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Monday Morning QB live chat transcript

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March 7, 2011 12:55 pm

We’ll get started at 11:30 a.m. today.

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  1. If both the owners and the players each want/need the other side to give more money, this could be a long wait for a new CBA. And both sides have reasonable arguments. In a period of economic uncertainty, (like the US$ no longer being the world’s reserve currency), the owners want enough money to pay obligations if ticket sales or prices drop precipitously. Players are getting injured like they’re in a car-wreck every game, and getting some health insurance for more than 5 years past their careers is neccessary, especially if they have to go to an 18-game season. If the union is decertified, besides the numerous individual lawsuits, how does the NFL get a new CBA? What if the owners decide to go back to the pre-free-agency type of contracts they had with players? No union to stop them. . .

    Meanwhile no hanky-panky between the owners and players. No playbooks, no discussions, no meetings. . . And what if the impasse lasts deep into the summer or even fall? If it’s mid-August before the new CBA gets done, UFL or CFL games may have been broadcast along with the college games, and continue for a short time ’till the teams can get good enough to put on some type of NFL football show that’s good enough for the fans. Virtually no preseason, no TC except for maybe two weeks to re-sign FAs and install some plays, etc. Now, during those two weeks teams will also be hustling to get other teams’ FA players to fill vacancies and get them signed.

    Hawks have a new OC, and only CW as QB on their roster. But CW fits Bate’s offense probably better than Bevell’s. Kolb isn’t even a FA, so talk about him becoming Hawks’ “franchise QB” for a 1st plus, is even pretty iffy. JS might want either GB’s RFA QB Matt Flynn, or CHI’s RFA QB Caleb Hanie for a 2nd?

    New OL coach is gonna need time to get the Hawks to be able to run-block. Unless Stacey Andrews is gonna start @ RT, only LT Okung and C Unger are current starters still on the team. Cable could get Gallery up to speed @ LG inna hurry, but getting ZBer M.Pouncey @ Rd 1-#25 for RG makes sense to me. In such a scenario, with the ’11 schedule, 6-10 seems a little optimistic.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    There are only a handful of teams where that scenario you laid out doesn’t dramatically effect. And the potential decertification would trigger a flood of lawsuits from both sides, but Smith would still have the authority to negotiate a deal on behalf of the players, however. The NFL would like to avoid having the courts decide anything regarding this after the $4 billion TV contract was ruled to be placed into escrow last week. There was some pretty dramatic language in that ruling that leads one to believe the courts would favor in the players’ favor, moving forward.

    But yeah, no doubt if a lockout comes and lasts into late summer and beyond, the ’11 season would be an absolute mess.

    (And if I may; the dollar is still the world reserve currency. There have been some economists ((Simon Johnson MIT)) that predict the yuan may surpass the dollar by 2030, but that is no certainty. And of course there is a very slim chance the euro may be someday, no matter how unlikely.

    And the players don’t want more money, they simply don’t want to give any back. That is, not have the NFL chip into the 60% revenue sharing they hold that was agreed upon in the previous CBA.)

  3. chuck_easton says:

    Well Duke,

    We Canadians (and those of us with Dual Citizenship but live up here and get paid Loonies and Toonies 1 and 2 dollar coins for those that don’t know)
    love the fact that our dollar is worth $1.02 American dollars.

    We can come South of the border without a big hit to the wallet! :)

    Just had to rub that in.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. I remember the “good ‘ole days” when it was just the opposite. Trade in a beautiful greenback and get a fistful of colorful Monopoly money. Lol. I’m only kidding… In no way did I intend my correction of klm to come across as an endorsement of the soundness of the dollar or some level of provincialism.

    Loonies and Toonies, that takes me back… Now if you all could just end the union beer strikes that always seem to pop up.

  5. Our dollar is worth US $1.02, but the prices here are about 25% higher and the tax rate is about 10% higher. The sales tax in Manitoba is 12%!!!

  6. Duke-
    This is a sports blog, and I know it’s O/T, but let me try to tie it in. . .

    The US$ no longer being the world reserve currency is something that may cause economic uncertainty for NFL owners who’s investments in their franchises are pretty much locked within the borders of the US. They tried a Euro-league but it flopped. They play some games in other countries to expand the market, but really. . .

    The US$ is still the world reserve currency, but for how long? The US$ as safe-haven is gone with the federal debt approaching 100% of GDP. Foreign investors see multi-trillion debts going on forever and have to know the only way of eliminating them is to hyperinflate them away. Changes in technology have also undermined the US$’s monopoly. Readily available hand-held devices compare prices in different currencies real time, so there’s no need for one currency (US$) to peg all transactions to. There’s room for more than one currency as a medium of foreign exchange, if not all currencies.

    The euro and yuan are fast growing rivals to the US$. The euro stalled at $1.40 vs the US$ today, but it isn’t going away – it’s just going to continue to spread. China is sposed to be loosening it’s control over the yaun’s exchange rate with other currencies, and once they let it float, it may not take long till it passes the US$ in the amount of paper they have out there internationally. 75,000 chinese companies are already doing international business in the yuan.

    China’s, Russia’s, Brazil’s, central banks like those of many of the other G20 countries (India, Venezuela, Turkey and OPEC countries), and international analysts and groups like the “Gulf Cooperation Council” said back in ’09 that it was time to create a new international currency to replace the US$. China wanted(s) it to be the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) mix of US$, euro, yen, and the pound that the IMF uses for international payments. It may be less than 10 years before the US$ is an “also-ran”, among many currencies. China’s goal is to lead the world with their financial institutions by 2020. Eventually, there may be one international currency that replaces all of the rest, including the US$. Wonder what the BIS in Zurich uses(?)

    But what does the loss of the US$ as reserve currency have to do with the current NFL owners? Not a lot. The dollar will fall by around 20%, living standards will decrease about 1.5% of GDP with the increased cost of foreign goods, and fans will maybe start to feel a twinge when they reach for their checkbooks to pay for their season tix. So owners may want a larger share of the revenue “for no good reason”, or may want the players to share more of the risk of paying off stadiums? Just a thought.

    The solution? Players and owners work together to provide a product to the fans, and somehow split $9B for doing it, which comes directly and indirectly from the fans. To the fans, that $9B (and growing) is totally gone, every year. If the owners want to spread their risk, instead of spreading it to the players, who’ve got their own troubles, why not spread it to the fans? Like the GB Packers, owners who want or need to spread their “risk” should sell shares in their team to the public, which becomes a cooperative, or corporation, and the current owner becomes the president of the board, but could be thrown out by the fans for bad management, etc. If there is a profit above the required re-investment capitol, distribute it to the shareholders.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I’m sorry, but your point is…? You are seeming to argue a point that I had already made, if brief. You stated something (twice now) that is factually incorrect and I simply corrected you. If you wish to argue global economics, I’m not your guy. I’m not going to pretend to know enough about it to do so. So in lieu of plagiarizing from the web… I’ll refrain from continuing.

    And your suggestion for the owners to marginalize their risk is to go public? They may as well sell their teams in that case because unless they are willing to each become the majority stockholder, it make little sense. And the Packers are a non-profit, we’re you aware of that? They sold shares in order to support a team that resides in a city of 100,000 people, a necessity to keep the team in Green Bay. Dallas, Chicago, New York (actually, the majority of the league),… do not share that economic condition.

  8. maddog12 says:

    Danny O has a nice little piece conjecturing Matt’s wanting to wait and test open water of free agency before he does a deal with Hawks. I think he’ll get a big deal else where (Kerry Collins like 14millish) if for no other reason than to take our qb. That places us in the what qb is around at 25 sweepstakes.

    I am starting to wonder about how good that Mallet guy might be. Is he smart enough and a good leader in a fight? Seems like he has the physical skills. Is he more Dukes of Hazard or Jerramy Stevens? I am thinking the top three qbs will be gone when we draft (I personally am going to enjoy watching the icon play in the snow of Buffalo).

  9. If Mallet is as big of a bonehead as he supposedly is… I want no part of him.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never been sold on Mallet. Big arm, no question about that. But has a knack for untimely picks and has some off-field issues (rumors of drugs) to clear up. I’d much rather have Ponder (or even Dalton).

  11. What I wrote is, in fact, true. And yes, the owners aren’t likely go public. But it’s the best resolution, to me anyway, for the owner-player dispute. And yup, I know the GBP are a non-profit, from like 1911.

    Mr Williams – What are the wonderlic results for 2011?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    klm – You stated twice that the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. This is incorrect and you based your argument around it. In other words, what you wrote is, in fact, false.

  13. Klm008: The wonderlic results usually are not released, but leak out as we get closer to the draft. I’ll keep you posted if I find something out.

  14. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I don’t mind Mallett. Dan Marino wasn’t mobile at all either.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Dan Marino wasn’t snorting coke (allegedly) in college either. That said, there are / have been a lot of great QBs that aren’t / haven’t been terribly mobile. I just happen to think this is another knock on Mallet, rather than a knock on him, (if that makes sense).

  16. Duke “The US$ is still the world reserve currency, but for how long?” (See above)

    I know I drone on about inane things at times, sorry to waste your time, but I did say you are right that the US$ is currently the world reserve currency. What I was trying to get at is that the owners have gotta be looking at their futures, and what effect globilization will have on their fortunes (loss of US$ hegemony and subsequent devaluation, and decrease in living standards of their fan-base as a possible risk to their future revenues in the not to distant future). I only raised that as a possibility as to why the owners want so much to have the players share more of their risks. The NFL tried to grow their market by having the euro-league and by playing games in foreign countries, but they must have seen that market growth just isn’t gonna keep pace. I’ve been reading many fans and sports-economists opinions that the owners are only trying to grab more of the pie out of sheer greed. I doubt it. PA & crew ain’t dummies, nor are they out to wreck the sport, nor break the union.

    But if the owners want to spread their risk, I think they’d have more willing risk takers in the stock buying public than the players. Spreading their risk to the players shouldn’t be the reason for no NFL football in ’11.

  17. Mr Williams:
    Thanx – saw that QB Greg McElroy’s wonderlic was 2 points from a perfect score. Guy can think on his feet. Was hoping to find out what Newton scored, but since it hasn’t been leaked maybe it wasn’t so good?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    McElroy was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship so I would expect he’d score well on the Wonderlic (48 of 50 possible).

    klm – Here’s the problem I have; you say “The US$ is still the world reserve currency, but for how long?”. Reasonable. But in the paragraph directly above the one where you wrote that, you say; “The US$ no longer being the world reserve currency is something that may cause economic uncertainty for NFL owners who’s investments in their franchises are pretty much locked within the borders of the US.”. How on earth do you reconcile that disparity? I don’t care to continue this conversation, considering I don’t really know where you’re coming from and I’m no economist. That last word is yours…

  19. Eric,

    Are you a Logger? I had no idea. Heck yeah.

  20. It was “The thought of” the US$ no longer being the world reserve currency . . .
    that I should have added to make it clearer. Apologies.

  21. My niece (not the hair stylist) was also a finalist. She scares me. There was a game in the shape of a wooden triangle with lotsa holes drilled in it and with all the holes but one with golf tees stuck in them. You’re sposed to jump the tees into empty holes, take out the jumped tee and end with the last tee in a certain hole. It took her two tries. She was in high school. I never could do that. She told me the most obnoxious person competeing for the Rhodes scholarship was the winner.

  22. Duke –
    If we ever got fan-ownership of the NFL, at least you oughta know that I’d sign my proxy over to you any time.

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