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A few minutes with Idaho QB Nathan Enderle

Post by Eric Williams on April 2, 2011 at 8:35 am with 37 Comments »
April 2, 2011 8:35 am

One option the Seattle Seahawks could consider in this year’s draft if they bring in a younger quarterback through trade or free agency like Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer, is taking a late-round flyer on someone like Idaho’s Nathan Enderle.

Enderle is an intriguing prospect because of his size (6-5, 240), his strong arm and his intelligence (he scored 38 on his Wonderlic).

Add to that the fact that Enderle started four years for the Vandals and played in a pro-style offense at Idaho that gave him a lot of freedom to call plays at the line of scrimmage, and I think you have a player who could be a developmental quarterback for a couple seasons and potentially blossom into a starter.

“I’m a smart cat,” Enderle said during his interview at February’s scouting combine in Indianapolis. “I do a lot at the line of scrimmage at Idaho. I do a lot of changes in protections, and run calls and play calls.

“And then intermediate to deep balls I think I separate myself from other quarterbacks as far as 10 to 25 yards down the field. I think I do that very well.”

Idaho QB Nathan Enderle (Getty Images).

Enderle threw for 10,084 yards for the Vandals, finishing with 74 touchdowns and 60 interceptions. He threw 22 touchdowns and 16 interceptions his senior campaign, completing 56.7 percent of his passes his senior season, and completed 55 percent of his passes on third down. He was sacked 39 times.

But the most concerning thing about Enderle is his play against good teams. He finished 16 of 31 (51.6 percent) for 141 yards, with five interceptions and one touchdown playing against Nebraska in a 38-17 loss. Enderle grew up in North Platte, Neb., and wanted to play for the Cornhuskers growing up, so motivation should not have been an issue.

Enderle struggled against Nevada, completing 15 or 34 passes for 224 yards and one touchdown in a 63-17 loss to the Wolfpack.

And his outing against Boise State the following week wasn’t much better, completing 16 of 34 passes (47.4 percent) for 118 yards, two interceptions and one touchdown in a 52-14 loss.

But one thing you have to consider is the talent deficit between Idaho and some of the good teams they were playing after losing talented players like receiver Max Komar and offensive guard Mike Iupati to the NFL the past, two seasons.

“Nate Enderle is very much more of a developmental prospect,” said Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for “But he’s got some legitimate talent, and if he had been protected a little bit better at Idaho in terms of the talent around him, then I think that he would a lot higher up in terms of the hype and the attention. I think people would know him a lot more.

“Unfortunately he struggled a little bit in the East-West Shrine game. And so I think that’s going to kind of keep his stock down there in the late rounds. But he certainly has the size you’re looking for. He has plenty of arm strength. He has some mobility for a big guy, it’s just the accuracy has been a little inconsistent. But I think some of that is just due to the fact that when you’re running for your life half of the time, it’s a little bit difficult to focus on your technique as a passer.”

One of the things I like about Enderle in watching the highlight video above is his ability to throw with anticipation and his poise in the pocket. He delivers the ball to the receiver in a position where he can make a play.

Enderle believes one of his strengths is anticipating the blitz and getting the ball off quickly to the right man under pressure.

“I think the first thing you want to see is if the quarterback can handle the blitz, and I think I can,” he said. “I’ve shown that at Idaho. Whenever we block things up, I always got the balls off on time.

“Other than that, man coverage. It forces the quarterback to be precise. And if you can’t beat man coverage you’re going to have struggles in the NFL because you have to be a lot more precise, a lot more accurate and efficient in what you’re doing when you’re facing a man defense.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    The only 2 games I saw him play in this season was the Boise St disaster in Moscow and the E / W Shrine. The two were a little different, to me. Boise got after him pretty good and he really was on the run most of the game. Boise manhandled Idaho up front. Badly. But there were a couple throws in the second half, where he did have some time and you could see the arm strength and fairly quick release. I don’t think accuracy is an issue for him, necessarily, but rather the decisions he makes. I guess the most positive thing one could say about that game is that is showcased his mobility. He would have no trouble with a moving pocket that Bevell / Carroll would like.

    The Shrine game I didn’t think he played that badly. It was a pretty ugly offenseive game all-around but he came out with a TD and no picks and checked down a couple times, which he didn’t do often enough at Idaho.

    He’s an interesting project.

  2. Will he get drafted? or will he be around to sign as an undrafted FA.

    late round 6 or 7 might be intriguing pick

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    U of Idaho is nowhere near in the same category as Boise State, and Enderle is one of their better players. He was ineffective against BSU, and his “smart cat” persona was diminished by a crushing Boise defense. How will he adapt to the pros? Hard to say, but it is safe to say that it will be a l-o-n-g developmental process before he’s ready to be a starter. Put it this way: CW will be in the Pro Bowl (cough cough) by the time this kid is ready to be a starter…(I just threw up in my mouth a little)

  4. And it wasn’t like UNR was bad this year. Wolfpack beat Boise St. Colin Kaepernick is about the same size as Enderle, but runs a 4.53-40 instead of a 5.12. Kaepernick could go in the 2nd round and Enderle could be a walk-on(?)

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Apparently, Forsett and some other ‘Hawks are taking on the Pack and Eagles in a 3-way paintball war today. lol. He had a couple posts and pictures on his Twitter page this morning. I’ll see if I can post a couple links here.

    Sounds fun…

  6. maddog12 says:

    Way to go Duke…Looking forward to the paintball report.

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    klm, you are correct. I think 2nd round is a bit high on Kaepernick, but I doubt Enderle gets drafted. I’d rather see us get Pouncey in the 1st, and grab a QB in the 2nd or 4th. But that is just me…

  8. I’d bet Enderle gets drafted by round 4 or 5 at the latest. He has a chance to be really good. And I’d think Kaepernick will be drafted by round 3 along with guys like Mallett and Stanzi. None of these tall strong-armed QBs are going to be hanging around by the end of the draft.

    That said, there seem to be quite a few intriguing QB prospects throughout this draft, and yet none of the QB prospects in 2011 are sure-things. That may make this a good year to pass on the so-called “top prospects” and target a QB in the middle rounds.

    We won’t know for three years which scouts were correct.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Enderle by round 4? Goodness. I’d be amazed, but stranger things have happened. He’s talented, that’s for certain, but that many picks (among other things) in the WAC…

    I’m curious what people here think of Greg McElroy. Boom / Bust? Poor man’s Colt McCoy or mid-round steal? Potential franchise leader or career clipboard holder? I’m intrigued by him, should he still be there round 4+.

  10. Speaking of Stanzi, there’s a very interesting article about him on the Nation Football Post, it’s nothing new, but it backs up what I’ve heard throughout the draft process, kids a hard worker, and since I think that this year, you have as great a chance of finding your next starting QB in round 3-7 as you do 1-2, the Stanzi’s and Enderle’s are certainly worth a look.

  11. I am perfectly content to not draft a QB this year.

    1. I want linemen, linemen, linemen – offense or defense and LB in the late/middle rounds

    2. Try and resign Matt – If we can’t go with Charlie – we spent a lot to get him I would like to see if he can actually play before we go and trade for another or draft someone really high.

    3. Get one of the 3 CB in FA that look to be very good guys.

    4. find depth, depth and more depth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywhere and everywhere.

  12. I see 9 QBs that might all be gone by round 5. Then again, someone has to drop off


    Last year, 14 QBs were drafted. This year, 9 teams are desperate for starting QBs. I don’t want us to reach for any of these guys, but if Carroll and Schneider feel confident about any one of them, they may need to jump early to get him.

  13. The more I think about it, the more I hope:

    1. Matt is resigned.

    2. We draft Carimi at #25 AND get Moffitt with the second pick in the 4th round (or we trade down in the 2nd round into the 3rd round to take Moffitt and pick up another selection in ’11 or ’12). Both Carimi/Moffitt have played side-by-side for Wisonsin and I’d love to add their talent and, more importantly, their continuity. I know they played on the left side for Wisconsin but I’d love to keep them together on our right side. I am somewhat high on Moffitt but am definitely higher on him b/c of his familiarity with Carimi. I’d love to add BOTH b/c of it. If we don’t get Carimi at #25 then I’m definitely not as high on Moffitt (although I still like him) as I would be.

    3. We sign Gallery to play LG.

    LT Okung
    LG Gallery
    C Unger
    RG Moffitt
    RT Carimi

    And if we want to get greedy about OL, we could draft Stephan Wisniewski (Gallery wouldn’t be signed to play LG) and have every starter on the line 25 or younger. This is basically a pipe dream b/c I don’t realistically see where Carimi is there at #25 AND Wisniewski is there w/our pick in the 2nd AND Moffitt is there in the 4th. There’s actually a good chance every one of those guys are gone when we pick in those respective rounds.

    I know we have other needs (besides OL) but if our goal isn’t to win it all in ’11, then I’m okay with building this thing the “right” way (IMO). If we’re more committed to winning the SB in ’11, then I think we can only afford to use one of our top 3 picks on the OL (hoping it’s a LG — since that’s the position on the team that I think sucks most) if that makes any sense.

  14. maddog12 says:

    I think Carrol is in a tough spot. We have a brutal schedule ahead. He will be blamed for a trade for Charlie if he can’t carry the load, letting Matt get away and not getting a solid vet to compete for the qb spot. Therefore I think he will not let that situation come to pass.

    I don’t think any of the qb’s in this draft (out of the gate) are better than Palmer or even CBJ. Therefore I think Hawks will try very very hard to resign Matt or trade for Palmer ( I don’t think Kolb would be any better than Charlie).

    Plug the hole for qb outside the draft and Hawks can use the draft to get players who are BPA and fill a need. If Carrol does not plug the qb hole we will have a brutal season and be looking for someone to blame and PC will top the list.

  15. Duke – I am also very intrigued by McElroy as a mid round pick. I have watched very little of this year’s incoming class so I should watch some highlights to make a better evaluation.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – 9 of those 14 QBs were taken in rounds 5-7. And while I agree that all 9 of those you listed are likely to be drafted I’d be shocked if they all went by the 5th. But like you said, there are a lot of teams in need of a QB so you never know, I suppose.

    maddog12 – Who is CBJ? And what if the BPA available o Carroll / Schneider’s board is a QB at 25 or 57?

  17. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyK, I like your wish list. Very close to mine, though I err on the side of wanting Pouncey first. Carimi would be just fine with me, though.

    Re-signing Matt is kinda the top priority, though. I just don’t see any QB in this year’s draft, especially any available after #25 being the franchise leader, but only time will tell.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I like Carimi, as I’ve noted here several times, but if Carroll is serious about Andrews at RT (a player already under contract, if overpaid), that all but eliminates him from consideration at 25 I would think. And although I question the health of his knee, it would too eliminate a position of need at the top-end of this years draft. It seems to be a deep draft for interior o lineman, so an anchor ought to be had in the 2nd (Hudson, Moffett, Watkins…) while narrowing their focus at #25. Just a thought…

  19. I personally believe that the interior line is a bigger priority than a Right Tackle, I think that Locklear or Andrews have a bigger chance of being serviceable than any of the current Guards. I really wanted Unger the year that we got him, but he has done nothing to impress me, I actually think Polumbus might have been better at guard than Unger.

  20. I’ve said all along that I like Unger the center and not real high on Unger the guard. He’s an excellent technician with good athletic ability (as far as interior linemen are concerned) who lacks brute power. He gets pushed around too much at guard but when he’s at center that power isn’t needed as much. I’ve made the Robbie Tobeck analogy before, but Tobeck was a guy I wouldn’t see as a very good guard because he lacked the brute strength/force but him at center was a very good thing.

    With Okung at LT and Unger at C, we have a good nucleus of young players in which to build a line. I know that some aren’t as sold on Unger the center as I am and that’s fine, as we’re all entitled to our own thoughts/opinions.

    All I know is that our guard position is quite pathetic and must be fixed ASAP. I agree in that Pouncey would be ideal because he could play with Okung to his left and Unger to his right for almost a decade. He’s a powerful guy who would really compliment Unger well too. If we were to get Pouncey, I really wouldn’t care if we used duct tape for the right side. Ideally, we’d all love to have two Pro Bowlers at RT and RG, but with all of the other needs, we’d be fine with Okung-Pouncey-Unger and I wouldn’t get mad about the fact that the right side may not be very good.

    I think that left guard is the most worthless position on the entire team and that includes all of our starters (like Kelly Jennings). Pouncey would certainly make that worst position into one of our best and I think that would really change the entire make-up of our offense. We could actually have confidence in short yardage situations again.

    Man, what I wouldn’t give to have two first rounders again!

  21. MattandCindy says:

    maddog12 – You have to tell us who CBJ is…because me AND my wife have racked our brains and can’t figure it out. Who?

  22. maddog12 says:

    Sorry about the CBJ thing….Clip Board Jesus…Charlie Whitehurst.

    Duke-If they have a qb who is BPA at 25 then take’m I’ll trust PC/JS brain trust(at 57 depends on who it is and who else is avail.). I hope they know a whole lot more than me. But if they do and it does not work they will have some serious explaining to do.

    Duke who of the qbs, if there, would you take at 25?

  23. hunt6048 says:

    Highlights at top of page are for receiver Max Komar. Not Nathan Enderle.

  24. While I am not Duke . .. . I am not sure I would like any of the QB’s at 25.

    Gabbert – Won’t make it there but I really don’t know anything about him
    Newton – NO THANKS even in the 2nd round. – I think his showboat attitude will kill him
    Locker – Love to grab him in the 2nd round – but I really think he would have too much pressure to be great here. but if he was – then he is the face of your franchise for a long time.

    I don’t think any of these guys have 1st round talent (not that they won’t be drafted there) I think there will be MANY guys at other positions that are SOOOO much better than these guys that if any of them got drafted at 25 I would be disappointed. If all we needed was a QB maybe – but we don’t.
    I would consider them with our pick in the 2nd
    Dalton –

    don’t like either of guys even with a 3rd round pick. maybe 5-7

  25. I agree about not drafting a QB with the first pick. I really want an OL. But would you trade up to the top of the second round (giving up a fourth) to grab Mallet (if he’s there) or Ponder? I think I would.

  26. It’s going to be tough trading up in the 2nd round when you factor in that we don’t have a 3rd round pick. We can’t (or shouldn’t) keep trading picks away. We’re already without a pick next year because of the Lynch trade.

  27. ChrisHolmes says:

    Mallet won’t make it to the second round. He’s the most pro-ready passer of all the QB’s and has the biggest upside (I know, some will say Newton has the biggest upside, but I think Newton’s ceiling is no different from Vince Young’s).

    People are going to do their homework on Mallett and find out that he’s a football nut with a great arm, pocket presence, awareness and points. Plus, he’s accurate and can actually read a defense, which half these college QB’s can’t do. Once the personality issues are addressed by teams, you’ll see Mallett go in the first round. Too many teams need QB’s.

    I’d take Mallett or Dalton at #25 (because there’s no way we’re moving into the top half of round #2 to get Dalton – he won’t be there). Pouncy, I think, will be gone by #25. Teams will see him for the Guard he is and draft him because of his twin brother’s success.

    I’d love an OL in the first round, and there are some decent ones, but in the end I think it’s going to be Mallett.

  28. BobbyK–I agree wholeheartedly that G–both LG and RG–should be much higher priorities for Seattle. They should draft Pouncey, if he’s available, unless they truly feel Carimi or another tackle prospect is a much better player than Pouncey.

    One reason I say that is that we have two potentially pretty good players available to play RT, and NONE for LG or RG, if Unger is moved to C and Spencer finally leaves. Everyone seems to have forgotten Ray Willis. Willis is a really good player, and absolute stud in the run game, and decent in pass pro, if a little stiff and slow. And Stacy Andrews hasnt played his natural position–RT–in years; last time he did, he was a Pro Bowler. Both have great strength and size, and experience.

    Of course, Andrews hasnt looked like a good player since switching to RG, and Willis has chronic knee problems that havent allowed him to play an entire season without missing time. Still, I think Cable is going to love both those guys, and that together they can keep the RT position manned for a couple years.

    Its fine to draft a RT at 25 if Pouncey isnt there and they are really high on one of the tackle prospects, but we are desperate for a LG. Seattle should be able to find a starting caliber RG in the fourth round, maybe even the fifth. And hopefully we sign at least one G veteran who is under 30 years old; no more methuselah dudes, please. I’ve had enough of broke-down sway-backed hoss’es like Wahle and Hamilton. Enough is enough!

    And of course, I still think its madness not to re-sign Hasselbeck.

    McElroy is an intriguing prospect. There is some proof that QB’s who score above 35 on the wonderlic rarely pan out though. But if he’s there in the fourth, why not? Unless we’d have to pass on a good RG. I still want to field a competent line so bad, Im even willing to forget about the WR position for a year…which is scary! Ha!

  29. Dukeshire says:

    maddog12 – 25 is a tough spot for a QB in this class, IMO. Gabbert and Newton will be gone and the first is too early for Ponder, Dalton and Locker. That leaves Mallett to consider. And while I think it’s likely he too will be gone by then, if he were still there, he’s the one QB that does make sense at #25 (if you’re sold on him, which I am not). Personally, I like Ponder but they’re not in a good position to get him.

    Ultimately I agree with ChrisHolmes, if they do take a QB in the 1st, I’d bet it will be Mallett, for good or ill.

    Speaking of which, Mallett begins his two day visit with the ‘Hawks today. (Also if you read further into this like, Mike Mayock has some interesting things to say about him.)

  30. ChrisHolmes says:

    Mayock kills me. I love the guy, but he kills me on Mallett. I read those comments like two weeks ago and just shook my head.

    “When he can’t step up, when he can’t see, when he doesn’t have clear vision, I believe his production goes way down.”

    Oh really? And who, exactly, has production that goes UP under those circumstances? Vick? Wait, so the Giants gameplan to attack and harass Tom Brady during Super bowl XLII had no affect on Brady’s ability to make plays, right?

    I guess Mayock and I just have different things we look for in a QB. I expect the OL to do it’s damn job, and if a QB has can’t see and has to run for his life, I don’t think the solution is to draft a mobile QB – I think the solution is to fix the OL and the scheme.

    When it comes to QB’s, I want a guy who is (a) Accurate, because you can’t teach that, and then after that, can read a defense, keeps his eyes always downfield under pressure and makes good decisions with the football.

    Mallett played against SEC defenses – the best in college football. And he torched ‘em. A bunch of those defenders are going to end up in the NFL…

    I certainly don’t think Mallett is the second coming or anything, but it just cracks me up this time of year. People seem to spend way too much time focusing on things about QB’s that really do NOT matter. There’s a reason that Sam Bradford, Matt Ryan, and Aaron Rogers are the young QB’s they are – because they possess all that stuff I just listed. They can make all the throws, read a defense, know where to go with the ball and none of them flinches under pressure. They keep their eyes downfield and make plays.

  31. FA QBs are bridge QBs. Probably no FA prior to the draft anyway, so. . .
    Rd1-#1 CAR – New coach (GM?) do they see Clausen as a bust and take either Gabbert or Newton? Maybe.
    1-2 DEN keeps Tebow (& Orten?), drafts DL
    1-3 BUF keeps Fitzpatrick – they need so many things, QB isn’t priority.
    1-4 CIN – Does the owner believe Palmer will retire prior to the season? Carson’s getting older anyway, so maybe they take whichever QB is left over between Gabbert and Newton.
    1-5 AZ If either Gabbert or Newton are still there they grab him, otherwise too high to take Mallet or Locker. Get a QB in the 2nd and grab a FA QB. (Young, Kolb, McNabb, Hasselbeck, Flynn, etc.)
    1-6 CLE keeps McCoy.
    1-7 SF too high for Mallet or Locker. Get a QB in the 2nd and re-sign A.Smith.
    1-8 TEN V.Young is still under contract. Pretty high pick for Mallet. Get a QB in the 2nd and keep Young or replace Young with one of the other FA QBs.
    1-9 DAL has bigger needs than a QB.
    1-10 DC needs a QB. Shanny stays, McNabb goes. Probably get best FA QB and draft a QB in the 2nd.
    1-11 HOU doesn’t need a QB.
    1-12 MIN needs a QB, big time. If possible, move back and take Mallet or Locker and acquire the best FA QB.
    1-13 DET doesn’t need a QB.
    1-14 STL doesn’t need a QB.
    1-15 MIA might reach for Mallet. Henne struggled.
    1-16 JAX might reach for Locker or Ponder, or wait till the 2nd.
    1-17 NE, 1-18 SD, 19 NYG, 20 TB, 21 KC, 22 IND, 23 PHI, 24 NO: don’t need QBs
    1-25 SEA take Pouncey here and expect to bring back Hasselbeck or play CW, and take a later round developmental QB, or move back from here and take Ponder, Dalton, Locker, etc. before all the others do.

  32. ChrisHolmes–While Maycock is annoying, his point still has merit. Mallet utterly falls apart when pressured. I watched him in a couple games, and wasnt at all impressed. When pressured, he stunk. Innaccurate, bad decisions, and poor leadership; just like Claussen, shows frustration on his face and allows his confidence to be rattled too easily.

    His faltering under pressure is even more important considering the woefully slow 40 time he turned in. Defenses are faster in the NFL, and if Mallett had trouble in college with his slooooww wheels, that trouble will be magnified when he has Suh or Freeney after his ass in two seconds.

    How can you not be concerned with his ability to handle pressure, when its obvious that with a 40 time slower than almost every DT in the NFL that he surely wont be able to scramble away from anyone. Seriously, the guy is slower than 1-tech NT’s that weigh 350 lbs! If thats not a concern, Im Julio Iglesias!

    Admittedly, I dont know jack about qb’s. All Im saying is that I think the concern with his decision making under pressure, and his slow feet, are throwing up major red flags for a reason. Of course qb’s dont do as well under pressure–but the good ones dont crumble either.

  33. klm008–I think Washington wants Locker at 10. And if they dont nab him, Jacksonville just might.

    As for Seattle trading down, that is probably just what they’d love to do, but lots of teams want to do that, and few find anyone willing to move up into the bottom of the first. Other teams will be wanting to trade down as well.

    But, since Jimmy Williams (?), Pouncey and Muhammad Wilkerson, three players Seattle has to be looking at for thier first pick, are likely to be gone, perhaps a trade down will happen.

    It wouldnt surprise me to see Seattle reach to take a qb at 25, if Williams, Pouncey and Wilkerson are gone, since trading down isnt easy. Its either that or watch the 3-5 second round projected qb’s get taken in the first 15 picks of the second round. Or Seattle could draft BPA, take a late round qb, and look for a first round qb next year.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Regardless how good an offensive line is, NFL defenses will get to the QB at some point. It’s incredibly rare, in the modern game, to have a highly effective QB that is purely a pocket passer, like Manning. Even Roethlisberger and Brady have the ability to make plays outside the pocket, and I think ultimately that’s Mayock’s point here; Does Mallett have the talent to be successful as a drop back / pocket guy only?

  35. ’11 QB Prospects meeting 26-27-60:
    Bama’s Greg McElroy (6-2/222, 4.91-40) spread, 43 – (>27) – 66.3, 9-3/8″ hands, 10-3 in ’10
    FSU’s Christian Ponder (6-2/229, 4.65-40) pro-style, 36 – (>27) – 61.8, 10-1/4″ hands, 10-4 in ’10
    TCU’s Andy Dalton (6-2/213, 4.87-40) pro-style, 26 – (>27) – 61.7, 9-1/2″ hands, 13-0 in ’10
    MO’s Blaine Gabbert (6-5/235, 4.62-40) spread, 42 – 29 – 60.9, 10″ hands, 10-3 in ’10

    Prospects not meeting QB drafting rule:
    FL’s & Auburn’s Cam Newton (6-6/248, 4.59-40) spread, 21* – 14* – 65.4, 9-7/8″ hands, 14-0 in ’10
    Iowa’s Ricky Stanzi (6-4/223, 4.93-40) spread, 30 – (>27) – 59.8*, 10″ hands, 8-5 in ’10
    UNR’s Colin Kaepernick (6-4/225, 4.53-40) pistol, 37 – (>27) – 58.2*, 9-1/8″ hands, 13-1 in ’10
    MI’s & ARK’s Ryan Mallet (6-7/253, 5.37-40) spread 26 – 37 – 57.8*, 10-3/4″ hands, 10-3 in ’10
    ID’s Nathan Enderle (6-5/240, 5.15-40) pro-style 38 – (>27) – 54.6*, 9-7/8″ hands, 6-7 in ’10
    UW’s Jake Locker (6-2/231, 4.59-40) pro-style 20* – (>27) – 53.9*, 9-5/8″ hands, 7-6 in ’10

    Note that Kevin Kolb’s was 28-47-62

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