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Morning links: Hasselbeck, Hawks ‘far apart’ in talks

Post by Eric Williams on March 2, 2011 at 8:41 am with 68 Comments »
March 2, 2011 8:41 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (AP Photo/Ralph Freso).

ESPN’s John Clayton told Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore of ESPN 710 Seattle in this audio link that according to a source, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks are mile apart in their negotiations to re-sign the veteran quarterback back to Seattle. Clayton also said he does not expect the two sides to get a deal done before the CBA expires at midnight on Thursday.

“They’re far apart right now to a point right now where there’s not going to be common ground that they will get a deal done by the start of free agency, whenever that may be,” Clayton said.

Clayton went on to say that no deal is done right now, and there will not be one before Thursday’s deadline.

This makes some sense. It’s all about years and the amount of money Seattle is willing to commit to a quarterback who will turn 36 this year. Even though the Seahawks made the playoffs last season at 7-9, they still are a few years away from regularly competing for a playoff spot, and the team has to decide if they are willing to sink $10 million per year or something like that for a couple years into a quarterback that might not be around when Seattle hopefully becomes a perennial playoff contender.

Add to that the possibility that Hasselbeck could command a premium salary once free agency begins because of the number of teams that could use a veteran quarterback, and that’s probably why you have that separation between the two sides right now.

Here’s my story on the Hawks re-signing Leon Washington.

John McGrath of The News Tribune says Seattle sports fans should take pride in Forbes Magazine voting their city as the most miserable sports city in the country.

Rob Rang of gives us a couple defensive backs that boosted their stock during the combine drills on Tuesday, including Ohio State cornerback Chimdi Chekwa.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports provides a pretty good run down of the main story lines at the combine.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports provides his risers and fallers out of the defensive backs.

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network says that according to scouts and other team personnel he talked to in Indianapolis, Blaine Gabbert is the top quarterback, not Cam Newton.

Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated gives his risers and fallers from the combine.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I posted this in another thread, but it’s pretty damn important so I’ll pass it along again;

    A judge has ruled that the owners will not have access tot he $4 billion TV revenue during a lockout. This is good news for the Player’s Union. Although I’m sure the owners will appeal the ruling, in a perfect world this will motivate the owners to reach a new deal before tomorrow’s deadline.

    In his ruling, the judge said; “The record shows that the NFL undertook contract renegotiations to advance its own interests and harm the interests of the players,”

  2. Seahawkgo says:

    Good bye Matt. Hopefully the deal will never done. Matt era is over.

  3. bird_spit says:

    If Hass’ is gone, we will salute him as he raises the 12 man flag in 5 years. I see his future in a different arena much like we saw Dave Kreig’s career end.

    We are rebuilding. So Hass’s only real value is the occasional resurrection of the old days of his youth. If he goes or not sign before the draft, then it is QB in the first round. With out him equates to less butts in the seats for a few years or a big time QB in FA ala Kolb. I seriously doubt PC wants a youth movement in the QB position. He needs a solid QB to make it work. Hass is that guy when healthy. Kolb would be that guy 16 games a year.

  4. hawkdawg says:

    So much for Schneider’s smokescreen of optimism when asked recently about these talks. This process is so full of bs from all sides that “wait and see” is the only sane option.

  5. Soundlife says:

    I can’t think of a single NFL team that would be eager to sign Matt.
    When the pressure is on, he usually finds an opposing jersey to gift with the ball.
    Let’s let him go, save some money and concentrate on getting some offensive and defensive linemen in here through the draft and free agency.

  6. If Vegas offered 50:1 on this, I’d take it:
    The Seahawks trade for Carson Palmer and the Bengals sign Matt Hasselbeck.

  7. Palmer will not be a seahawk next year. Its bengals or retirement. The ownership has stated that.

    Bird_spit, kolb is not a good NFL QB.

    I’d like to see Matt in the free agent market. I’m sure teams are chomping at the bit for an oft-injured quarterback who seems to think the other teams DB’s are the equivalent to his receivers.

    I like matt, I feel as if he has another 2 years left in the tank, but his decline with age is very evident, as is his health and durability.

    He’ll start 8 games for another team next season, if not 16 for seattle (minus however many he was injured, of course)

  8. c_hok_phan says:

    I can see him playing for the 49ers or the Cardinals and beating the Hawks twice next year.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I’ll take that action. lol Free money!

    hawkdawg – Exactly. I wouldn’t read too much into what’s being said right now either from Schneider or anything else. The only thing we know for sure is they are (were) talking.

  10. SeahawkFan12 says:


    Yeah, this news sucks but let’s stop ordering the U-Haul trucks to the Hasselbeck residence. People on this blog quit too easily. Thankfully the “powers that be” won’t. Hasselbeck will be back in Seattle, just not re-signed this week.

    The current CBA and snail’s pace of the talks adds extra anxiety, but the future is still bright. All this does is up the ante on drafting a QB, which was already going to happen anyway.

  11. hawkdawg says:

    Schneider recently on negotiations:

    “It’s going good,” Schneider said. “We’re having great dialogue. Matt’s Mr. Seattle, and he’s done a ton of great things for the city, on and off the field. We’ve had good dialogue…”

    Apparently, that “great dialogue” has consisted of the Hawks saying “we’ll give you X over Y years”, and Matt saying “no freaking way, not even close”. Or vice versa.

    That’s an interesting take on “great”.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    It’s a contract negotiation. This is how they go. Again, the fact they are talking what’s most important, at the moment. (Important if one wants Hass back, that is.)

  13. Looking down the list of teams that need a QB and are not in position to draft one of the higher end signal callers, I don’t see one where Hasselbeck would be an actual upgrade. Yes, and that includes Minnesota. I’d take Joe Webb over Hasselbeck just because of the massive difference in upside.

  14. I’m a big Hass fan, but I’d offer him no more than a two- or three-year contract at $6 mill. per year. If he thinks he deserves $10 million per year, then it’s time for the Christian Ponder/Jake Locker era to begin.

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “If he thinks he deserves $10 million per year, then it’s time for the Christian Ponder/Jake Locker era to begin.”

    …and with NO veteran leadership, the Ponder/Locker era will be miserable and short-lived. Whitehurst is not a leader, mentor or role model. Yo get that through experience and winning, and THAT only comes from a veteran who knows the system and the pro-level game.

  16. “THAT only comes from a veteran who knows the system and the pro-level game.”

    There are plenty of examples of QBs who didn’t have a chance to sit and learn behind a veteran QB. Bradford and Rothlessburger to name just two.

    So, I wouldn’t go so far as to say leadership only comes from watching a veteran who knows how to win.

  17. chuck_easton says:

    If it’s money and/or years there is an easy solution.

    TEAM: “Matt, we really want you. This is what we feel you should be paid and for how many years”

    Matt: “I think I can do better.”

    TEAM: “Well then go out there and see. Just give us a chance to match”

    If some team wants to throw ridiculous money at Matt, more power to him. He’d be a fool not to take it.

    If Seattle gives him a ridiculous contract right now because they are afraid of what might happen if they let him test the market then they end up looking foolish should Matt revert back to 2008/2009 form and we are stuck with him for several more years.

    If nobody else offers Matt what he and his agent think he can get, he’ll come back here with hat in hand and no hard feelings.

  18. I think Hass should take in consideration how comfortable he is here. He’s already rich, he should agree to a fair amount and stay. He has to know that his best chance of success is here. If he rolls to Az or SF, does he really think he has a better chance to suceed? How long does it take his ass to get a rapore with a reciever and with a possible lock out, he’s not going to have that time. I just don’t get it, unless the FO is is blaitenly under valuing him, he should just re-op. It’s easy for me to say because I don’t and will probably never see the money their talking about, but shit man, scrilla ain’t everything and his ass already has enough for him, his, family, his agant, his grandkids grandkids to live beyond comfortly. I think if he moves on, it will be desasteruous (like my spelling) on his part,

  19. Also, if expects more then a two year deal, then peace. I would think around 8 mil would be fair.

  20. Its probably an incentive laden contract offer, and its hard to meet incentives with your ass in the training room.

  21. Curt Warner was a washed up, oft injured has been when he arrived in Arizona—look what Ken Wisenhunt did. Matt is a long way from being unproductive. Big mistake not to re-sign him. We have nobody in the pipeline, no prospects to replace him…Where is Stan Gelbaugh when you need him.

    Although I have read a couple of scouting reports that say Nate Davis is potentially better than anyone coming out this year, and he is already on our team.

  22. Don’t think you can compare Warner to Hass, two different types of QB’s

  23. Plus, Curt had an arm.

  24. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    We should cut Aaron Curry and his ridiculous contract so we can afford Hasselbeck who actually deserves to be paid for playing football!!!

  25. ikuraman says:

    Also, Curt Warner was a Running Back. Kurt Warner was a QB.

  26. ikuraman says:

    Pop Warner was their dad.

  27. Additionally Curt and Kurt opened a movie studio.

  28. Both sides in the Hasselbeck contract negotiations have points. Matt hasn’t played that well, even though there are some extenuating circumstances that we’ve all heard for awhile now. And the supply of good/great QBs to the many teams in the market looking for one is very limited. If SEA is willing to pay $6M/yr, what would other teams be willing to part with for Matt?

    Go to Football Outsiders QB stats and see Matt’s and CW’s pass-performance rankings. In DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) Matt’s 41 ranks 35th among QBs, CW’s -94 ranks 39th, and in DVOA, or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, Matt’s -9.8% ranks 35th and CW’s -25.8% ranks 41st. This last season Matt threw 475 passes for 2858 yds, 60.3 C%, 12 TDs, 17 ints, had one fumble which he kept and lost 5 fumbles. CW threw 106 passes for 501 yds, 58.0 C%, 2 TDs, 3 ints, fumbled once but got it back. In rushing-performance, Matt (13 runs for 70 yds, 3 TDs) ranked 10th and CW (12 runs for 50 yds, 1 TD) ranked 21st.

    Matt got sacked 29 times and CW 5. I can’t open the AOL Sports site to see the difference between how long Matts & CWs sacks took, but if someone can open and tell me I’d be a-thankin’ ya. One perspective there is CAR’s poor passing wasn’t all Clausen’s fault, as the majority of his sacks were under 3 secs (OL’s fault). Meanwhile Vick got sacked alot probably because of his inability to make multiple reads and recognize the blitz. Most of his sacks took more than 3 secs.

    To me, a FA replacement for Matt has to equal or exceed Matt’s performance in either DYAR (41) or DVOA (-9.8%). CW, given 22% of Matt’s throws didn’t (DYAR = -94 and DVOA = -25.8%). True, CW played against a better defense in NYG, but that was sposed to be taken into account by Football Outsiders defense-adjusted stats. C.Palmer’s stats (DYAR = 1003 and DVOA = 13.6%) certainly do, but I don’t believe CIN lets him leave. K.Orton is the next QB that has been talked about, and his stats are better (DYAR = 838 and DVOA = 13.4%) but he’s not leaving DEN, either. And Vick’s not leaving PHI. Since M.Stafford is on the mend, DET might offer S.Hill (DYAR = 644 and DVOA = 12.6%) in trade, but probably not. Next is V.Young (DYAR = 424 and DVOA = 26.9%). Young only threw 176 passes to K.Collin’s 294, and though Youngs passing was more successful than Kerry’s, you get worried about Young being a healthy scratch because of some kinda emotional probs. Then it’s McNabb (DYAR = 351 and DVOA = 0.1%), but Shanny may not be cutting him after all. Then is 38 yo Kitna – no JJ probably wouldn’t cut/trade him. SF’s Alex Smith (DYAR = 133 and DVOA = -4.3%) outperformed Matt, but Harbaugh just may keep him. Then comes K.Kolb (DYAR = 106 and DVOA = -2.7%), just above S.Bradford (DYAR = 81 and DVOA = -9.1%) and Matt (see above).

    CHI’s RFA C.Hanie doesn’t have stats to speak of, but he did play well in relief of both Cutler and Collins in their NFC Championship game vs GB(?)

    Any QB taken in this draft shouldn’t be expected to start. Get that CBA done!!!!

  29. nidhighe says:

    It sounds like an aging, oft-injured QB thinks he’s worth more than he actually is. That said, I’d like to see him re-signed for 2 years, and the QB of the future drafted this year.

  30. chuck_easton says:


    It isn’t about the money. Cutting Curry wouldn’t help but it’s a great way for you to bash him again.

    1. Curry’s money is guaranteed so he gets it anyway.
    2. Even if the new CBA (when there is one) has a salary cap Curry’s money would still count against it even if he were released.

  31. seahawklovertoo says:

    KLM008, THANK You

  32. Dukeshire says:

    klm – What are the “points” both sides have in the Hass negotiations? Anything we know about the specifics of the sticking points are purely speculation, either years, money or both.

  33. Duke –
    I’m certainly not privy to the specifics, but I read where SEA wants Matt for somewhere around his $6M current salary and Mr Williams hinted that Matt’s number may be in the $10M range. Those weren’t the ‘points’ I meant, though. The points are the performance vs the market. Matt could get his $10M elsewhere(?), but it won’t be so easy to get a FA replacement let alone draft one this year. If SEA goes on without Matt, I wouldn’t expect a large performance dropoff from CW, but some.

    Haven’t heard anything about number of years, but a $4M pay difference may just mean a new yacht for Matt’s agent(?) Also, could wonder if the JS/PC position, that they ‘really want Matt back’ might be less than accurate? Might be they really want to take a ‘drastic’ step to move up and get someone as a QB this year or next, or spend big $$ for a FA or QB in trade? All suppositions, just in the back of folks minds.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    klm – You said both sides “have points” as though any of us knew with any certainty what each side was arguing for. Performance vs the Market isn’t a point, that’s the balance both sides in any negotiation, try to strike.

    In any case, at this point this is much ado about nothing. For now…

  35. Someone would rather have Joe Webb on a Vikings team built to win now (or with a closing window) over Matt for the 2011 season? Maybe if they were built to win in 2014, but by then their core is going to be old.

  36. chuck_easton says:

    I may be completely wrong but I don’t see Matt as a money guy. Well, he isn’t going to take the beating for free but I can’t think it’s about the money.

    For Matt my impression is it’s twofold. 1. He wants to feel wanted (Ok, now I have that silly song in my head… “I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I’d love for you to love me, I want you to want me…”). 2. He wants to be on a winner.

    Seattle wants him. I’m sure a few other teams would want him as well and just might be willing to pay more to want him. But where in the NFL is Matt going to find that unique balance of a team that wants him, is willing to pay him, and is close to being a winner?

    That’s where I see Seattle as having the slight edge. Buffalo would want him, might pay him but winner? Not in this lifetime. Arizona is not a QB away from being back in the playoff hunt. SF? Maybe but I think they have more problems than Matt could fix. So where is this other team where all the stars align just right?

  37. That’s what I’m wondering.

  38. The 2011 schedule is ridiculously tough. Eliminate Matt and the Hawks could conceivably end in the cellar. Should Matt land in AZ the Cards could vie for the div title and then anything is possible. Of coarse, the Palmer situation has turned. I’ve read he may be traded now and Seattle is 1 of 3 teams interested. Overhaul the o’line and Palmer is an immediate upgrade.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Where did you read that about Palmer and Seattle being one of 3 teams?

    It seems like it’s hard to project whether a schedule will be difficult or not. So many things can happen between now and the time the game(s) are played. Based on last year, yes, it will be tough. But moving forward, who knows in March?

  40. Duke – knew you would ask that but I’ve been all over the net today and must leave now. But it wasn’t Rotoworld which I was hoping and I’m not sure if it was Peter King. Be couple days before I can have a look.

  41. footballscaa says:

    Kurt, you may remember besides being “washed up” took the Cards to the Super Bowl. It is bloody unlikely Mr Hasselbeck could produce the same type of season next year in Seattle or Arizona.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Lol. I am just curious what the source of that info is. If it’s a legit source with ties to either Cinci or Seattle, or just speculation because the Carroll / Palmer / USC connection. On the surface, it feels like the latter. It seems like every wayward USC player is thought to be on Seattle’s radar, now.

  43. Soggybuc says:

    Warner was not really washed up he just wasnt a good fit for the Giants. he started out as a backup in AZ. as veteran insurance while they tried to see if the big money wonderboy could drive the bus or not.

    I dont think the small sample of CW’s work is no where enough to use those as a basis for judging him. you would need to give him 8 starts at least to begin to get a base line.

  44. “I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I’d love for you to love me, I want you to want me…”

    LMAO! Thanks for the chuck-le…

    Btw…I heard that about Seattle being one of the three teams too, but I think it was in more of a speculative sense.

  45. Seahawks2620 says:

    The news regarding the 4 billion dollars is great; however I still feel as if the owners will continue to be prudes at the negotiation table, and nothing will get done.

  46. maddog12 says:

    Duke- I got to think that every wayward national championship player is on the radar USC or not. I love the northwest but they recently had a national pole(ESPN Radio this PM) and the number one worst city for pro sports …..Seattle. We have to do better. They based that on Sonics and Mariners and Seahawks recent metiocrity but you get the idea it is not fans passion but mediocre results (number of championships). I know you feel it, we all want a winner and I don’t care if they come from USC or BFE U.

    With Matt or without him fans will continue to support our team. But come on, we deserve a better record and better results. All this uncertainty and not knowing how things will turn with CBA or even the draft ,this is a very unpredictable time of year….this is when champions are born though and we have to hope PC and JS know what they are doing. I do remember a few pictures of PC holding a Chrystal football and a whole lot of repeats of conquest being played.

  47. Let’s see . . . SEA’s FO has a system in place for reaching agreements between players and teams. I don’t know what it is, but I’m happy with whatever it is so far (BMW, Obo, Hawthorne, LW & Mebane), ‘cept for maybe some questions bout what’s goin on with Matt.

    From what I’ve read, the essential underlying idea (opinion, principle, or point) is achieving agreement between the team’s and player’s perceptions of the players expected job performance over the next season(s) and it’s replacement $value in the market.

    For Matt there may be a higher performance level he can achieve on another team with better supporting players (but he’d likely have to get lucky with their starter getting injured), but for more money he may need to look at lower performance levels on teams with comparable or worse supporting players.

    For SEA’s FO, there may be some kinda complicated formula sayin how much in tickets, tv revenue share and jersey sales Matt is good for over someone of comparable ability, but SEA has paid Matt better than his comparative performance. Then again, that may be part of playing in SEA (S.Alaska) and not getting bigger endorsement checks.

    Football Outsiders gives Matt’s comparative performance levels over the last several seasons, and USA Today has QB salaries for most of those seasons. I could find something later, but it still gives an idea of salary ranks. Oh well, for current salary you can always look at .

    Yr / DYAR Rk / DVOA Rk / DVOA% / Salary / Salary RK
    ’04 / 14th / 15th / 4.9 / $5.5M / 13th
    ’05 / 4th / 4th / 30.0% / $19.0M / 2nd
    ’06 / 30th / 31st / -10.2% / $3.3M / 26th
    ’07 / 9th / 14th / 18.6% / $6.0M / 12th
    ’08 / 40th / 39th / -34.2% / $6.8M / 16th
    ’09 / 41st / 34th / -20.9% / $6.3M / 23rd
    ’10 / 35th / 35th / -9.8% / $6.0M / ?

    Except for ’07, Matt’s salary rank has been consistently higher than his performance rank. If money is the sticking point it makes me wonder if there has been some tampering goin on.

    If SEA is lucky enough to land Ponder, or whomever, he needs to sit behind a starter who’s able to help keep our defense off the field for at least half the game. Also, if the OL could run-block it would help. I just don’t want to be the first to pick next season and have Luck decide to return to Stanford for his Sr year (ala Locker).

  48. Dukeshire says:

    “I got to think that every wayward national championship player is on the radar USC or not.”

    Fortunately, that’s primarily a “fan” mentality. Otherwise, we’d be saddled with the likes of Maurice Clarett, Matt Leinart, Chris Leak, LenDale White… oh wait, they tried him already. lol. Not that Carson Palmer is in that category, he’s had a very successful NFL career. But this feels like just another unfounded rumor simply because Carroll and Palmer have a prior connection, that has little to do with what Seattle is trying to do now. At least in my opinion…

  49. Dukeshire says:

    klm – With due respect, what is your point? It sounds like you are saying he’s been overpaid in the past and ought to take a cut to stay as a result.

  50. williambryan says:

    I love matt hasselbeck but his ability to be a consistently successful QB has passed. It boggles my mind that people think he automaticaly would make SF or arizona better!!???!! Alex smith had better stats than hass last year. ALEX SMITH. and sam bradford did fine without a veteran mentor. I say draft Ponder (i think the best WCO QB available) and let whitehurst show what he has this season. worst case scenario we are in a better position for Luck next year!

  51. Hass would be wise not to f-up his reputation and legacy in Seattle as Favre did in Green Bay. Just a few years ago, Favre was a god in Green Bay. Now they’re probably saying, “Brett who? Oh, you mean the guy we had before Aaron Rodgers?”

  52. While I 100% understand that this will be Matt’s contract & that he has every right to maximize the fortune his family will live on (though he makes more in a year than I will in my lifetime), this still sucks. it would have been nice for MH to finish his career here.

    But as Duke Ellington said, “Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be”

    Free agency sucks for us fans..

  53. Duke – here it is below. Says Hawks are expected to be interested. No secret they were interested in Kevin Kolb or Donovan McNabb last off season. Ended up signing Charlie Whitehurst. Not likely Carroll will plan to move forward with CW as the future. Hasselbeck has turned down the Seahawk final offer. Should Carlson become available in the future? Wouldn’t rule it out. CP is 31 years old with a career 87 QB rating.

    2/27 Hot off the Wire: Bengals | Meeting with Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert: Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden said…[+] the main thing he is looking for in a quarterback is leadership, reports Joe Reedy, of The Cincinnati Enquirer. ‘I want to know if he can lead our team and has any type of charisma. Is he a boring guy in the huddle mumbling? I want a guy who can speak up and people can rally around, that’s have the battle right there,’ Gruden said. The Bengals were scheduled to have meetings with Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert and Auburn QB Cam Newton Saturday, Feb. 26, at the NFL Combine. In regards to taking a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft, Gruden said: ‘Shoot, we might not take a quarterback in the first five rounds, who knows. We might have some revelation by draft day or somebody else (QB Carson Palmer) might put furniture back in their house, I don’t know.

    3/01 Hot off the Wire: Bengals | Carson Palmer prepared to walk away: Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer reiterated his stance…[+] that he will retire if he isn’t granted a trade before next season, according to’s Dennis Janson. ‘I will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again,’ Palmer stated. ‘I have $80 million in the bank. I don’t have to play football for money. I’ll play it for the love of the game but that would have to be elsewhere. I’m prepared to live my life.’

    Barry Sanders all over again

  54. They were not interested in McNabb last off-season; it was Kolb they called about.

  55. Sarcasticus says:

    “Barry Sanders all over again.” Palmer does indeed have great ankles.

  56. BobbyK – only report what I’ve read / heard.:)
    Sarc – cadaverous knees as well

    March 11, 2010 – 10:40 AM ET
    The Seahawks have been contacting the Eagles “non-stop” about Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio said during a Tuesday radio appearance.

  57. SharkHawk says:

    Regardless of anything Matt Hasselbeck will make a great living for years to come. My guess is the day he hangs it up he gets a broadcasting gig or a coaching gig. The smarter guys seem to take the broadcasting jobs because they are a lot less work! Trent Dilfer was another guy that I felt had what it took to be a great QB coach because of his intelligence and experience (most of the great coaches weren’t the greatest players). But he does an excellent job as an analyst (as does Huard).

    I am sure Matt can write his own check and won’t be hurting for money or work the day he hangs up the cleats. I wish more athletes would consider that when signing their “last contract”. If it is really the last time you think you’re going to get paid… then go for the gold. For example, a guy like A-Rod doesn’t have what it takes to be a coach, broadcaster, entertainer or anything else. He will have to walk away and just be done with sports. He’s a jerk. Matt however has limitless opportunities and will be pulling a paycheck for the next 20+ years in broadcasting or coaching if interested in doing so.

  58. BobbyAyala says:

    I’m so glad we have people in charge who aren’t emotionally tied to this football team.

    If Holmgren were still here, Matt would already be re-signed.

    Thank goodness PC&J realize that one good playoff game does not a horrendous season erase.

    If it were up to the fine folks at KJR AM, Matt would be the Governor of the state of Washington, not merely its highest paid underperforming quarterback.


    And btw, who gives a rat’s ass if he’s in SF or Ariz a year from now, having him sign there might keep either squad from drafting a franchise QB in the draft and hinder their development for one more season.

    Even if say Matt went to SF and that squad won the NFC West.

    One year of watching the Niners lose long before they reached the Super Bowl would be a small price to pay to keep Jake Locker from wearing red and gold.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Look at you! Nice and thanks. I have to say though, aside from someone in Cinci telling Peter King they’d actually listen to trade proposals, it sounds like idle speculation to me. Seattle’s “expected” to be interested? Expected by whom? No, pieces like that only serve to get the rumor mills churning. It’s no surprise Peter King has his name attached to it.

    Trading for Palmer doesn’t make much sense to me for a couple reasons; 1- He’s not a significant (long term) upgrade over Hasselbeck. 2 – Look how a missing 3rd this season has hamstrung, to a degree, their ability to get the talent they desperately need to continue this rebuild. Unless we’re talking players (then I really don’t buy it) I cannot imagine Schneider parting with any more picks, let alone what it will take to get Palmer, for several drafts to come.

    As I see it, Seattle’s “expected” interest stems from Carroll’s connection to Palmer and nothing more. (Of course, I’ve been wrong before…)

  60. Dukeshire says:

    excile – BTW, Hass didn’t turn down Seattle’s “final” offer. He turned down their “last” offer. That’s last as in latest, not last as in “this is it, take it or leave it”. Very different things.

    klm – From O’Neil’s article today; “The Seahawks and Hasselbeck have kept the details of contract negotiations from becoming public.” “The only sign of disagreement is the fact that there is no deal yet.”

  61. it would make more sense to sign leinhart than palmer. palmer is done, the arm is toast. how many games did he lose with a weak throw in 2010? hasselbeck won’t get too many lucrative offers when you consider his current abilities. yes, the NO game was epic. but before that he was essentially terrible or hurt. the hawks have far more bargaining power than he does as there honestly can’t be too many teams that think bringing him in to start is the key to their turnaround. they’ll sign matt to a 1 or 2 year deal. he’s vastly approaching his run as experienced backup.

  62. Sarcasticus says:

    I don’t think Palmer would be a bad choice (if he did not cost a lot), but he would not be my choice. As far as Matt going to another team, it definitely would not preclude them from drafting a future franchise quarterback (as if that is a sure thing in this draft or any draft) just like signing him to a short term deal in Seattle wouldn’t keep the front office from drafting a quarterback in the first round.

    I really don’t know the strength of Palmer’s arm. I have not watched a Cinci game since I saw the Hawks play them live a few years ago in Cincinnati. However, it would take a lot of convincing to prove that you can lose a game on one single throw. So many plays contribute to the overall outcome of a game, it is impossible to say only one play affected the outcome and every other play was non-consequential.

  63. excile – It was an original report (McNabb AND Kolb) but the thing you fail to mention, or know, is that there were reports later that specifically said that those reports of McNabb AND Kolb were dead wrong. They were corrected to state that it was Kolb, and Kolb ONLY, that the Seahawks were calling about. There were other sites like PFT that said the same thing last year (and admitted being wrong on with respect to any Seahawk interest in McNabb).

  64. @Sarcasticus

    “it is impossible to say only one play affected the outcome and every other play was non-consequential”???

    this absolutely happens every weekend in the nfl. in fact, one play affected who won the super bowl this year (if the NYG don’t kick that punt directly to desaun jackson, the Eages don’t win and GB doesn’t go the playoffs).

    it’s one play, one coin flip, one outcome that occurs over another, that makes the NFL the best product in the sporting world. i don’t know what games you’re watching but it doesn’t seem like you’re watching the NFL.

    carson palmer is terrible. his throws have absolutely no juice. ask the steelers, who took two of his throws back for TDs when they played in 2010.

    if the hawks sign palmer, i would be shocked. he has no future, nothing to build on. his arm, again, is toast. it’s shot. he should retire.

    i’d be the hawks sign matt soon. he probably wants more guaranteed money than he’s worth (but can you blame him?). but in the end, seattle may be his best and only chance to start in the NFL.

  65. Sarcasticus says:

    The end result is the culmination of many plays with different impacts on the outcome. Disputing that is arguing with reality.

  66. mrsoftball24 says:

    I say let him go! Even at his very best (and mind you this was when they had an awesome offensive line and a good runningback) he was barely above a mediocre QB. While their O-line has gotten better it still needs a lot of work. They also need to fill a bunch of holes on D. Why pay this guy (who will do no better than Whitehurst or anyone else they throw in there) a ton of money? Use that money to get someone decent at another position. I could see keeping him around if he signs cheap but if he wants a ton of money then let him go somewhere else and let some other sucker pay it to him!

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