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Monday Morning QB live chat transcript

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 28, 2011 at 9:00 am with 26 Comments »
February 28, 2011 12:32 pm

Get your draft questions ready. We’ll get started at 11 a.m.

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  1. Unable to make the MM Chat, …. Grrrr…

    Anyone aware of the JS track record of trading on draft day??? Up ‘OR’ down….. !??

    Eric, has this come up in any offhand conversations? Clearly, this team would entertain offers, but is there any probability it would initiate any?
    For instance, offering a player of need, like a LB plus a draft position to get a higher draft position?

  2. Do the Seahawks need to select a QB in the 1st two rounds this year? Or does it depend entirely on if Hasselbeck returns?

    If they do not go QB early in the draft, what two positions do they take in the 1st and 2nd rounds?

  3. maddog12 says:

    Duke/BobbyK- I have been wondering why very few if any free agents have been signed. Who’s intereest is it not to sign them. Seems like certainty in uncertain times would be very valuable. Matt being signed for next year or two should be in Hawks interest regardless of how draft falls. I got to believe that owers know everyday what has happened in talks and same with the union. Back channels must be open.

    Just wondered if you guys have heard or have any thoughts on the subject.

  4. SharkHawk says:

    I don’t get the Ponder love I guess. It seems like if he was a better QB he would have won more. There wasn’t a real shortage of talent around him. They always have top recruits. One example is the game against BYU. I was expecting him to just come out and light them up as they had the worst pass defense in the world at that point. He put up like 149 yards. That was a game where he could have really shown off. I know he didn’t need to as the game was a laugher, but there were many games I watched where it seemed like he was going to come out and just destroy somebody and didn’t do so.

    He’s a game manager. He makes good decisions. He’s intelligent. He reminds me of Hasselbeck. Maybe that’s what the team wants. I’d rather have somebody with a huge arm and some serious running ability. Who knows… maybe Ponder becomes the next Josh Freeman or even Tom Brady. I dunno. I did watch him for 4 years though and always felt like he was on the cusp of being a great QB and always was just pretty good and surrounded by good talent.

  5. maddog, I think the reason few free agents are being signed is because management knows they have the upper hand on negotiations. The CBA negotiation will likely drag out and free agency will be shortened down to a shorter period. If so, players will know they may lose out by holding out for more money, and could be forced to re-sign with their current teams for less. So right now it is in management’s best interests to wait until players are willing to sign for less. As long as the whole league is doing it, our FO has no reason to act differently.

  6. Sharkhawk: “I don’t get the Ponder love… He’s a game manager. He makes good decisions. He’s intelligent. He reminds me of Hasselbeck.”

    That sounds like exactly the kind of QB Darrell Bevell would love to have to run his west coast offense for the next 10 years. Don’t be too surprised if they draft him in the first round.

  7. HawkfaninMT says:

    My thoughts on the looming lock out and its impact on the draft is this…

    Assuming there is a lockout, it will steepen the learning curve for all players coming into the league. They won’t be able to get the playbooks, start learning terminology, get to know the coaches and players, get comfortable with the training staff and environment, etc… So to me that would lessen the value of drafting a position that has an already steep learning curve. These, in my mind, would be QB, WR, TE, S/CB (Zone schmes in particular), and Centers. It may put a premium on players that rely more on physical attributes over schmeatic “fits” also. This would lead me to assume positions like DT, OG, OT, and RB would get a bump in value…

    I know I don’t want to deal with Rookies that are already behind the curve having to catch up more, so I would say no to Ponder, especially in the 1st! It seems to me our needs that fit with this perspective would lead us to OT, OG or DT in the 1st and 2nd.

    Just my 2 cents and another angle to look at things

  8. Dukeshire says:

    maddog12 – My take is a little different than Stevos’. I actually think more of the high profile FAs are electing not to sign until a new deal is reached, not unlike Sidney Rice. I think they realize that once a deal is reached, they have the upper hand as teams will need to sign players quickly (and likely overpay to do so). I actually think teams would much rather have their better FAs re-signed and under contract once the (impending) lockout comes to an end, that way they can hit the ground running. Many of the less “high-profile” FAs will not have this bargaining position and are electing to re-sign before the current CBA expires.

    Of course, this is all speculation on my part…

  9. Will Sidney Rice be a free agent? Nobody knows. Two years ago, he would have been one. Last year, no. It’s all going to depend on the CBA. The owners want players locked up 5-6 years before they can test the waters. The players want it to be the way it was a few years ago, when 4th year players could hit the market. A big part of the uncertainty is just that… uncertainty. Nobody really knows what type of labor agreement there is going to be.

    A lot of bigger named signings include sizeable signing bonuses. Whenever Mebane resigns, he’s going to get some money (and bonus up front) guaranteed. I don’t see where teams are going to want to give a bunch of money to a guy with the uncertainty of when there are going to be football games again.

  10. maddog12 says:

    Thanks Duke, Stevos and BobbyK. If you are right Stevos, then it could be said that owners are colluding to stiffle free agent signings. Who knows for sure.

    If you are right Duke it will be fast and furious with Matt a big target especially to our division rivals.

  11. Part of the Seahawks reasoning for not resigning Mebane could be that they are like the Vikings in thinking that 4th year players will be restricted (Mebane/Rice). Why give him the bigger long-term contract when he’s going to be locked up for another year anyways? If the Vikings didn’t think this, I can’t imagine why on Earth they would franchise Greenway over Rice.

    The opposite end is that the Panthers actually franchised their good 4th year player, a center no less (Ryan Kalil) so they seem confident that 4th year players are going to become free agents.

    What can we learn from this? That nobody knows anything.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    The Vikings extended to Rice a contract, from what I’ve read. But his agent has said that they are going to test the market, regardless. For what that’s worth…

  13. I may be a pessimist, and I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling Mebane plays elsewhere next year.

  14. Damn, would have loved him with our second. Looks like maybe he won’t be there after looking good in Indy.

  15. I heard about the contract offer to Rice, but if I were the Vikes, I would have franchised him and tendered Greenway a contract.

  16. Soggybuc says:

    HawkfaninMT , I see what your saying but considering that it will be the same for all 32 I think it will be a moot point. If you think Ponder is the exact guy you want for your system you take him regardless of the CBA.
    You do so with the fact looming that your going to lose that “teaching” time in 11 and understanding that it’s going to be 2012 when you can really get to work with him. again that applies to every team and their draft choices so it’s a wash and no one gets an advantage.
    the only reason you would pass is if you have already scouted the under under class man and have a better prospect on the radar.

  17. After Jon Kitna, I’m not sure I want another Christian at QB.

    (Just kidding, of course. I hope the Seahawks draft Ponder, but only in the second round. They need an OL in the first round.)

  18. With the good OL players being cap casualties (Woody, Kaczur, etc.) Its not unrealistic to think you could bring in 1 or 2 of those guys and have a TR patchwork system that actually works.

    Okung, kaczur, woody, unger, RT winner

    Doesn’t sound like a bad line, does it?

    Puts us in a position to make a legitimate push to build up the secondary. Also, gerald sensabaugh from dallas is an average strong safety I wouldn’t mind seeing.

    I think CB with 1st pick. Pass rushers amassed 20+ sacks between clem and brock, and still, big plays ate us alive all season. If the secondary could jam up the wr and make it a little more difficult on the qb, then maybe the big plays would dissipate.

  19. Regardless of sack totals, I wantched too many Seahawks games this past year where the QB sat in the pocket, ate a sandwich, called his wife on his cell phone, and then got board so he threw a pass. I think Thurmond, Chancellor, and Thomas were a good trio of rookies last year who will be fine moving forward. At this point, I’d say QB, OG/RT, or pass rushing DL is on my list of priorities over a CB.

  20. Really looking forward to watch group 2 today, Patrick Peterson, Aaron Williams and especially Jimmy Smith whom I really like. With the depth at defense this year, it’s more important to get an O-lineman or two early on, because I think we could find tackles, ends or corners late in the draft with the amount of talent there is this year.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    After OG / RT and QB, I have to put CB ahead of anything else. Not unlike the o line, the secondary has been awful and patchwork for years now.

    I can’t wait for the draft!

  22. Dukeshire says:

    JacDG – Me too. Group 1 has a lot of safeties it seems. (Although it also has Brandon Harris and Curtis Brown, who both have looked good this morning.)

  23. Curtis Brown looks really good, great ballskills.

  24. HawkfaninMT says:

    Heard we re-signed Leon for 4 years…

    Good move if so!

  25. I’ve had some dumb comments lately and that was one of them!

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