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Monday Morning QB live chat transcript

Post by Eric Williams on March 14, 2011 at 8:39 am with 25 Comments »
March 14, 2011 11:32 am

We’ll get started at 11:30 a.m.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not a Kolb supporter necessarily, but the Kolb vs Mirer comparisons are silly. Especially when one compares actual performance. Kolb was knocked out in week one and Vick absolutely tore it up when he came in. That’s why Vick was named the starter, not because Kolb failed and was jerked from the lineup. Hell, in the 3 games Kolb replaced Vick when he injured his ribs, he had a passer rating over 100 in two of them. In 11 NFL season, Mirer has had 4 total. I think some have forgotten just how awful Mirer truly was. Kolb may not be Tom Brady. But he’s sure as hell isn’t Rick Mirer either.

  2. Duke – I have watched every single snap Kolb has taken in his career. A lot of people out on the West Coast have not watched him play much because the only nationally televised game he started was the 49ers game.

    If you get a chance to watch his games in full, focus on his pocket presence as well as his read and recognition. It’s nearly non-existent (right on par with Whitehurst), but he has the best skill position players in the NFL to make him look better than he is.

    If the first read isn’t open, he takes off running – generally right into a sack.

  3. And not to mention, he comes from an extremely QB friendly system that tends to make QBs look much better than they look elsewhere.

  4. chuck_easton says:


    For those priothat blame the owners. New judge Nelson just set the issue of anti-trust, lockout and such to a hearing on April 6.
    This led to some thought that there might be a chance for further negotiation

    The NFLPA* just came out and said no negotiating prior to court. They are taking an all or nothing approach

  5. Isn’t PHI’s offense similar to Holmgren’s? I thought Holmgren’s WCO had to have an accurate QB who gets the ball out quick and knows how to read defenses well? Kolb could be about the same as Matt, maybe a little better than either Matt or CW:
    K.Kolb DYAR 106, Rk 33, DVOA -2.7% Rk 31, Passes 202, Yds 1,066, TD 8 FK 2, FL 2, INT 5, C% 61.6%
    M.Hasselbeck DYAR 41, Rk 35, DVOA -9.8% Rk 35, Passes 475, Yds 2,858, TD 12 FK 1, FL 5, INT 17, C% 60.3%
    C.Whitehurst DYAR -94, Rk 39, DVOA -25.8% Rk 41, Passes 106, Yds 501, TD 2 FK 1, FL 0, INT 3, C% 58.0%

    Since this is a QB-driven league, what we really want is a young QB who is in the 1000-2000 DYAR range, and in the 50%-20% DVOA range. That isn’t available this year in the draft nor in FA (unless Hawks could get P.Manning). Build the OL and run-game this season and make do with CW if we can’t get Matt back. If we get lucky and the strike shortens the season maybe we’ll end up 0-16 and get Luck next draft?

  6. Dukeshire says:

    pab – You live in Phily? I cannot claim to have seen “every single snap” he has ever taken in the NFL but I have the Dish and NFL Package and have seen a number of his games. Including KC in ’09 and Atl and SF last season and simply don’t agree with you, at least to the extent you are saying. Again, I’m not an advocate but I also believe comparisons to Rick Mirer are hyperbole. Comparing him to CW now? That seems far more reasonable from the limited snaps I’ve seen of both.

    The numbers regarding running and sacks just don’t bare out.

  7. Duke – I live in NJ. You saw Kolb’s showcase games. Mirer also had showcase games back in his day that evidently were the only games the Bears watched of him before trading their 1st round pick away. CW isn’t all that different from Mirer so far, which is the only reason Hasselbeck’s job was never threatened last year.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Well, he’s only had 7 career starts and if 3 are showcase games… As for why the Bears gave a first for Mirer, didn’t get it then. Don’t get it now. I just think you’ve forgotten how inept Mirer truly was. Anyway, as I said, I’m not an advocate for Kolb coming to Seattle only that from what I’ve seen, he’s Joe Montana compared to Rick Mirer.

  9. maddog12 says:

    Duke- Who was the qb for Philly the Monday night game with Hawks in Philly in the snow. Lofa was a rookie and oh yea Hawks went to the Superbowl.

    I thought it might have been Kolb?

  10. maddog12 says:

    Also read today that NFLPA lawyer was said by NFL to “dig litigation.” The more I read the more I think the NFL characterization maybe accurate. Chuck’s point re NFLPA not wanting to negotiate before 4/6 hearing would buttress that point of view.

    I think the players are risking alot here. If NFLPA doesn’t win in court on 4/6 owners could sense blood in the water (I think there are sharks who are also NFL owners) and really go after the NFLPA.

    Chuck is there a senario that if the owners won x in court they could break the union. I guess I am asking what is worst case for players and owners. What is at risk here.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    maddog12 – That was the double whammy combo of Mike McMahon and Koy Detmer. If I remember correctly, McMahon threw one to Lofa and Dyson and Detmer threw a couple more after he replaced him.

  12. maddog12 says:

    Thanks for answering my Kolb question. Kolb makes a little more sense to me now. But not a lot more. I want a gunslinger qb who can go toe to toe with Rogers, Mannings, Rothlisburger or Brady. Not better than all them but one who can generally keep up ie better than Matt.

    Don’t know if that guy is out there in the draft or in free agency. VY once looked like he could do that in college but seems to be lost now. The only draftable one I saw, that I really think has screwed himself, is Luck. Not that we would get him but I would have like to seen us try.

    If VY would sign a contract saying he will listen to his coaches and Mr. Moon humbling himself for the greater good. Admit his past inadequcies and genuily seek to be a phoenix rising from the ashes then I’d take a flyer on him.

    Most likely I think we will have a draft pick (who knows who) CW and Matt L. going into 2011. Matt L. also needs some attitude adjustment to be worthy of another shot. Could be an interesting competition.

  13. Duke – Don’t ever bring up Mirer again, he haunts this organization to this day of how bad he really was lol. One and only thing Mirer could be the best at was when he came out he could bench press a truck load but other then that I would take CW over Mirer anyday. Hawks choices if 1st round QB’s has been rough, hope that can change soon…

  14. When you look at the current (’10) QBs with 2000 to 1000 DYARs, the only one who’s rumored to maybe be available in that range is C.Palmer (1003) who ranks 10th. Palmer’s DVOA is 13.6% which ranks him 17th. Palmer’s ’09 DYAR was 739, in ’08 his DYAR went down to 54 (Matt’s was -334), and in ’07 (when Hasselbeck’s DYAR was 938), Palmer’s DYAR was 1,215. In ’06 Palmer’s DYAR was 1,189, in ’05 it was 1,509, in ’04 430. He’s had good WRs, but he’s also been a very good QB. Interesting situation there in CIN.

    VY’s DYAR was 424 in ’10, which ranks him 21st. VY’s DVOA is +26.9%, which ranks him 5th. His DYAR was a little better in ’09 (491), but he won’t likely ever be a Palmer, still he’ll likely be better than Kolb, Matt and CW, especially if he can get his head on straight.

  15. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Mirer wasn’t nearly as bad a bust is as Aaron Curry. At least Mirer was traded for a first round pick which eventually became Walter Jones or Shawn Springs I think. Curry isn’t worth more than a 6th round pick and not even that due to his jawdroppingly absurd contract for the least important position on defense!

  16. maddog12 says:

    Sando got shelled for calling out the NFLPA on its advice to incoming players not to attend to the draft. I agree with Sando that the NFLPA’s position is wrong. Fans and the new players enjoy that moment and the only thing the PA does is piss off fans and appear childish with this move.

    The NFLPA now is mentioning they want to have a parallel event held down the street. broadcast by another network. They are really angry with the NFL (NFLPA felt disrespected) I get it. But, so what, it is business. The objective is to get what your side wants. If I get disrespect but end up with what I want, who wins?

    I tell you what I want…I want NFL Football on time and without all this loudmouthed ,rancorous spew. The league has said they are still ready to negotiate. Players should shut up and negotiate. Every time they open their mouths they weaken their position in the court of public opinion.

  17. SharkHawk says:

    I think the Vince Young “character concerns” are way overblown. He got mad for getting yanked from a game and threw his shoulder pads. I agree…. not good, but he wasn’t “makin’ it rain” and running a dog fighting ring.

    He seems a bit immature. No more immature than Leinart, who will again get a chance to start somewhere. The guy who took over for him (Collins) was considered one of the most immature guys in the NFL, and the Titans paid him a hefty sum and turned the team over to him.

    Vince Young’s “character concerns” aren’t the kind that you can’t overcome. Even guys like Cris Carter had HUGE concerns and had hall of fame caliber careers. He was a total alcoholic. You also see guys on our own team like LeRoy Hill who are much bigger concerns off the field, don’t produce much on the field, and haven’t been labeled as winners their whole career and still have jobs. I guess I just don’t see how VY is a big concern. Nobody seemed concerned about his leadership ability, intelligence, or competitiveness in his years at Texas.

    Then he butts heads with Fisher a few times, gets angry for getting yanked from a game he wanted to go back into and now he’s washed up according to multiple league sources? Give me a break. He’s had a better start to his career in many ways than a lot of QB’s who’ve gone on to have very good or even great careers.

  18. seahawklovertoo says:

    I’d take VY over Newton in a heartbit.
    Maddog, there is another QB that You may like. He is on Mini roster right now : Rhett Bomar. The problem with Bomar is the fact he is born under the sign of cancer (like VY ) and if he is not allowed to start soon, his confidance may torn to kaka. John Elway was the one cancer born QB that did well in NFL. Bomar has been compared to Elway. I wish we could check him out , but I doubt PC has even thought of him.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t agree either that the union, er Association, should ask players to stay from the draft either. If a player like Von Miller chooses to include himself in the anti-trust cases, that’s fine. But otherwise, leave the other players out of it. I couldn’t care less about seeing the first rounder come up and hug Goodell, but I bet that kid’s family does. A lifetime of work has come together for that moment, let them enjoy it. The moment his name is called he’ll be a part of all this nonsense, there is no need IMO, to have that come sooner.

    Oh and by the way, for doing us this favor we will be negotiating a deal that will net you less money than your counterparts received just a year ago.

  20. maddog12 says:

    Bomar…If he is available I’d let him come and Com-Pete. Don’t know about astrology and qb judging. Sometimes I think NFL teams would have just as much luck using a Ouija board..

  21. maddog12 says:

    Duke sounds like a good idea to me. Come down the street kiss Smith’s ring and get less money then you would have last year. What could be better?

  22. chuck_easton says:

    If Judge Nelson rules that the lockout must be lifted after hearing submissions on April 6, 2011 then there might not be an issue.

    She can order the parties into mediation. She can also order that last year’s CBA rules continue until further notice or further agreement.. If last years CBA rules continue, no rookie wage scale this year and 1st round rookies (especially 1-10 slots) are free to go for those big contracts with the guaranteed money. What rookie won’t go to the draft knowing it is their last days before they are instant millionaires?

    If she declaires the Union is a sham and allows the lockout to continue then this is an issue.

    Nothing is going to be determined until mid to late April. Until then everything is just supposition.

  23. Is Judge Nelson’s first name Judy?

  24. IdahoHawk says:

    I think all the Kolb/Palmer talk is dumb either sign Hass or play CW. We already stuck our necks out on the line with Whitehurst. Next years draft as far as qb’s go is better.
    GET MOORE IN 2012!!!

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