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  1. Good Luck to Locker in MIN today!

    Rang should know who a good fit for SEA should be, but Mallet?

  2. If the Hawks end up drafting Mallet, are there drills (like the tire drills) but more aimed at improving QBs footwork? But, if the labor/owner dispute lasts for long, Hawks coaches won’t be able to help Mallet’s footwork anyway?

  3. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Man I keep wishing for Locker but I know it’s just a pipe dream, he won’t last past Minnesota.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Pouncey and Ballard? I could live with that. No thank-you to Mallet, though.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Of course. Whether he has the athleticism to improve or not is another question. Then there’s the issue of what’s between his ears.

  6. Are there any films of Mallet eluding a rush, rushing for a TD, or throwing on the run. Is his football speed faster than his 40 time? Or maybe we are just thinking he has a cannon and we will just hope nobody knocks him down or gets in his face.

  7. You had to see Mallet becoming the trendy pick coming. QBs always shoot up the mocks the nearer the draft you get.

    Having watched the guy play, I would love for him to come to Seattle. He’s a great passer. In fact most scouts say he’s the best passer in the draft. Everybody already knew he was relatively immobile, so are many great QBs. I don’t care he did drugs and got caught.

  8. Hasselbeck & Mebane could easily be gone in FA, as could Spencer, Locklear, Hill, Jennings, Milloy & Mare. They’re all SEA starter-types, ‘cept Mare, but all fairly big potential needs. Maybe Hill isn’t considered a WLB starter, but Herring is also a FA. JS played it optimistically, I guess, assuming there wasn’t gonna be a lockout long enough to mess-up free agency, taking Hawks cap down to the 2nd lowest in the NFL. But if the FA period is reduced to nil and no time to get the FAs on the same page in practice, SEA will be in tough straits. JS may end up trying to get back as many of SEA’s FAs as possible, on more than one-year deals if that’s what they demand, and be lucky to get them. Otherwise it could be like TR’s desperation getting WRs in ’08, giving away draft picks and the acquired players never really fit -? Will it end up being a year of 200 transactions trying to find players throughout the season?

    FAs Pitts, Polumbus, Hamilton, Willis, White, Brock, Siavii, Richardson and Terril sez to me that both lines will need both starters and depth. If Mallet is under center and SEA’s OL is Okung, Gibson, Unger, Fanaika, and Andrews, what’s that gonna look like? Shotgun and 2 blocking TEs and a FB every pass play? Oh, that’s right we don’t have a FB and Robinson is a FA. Sure hope Cable can get the run game working.

    If FAs Milloy, & Babs retire (or get poached) our Ss will at least need some depth. If everybody is sold on Chancellor as starting SS, we’ll still maybe need some depth behind him and ET. Tru, Thurmond, Lewis, Pinkard, Cox, and Brown could still be here if we lose Jennings, so maybe one of them could move to backup FS?

    Then, how many guys who were on IR and/or had off-season operations will be in shape at the start of the season? How many guys who need an operation won’t get one because they weren’t able to get adequate insurance?

    There’s gotta be a silver lining someplace?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I saw Mallet play maybe half a dozen times this past season and the thing that stood out to me wasn’t his lack of mobility, it was his knack for throwing picks at the most critical times. The Sugar Bowl was a prime example. Not much of a tangible scouting report, but there is something about his play I don’t trust. His decision making, his leadership, whatever you want to call it. I can see why some really would like him, but I’m not sold.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I’m not sure I understand your reasoning here. If there is dramatically reduced FA period, how would that not play into the teams’ favor? That is, with less time to shop themselves around, I would think teams that had those players previously would be in a better position. Every team in the league is facing a similar situation. I think you’re fretting about very little or at least an unknown.

  11. SandpointHawk says:

    One possibility that you seem to be overlooking is that if the injunction is granted and they play under the 2010 CBA (same rules as last year) it will have a massive effect on the Seahawks

    “….Each team would have an extra transition-player tag, in addition to the one franchise-player or transition-player designation allowed per club under the salary cap system, to restrict players’ movement in free agency, and there would be limits on the free agent activity of last season’s final eight playoff teams.”

    The Seahawks will have limited ability to sign free agents.

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I seriously hope Rang, et al are wrong. Please let Mallet land in San Fran. Please let Pouncey land in Seattle. Thank you.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Not their own players (as I said) and I think that was klm’s overall point (at least that is what I was responding to). In fact, a guy like Mebane would become restricted rather than unrestricted, so that would strengthen their ability to re-sign him. Or at the very least they would receive compensation if he signs elsewhere.

  14. Seriously I will throw up if we draft Mallet. I didn’t see many games but in the ones I did – there was one major reoccuring problem.

    HE PANICED UNDER PRESSURE. and we all know that he will see that here!!! at least for a few years and his phsych might be shot by then.

    I would rather go into next season with CW and anyone – than with Mallet on our team.

  15. “I’m not sure I understand your reasoning here” You’re not alone. . .I’m not sure I do either. How might it happen that the same provisions that effected free agency last season would be the same for this season? A judge would just say so, and meanwhile both sides would continue to hammer out a new deal? Then switch out one CBA for the other once agreement on the new CBA was achieved? But everything that took place under the old re-used CBA would still count as good? So if 6 years is the limit for restricted FAs, could Hawks restrict KJ, Hill, and anybody else that hasn’t been tendered yet – or is that date already past? Could they increase the tender on Mebane?

    The concern wasn’t so much losing Mebane, KJ, Matt, et al, but not being able to get better fitting FAs for what PC’s trying to do. I’d assumed that was why JS didn’t tender or tag many Hawks FAs already, that and clearing cap for obtaining more $$ FAs. And then, if there’s no time pre-season to get any new FAs up to speed, there’ll be more established and stabile teams who’ll land running better than SEA. If JS has to retain SEA’s FAs that he wanted to upgrade, hasn’t he just lost a large part of a season’s re-build?

  16. Dukeshire says:

    To your first point; if on the 6th, Judge Nelson rules in favor of the Players Association (and that ruling is upheld in what I presume the league would appeal) then FA would move forward, under the same rules as last year. Both sides would negotiate a new CBA and when one was reached, it would take effect beginning in March of ’12, I would presume. That is the end and beginning of the NFL year.

    To your second point; I can’t think of one Seahawk that has earned the salary that comes with being franchised. (Mare being a possible exception.) As for retaining any FA Schneider wanted to keep, how does a ruling either way effect that? Again, if the ruling is in favor of the players, FA proceeds as it did last year. If not, there will be no player movement for anyone. I don’t see how the Seahawks are effected more adversely than anyone else.

  17. I’m sure you excluded Walter Jones as well Duke :) DOH!

  18. Duke – thanx for the clarification that a new CBA wouldn’t come into effect until 2012! I was seeing too many questions coming up if they tried to make it start in the middle of the season and all the conflicts that could result. So the cap goes back to what it was in ’10 (no cap?) That probably also lets the owners and players put off working on the CBA for another whole year!

    Second point: As I linked in a few threads back, it was Brock Huard who explained the bad situation the Hawks could be in if there’s an extended lockout. There’s a short paragraph he wrote that sez it clearer than my efforts above:

    “What jumps out with these numbers is the fact that Carolina, Seattle, Arizona and Oakland clearly had a vision for the 2011 offseason to give themselves flexibility and cap space to compete and win on the free agent market. If the league is on lockdown mode for an extended period of time, and free agency is drastically reduced, these four teams in particular have the most to lose.”

    SEA’s in a bad spot (per B.Huard), a worse spot then most other teams because they would be the least stabile in the case of an extended lockout. There are 20 stabile teams with starting-caliber QBs, coaches and core of players who’ve all been together far awhile, and a “clear identity of the brand/style of football they want to play”. SEA has a new asst HC (Cable) and a new OC who need to work with their offense (and RBs/TEs?) to see what they can do and get them to play their way, and JS and PC are in the middle of rebuilding their roster. Without an offseason, no OTAs, etc., stabile teams won’t be as effected as ones that aren’t there yet. Coaches won’t even know how well their injured players are doing, but ‘spose that’s true for all the teams.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Walter Jones? If that’s about the “earned being franchised” comment, that’s regarding the current crop of FAs. The only thing I didn’t like about Walt being franchised is how nervous it made me, I wanted him locked up for life. lol.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Okay, that’s reasonable I suppose. But I still contend that worst case scenario is that they would be “forced” to re-sign players they may otherwise not. But I really don’t see them as a big FA player regardless, at least in terms of signing high profile FAs.

  21. Sarcasticus says:

    The problem with Mallett is that his arm is so strong, he doesn’t always reset his launching point when pressured. Rather than side-stepping then re-planting, he will often times wing it without stepping through the throw. This is where his interceptions come.

    These are the highlights from the Alabama game.

    You can see when he has time he can roll, step up, and heave it with the best of them. That arm strength is great and with touch.

    At the 3 minute mark you will see an interception in the end zone, rewind it and notice he slings the ball without stepping through the throw.

    At 4:25, look at the zip he puts on this ball. When he knows exactly where the ball is going pre-snap, he gets it there in a hurry.

    At 4:53, he scores on a keeper. A guy that big would make a lot of 3rd and 1, 4th and 1 plays.

    At the 5 minute mark, look how he is able to side-step the rush, reset his feet, and then step through the throw. That was pretty.

    At 9:46, you can see pressure in his face, and he throws into double coverage. Not only was his choice of receivers wrong, he again is pressured up the middle by Dareus and slings the ball.

    At the 10:54 mark, you can see him going backwards and throwing a completion up the middle. Yeah, it was a completion, and yeah that takes some arm strength, but no that was not what you want to see. Perhaps if he got back in the pocket quicker, he could have stepped through it rather than launching it going backwards.

    11:20, that was a nice throw into double coverage where only his guy could get it. He shows some nice touch.

    11:30 – poor decision. Just throw the ball out of bounds.

    Mallett 25/38 357 1 3

    Here is another set of highlights from the LSU – Arkansas game.

    Overall, I think with Mallett you will get a lot of yards, but you will have to learn to live with the learning.

  22. Sarcasticus –
    Thanx, that’s about the best post I’ve seen on this blog. Do you spose that if the Hawks had a better OL that Mallet could actually be a good QB for SEA sometime in the future?

  23. Sarcasticus says:

    That is the million dollar question. Are we looking for a good quarterback or a future pro bowl player. I think Mallett will be a good quarterback. I think he will put up lots of yards with lots of interceptions. It is hard to get someone who possesses that kind of arm strength (he says he can throw it 80 yards) to think about his feet.

    So, that is where coaching comes in. Can a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator coach him? Is he willing to put in the time? I really worry about his speed, and I don’t mean his 40 time. He spent a lot of time in the shotgun or pistol formation. What are his times in the 5 and 7 step drops? How do those compare with other quarterbacks? He doesn’t have to be blazing. Marino was never a fast runner (4.89 in the 40 I believe), and I don’t think Peyton Manning is very fast. However, both could/do get to their depth quickly.

    I think much of this can be worked on to some extent. Let’s face it, he is huge and will not suddenly become agile, but I think he can improve.

    I do worry about his character. Is this a guy you are willing to give millions of dollars to to become the face of your franchise? I wonder about his reasons for leaving Michigan. Was it simply about the style of offense? I wonder about the drug allegations circulating. Why didn’t he just say at the combine, “the allegations are false”? Instead he chose to not talk about it.

    I really hope if the Seahawks take him, they have really done their homework. They have to know that he is coachable. If they believe in their heart of hearts that he can learn the “small stuff” that makes a good NFL quarterback, then I say go for it.

    My gut says, if he is available…select him. I think he will put up the numbers (including ints). Of course, my gut also told me to eat that Korean food last weekend and that didn’t work out so well.

  24. Sarcasticus says:

    Your question about the O-line is quite valid. If guard (both left and right) are of chief concern for the ‘Hawks right now, then teams are going to definitely test a new quarterback by pressuring up the middle. Also, teams have to worry less about containment with a quarterback like Mallett. Those ends are going to line up wide and pin their ears back because they know he is not going to leak out of the pocket and hurt them with his feet. So, going to a team like the ‘Hawks with a porous offensive line will test Mallett’s coaching early.

  25. I wonder, if Mallet can throw it 80 yds on a rope, could they just put him back in a 20-yd deep shotgun and get Unger to long-snap it to him quickly, go 4-wides and keep chucking it deep (or throwing it away if nobody’s open)? Keep the RB in front of Mallet and throw it to him underneath (screen) if both safeties and some of the LBs are back in deep coverage. Wouldn’t it be great if the OL could give the QB a full 3-4 secs to throw.