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Reports: NFL, union talks extended 7 days

Post by Eric Williams on March 4, 2011 at 11:07 am with 56 Comments »
March 4, 2011 11:07 am

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that NFL owners and players have agreed to a seven-day extension of their talks toward a collective bargaining agreement, with the hope that a new agreement can be reached during that time frame.

Also, according to Schefter, as expected teams cannot do any roster transactions during that time.

And if you haven’t read Bill Simmons of ESPN’s column on the depths NFL owners will go to make money, you should. Definitely worth a read.

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  1. Lol. I love arbitrary deadlines that can just be changed. Why not put the work in before the ORIGINAL date?

    Anywho–hopefully they can get it figured out.

  2. Shattah206 says:

    Great article @ ESPN, thanks for the link!

  3. It creates more drama to do it this way.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    This is what I expected after the 24 hour extension. This is good news. Each side can take the weekend to collect themselves and see where they are and hammer something out starting Monday. Hopefully. I can’t imagine they’re too far apart if they are willing to extend it. Good news.

    You know, if I met Bill Simmons in a bar, I think I’d end up wanting to kick his ass. He’s always just so cutesy and hypothetical. He’s like an edgy Rick Reilly, which is a bit like the difference between Bartles and James wine coolers and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Meh…

  5. Get ‘er done!

  6. SandpointHawk says:

    Owners please note…this is free agent signing time. This is the time of year when

    I (often times foolishly) buy new team jerseys…you are loosing my money. Get ‘er

    done…. now….. please….

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Pardon me but that S/B “losing” of course….

    Either FFFS (Fat F-bomb Finger Syndrome) or a very good happy hour at the


  8. Dukeshire says:

    Hopefully the pub, my good man.

    What if the Insider had a live Friday “Happy Hour” chat… Cocktails required?

  9. Seahawks2620 says:

    I have a couple of questions, regarding the draft, for those of you who comment on this blog?

    Does anyone think that the Seahawks would look into choosing a CB with its’ first round pick, particularly Jimmy Smith from Colorado. He had a spectacular 40 time, which was clocked at 4.38. He also has phenomenal size, somethings the Seahawks are obviously looking for in their corners, at 6-2 1/4/211. He does have a history of being a trouble maker, which would deter most teams, but I feel as if Carroll has proven that it does not with him. Most of the off the field issue type players that Carroll has brought in have been USC players, but I believe that he is not afraid to take a case such as a troubled player on. The talent is undeniable, and if he is there at 25, it would be hard to pass him up. If you draft Smith, give him and Thurmond a year or two more to really develop, and you have a really solid secondary with Thomas, Chancellor, Thurmond, and Smith. It is just a thought.

    Now, I don’t want to get jumped for even recommending any player that is not an OT or an OG. I COMPLETELY understand that we need ALOT of help along the offensive line, but guess what, we need a ton of help all over the roster. No one will ask questions if we draft an offensive linemen to shore up the run game, as well as some of the pass protection. You also have to look at the stats from last year though. They tell you that we could not cover a receiving group full of one handed blind men. It was pretty awful out there. Most people will allude to the lack of pass rush, but you cannot blame it all on the pass rush. Our secondary was flat out trash, and it didn’t help that we had old man Milloy getting out run every time you turned around, Trufant getting his ankles broken every down, Jennings getting overpowered by anyone with an ounce of muscle on them, and Thurmond not having enough experience. I assume everyone would agree that Thomas was the only exciting player to watch last season, and he was a rookie.

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    It is also possible that we could in fact draft an offensive lineman with our first pick, and hope to pick up Chimdi Chikwa later in the draft. If you are not familiar with Chikwa, he was the guy wearing a wrist brace during the combine. Even with the injury, he put up some solid numbers at the combine, posting an unofficial 4.33 in the forty. He also brings the great size, coming in at just under 6 feet tall, and weighing in at 191.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I absolutely think a CB at 25 is a possibility (Not necessarily Smith, but still…). I’ve said all along, IMO they need to identify their greatest needs (say OG, OT, QB, CB, DE… or whatever the order) and select according to who they’ve rated highest among their short list considering who’s available to them. Selecting at 25, they’ll be at the mercy of the previous 24 picks, but I can definitely envision a scenario where they take a CB in the first.

    And I do believe the secondary is the weakest unit on the team. And that includes o line.

    (And for the record, Smith’s official 40 was 4.46)

  12. Dukeshire says:

    That’s the Ohio St kid, right? If we’re talking mid / late round guys, I like Jalil Brown, Smith’s teammate. I’m also a big Aaron Williams fan but he’s more likely to develop into a safety. Also like Curtis Brown quite a bit.

  13. Seahawks2620 says:

    Oh alright, I appreciate the correction. As I mentioned, I think that Chekwa is another option in a later round. Like you said, it depends on the availability of the players on your short list.

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    Yep, Chekwa is the kid from Ohio St. Everyone one of the kids that you mentioned bring quite a bit of potential to the table, especially Williams. As you alluded to though, he is probably set to become a safety. They all have great size, and would be happy with any of them really. I would probably have to go with Jalil Brown if it were up to me, due to the coverage skills that I witnessed, when able to watch him. Have you seen any footage of Curtis Brown? I don’t recall watching many Texas games.

  15. Seahawks2620,
    I’m one of those often here mouthing off about the need to prioritize the O line… ;) but I think its entirely possible that the CBs Smith from Colorado, or Williams from Texas, might be two of the best players available at #25. Both look the part to fit in Carroll’s D. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they decide to go that direction.

    Its been said that the top 5 positions you should be willing to overpay for on an NFL team are QB, LT, DE, CB, and WR. As Trufant ages, we no longer have an elite CB, and we need one.

  16. maddog12 says:

    Bartles and James…I forgot about that stuff. Duke you took me back.

    In the mean time only CBA.

  17. “You know, if I met Bill Simmons in a bar, I think I’d end up wanting to kick his ass. He’s always just so cutesy and hypothetical. He’s like an edgy Rick Reilly, which is a bit like the difference between Bartles and James wine coolers and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Meh… ”

    You know…I’m not sure if it’s the fabulous Oregon IPA I’m drinking, but that is the funniest f’g thing I’ve seen on here in a long time. Cheers to you Dukeshire!

  18. …fridays and growlers of fabulous beer are the best.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Thanks and I couldn’t agree more about Fridays.

  20. …and we thank you for your support…

  21. BPA is always the best way to go no matter our own feelings/thoughts except when needing a QB. I want to personally resign Matt for a few years, but we NEED a QB for him to hand the torch to in a year or two or three. Even if the QB isn’t the BPA, we need to seriously consider getting one if it’s deemed they can be a good NFL player.

  22. maddog12 says:

    Going to be very hard to predict/guess who is available at 25. My guess is that if one of the top guys manages to fall Hawks will take him. But if they don’t see a killer deal there JS will trade down (which is a good thing).

    Whats a killer deal….who knows.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Just to be clear, I’m not advocating BPA regardless. Only who Seattle has rated BPA based on their top needs. That is, if the BPA is a LT or FS then pass please. I’m a “draft for need” guy. But the ‘Hawks have so many, they can adapt a more BPA strategy, IMO.

  24. If they can just get that CBA ironed out first, PC & JS can really figure out what they need in the draft (from whom they lose in FA). If they lose Mebane, they’ll need a 3-tech, Hasselbeck, a QB, etc.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    … And from who they may sign. It also gives Schneider leeway to make trades on draft-day like last year (should an opportunity present itself). No doubt about it, get that CBA hammered out.

  26. If Hawks lose Matt to FA and end up with UNR’s Colin Kaepernick in the 2nd, and PC changes the offense to be more like what Colin’s used to, will we be calling PC “Pistol Pete”?

  27. This team is terrible shown statistically below. There isn’t a position other than RB that shouldn’t exclude BPA. But, if another the caliber of Jamaal Charles slips past the so called experts. He and Lynch would make a fearsome combination.

    My understanding was that Thomas could play CB as well. Should another Kenny Phillips or Marcus Jenkins be available they should be considered. DB is the weakest position on this team if the stats are correct.

    Team record 7-9
    9 losses by 15 points or more. Average 21 per loss
    25.4 points a game 28th D
    19.4 points a game 23rd O

    Pro Football Focus breakdown rates Hawks
    Run Def 46.1, Pass Rush 52.1, P Coverage -38.8 (T 29)
    13th on D
    Pass 16.3, Rush 9, Pass Block 20.8, Run Block -61.6
    10th on O

    Only DL showing poorly were Terrill -7.9 and Balmer -15.4
    DE Clemons 35.5 ranks 4th and Brock 23 is 13th. Bryant 11.9, Davis 5.9
    DT Mebane 10.3, Cole 7.8, Siavii 0.8
    No surprises at LB
    Tatupu -5.1, Curry -0.6, Hawthorne 21.3

    2009 Leroy Hill 7.5 & Josh Wilson 6.2 now a 13 with Balt 5th in NFL
    Lewis 3.6, Babs 2.5, Jennings 1.6, Chancellor 1.3, Thomas 0.1, Milloy -4.8, Trufant -7.8

    DB is the weakest position on this team if the stats are correct. I for one would not argue. What’s worse. Hawks have drafted DB’s regular o

  28. Did Locker redshirt his freshman year?

  29. Palerydr says:

    IF the CBA gets resolved then FA could begin right? If so then here are some guys depending on whether the rules define them as restricted I would like the Hawks to consider signing

    Davin Joeseph
    Justin Blaylock
    Harvey Dahl
    Marshall Yanda played RT for ravens last year was guard before
    Carl Nicks First choice

    Right Tackle
    Tyson Clabo first choice
    Jamaal Brown

    Mike Huff
    Dawaan Landry
    Eric Weddle first choice

    Corner back
    Antonio Cromartie
    Brandon Carr
    Jonathen Joeseph
    Nnamdi Asomugha First choice

    Defensive End
    Cullen Jenkins

    I would especially like to see them get 1 each of these positions as we could use guys with a proven track record in the league. I think all could agree IF we were to get 1 of these players at each position we would have an upgrade across the board….and I’m gonna win the lottery… just saying

    Then we can use our picks for BPA at whatever position they deem fits the team.

  30. Palerydr says:

    In the later rounds I hope they pick a FB the 3 guys I like are Shaun Chapas, Owen Marecic and Stanley Havili in that order.

  31. Ruskell liked drafting FBs.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Yes, 2006.

  33. maddog12 says:

    thank you for your support…. ought to be the Seahawk motto. Barttles and James…I think its time for a comeback? At least until a CBA is reached until then wine coolers, whiskey or whine. Have all you can handle.

  34. Does it seem wierd to anyone that the only QB the Hawks now have is CW? Wasn’t CW signed because he was sposed to fit Jeremy Bates offense?

  35. It really doesn’t matter to me b/c it’s early in March. We all know that something rather big is going to happen, we just don’t know what. There’s no way the’re dumb enough to go into camp with C.W. and a couple of scrubs. It’s guaranteed that something will take place to that position before training camp, whether it’s resigning Matt, trading for a Kolb, and/or using a high draft pick on the position (although I don’t see a scenario where we trade for Kolb AND use a high pick). I’m not worried about it b/c I know something is going to happen.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with Bobby. The shape of the roster, expecially considering there is no FA at the moment, isn’t a terrible concern. If this were mid-April and there was a CBA in place? Different story.

  37. maddog12 says:

    Jerramy Stevens arrested again, and again and again. Ground Hog Day part deux deux.

    Please, lets get a CBA done!

  38. From KFFL over the past week:
    “01 Mar 2011 Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer reiterated his stance that he will retire if he isn’t granted a trade before next season, according to’s Dennis Janson. “I will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again,” Palmer stated. “I have $80 million in the bank. I don’t have to play football for money. I’ll play it for the love of the game but that would have to be elsewhere. I’m prepared to live my life.”
    “03 Mar 2011 The Seattle Seahawks could possibly trade for Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer should QB Matt Hasselbeck leave via free agency, according to Nate Davis, of Palmer played for head coach Pete Carroll at the University of Southern California.

    “05 Mar 2011 A Cincinnati Bengals official said the team’s stance on QB Carson Palmer has not changed and they will not trade him to another team, reports Joe Reedy, of The Cincinnati Enquirer.”

  39. He’s such a worthless pile of dung. You’d think he’d be “smart” enough by now not to put himself into stupid situations (if he were so innocent of anything that had to be the fault of someone else).

    My favorite part is when he issues a statement that probably uses a bunch of words he either doesn’t know or understand. I love it when they come out for players who are dumber than any pile of rocks.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    excile and I were talking about that very thing a couple days ago here, only it was Peter King rather than Nate Davis of USA Today (whoever that is) suggesting the possibility of a trade. Things like that piss me off to no end. Hell, 31 NFL teams “could” trade for Carson Palmer (according to Dukeshire of Seahawks Insider…) but that doesn’t mean there’s any validity to it. Do some investigating Nate. Have you tried calling John Schneider to guage his interest? Or Carroll? I mean, if you’re going to perpetuate a rumor with zero stubstantive proof behind it, the least you can do is get the requisite “No comment” or “won’t return phone calls” rap. Actually, I take that back, the least he could have done is just say that Seattle “could” trade for Palmer while suggesting they aren’t going to re-sign Hasselbeck, which is exactly what he did. And this moron works for USA Today… What does it take to get one of these jobs?

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Wow. Again? Yep… (Maddog and Bobby, at least he’s not a ‘Hawk any more. That’s the best I can say.)

  42. Soggybuc says:

    LOL thats funny Duke. “What does it take to get one of these jobs?”

    one thing is the ability to pull some sort of story outta ones… make a deadline no matter how little there is to report on.

    Sounds like Palmer is fairly serious. if ownership is really going to go hardline and force him to retire, well then the Bungles tag is aptly earned.
    I think a trade is entirely possible and cincy will capitulate before losing outright.

  43. Idiocy aside…you gotta feel like a badass if you can wax 2 bouncers at once.

    Sorry…can’t help it.

  44. Soggybuc says:

    Two bouncers is easy! It’s the six Sheriff’s with tazers, billy clubs and a dog thats problematic.

  45. CDHawkFan says:

    While I agree that the OL needs help, I would have no problem if the hawks take a WR or CB in the 1st and a WR or CB in the 2nd. After watching KJ get beat every week and Butler dropping passes, an early WR and CB would most likely be 2 new starters in 2011.
    I know Tate and Thurmond might step up this year, but I don’t see Bulter or KJ as starters on a playoff NFL team.

    Thanks Matthew Heuett of Seahawk Addicts.
    Stumbled across this little nugget whilst checking on Monday chat. Fella has a detailed breakdown worth passing along.

    Not sure Stevens got the better of the altercation having broken ribs, swollen face, $2,500 bail. With help the two bouncers subdue until police arrive. One bouncer has a possible broken jaw… took 4 of them sissy’s to wrestle me from the bar back in the day. :)

    Where there is no off season… until they iron out a CBA this off season blows. At least we were in play for Brandon Marshall last year. Everything seems to hinge on a contract so far.

    One thing I hope comes out of those CBA talks is the need to take care crippled players who helped develope the NFL into the great League it has become. Not all were able to capatalize on the wealth and have paid dearly. When a smuck like OJ Simpson is collecting $25,000 a month from a Bill’s pension there should be a built in safety net for those left broke and disabled.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting look at the contracts. Next year looks to have quite a few tough decisions, including; Bryant, Carlson, Forsett, Lynch, Heater and CW. I would like to think that as the ’11 season wears on (presuming there is one…) a couple of those guys will be locked up mid-way, like BMW this past season. I’d really hate to see Heater see the open market, that’s for sure.

  48. For the record, I have been clamoring for Seattle to draft a big fast WR high in the draft for ages. However, we have bigger needs right now, and no shot at my three-years-and-counting Man-Crush, Julio Jones, so I see us looking to take BPA among OL, DE, and CB. And as long as we get an impact player there, does it really matter which one they pick?

    Personally, I want Pouncey for LG, and I want to find a RG in FA, and put Unger where he belongs at C. Bye Bye to Spencer, who will NEVER make a Pro Bowl or score 15 on the Wonderlic. He cant even spell it. (Dude scored an 11 on the Wonderlic, FYI). What makes me want Pouncey even more than I allready do is the buzz that the Stealers want him pretty bad. So it would be doubly-good to shore up our near-decade long hole at LG AND hose the hated and hateful Stealers into the bargain.

    If CB Jimmy Smith falls to 25, by some miracle, I would bet my butt Caroll takes exactly 2 seconds to race to the podium to take him. As I said, I’d be happy with Pouncey, and if we can get a guy that turns into a stud DE or DT, thats fine too. Cameron Jordan?! But I think if Smith is there, you take him. CB’s with size and speed dont fall into the second round–for a reason.

  49. As for qb, I have never been sold on CW being anything other than a hugely overpaid (and overpaid-for) backup. But it looks like Matts determined to price himself outta Seattle. Bummer. When they signed Cable to fix the line, and Bevell to man the OC post, with his WCO background, I was sure they were doing it with Hass in mind as the qb for the next two years. Oh well, see you later Matt, and have fun collecting those big bucks in Arizona or Minny or some other god-forsaken place–you’ll soon be wishing you’d finished here.

    I cant stand the idea of spending a first round pick on Kaepurnick (sp?) or Mallett or Ponder. If Kaepurnick or Ponder is there in the second, fine, take a risk. But to reach just due to need?! UGh! Then again, I havent wanted us to take a qb in the first since Matt had his first decent season…:)

    My prediction: Matt prices himself out of Seattle, and Cable convinces Caroll to bring in Bruce Gradkowski to compete with CW. And CW promptly loses the battle. I think we’ll be fine with Gradkowski. I’ve watched him in Oakland, and when healthy he’s played well with less talent. He’ll love throwing to BMW and Obo and Carlson.

    And I think Tate will step up this year. He’s got tons of talent, he made even the craptastic Jimmy Claussen look good at ND. Now THAT took talent!

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting and good posts. I like Grad. as well. Reminds me a bit of Jeff Garcia. But I argue the point he did more with less talent in Oakland. They have a boat-load of talent there, if still young and not yet terribly skilled.

  51. Duke–I give you the Raiders have a far more talented line, but thier backs and recievers arent any more talented than ours IMO. I love Louis Murphy, and thier other WR’s are young and improving, but I gotta say, I think BMW and Obomanu can both be 1,000 yard WR’s–and they are busting out, while the Raiders behind Murphy are still waiting to begin. Obo will never be a true burner, but he’s faster than I thought, and the best route-runner we’ve had since Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson were ripping up the WCO.

    And, Tate should start contributing this year. By next year, he should be a stud. Lets hope.

    And Lynch, Forsett, Washington have loads of talent and skill. Its only our epicly awful O-line that buries them.

    But yeah, I guess you can argue the Raiders are more talented too. Its all how you look at it. I think with Cable and Bevell we just upgraded tremendously. Bates is a smart dude, but he wasnt consistently adjusting his scheme to fit his players. I think Bevell will maximize what he has. Im really excited about next year. The only problem I have is our qb coach doesnt seem like he deserves a job, and we could have, and should have, brought back Zorn. And of course, I wish Matt was re-signed. But one cant have everything, right?

  52. Dukeshire says:

    I like Obo quite a bit as well and agree about his ability to run any route in the tree. But the Raiders have so much speed (and size, Ford not withstanding) at receiver with Murphy, Ford, Heyward-Bey, it’s ridiculous. Crazy talent, but only time will tell if they turn that into production.

    But anyway, I totally agree about Cable. Great hire and can’t wait to see him work with the talent I’m certain Carroll will bring in. And I hadn’t even considered Grad until you mentioned it. I’ll admit it’s a somewhat appealing idea to have him come in and compete.

  53. Duke–Yeah, the great thing about bringing in Grad is that he wont cost a draft pick. He’s been cut loose by Oakland, and really wants to start. And if that werent enough, he will cost a lot less than Hasselbeck and is younger.

    Not that I like him more than Hass–I dont. But he is younger, cheaper, and just as hungry to win. And he toughed it out through injuries as well, just like Hass always has.

    Heyward-Bey is fast, but he’s shown a decided lack of skill in his route-running. If he ever learns how to run NFL routes, he’ll be dangerous; but I’d rather have Butler.

    Speaking of Butler, I wonder how his rehab is coming along from the broken leg? When it happened, I thought there’s no way Seattle keeps a roster spot open for him until he recovers. He likely wont be ready until the second half, or last quarter of the season. That would mean either we cut him with an injury settlement, or place him on IR. Unless his injury wasnt as bad as Washington’s. Anyway, I really like Butler, and was rooting for him. I thought he made great strides on his route-running. The biggest problem is that he belongs in the slot, where Tate is likely penciled in. Tough decisions coming.

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