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Morning links: Cruising the mock drafts

Post by Eric Williams on March 29, 2011 at 10:06 am with 19 Comments »
March 29, 2011 10:06 am

In his latest mock draft, Rob Rang of has the Seahawks selecting Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi as a potential replacement at right tackle.

Here’s what Rang has to say:

“Pete Carroll preached a ball-control, run-heavy offense when he was hired in Seattle. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, age, injury and inexperience up front grounded their running game. They averaged only 89 rushing yards a game last season, which was 31st in the NFL. Carimi, a four-year starter at left tackle, lacks the elite athleticism to remain there in the NFL, which could push him into the second portion of the round. The 2010 Outland Trophy winner has the bulk, strength and physicality in the running game to star on the right side.”

Chad Reuter of has the Seahawks selecting Florida offensive lineman Mike Pouncey.

Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly has Seattle taking Mississippi State offensive tackle Derek Sherrod in the first round.

Russ Lande has Seattle taking Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith at No. 25.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reports Temple defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson will meet with Seattle this week. Seahawks defensive line coach Todd Wash attended Wilkerson’s pro day last week.

Cal safety Chris Conte is scheduled for a private workout with Seattle.

Clare Farnsworth of continues his look at Seattle’s 35th anniversary team with profiles on safety Eugene Robinson and cornerback Dave Brown.

Seahawks linebacker Will Herring is opening a fitness center in Auburn, Ala., and also talks about his desire to become a starter in the league.

Free agent kicker Olindo Mare tells ESPN 710 Seattle’s Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore that he would give the Seahawks a hometown discount in this audio link.

Seahawks player representative Chester Pitts expresses his thoughts on the league’s labor dispute here.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports takes a look at Seattle’s draft needs.

Morning links
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Herring Fitness… I’d join. And I have to say too, that I’d like to see him get a shot as a starter, although I don’t see that happening here. Not with Heater at Will and Lofa still manning the middle. I’d hate to see him play elsewhere, he’s been one of my favorites, but I think he’ll have to if he wants to be a starter.

    I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if they selected Carimi. Not only will he make a great RT, but he has some added value considering Okung’s balky ankles and Carimi’s success at LT at Wisconsin.

    If Seattle passes on a lineman in the first, John Moffitt and / or Rodney Hudson are two guys I’ll be hoping are there for them in the second.

  2. If Aldon Smith is there at #25 I would be very happy, although I think I’d rather want Kerrigan to be there. Carimi or Pouncey would provide excellent help, and they should be able to move around if we, god forbid, continue to have problems with the health and stability of our O-line. The thing I’m really interested in, is how Tom Cable will handle the O-line, if he’d like to try players at other position etc. I really love Cable, so I hope he does well with this unit, because I’m sick of having a sucky, leaky O-line.

  3. Adrian Clayborn may be a consideration at 25 as well, if Pouncey and Wilkerson are gone. Clayborn isnt the fastest DE, but he has pretty decent size, and could be a tweaner to backup Red Bryant and sub for Clemons on run downs. He’s got a high motor and is a fierce competitor.

    I like Pouncey and Wilkerson. Wilkerson would likely be a backup, which is a curious way to spend a first round pick. First round picks are usually for star players, not depth. Though with Red Bryants major knee surgery, its likely Seattle doesnt feel comfortable resting thier season on his health as they did last year, to disastrous results.

    I covet Torrey Smith (?), the WR, but he wont last and WR–though a need–is kind of a luxury pick this year with so many gaping needs, and the quality of defensive line and O-line picks available in the first round. Torrey’s life story is pretty incredible, and he sounds like a faster, more competitive Darrell Jackson–a future star flanker destined to rack up 80-catch, 1,000 yard seasons. He’s 6’+ and 200 lbs, and he runs a 4.4 40. Better than that, he runs good routes and has his head on straight, something Im not sure D-jack ever could claim.

    I would also like to see Jimmy Smith fall, but thats probably a pipe dream. If he’s available though, you take him. Big fast corners dont fall out of the first round, and with Jennings/Tru looking weak, we sure could use someone opposite Thurmond.

  4. HawkfaninMT says:

    My wish list (in order)as of now is:

    1st- Smith, Pouncey, Sherrod, Carimi
    2nd- Watkins, Franklin, Austin, House, Dowling, Cannon
    4th- Gilbert, Wright, Casey

    SO I’d like to see: Smith, Watkins, and Gilbert in a perfect world… Not flashy but they would all either start or compete to start from Day 1

  5. Pitts, Locklear, Spencer, Polumbus, Willis and White. Which get re-signed?

  6. Ted Thompson is kinda known for re-signing GBs FAs. If you look at their roster there’s more GB-draftees that get re-signed than you usually see on a team. They don’t seem to lose many FAs. If JS is an adept of TT’s, why didn’t he try harder to get them re-signed when he could? Does JS not want them back, or, like SD’s Dielman does JS want them to check out other opportunities around the league and then come back to SEA happier? What’s the deal?

  7. I’ll be perfectly happy with Carimi or Pouncey in the 1st round.

    I’d be even happier if we could settle our QB situation (both short and long term).

  8. If we take Carimi in the 1st round, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a LG in the 2nd round. LG is the worst position on our team, IMO.

    Ideally, we would get Pouncey at #25. It’d mean our worst position was addressed and we could go for BPA in the 2nd.

    While Polumbus isn’t ideal at RT, he can be serviceable. The same can’t be said about LG if we were to take Carimi to play RT in the 1st round.

    My ideal scenario would be Pouncey in the 1st round and then the best available pass rusher, CB, or OLB in the 2nd (assuming QB is somehow taken care of… which I doubt it will be). It’s pretty sad when we’ve spent so much time and effort in LBs and we’re still not very good there. I still like the idea of offering Cincy Curry for A. Smith (RT). A bust for a bust. Both busts were top 6 picks so it’s not like they wouldn’t want him soley because of the money. I don’t know why they’d take it, but they are the Bengals so you never know.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I think a part of determining what FAs get re-signed will be how long the lockout lasts. If it drags into summer and early fall, players they would otherwise let walk or test the market would likely be signed, IMO. Someone like Lock is an example of this. But if it ends relatively soon, I think Spencer and Lock will be “allowed” to shop themselves. I don’t see Willis or White factoring into the future in any case.

    And Thompson does have a history of re-signing players. Players that he’s drafted or otherwise invested in. Schneider doesn’t have that connection with most of this roster, not yet anyway. On the surface however, of that list I can envision Polumbus and perhaps Pitts being re-signed. The others I seem to be able to make a stronger argument why they shouldn’t be re-signed that I can bringing them back. That’s just me though…

  10. Soggybuc says:

    Got to agree with Duke that if this BS goes long you’ll see most players re-up with one year deals and wait till 12 shop the market.
    The exceptions are going to be guys who just want out of where they are badly and will sign undervalue short term deals just to move. maybe could help the Hawks land a guy like Gallery if Pouncey doesn’t fall our way.

    I want pouncey bad! big Gator fan and watched them a lot. Tebow was good! really really good! but with the pouncey twins in the middle he was Hiesman good!

  11. Our biggest weakness was the line and we have a chance to get the highest rated guy at his position (Pouncey ) at least I think he is.

    Even with getting a lower draft position for the weak NFCW and beating NO

    That would be just outstanding!!!

  12. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Poor Will Herring!!! Constantly outplaying our 4TH OVERALL BUST LB in every opportunity he gets on the field yet can’t start due to The BUST’s draft position and stratospheric and completely undeserved salary!!!

  13. HawkfaninMT says:

    @Soggybuc: What are your thoughts on Gilbert in the 4th to play at RT? As a Gator fan I feel like you may be a ble to provide some insight on his strengths and weaknesses. I feel like he could be an excellent RT just based off of what I’ve read, and to get a starter in the 4th is great!

    3 Starters in the 1st 3 picks is what I am hoping for…

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Herring starting or not has nothing to do with Curry’s underperformance. His potential as a starter is as a weak side ‘backer. That’s unlikely to happen here so long as Heater’s at Will and Lofa’s in the middle.

  15. I think they bring back Pitts, Polumbus, and Ray Willis. Not sure about White. But Polumbus is at least versatile, and played okay at LT when he had to. He could turn out to be a decent RT too. But Lock and Spencer are likely toast.

    Remember, Seattle never really let Polumbus or Andrews compete at RT, they just stuck with Locklear there. Trying for some form of continuity, they kept the RT and C spots the same, while shuffling everyone through the G positions and subbing for the oft-gimpy Okung at LT.

    This year, if there is a training camp, I expect them to bring as many O-lineman to camp as they can–and hold onto ones familiar with the ZBS especially. They will let them compete, and see what shakes out. Andrews never should have been playing pulling G in a ZBS; and now that they are gonna give him a shot at RT, I expect him to play at a starter level or better. Ray Willis is talented, a real road grader in the run game, and not too shabby at pass pro either. His issue is that he has wrecked knees, and so like Pitts is a concern as to wether he can play an entire season. But he’s a great backup if Andrews locks down the RT spot. Also, Andrews and Willis have good size, which Tom Cable likes.

    They may give Unger a shot at C, and let Spencer walk. Which will releive me greatly. Not sure Unger will ever develop into an NFL starter, but Spencer needs to go. Dude will never really “get it”, and its time to cut bait.

    I too think we need to take Pouncey if the Giants dont nab him. Locking down a LG spot, which has been a black hole of suck since the Ice Fisherman vacated the position half a decade ago, would warm the cockles of my heart. We likely can pick up a starting caliber RG in the fourth round, if we look hard enough. Then, wonder of wonders, the ocean of crapitude that has been our sorry excuse for an O-line for years on end might actually perform at an NFL level. Wouldnt that be a sight for sore eyes?

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I like Willis but his mobility (which any zone scheme requires) was limited prior to his knee issue(s) and is now reduced further. Couple with that Andrews (seemingly not fully recovered from his own knee surgery, last season) and potentially Polumbus also figuring to be given a shot at RT. Willis has talent, but seems far better suited to a more power / man scheme. But we’ll see. Maybe Cable feels like he can work with him, although I’d still be surprised if he’s on the 53 man when the games start.

  17. HawkfaninMT says:

    Any prefference to bringing in Veterans of Oak vs keeping our own on the OL? Obviously it isn’t a guarantee that they would come but just to name a few comepetitions:

    Satele vs Spencer
    Barnes vs Willis
    Gallery vs Pitts

    Truthfully, I would be more focused on getting Oak FAs than our own!

  18. I’m as big of a Ray Willis smash mouth guy as they come, but that guy isn’t an asset in pass protection (or in our blocking scheme). He’s the type of guy who needs to line up at RT and have a Jimmy Kleinsasser type of TE lined up right next to him (and run the ball over and over again over RT). He’s a mauler and that’s not gonna get it done in our scheme at RT. Plus, he can’t afford to lose any mobility in his already somewhat stiff knees. I don’t see him being an asset for our team moving forward.

  19. The lockout messes up FA, but your premise is enticing. Cable will need time to get the OL up to speed in his version of the ZBS. If the CBA doesn’t happen till very, very late, then brining in his old C, RT & LG might make sense. If might jump-start the OL assuming the OAK FAs could land running. Still, the OL in any ZBS is 5 guys, and for the 5 guys to perform at peak they have to know what to expect from each other. Even though there may still be an overall advantage of bringing in players who are familiar with the OL coaches scheme (ala Hamilton), you still need the players to blend. You also want the best guys for each position.

    But although Pitts may not be coming back, I don’t know that Gallery is the answer. The year before we got him, C.Pitts 6-4/308 injured his right knee two games into regular season for HOU and then had microfracture surgery on it. HOU said they wanted him back, but apparently not as much as PC/Gibbs/JS wanted him (1-yr deal). HOU’s OL tanked in ’09 without Pitts. Last season, Pitts started 5 gms for SEA @ LG (NYG, AZ (2nd gm), NO (reg season), ATL & TB). Hamilton started @ LG before Pitts and after Hamilton got IR’d, then Pitts played LG and got hurt (ankle) vs NO, then Gibson played LG, then Pitts came back vs ATL & TB and came back to spell Okung a few plays vs STL and got injured/IR’d (concussion). “Troy” Polumbus, 25, had already taken his LG place vs STL and in the playoffs.

    Even if Pitts could be healthy, he’s 31. JS signed him 7/29/10, released him 10/1/10, and re-signed him 10/5/10. He didn’t play much last season, and SEA didn’t get much positive production out of the LG position as a whole, either. But, even though Gallery 6-7/325 is familiar with Cable’s ZBS, and might be in better health than Pitts, Gallery is 30 and has never played up to his 1st round selection, not to mention the $8M he was asking from OAK. He’s a converted LT and his performance last season @ LG was panned by ProFootballFocus. (See the Comments section.)

    What we want is a turnaround in the OL performance similar to what happened to HOU’s OL last season. They started to play as a unit. A healthy OL could make as big a difference in SEA’s OL as anything else the might do this offseson.

    Polumbus did so-so @ LG and Gibson did so-so @ both LG & RG, and although Polumbus is a FA (not tendered) and Gibson is still under contract, it seems necessary to improve the talent level at both these positions. Maybe just having the same players at those positions throughout the season would help, but neither position had success at run-blocking. Journeyman Polumbus graded out (per Rotoworld) as the worst tackles in the NFL and at 6-8/310 isn’t a prototype LG. Gibson was given the chance to beat out Hamilton, who was well past his sell-by date, and couldn’t. Gibson’s contract is for $0.48M for ’11 and he’s a FA in ’12.

    Other teams’ G FAs: We saw LG Justin Blalock, 27 when ATL visited SEA week 15. I can’t re-watch that game, but the gamebook sez Turner got 82 yds rushing by himself that game. ATL threw 35 times for 174 yds and ran 37 times for 98 yds. Clemons did little that day, but Brock and Cole had very good games. Not sure how Blalock did that game, but ProFootballFocus ranks Blalock as the 3rd best FA LG, and 1st among FA LG ZBers. The best ’10 performing FA RG ZBS player (per ProFootballFocus) is ATL’s H.Dahl, 30. The next highest rated FA RG ZBer is HOU’s M.Brisiel, 28. Brisiel played 9 games for HOU in ’10 and was IR’d with an MCL injury (injury prone). Brisiel received a 2nd rd tender.

    At RT, Locklear performed the best at run-blocking among SEA’s OLers, per Football Outsiders, and ProFootballFocus rated him as the best RT at pass-pro. Lock will be 30 at the start of the ’11 season and has had some injuries thru his tenure here. There are two FA RT ZBers ProFootballFocus ranked higher than Lock overall: ATL’s T.Clabo 29, and DEN’s R.Harris 26. That must mean they are better run-blockers. If SEA can’t bring Lock back, they still have RT S.Andrews under contract 2011: $5.25M, 2012-2013: $6M, 2014: $6.25M, and 2015: Free Agent.

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