    Why I want Smith or Wilkerson so bad is because I believe we can find a quality starting G in the second round, but not a quality starting cb or DT/DE. And I dont see Seattle fixing thier line completely via the draft this offseason; at best we can hope for one G spot being filled, and another guy added for depth. We pretty much have to hope we find a decent FA lineman who can contribute, and we better pray Stacy Andrews/Palumbus/Willis can come in and man RT capably.

    If we can manage to find a starting LG or RG this year in the draft, and RT is handled by the guys above, and Unger moves to C, we can hopefully find the last piece or two over the next 1-2 drafts, picking a G and RT to lock up a decent young line for the next 8-10 years.

  21. Good points.

    I was talking at work today, and a majority of starting QBs in the NFL are/were #1 picks…

    Eli, McNabb, Vick, Rogers, Cutler, Stafford, Bradford, A. Smith (will change, I’m sure), Peyton Manning, Kerry Collins (who replaced VY), Sanchez, Flacco, Palmer, the Rapist, Tebow, Rivers, Freeman, Ryan, and Brees was the 1st pick in the 2nd round. That’s 18/32 QBs who were 1st round picks.

    Sure, we can get a Brady/Hasselbeck in the 6th round, but what are the odds we’ll “find” somebody good later on?

  22. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Remember, Brock was used primarily behind Clem until December when Balmer (filling in for Red) was proven so inept they had no choice. The more snaps Brock got opposite Clem, which came mostly during the last month of the season, the better both played. Had Brock started at LDE the week after Red went down, against the Giants, and had nearly another month to play significant time before he did, we may view the d-line in an entirely different way. (Who really knows though. Speculation…)

    IMO, it cannot be overstated what a liability Blamer is. He cripples their lines’ effectiveness, and the defense as a whole. He was a total and complete bust for SF, and now in Seattle. (No offense Kentwan, I’m sure you could kick my ass without breaking a sweat.)

  23. He could kick both of our asses at the same time but that really doesn’t matter because he’s a terrible football player.

    He’s your Brian Russell:) Just imagine if both of them could have played on the same “defense.” lol

  24. Dukeshire says:

    He’s my Brian Russell 2.0. I love how you put defense in quotes. Lol!

  25. If only the two of them could have played on the same team with a young Rob Sims and Chris Spencer! We’d have our anti-team!

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