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Morning links: Hawks eye small-school prospect WR Jenkins

Post by Eric Williams on April 5, 2011 at 8:08 am with 42 Comments »
April 5, 2011 8:37 am
UW-Stevens Point WR Jared Jenkins, UW-Steven Point sports information.

According to Scott Williams of the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, Jared Jenkins of Division III University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point traveled to Seattle for a private workout.

At 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds. Jenkins finished second in career receptions (273) and receiving touchdowns (34) on his school’s all-time list. Jenkins ran a 4.47 40-yard dash and posted a 35-inch vertical jump and a 12-foot-8 broad jump while working out for a Green Bay scout.

Jenkins is an interesting prospect that perhaps the Seahawks could take a flyer on either in the seventh round or in free agency as a developmental prospect. He also played basketball for Wisconsin-Stevens Points and appears to be a pretty good athlete.

Clare Farnsworth of profiles former Seahawks defensive end Jacob Green as part of the 35th anniversary team.

Plagued by injuries during his senior season, At 6-foot-1, 200 pounds with 4.4 speed, Virginia cornerback Ras-I Dowling could be a prospect the Seahawks consider as a mid-round pick.

Matt Maiocco of provides an impressive, five-year draft breakdown of every team in the league, ranking the Seahawks 25th overall during that period. Out of 37 picks over a five-year period, only 18 remain with the team.

Michael McCann, a sport law professor writing for Sports Illustrated, breaks down what to expect from the April 6 hearing between New England QB Tom Brady and the league in front of U.S. District Court Judge Susan Nelson.

Adam Schein of Fox Sports believes Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will be playing for a new team in 2011.

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network writes that there are only three blue-chip prospects in this year’s draft, LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, Texas A &M linebacker and Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

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  1. a 6’3″ wide receiver, who ran a sub 4.5 and was a former basketball player? Well that certainly sounds interesting, very very interesting, that broad jump alone is crazy at least.

    Anyone else hoping Arizona is going to draft Von Miller, and Miller is going to turn out to be Aaron Curry: The Sequal? Not sure of how similar they are, but it would certainly be nice, since Miller is being talked about in the way Curry was when he was a draft prospect.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Dowling had his pro-day yesterday and was impressive, by all accounts (ran 4.38 – 4.4). If he can stay healthy he’ll be a great press corner which is exactly what Seattle needs.

    Nice find on Jenkins, Eric. It’s so refreshing to have a GM that looks to other schools outside the BCS for players. I found a highlight of one of their games against University of Wisconsin Oshkosh from ’09. First play out of the box, Jenkins makes an awesome one-handed grab over the middle (bad news, puts in on the ground the very next play). In this game, they looked to line him up at both X and Z which shows some versatility (if only a very small sample size).

    (You may notice a clip of him dunking on the side-bar, for those interested.)

  3. Dukeshire says:

    JacDG – Miller is a more rounded player than Curry was. Miller’s issue comes against the run, where he’s not as consistent as one would expect. His coverage is not an issue, unlike Curry. Miller excels at rushing the passer, something Curry has never been asked to do much. Comparisons between them as “safe” picks may be valid, but they’re very different.

  4. Here’s an interesting article about draft bust OT Andre Hines who we drafted in 1980…interesting article if true:

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, I read that this morning too. Here’s the article from 2006 in the PI the Field Gulls story links. This is definitely worth a read. This guy was / is a bit left of center, to say the least.

  6. has a live draft in progress. Carolina has taken Cam Newton QB Auburn with the first pick, Denver is on the clock.

  7. Andre Hines! That’s the guy I was looking for some time back. Sando was the blogmeister here and I read an archived TNT article Patera had written years ago about his worst draft mistake. Seemed like he said the guys they wanted to draft had already been taken when it was time to draft and they landed on Hines because one of the pro-personnel guys said he had a high ceiling, or something like that. The article was very funny about what a total disaster he was. I wasn’t able to find the article last year or the year before. Maybe the TNT pulled it out of the archives because of the multiple sclerosis, insult-to-injury aspect. But it was a funny example from the coach’s viewpoint of the worst that can happen when you pick someone without good prior scouting.

  8. Thanks for the up and up on V. Miller, Duke. I haven’t read/heard much about him, but from what I heard on NFL Network, it reminded me of what was said about Curry, mostly from the “pro ready safe pick” standpoint but other stuff as well.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    It is just now being reported that part of the Union’s anti-trust push is to do away with the draft and the salary cap.

    So, who is going to want to watch football when we know that every year it will be the Cowboys and some other AFC team in the superbowl because they have owners that are willing to pay anything to have a trophy?

    Seattle has the richest owner in the NFL but I for one would not favor a system where Seattle can buy a Superbowl trophy every year just because our owner has the cash to buy up all the top rookies every year.

    If the NFL turns into a situation where there is the football version of the Yankees and the Red Sox duking it out for the championship every year while all the other teams just try to make it to .500 and hope they can fill their stadiums I’m going to have alot more free time on Sundays.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with Adam Schein about Matt Hasselbeck. I hope he can find a better offensive line to play behind.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    chuck – From what I’ve been able to gather, calling it a “push” is an overstatement, at best. This appears to be something a lawyer (Daniel Kaplan with SportsBusiness Journal) discussed on Pro Football Talk during a podcast yesterday. He’s not associated with the NFLPA in any way. The NFL is not doing away with the draft nor the cap. I’d bet my bottom dollar on each.

  12. He could go almost anywhere and have a better offensive line.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Anyone else thinks that Gabe Carimi would be a good pick at 25? He could be moved to right tackle. I like his kick butt attitude!

  14. Judge Susan Richard Nelson has enjoined Carl Eller and Retired Players to the Tom Brady,Drew Brees request for an injuction against the NFL lockout Hearing tomorrow!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    osbrey – How does that effect the ruling, either way?

    GeorgiaHawk – I like Carimi very much. And his ability to shift to LT should Okung suffer other injuries, is appealing. But if Carroll is serious about Andrews having a fair shot at RT, it negates Carimi’s appeal to me (even with Andrews’ bum knee). As much as I like him as a player and person, I don’t think he’s in the cards at #25 for the ‘Hawks.

  16. Duke, it looks like Nelson will be true to form and rule against the injunction and force the the players back to CBA negotiations!

  17. I don’t think the organization can be overly serious about Andrews at RT. He was a healthy scratch for too many games down the stretch for me to think he’s a long-term answer. I mean, if Lock would have gotten hurt, that would have meant that Andrews wasn’t even going to be the healthy option to play that position (at least for that particular Sunday). The way they gutted the roster of overpriced players they weren’t getting the production from (not the ones like Curry they really couldn’t do anything about) the Ruskell era makes me think that they aren’t going to actually pay the star money to Andrews that he has coming to him. I think it’s smokescreen talk at this point. Maybe not, but I’d bet otherwise if I were forced to put up a $20. I don’t think they would pass on a guy who could man the position for 10 years in order to keep a high priced, older guy who wasn’t even active for some of the games down the stretch when he was healthy (and who had some injury concerns in the past). My only problem with Carimi (I’d love to have him) is that he isn’t a QB or LG. I think those are the two areas in need of the most help.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    osbrey – Is there a like that provides further details? True to form? I was unaware she has ruled on any of the NFL / NFLPA cases, previously.

    Bobby – Not talking “long term answer”. And those scratches came at RG while Polumbus was a non-starter but had played both RT and LT and was active. But that aside, there are only so many holes they can fill in this draft (as you well know) and if Carroll / Schneider are able to rationalize away the need to address RT in the top half of this draft, then it frees them up to address the interior o line, d line, secondary, what-have-you.

    Yes, he’s grossly overpaid. But there are only so many needs that can be addressed in a given draft, sadly. I could be buying into the “smokescreen”, but my sense is that Carimi and what he’s able to do, isn’t a priority in ’11. If I’m wrong, I’ll be stoked because I like the guy. But my feeling (perhaps wrongly) is that between Polumbus and Andrews, Seattle already has their opening day starting RT on the roster.

  19. I know you weren’t talking about a long term answer, but I’m just in the camp that doesn’t believe the organization right now about Andrews being a solution at RT. I keep thinking about those killer false start penalties in goal line situations and the Eagles fans who thought he was terrible. He may play RT and do well there in ’11… I’d be okay with it (if he played well).

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I am OK with LG or QB and hopefully this organization is on the right track to fixing the O-line. Mabey in a year or two the O-line will get back to being the strength of our team again. Then I can worry about our linebackers.

    Wait a minute! I am already worried about our linebackers!

  21. I have never understood why Philly used him at Guard, and when we got him EVERYTHING that I read all over, said he was a great tackle and a terrible guard.

    So what to we do, throw him in at guard – makes absolutely no sense what so ever. NONE. With the struggles we had why not give him the chance at RT. ?!!?!? Hell Willis complained about playing RG and then asked for a chance to compete for RT and he got it (then promptly got hurt!)

    Why did we waste a trade if we were never going to give him a shot anyway?!?!

  22. When Schneider made the trade, Max Unger was “set in stone (IMO)” as the starting RG. Nobody thought he’d get hurt in week 1 after starting all 16 games as a rookie and force someone else (Andrews) into action.

    Unger also fit into what Gibbs wanted in a guard and then in the span of a couple of weeks, not only is Gibbs gone, but Unger is out for the season. Hello, Stacy Andrews.

    Hamilton was going to play LG (and Pitts was the back-up plan at LG after Hamilton got his weekly concussion). They didn’t have any plans of Andrews playing guard on the left side (I don’t think).

    When we traded for Andrews, I really don’t think Mr. Happy or the Duke Boy ever envisioned him playing the interior OL.

    Remember, Lock basically had the “take it or leave it” offer prior to week 1 where he needed to greatly reduce his ’10 salary or be cut. Andrews was the insurance policy (if Lock didn’t want to take the cut in pay… he’d be gone). Granted, Andrews makes a good chunk of change himself… but by getting him for a 7th round pick, they also saved the millions on the Locklear contract (reduction). Lock had to do it b/c nobody else would have been dumb enough to pay him what Ruskell had originally resigned him for.

    I think the reason that Andrews wasn’t given a “fair” shake at RT is b/c Lock had practiced at that position the entire training camp. Remember, we didn’t get Andrews until the end of training camp so we would really hurt continuity if we made a change. And then when Unger got hurt, Andrews became the best option between Spencer and Locklear (even though he’s not a good guard). Mr. Happy was simply playing the hand he was dealt and Andrews seemed to be the best option at guard at that point. It’s a scenario of where the coach is trying to put his best football players on the field, even if they aren’t in their ideal positions.

    As I said earlier, I find it hard to believe that they would sour on him so much last year (especially after all those key false start penalties) only to give him the RT job coming into ’11. I could be wrong. By the end of the year, I think if they thought of him as part of the long term plan that they would at least keep him active when he was healthy (especially with the state of our pathetic offensive line). He would/could have been a key, I would think, at back-up RG or RT regardless of who had played where and when they did it along the unit.

  23. I know the argument could be made to have had Lock at RG and Andrews at RT after the Unger injury.

    That’d be like my constant wondering about why Unger wasn’t originally at center and Spencer at right guard.

    In both cases, it was a coaches decision.

    I know they are normally a million times smarter than we are but sometimes I think fans can see the obvious.

    I have a feeling that Spencer won’t be resigned and that Unger will take over at center. This is what I wish would have happened last year (not resigning Spencer… just putting him at RG and keeping Unger at C from where both of them ended the ’09 season). Maybe it’s just more wishful thinking on my part (Unger C, Spencer RG).

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think Unger would be much of an upgrade over Spencer. Unger may be a jack of all trades type, however I doubt if he will be anything more then an average lineman. And right now he is just too lanky to be a good interior lineman. A good back up in the future after they groom some better lineman,or perhaps he could be a long snapper, but I doubt his ego would allow that, much less take a pay cut. It would however open up another roster spot.

    Are there any good centers in this years draft that would be an upgrade over what we have now? Not including Mike Pouncey. I see him better at LG for now, and his stock appears to be rising out of reach for the Seahawks to get him at 25. I hope I am wrong!

  25. I don’t think anyone would complain if we drafted Pouncey.

    To me – I think Unger will be an above average center. The type of player who is an asset. His liability, brute strength, can be hidden more at center. He’s a technician who will do well, IMO. I think Unger is an overall liability at guard due to the fact that he doesn’t have that strength to handle big DTs (where at center, if you have a NT lined up from you you get help from a guard). Time will tell…

  26. Perhaps Andrews benching had something to do with his attitude. He has made it clear, both in Philly and in Seattle, that he doesnt like playing G. He’s also said he never would have signed with Philly if he knew they wouldnt let him compete at RT. Plus, he’s had to listen to fans and the media bash him for not being a good G–when all along he was signed to play RT, his natural position.

    So it woulndt surprise me if Coach benched him for having a bad attitude, a wake-up call if you will, telling him if he wants to come back next year and compete at RT, he better get his head right. (Honestly, I can sympathize with his frustrations at not being able to even compete at his natural position).

    I still think he’s got the talent and skills to be a quality RT. And Willis is decent as well, if injury-prone. Seattle would be idiots not to bring him back at least through camp, to see what he has at RT.

    That doesnt mean they wont draft Carimi. If they think he’s the BPA, they will take him. Im still hoping either Williams, Wilkerson, or Pouncey is there, myself, but a solid RT wouldnt hurt my feelings any. I think we can find a starting caliber G in the fourth round, if we’re lucky. Pick up one in the first/second, and our line should be okay for the first time in half a decade.

  27. On Spencer and Unger; Unger hasnt played much C in the NFL, and is about the same size, perhaps a little bigger, than Robbie Tobeck, who was a fine player for us and Atlanta. So why cant he play C? Big and strong as Spencer is, he gets manhandled/beaten due to being an idiot and a having crappy technique. Add to that the fact that we’ve allready tried Spencer at RG, and he was TERRIBLE, and you have the ingredients for Spencer leaving town (FINALLY!) and ending up a backup somewhere.

    Unger has been disappointing at G, but his favorite position is C. Why not see what he’s got there? He cant possibly be worse than Spencer in pass pro!

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Attitude? Perhaps. But I think it had more to do with the fact he was plain awful. Defenders ran right past him in pass pro, he lacked awareness (or mobility) to pick up blitzes and struggled to get a consistent push on runs. Why was he not moved to RT to compete with Lock, who struggled himself most of the season? My guess is that his knee was not healthy or recovered from surgery. Carroll’s comments regarding Andrews to RT are curious to me, but he’s proven to be fairly candid when it comes to these things. And that’s from where my “argument” against Carimi stems (despite the fact I like him as a player).

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Well, today’s the beginning of hearings in Judge Nelson’s court. Hopefully an injunction will be forthcoming and we can get this lockout ended sooner, rather than later.

  30. Oh boy, I just realized Ive made a big mistake, several times. Get ready to laugh.

    I posted long-winded opinions on who I want Seattle to draft, and in each of them I created a player who doesnt exist; I invented a Jimmy Williams. I guess my made-up Jimmy Williams is a cross between Jimmy Smith (the CB from Colorado whom I thought I was talking about) and Aaron Williams (the CB from Texas who is just a little too slow/not agile enough to make it as a shut-down corner in the NFL, but could be an All-Pro S).

    So, for the record, unless Seattle intends to put Aaron Williams at FS and move Earl Thomas to CB, I dont think they draft him at 25. But I DO believe that if Jimmy Smith is there at 25, Seattle should, and will, take him. Smith is just a hair under Patrick Petersons measurables, but is still a little raw. His issues are having attitude problems and being raw skill-wise–which are correctable.

    The only thing funnier than my repeated mistake, is that no one–not even BobbK or Dukeshire–caught it.

    For the record, the three guys I like best for Seattle at 25 are cb Jimmy Smith, LG Pouncey, and DE of hugeness Muhammad Wilkerson.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Where did you do that? In the post above, you only mention “Williams”, not Jimmy Williams. Another thread…?

    And if they take Wilkerson, I hope it’s with the idea of him playing 3-tech rather than LDE. Anyway…

  32. Yeah, I mentioned him in another thread. And in several comments, when I said Williams I meant Smith. Doh!

    Williams is worth a shot in the second, but he isnt first round material–too risky with his speed not quite enough for NFL CB. He’s gonna get converted to FS.

  33. On Wilkerson, perhaps Seattle really is willing to let Mebane walk. As good as Mebane is, he has underachieved since his rookie year, and is often hurt. Plus, the market is high for 3-tech DT’s, so other teams might price us out now that he’s a free agent. Of course, nothing is certain, not even Mebanes FA status, with no CBA.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    In a perfect world (should they be considering Wilkerson), the lockout is lifted and ’11 free agency is conducted as it was in ’10, while the new CBA is negotiated. In this case a player like Mebane would become a restricted FA and Seattle could tender him while trying to re-sign him. Then, if they were to draft Wilkerson, Mebane could slide back over to 1-tech where he began his career. In essence creating a 3-man rotation between Cole, Wilkerson and Mebane in the middle. The upside of course is that Wilkerson projects to be a significantly stronger interior pass-rusher than Mebane is, while the interior run defense is deepened.

    And I agree about Aaron Williams, at some point he’ll make to move to FS. He’s not in Seattle’s future, I don’t imagine.

  35. Dukeshire–I love the idea of Seattle rotating Mebane, Wilkerson, and Cole, with Red Bryant and Clemons/Dexter Davis rounding out the line. That looks pretty dang decent to me!

    Of course, I have Pouncey higher on my wish list, simply because the need for a half-way decent, non-geriatric LG is so impposibly great that I cant stand it. We can live another year without a Wilkerson, but without a starting-caliber G, we are doomed. Perhaps we can get a decent LG in the second, if Pouncey is gone.

  36. Don’t worry. I thought Stephan Wisniewski’s Dad was Steve Wisniewski (the great LG for the Raiders back in the day). It was his uncle and nobody caught it:)

    I also thought Carl Nicks was in his 4th year some months back and was leading the charge to sign him! Oops.

    Petey-Pete said after the season that getting Matt to come back was his #1 priority this off-season. I don’t know how much I believe him on that comment right about now.

  37. I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t see CB as a big need. I see Thurmond as a good, young, solid starter moving forward. I also think there are some interesting projects who have more potential than some of the clowns down on the depth chart than there are at a position like the offensive line (where the starters truly suck so the depth obviously is a lot worse) or the depth of anyone (minus the potential of Davis) on the defensive line.

    We’re going to look back at the ’10 draft and marvel at FS Thomas, SS Chancellor, and CB Thurmond and talk about how that solidified the defensive backfield.

    I’m not saying CB isn’t a need though. I just don’t see this team doing what we want it to do until we get some big nasties on the lines of scrimmage.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I certainly hope you are right and I believe there is a chance that does come to fruition. But they’ve had one of the worst secondaries for several seasons now and that cannot be allowed to continue. Jennings and Trufant both need to be replaced, IMO, and drafting a CB at #25 is one of my top 3 scenarios this year, at that spot. At least to add to the foundation of the trifecta you mentioned.

  39. We’ve had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL for 5 years and, you’re right, we’ve had one of the worst secondaries for several seasons now, in addition to having one of the worst pass rushing teams in the league for some time. Man, this is depressing to think about.

    The team realized that both units sucked last year and spent 1st round picks to improve them with Okung for the OL and ET for the DBs. Still, as you’ve said many times in the last few years, there are too many holes to fill in one draft (and they couldn’t). I can’t wait for the day where we only have a few holes entering a draft instead a bunch of them!

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Those are for sure, the three areas (scenarios) I’m referring to. And at #25 they are subject to what happens in front of them (obviously). So for me, it’s not unreasonable to believe they may end up taking a CB in the first. That may not be my ideal scenario there, but it has to be considered (or at least plans made for it).

    “I can’t wait for the day where we only have a few holes entering a draft instead a bunch of them!” Amen.

  41. I wonder if there’s any way that Tennessee would be dumb enough to trade Derrick Morgan for Aaron Curry?

  42. I doubt it.

    That’d almost be like the guy a few years ago who wanted to trade Seneca Wallace for a 1st round pick. lol

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