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Morning links: More Kolb talk

Post by Eric Williams on March 21, 2011 at 8:21 am with 40 Comments »
March 21, 2011 8:21 am

Adam Caplan of Fox Sports takes a look at teams that would be interested in going after Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb, with the Seahawks at the top of the list.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated says that Eagles head coach Andy Reid already has one team willing to give up a first-round pick for Kolb, but he’s looking for a higher draft pick. Could the Seahawks already be weighing in on Kolb?

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer talks to Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, who confirms that Philadelphia would be willing to pull the trigger on a trade for Kolb.

Lehigh offensive lineman Will Rackley writes in his journal that an offensive line coach from the Seahawks was on hand for his pro day this week.

Carly Gillis of the Hufffington Post catches up with former Seahawks running back T.J. Duckett, who has devoted his life to philanthropic activities, including growing out his beard.

Seahawks receiver Deon Butler says he expects to be jogging in a few weeks and at full speed when and if training camp begins in four months.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post provides a nice update on labor dispute between owners and players.

Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines Ward debuts on Dancing with the Stars tonight.

Jerry Glanville will return to pro football as the head coach of the UFL’s Hartford Colonials. Glanville last served as head coach at Portland State.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    If Peter King is right, however unlikely, outside of Seattle, it would only seem mid-round teams would have interest in a QB; Jax, Mia, Minn. But if Phily truly held out for a higher pick, that would seemingly point to Seattle. And teams are actually negotiating trades right now? So what, when the lockout ends whenever, they can pull the trigger the moment it’s over? No, I don’t put a lot of stock into King’s “good source”.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Peter King is full sh!t. I doubt his “good source”, and while I could actually see a deal getting done for Kolb, I wouldn’t necessarily be a huge fan of it. I get it, really. But I’d rather see us work the draft to get Pouncey, etc. to bolster the O-line. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I’m just being real…

  3. Its gotta be the Seahawks based on this. This regime’s ability to evaluate QBs scares the hell out of me.

    Couple that with a supposedly defensive minded coach fielding the worst defense in franchise history, makes me very worried about this team for the next several years.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    If King’s source knows what he’s really talking about and not simply a figment of his imagination, then yes, it would figure to be Seattle. But again, I’m very skeptical, at best.

    It’s interesting to me you place the blame for their awful defense last year, not primarily on the personnel, but Carroll.

  5. Duke –
    MIN picks 12th, MIA 15th, JAX 16th. SEA picks 25th? Unless MIN, MIA & JAX are only offering a 2nd, how could SEA offer a higher pick, unless it’s for the ’12 draft and PHI expects SEA to tank in ’11?

    SeahawkFan12 –
    Not unpopular with me. I don’t understand the greatness of Kolb, nor the hurry to get a QB now rather than in next season’s draft. Young and WCO trained, but Kolb’s stats aren’t near those of the elites. His stats say ‘game manager’. It is interesting though, that Kolb’s performance was better (both DYAR & DVOA) than both CW’s and Hasselbeck’s stats while SEA’s OL’s pass-pro stats ranked 14th while PHI’s ranked 28th. Kolb would be a better bridge QB than CW, but with him SEA’s not going to beat a team with an elite QB (someone who’s DYAR is 1000-2000 & DVOA is 20-50%). We’d probably end up having to find another QB season after next, or the season after that, etc.

    If the ‘final eight rule’ gets enforced again this season, SEA can go out and get one trade or FA player who can make more in salary than about $5M. If SEA used that one allowed high-$ acquisition on Kolb, then they can’t get another high-cost FA. If SEA uses that one allowed trade or FA acquisition on someone other than Kolb, like on Gallery or Asimougha (sp?), or whomever, SEA would have to first lose Hasselbeck to another team in FA, and then they couldn’t offer Kolb any more compensation than what that other team pays Hass in ’11. Subsequent salory increases for Kolb then can’t exceed 30% of the ’11 salory.

    Fix the OL, the run-game, and the defense, get a #1 WR then get the QB (Luck?)

  6. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I never said Seattle could / would offer a higher pick. What I said was, if Philly is holding out for a higher pick, Seattle had to of made the offer. King’s contention is that a team (presumably in need of a QB) offered Philly a 1st rounder. Philly wanted to find a team that would offer a higher first than what was offered. If the team King is eluding to wasn’t Seattle, then that means one can reasonably presume it was Jax, Mia or Minn that offered the first, and they are holding out for a pick inside the top 10. I for one, can’t imagine any team giving a top ten pick for Kevin Kolb, so it seems unlikely Philly would reject a mid-first for him. This leads me to believe King is implying a team near the end of the first offered their first and Philly wants something better. There isn’t a team from 17-32 that is in need for a QB except Seattle. So, I believe it’s safe to presume King is implying Seattle offered the first.

    And BTW, a big-play, flashy WR is the last piece of the puzzle. Placing franchise QB last on any list of priorities when building a football team, is a flawed plan, IMO.

  7. Duke – the way I see it is that good defensive minded coaches can take bad personnel and make them look average. Then when they have average personnel, they look good and with good personnel they look elite.

    They took average to bad personnel and made them look franchise worst which is quite an accomplishment given the 2000 defense. This kind of reminds me of the 1992 offense where Flores outdated scheme took awful personnel and made them look like the worst offense in NFL history.

  8. And yet, somehow, someway, Carroll and Co. found a way to win more games than anyone expected, and even to knock out the Saints in the playoffs.

  9. SideWalk_Hawk says:

    Anyone understand why the rush at QB? Give up a first round for a QB that may be no better than CW? I have to agree with klm and shf12, build the O-line, defense then grab a franchise QB when you get the chance.

  10. I think Reid is dishing misinformation to try and generate something. I could definetly see SF being interested in Carson Palmer he would surely help them be the team to beat next year in the NFC West if that happens. Especially if they get him for their second round pick.

    As for building a team A franchise QB would be high on the list but really good “Big Uglies” up front can make avg players in your backfield on both sides of the line look better.

  11. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Paleryder, I hope (and think) you are right on Reid’s misinformation ploy.

    I just think this whole Kolb talk is a bit myopic; it is as if Reid/the media are inflating his value. I get that he’s younger, yadda yadda yadda…but until we fix some fundamental needs (like O-line), it seems that pinning our hopes on CW or any other FA qb is futile. Yes, it COULD work out. And no, I don’t think the draft class is eye-watering either.

    I wish I had solutions but most regular posters here have echoed anything I could humbly offered. I’d love to see Hasselbeck back at a reasonable price, draft O-line first round and then address the QB of the future.

    Square peg…round hole.

  12. I like Kolb, but it would do the Hawks no good if they were to give up too many picks (1st and 3rd, for example) in order to get him. With so many needs, QB is just one and adding Kolb won’t suddenly make the Hawks good. Obviously a great QB can make a huge difference but I’d argue that there’s just as much chance that Kolb stinks as there is that he’s worth a 1st round pick. He’s shown flashes, but overall pretty unproven. Still, I’d rather have Kolb in there than Hasselbeck or Whitehurst…just not at the cost of losing out on a DL, CB, or OL that can make a difference where the Hawks also have needs.

    Also, it seems to me Philly is more desperate to unload Kolb than the Hawks should be to get him. He’s requested a trade. He’s due to re-up his contract after 2011. They already have Vick.

    Is it not possible that the Hawks let 2011 come and go and then make a play for Kolb in free agency?

  13. NFL Draft = Disinformation for a loooong time now. Is Kolb the answer? If you have to pose that as a question then he is not. Can you say definitely that any QB in this draft class is the answer? Same reasoning applies. Best case scenario now IMHO is we resign Hass draft a QB and let them learn for a year. The chances are good that he will be playing next year regardless due to Hass getting hurt. With our schedule for next year we look more and more like a 6-10 team not a 10-6 team.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Perhaps I’m not giving the personnel enough credit for being even average. I think they ran out players that are well below “average”, including; Balmer, Richardson, Gordon, Siavii, Jennings, Cox, Pinkard… anyway, you get the idea.

  15. I think looking at our schedule for next year, picking Andrew Luck is a possibility.

  16. HawkfaninMT says:

    I really hope they pass on Kolb…

    Id like to see:
    A back up QB signed with CW starting next year
    A first rounder spent on a QB next year… Either Luck (if CW is really that bad) or Barkley if he comes out
    That way we have the chance to get Gallery and a first and 4th round lineman up to speed so our Rookie QB doesn’t get killed!
    How about a 2013 lineup:
    Okung-Gallery-Spencer-Moffitt-Carimi with Barkely at QB

    Sound good?

  17. Duke – the backups were well below average but I thought the starters were average.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Balmer, Siavii, Jennings, started and / or played significant roles. (And this says nothing about Curry’s play and Terrill starting.) In total, I just don’t see “average” personnel on defense.

  19. I hate the NFL right now. And I’m pissed off at the owners and players. I’m more excited about Tommie Hanson, Cole Hamels, Billy Butler, Mark Lowe (yes, the former M’s pitcher, sadly; he may close of Feliz becomes a starter), etc. at the moment (they are on my two fantasy baseball teams). That’s pretty damn sad and I never thought I’d hear myself say that.

    All I know about Kolb (I think) is that he’s going to need a year of full time starting/sucking like Matt needed (after being Mr. September in Green Bay and then losing his job to Dilfer for awhile). This is especially true if he’s going to have a team with no No. 1 WR and, at this time, over half of an offensive line that sucks. It was a little easier in Philly with some good WRs and a better OL (before getting beat out by a dog killer).

    Maybe the Seahawks (we) will be good by 3954. I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll continue to hope (unless the creeps on both sides continue to destroy its fan base, which it actually is doing with this fan).

  20. Don’t be rash BobbyK. Deep breath, cold beer…it’s going to work out and we’re going to have our favorite sport back before you know it.

    That said, I am also looking forward to baseball season more than usual. King Felix, Ichiro, Ryan Langerhans…well…maybe not that last one so much. But still…

    Also, I don’t think giving up a first for Kolb makes any sense. Build the infrastructure–draft oline with the first, hope that Ponder is available with our second. Of course, I’d be stoked to trade down too and pick up more picks.

  21. I am not a CW fan – but I would much, Much, MUCH rather start CW next year than trade a pick for any of the guys available. unless you could get Palmer for a 3rd or lower.

    I don’t see the greatness in Kolb although I think he might be could, but I would be losing confidence if we overspend draft picks on QB’s 2 years in a row. BAD NEWS.

    Go with Whitehurst – try to resign Hass, if not grab someone and then let the chips fall where they may. If we draft a guy in any round I am okay with that too. Although as many have said I would much rather see OL-DL and if we can ONLY make a run at one FA I want one of the 3 CB’s that look to be outstanding!!!

  22. I would love to see Hasselbeck back if the only other alternative was Kolb.

  23. I agree with XCman.
    We spent alot to get Charlie so give him the bike and let him ride!
    one of two outcomes will happen.

    A.) He’ll prove all of the negativity that his two starts and massive sample of work has compiled correct and prove he’s a barely talented Schmuck. or….

    B.) He will shove crow down all of our throats. we won’t know till ya let him ride the bike. then there is…

    C.) Go to camp and take his Job from him!

    Sorry but i’m getting a little tired of the outright negativity and hostility leveled at some of our players. maybe they are not perenial pro-bowlers and future HOF’ers but do you what they are? good enough to make an NFL roster! where you?

  24. If it was my call, I would risk #25 for Kolb, but not much more than that.

  25. maddog12 says:

    Did anyone see the Bleacher Report under rumors…has us getting Palmer and Kolb staying in Philly. I went to look for the link but could not find it. It was in their rumors and …. section.

    I would rather have Palmer than Kolb.

  26. HawkfaninMT says:

    Most things on Bleacher Report are rumors…

    No to Kolb! Just draft for the lines and get a QB next year.

  27. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I’d love to see Hasselbeck back for a lot of reasons. Persoanlly, I love the guy and appreciate his leadership. He is the heart and soul of the locker room, and is a fiery competitor.

    But from a pragmatic standpoint, it would be far more beneficial to have him than to bring in a FA. Hass already knows the organization and the receivers that are currently on the roster. He will have to learn a new offense (again) but should pick up on it faster than a guy who is moving his family and his life to a new city (Seattle).

    This will be especially important as the lockout drags on. Less time with coaches and facilities means the having your experienced leader in place is all the more important. Seattle screwed the pooch by not signing him sooner, IMO.

  28. Has anybody mentioned what $$ SEA’s FO offered Hasselbeck?

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Neither David Dunn (Matt’s agent) not Schneider have released what was offered.

  30. I’m not sure if Kolb is the answer, but he’s probably better (or at least safer) than any QB available at #25. That’s really what it comes down to, right? We all agree QB is the MOST important position on the field, so… if the FO believes he would be the best choice, I’m all in.

    That said, in my opinion Mallett’s “red flags” might push a top-5 talent down to 25th overall… so that’s my overall preference.

    However, I would be just fine with Kolb. He seems to fit the WCO, he can move, and he can throw a deep ball. Tools are there, Andy Reid’s a believer, if we pull the trigger then Schneider’s a beliver, those two know a little something about QBs, so there you have it. I’m all in!

  31. Sac_94 –
    Mallett’s the top-5 talent, or was it somebody else that gets pushed down to #25?

  32. Does anybody remember – comp picks are given to teams based on players lost to free agency in the same year as the draft(?) So, no free agency, no comp picks?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    It’s the previous year. Free agency doesn’t end when the draft is held. That is, if Mebane or Hass or whoever, signed with another team before this coming draft (or after), the ‘Hawks wouldn’t receive comp picks until the ’12 draft. Remember, signing FAs also effects how comps are determined, not just losing them.

  34. If Reid knows something about QBs (and is willing to trade Kolb) and Schneider wants Kolb (same guy who would be admitting mistake with Whitehurst if we traded for Kolb and helped to draft Brian Brohm in the 2nd round who the Packers released a year later)… does that really inspire confidence that Schneider is a QB guru?

    Yes. The Rodgers pick was great, but he’s 1-3 in higher round QBs (two drafted and one traded for) and that doesn’t inspire confidence on my part. I’m worried about our QB position moving forward, as I should be.

  35. Duke –
    So, last season we lost Wilson, Tapp, and(?) Maybe we get a comp pick in ’11? And say we lose Hasselbeck and/or Mebane sometime after the ’11 draft and don’t get any big $$ FA replacements, then do we likely get a comp pick or two in ’12?

    BobbyK –
    Great, the last GM couldn’t recognize OL talent and now this one will be lucky to get a good QB? I hate high-early QB busts and the shotgun approach to drafdting. Oh well, he can’t be as bad as McDaniels. . .

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson and Tapp were traded so they won’t receive compensatory picks for them. But players like Nate Burleson and Cory Redding signing elsewhere will factor in. The picks for this year’s draft should be announced next week.

    And yes, if they lose Hass and Mebane, any comp picks awarded will be for the ’12 draft.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Schneider is off to a dubious start (regarding QBs) with CW (and allegedly also wanting Trent Edwards). But let’s not underestimate Thompson’s influence in Green Bay. Brohm may have been his guy, for all we know.

  38. Of course. But Thompson could also have wanted Rogers and Schneider may not have. We don’t know.

    All we know is what’s on the surface and Schneider could have been against a guy like Player A and Thompson for Player B. Thompson will win. For good (Aaron Rodgers, Bryan Bulaga, Greg Jennings, etc.) or ill (AJ Hawk, Brian Brohm, Jordy Nelson, etc.).

    I believe you in Schneider wanting Edwards… but where did you hear that? I hadn’t stumbled on that information, but I’m sure you’re right. I could see that, actually.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I know. Even as I was typing that, my heart wasn’t really in it. Just trying to be optimistic. lol

    Read the Edwards thing here. They could have signed him after the Bills cut him if it were true, so I’m not sure what to make of it.

  40. seattle would be wise to investigate getting kolb, but they have to sure they don’t give up too much for him. #25 overall is a pretty steep price, but if the hawks front office feels they can get an OL/DL/CB in later rounds, then why not give up the first rounder for a 27 year old Reid prodigy? so many first picks are busts, at least they know what they’re getting in kolb: less learning curve, starting experience, WCO experience, experience throwing 300yd3TD games against good opponents, good pedigree, etc.

    so trade for him or let whitehurst run the show for a year and see where it leads. i’m happy with either so long as the hawks o-line, d-line, and CBs get some help through the draft.

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