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Morning links: OG Gallery out in Oakland

Post by Eric Williams on March 4, 2011 at 8:11 am with 21 Comments »
March 4, 2011 8:11 am
Oakland Raiders offfensive guard Robert Gallery (AP Photo/John Raoux).

Vittorio Tafor of the San Francisco Chronicle reports there is a wide chasm between the Oakland Raiders and soon-to-be free agent offensive guard Robert Gallery that has him looking elsewhere for employment. According to Tafor, Gallery was seeking $8 million per year while Raiders senior executive John Herrera said the team was only willing to pay him $2.5 million.

Drafted No. 2 overall in 2004, the Raiders envisioned him as the left tackle of the future, but he struggled at that position and eventually moved inside to guard. Gallery, 30, also has had to deal with his share of injuries. According to the report, he missed 14 games the past two seasons with back and leg injuries

Seattle is considered a possible landing spot in free agency for Gallery because of his relationship with new offensive line coach Tom Cable, and the fact that the Seahawks could be looking for another experienced guard to pair with offensive tackle Russell Okung.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Gallery had nothing but positive things to say about his former team.

Brian McIntyre offers a breakdown of Leon Washington’s contract, which includes $3.5 million in guaranteed money, and base salaries of $2 million in 2011 and 2012.

More McIntyre: He notes that recently released Seattle tight end Chris Baker was due a $500,000 roster bonus on the seventh day of the 2011 year, along with making $1.5 million in base salary.

Here’s a nuts and bolts story on what happened with the 24-hour CBA extension on Thursday, including the fact that teams cannot make any transactions during this period. However, the Seahawks can continue to negotiate with free agents like Matt Hasselbeck, they just cannot sign a deal.

Hasselbeck’s brother, ESPN NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck, had some interesting things to say about the Seattle quarterback’s contract talks. When asked what would be a reasonable contract for his brother, Tim Hasselbeck pointed to the $15 million Kerry Collins made with Tennessee over two seasons while only playing in 17 games.

Michael McMann of Sports Illustrated provides a nice rundown of the different scenarios that could take place regarding the CBA negotiations over the next week.

Yahoo Sports Mike Silver says that given the fact the two sides are headed for a negotiation session and the lose-lose prospect of a long, drawn out labor fight, the smart money is on the two sides coming to an agreement.

ESPN’s Rick Reilly takes NFL owners to task for their greed.

Derek Harper of takes a look at the top 64 draft prospects in this year’s draft.

Former Seahawks Jerramy Stevens was arrested again.

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  1. We don’t need another aging OL with injury issues. We need TOP young players so we can build an ol that will stay together for awhile. Hopefully with Unger & Okung, we have 2/5 if it.

  2. agavemonkey says:

    Yeah, when I see the words “struggled” and “had his share of injuries” next to “seeking 8 million a year”, I can’t get too excited regardless of the talent. Sorry, not this time.

  3. chuck_easton says:


    Where are the other 3/5th’s going to come from? Sure the team can use one of it’s draft picks to get a top flight OL, but they can’t use 3 draft picks on OL alone.

    Gallary would be a great fit on the left side between Okung and Spencer (or Unger) which would allow for drafting DL and QB early.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Comparing Collins to Hass by his brother Tim is interesting. Why should Seattle (or any other team in the league) be held accountable for Tennessee’s mistake? I just don’t buy that’s where the bar is, or should be set for Matt.

    As for Gallery, I’d have no problem with him coming in, at the right price. And $2.5 per seems about right. Seattle has 3 positions (and perhaps 4) to fill across the line, not all of which can be filled through the draft in one season. I think he can be a serviceable RT, should they not draft one in the first 2 rounds this year, in the interim. Regardless, whether a new CBA is reached before the draft or not, I wouldn’t expect anything until May.

  5. I think Duke nailed it yesterday when he suggested that Gallery may be asking 8 million to play for the Raiders, which sounds about right.

    No doubt, he’d accept market value from the Seahawks, and I totally agree that he would add great depth if not solid play on the left side, should he stay healthy.

    At ~2.5 Million, I’d be stoked to have him. While he may not be a long-term solution because of health issues, he’d be a nice addition while we continue to add younger talent. Get ‘er done!

  6. I’m always curious why people care how much a player costs… it’s not my/your/our money. The salary cap can be worked around, so it’s not hurting the team, at least not normally. Is it just a “I can’t imagine that oaf making $X for playing a game?” I really don’t care if Paul Allen loses a few mil. Not that I don’t like Paul Allen. I wish he’d lose a few mil my way. I played as well as Leroy Hill did.

  7. I dont think it’s a quesion of cost as much as it is the coost/benefit balance.

  8. It’s official…my typing sucks.

  9. The salary cap can be worked around for awhile until the team is full of guys like Housh, Branch, Curry, Leroy Hill, Shawn Alexander, Julian Peterson who either underperform or decline so much that there’s a huge gap between production and salary.

    It’s not how much they’re being a paid that matters so much to me, it’s how much value are we getting in return for their services.

    I’d pay Peyton Manning or Tom Brady like superstars all day long because they play like it. If you’re close to the cap but have a team full of players who are earning their money, you’re going to be a serious contender.

  10. I’d love to see Gallery here, as long as he can prove he is healthy. But only if that salary is much closer to the Raiders’ offer of 2.5 than to his request of 8. Bobbyk has mentioned it many times; it’s okay to stretch the contract amounts for a legit superstar, but not an aging stopgap–that just doesnt make sense.

    Still, in the best case scenario he would stay healthy, add experience, and provide some nasty on that Oline.

  11. So, we want to save those dollars to pay players who deserve the money.

    I think it’s not only bad financially to overpay, but it can’t be good for team morale when one guy is making a fortune while being outplayed by lower paid players.

    It’s only human nature for those players to be jealous and resentful.

  12. Seahawks2620 says:

    Mike Sims-Walker would be a great addition. Rice is out of the question, due to his tender. A group of Williams, Sims-Walker, Obomanu, and Tate would be solid.

  13. As long as they put Gallery on a shorter contract, perhaps hold again with the guaranteed money, I wouldn’t mind him here at all, he would be an upgrade at any of the guard positions, even though he might not be an all-star or reach the Pro Bowl. So if he is willing to accept that kind of contract, that might be easy for us to get out of, in case he suffers more serious injuries, I’d looove him, if not I’d be more skeptical, but still, we need all the help we can get.

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    Looks like there is an extension for the CBA. 7 days.

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    This is great news, as long as both parties take advantage of the time alotted. I know that their mediation scheduled for Monday, but we will see if they take this opportunity to really hammer some things out.

  16. Assuming a 16 game schedule, pay Matt an annual base salary of $5M, plus for every game SEA wins over two, pay him a bonus of $750K and for every game he’s hurt and doesn’t play dock him a penalty of $250K. A doctor JS & Matt agree to at signing would have the say of whether or not Matt’s fit to play.

  17. Great idea…

    $1 Million per win through the Superbowl. Done.

  18. I wouldn’t mind paying Gallery closer to 8 mil than to 2.5 mil to come play for Seattle. I’d love it. Gallery next to Okung would be awesome.

    Look, the best OG in the upcoming draft, Mike Pouncey, will cost close to that amount (unless limited by a rookie salary cap). Last year’s first round pick at #25 (Tebow) got $6.6M/year. And, if we sign Gallery, we won’t need to draft an OG at #25 and we can fill another position of need instead.

    Gallery is a monster blocker and is worth much more than 2.5/year. As soon as Free Agency period starts, Tom Cable needs to fly the guy up here and get the deal done. OGs like Gallery don’t grow on trees.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – $8 mil is more than Chris Snee, Kris Dielman, Jahri Evans and Steve Hutchinson are scheduled to make in 2011 (by a mile in all by Hutch’s case). At $8 mil, he’d better be playing tackle and at an all-pro level. lol.

  20. Duke, I didn’t say we should offer him $8M. I think that’s just what Gallery’s agent is saying to get him out of Oakland. But I think he’s worth more than 2.5, and yes he could play OT, but out biggest need is OG.

    Chris Snee, Kris Dielman, Jahri Evans and Steve Hutchinson are not available for us to sign, and I know you don’t want Mike Gibson and Max Unger starting at guard next year. Evans signed for seven-years $56.7 million, an avg of $8M/yr, so its not surprising Gallery’s agent uses that as a starting point for negotiation.

    The Seahawks will have to pay Somebody. If they can bring in Gallery for $20M/4years they should do it.

    Of course, they could draft Pouncey at #25, and possibly save money with a rookie salary cap. But then, who is going to start at QB, OT, WR, DE, CB?… I kind of hate to spend a first round draft pick on an OG.

    If I have to suffer through watching more of John Schnedier’s Packers cast-off linemen get try-outs with the Seahawks instead of targeting a true starter at OG, I’m gonna bust. We need to spend some money on the O line in free agency.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I miss read it then. I though you were saying you would be okay giving him $8 mil per. Apologies. And I know those guys aren’t available, but they have all been pro bowl guards within the past 2 years and all make well below $8 per. Evans is a two time all-pro player. Gallary’s never made a pro bowl. But as you said, you’re not advocating paying him that much.

    As I said, I’d be happy to see Gallary come to Seattle, at a reasonable price however. And I believe he’d sign for significantly less than what it would have taken the Raiders to retain him.

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