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Morning links: UW LB Foster offers versatility

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 27, 2011 at 6:01 am with 26 Comments »
February 27, 2011 6:01 am
UW linebacker Mason Foster (AP file photo).

My story today focuses on UW linebacker Mason Foster, who the Seattle Seahawks could be interested in as a mid-round pick. grabbed some attention nationally with his performance at the Senior Bowl last month.

Foster played weak-side outside linebacker for the Huskies, leading the Pac-10 in tackles for a second straight season. NFL scouts like his versatility. He possesses enough athleticism to play outside linebacker, but also has shown enough instincts to play inside.

Add to that the fact that he played in a similar defense at Washington, and Foster could be a nice fit for Seattle as a mid-round pick.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks are following the winning draft formula general manager John Schneider learned while working in Green Bay, this year’s Super Bowl champs.

Matt Hasselbeck and Antonio Cromartie kissed and made up after their twitter tiff earlier this year. Check out the visual evidence of their reconciliation below.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll is more comfortable in his second year going through the draft process with the team.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports says USC tight end Jordan Cameron’s stock should rise after the former basketball player ran a 4.59 at in the 40 at the combine on Saturday, second among tight ends to Florida Atlantic’s Rob Housler. Cameron also posted a 37.5-inch vertical jump, and could be the Jimmy Graham of this year’s draft. New Orleans selected Graham in the third round last year.

More Farrar: He provides some winners and losers from Saturday.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes that teams will draft for need even more in this year’s draft because of the uncertainty of free agency.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange says Cam Newton’s press conference with reporters at the combine was a train wreck, calling him disingenuous.

ESPN’s John Clayton goes the other way, believing Saturday was a good step forward for Newton.

St. Louis scout Luke Driscoll was arrested for public intoxication and public indecency after urinating on an Indianapolis building.

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  1. Really enjoy watching Foster play, I think he could do very well here, and might be a great special teams player, might even have the potential to knock some of our other guys off, if they don’t improve (Curry), would certainly be a good middle round pick.

    Who are you guys excited to watch today? Personally, I’m looking forward to see Locker and Kaepernick throw, and receivers Jonathan Baldwin and Greg Little run and do the drills, both guys could be guys Seahawks could target if they aren’t comfortable with what they’ve got at receiver, both a big physical receivers, and as a UNC fan, Greg Little is exciting, as he is a former running back turned into receiver.

  2. I’d be nice to have another LB with “instincts.” We all know who I’m making fun of.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Foster’s a guy that could take Heater’s spot as he slides inside to take over for Lofa (whenever that time comes).

    They just showed Julio Jones running his 40. That kid is put together. Goodness.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Sterling Sharpe and Mike Mayock were talking about QBs and how to assess the intangibles and Sharpe said something that made a lot of sense. Talking about the millions of dollars they’ll get and if you can trust them with it; “If I couldn’t trust you when you were broke, how can I trust you with money?”

    Locker ran what will be the third fastest 40 (when made official) time for a QB since 2000. 4.52. Of the players with the top 5 times, only 1 is still in the NFL, Josh Johnson (TB). For what that’s worth…

  5. Locker has been looking pretty good in the passing drills in my opinion, for what that’s worth.

  6. I have heard the same basic thing about QB for quite some time and that’s why I have a separate set of standards for that position than all the others. You need a brain in your head (destroyed Ryan Leaf), the ability to communicate (not a Daunte Culpepper email), a good/great work ethic (no to Jamarcus Russell), a burning desire to win (see Brady, Tom), etc. You can, to a certain degree, handle a moron like Randy Moss (who doesn’t have those attibutes) because he brings crazy talent to the table. Well, the Randy Moss of a few years ago did. Now he’s a loser I wouldn’t touch with a 100 foot pole. Same for LT when he was playing. He wasn’t much of a weight lifter and had a separate set of rules. The Atlanta Mike Vick certainly wasn’t what you wanted in his Atlanta days (personally, I still wouldn’t want him b/c only he knows if he’s changed and I still wouldn’t trust him with my team… but I wish him the best in Philly).

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Totally. I’ve always referred to similar to the way Mayock does; first one in the building, last one out. QB sets the tone for the entire franchise. I just hadn’t heard anyone say it the way Sharpe did, as simple as it was.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Ponder throw today. He and Dalton are probably my favorites of this QB class.

  8. That’s a reason I love Matt… you see that burning desire to win. You can easily tell that he cares. He’s intelligent, a funny/smart interview (voice/face of the franchise), etc. I hope we can get a young guy in who can watch and learn from him for a few years. Maybe we’ll get Dalton?

  9. Ponder could be a potential guy we would be interested in, if we were to take a quarterback, he seems to fit the offense Carroll and Bevell might be running, and the way he elected to throw at the combine, after deciding not to, showed he is a competitor, really like him as a 2nd rounder.

  10. BobK – what is your take on Carl Nicks. Scout rates him 3 star but he tops out interior lineman on Pro Football Focus. Rob Sims fell to mid of the pack with Pitts and Hamilton. Mike Gibson graded out just above them. Rook Mike Iupati is at 11 and AURGHHH! Ben Grubbs is #9 (remember, he was available had Hawks not dealt #31 draft pick for Branch).

  11. Soggybuc says:

    That’s a great quote from Sterling. was good to hear Locker threw well today. I got a feeling that in 4 years from now there will be teams kicking themselves for passing on him.

  12. above #31 was 24

    With so many teams needing a QB there is no way Locker falls to mid rounds as Michael Lombardi quipped: “so many flaws”. Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first and he was changing his throwing mechanics. I still think he’ll go top 20. We shall see.

  13. I love Carl Nicks but he’s restricted.

  14. Palerydr says:

    Please god don’t let the Hawks draft Ryan Mallet as he seems to be another Ryan Leaf waiting to happen.

    Just thinking out loud but PC’s comments in earlier post make me think they are gonna be real active in trading up/down in this draft as he likes the depth available. Can’t wait for draft day It’s almost like being a kid at Christmas. I just hope I like my presents.

  15. I was basing Nicks on this READ but do know he just finished his 3rd year. Thought I might of missed something with no CBA. Work has made it hard to keep up.

    Carl Nicks (NO) – Both Jahri Evans and Nicks made it to the Pro Bowl this year, but it was Nicks who had the better season. The Saints run game was best when backs ran it up the middle and over left tackle, both partially attributed to Nicks’ success. The organization also just recently made Jahri Evans the league’s highest paid guard so it’ll be interesting to see if New Orleans also has the highest offer on the table for Nicks if he becomes an unrestricted free agent. They also have Bushrod and Jonathan Goodwin becoming free agents, so if they re-sign Nicks, it almost definitely will mean letting go of Bushrod at left tackle.

  16. J.Clayton is startin to scare me. He sez Hawks havta take a QB in the 1st round, regardless of who it is. There’s 7 teams that need a QB, let alone want one. If other teams don’t pick one in the 1st, they’ll pick one in the 2nd, and they’ll pick before us. By the time the Hawks pick in the 2nd, the top 7 QBs are sposed to be gone. Does JS trade down to the top of the 2nd, or do we reach for a QB at Rd 1-#25? The lines could sure use some good help. For me, re-sign Matt and stand pat @ QB this season. Don’t reach. Maybe, if Locker’s there and there’s a way of training him to keep his feet apart when he throws, like wear a snowboard?

    O/T. I remember the fumblerooskie, sorta. I know the QB isn’t sposed to give the ball off to an OLer to run it in. Also, the QB, from under center after the snap, isn’t sposed to set the ball on the ground – just behind the foot of the center – as he continues in his drop, and meanwhile the guard isn’t sposta pick it up as he pulls and run it in for a TD. I remember coach Gibbs’ Skins winning a game at the last second with that one. I kinda remember like an OLer can’t pick up a ‘faux’-fumbled ball and run to advance it, or sumthin like that. . . which got rid of that play. Can’t happen anymore. But is there any rule that sez a guard can’t pick up the ball and throw it? Spose (at the goalline) the QB gets the snap and either gives the ball directly or sets the ball on the ground for the pulling guard to pick up, and continues going back in his drop, fakes play-action, or then bootlegs far away from the direction that the guard is going in, and meanwhile the guard throws to a wide-open receiver?

  17. PS, if the guard can throw the ball, you could have 6 eligible receivers (the QB too).

  18. I guess I just want some excuse to draft Pouncey(?)

  19. BobbyK – from what I’ve gathered Saints didn’t use the Franchise Tag.

    “Nicks more than doubled his base salary from 2008, which was the league-minimum $295,000. He signed a three-year, $1.27 million deal with the Saints, including a signing bonus of $117, 750.”

    From what I’ve gathered Saints didn’t use the Franchise Tag. Nicks was a fifth round draft pick. Compensation to the Saints would be the same fifth round should the Hawks be able to sign him if I’m correct. Remember, it required a third to “poison” Burleson from the Vikings. The same round he was originally selected .


  20. I love Carl Nicks and would give almost anything to see him line-up next to Okung for a decade. 3rd and short would be almost automatic again. He’s a beast who can kick some ass, drive block, and is tough.

  21. Hawks must land a LG in FA cause drafting DT Paea, Oregan St is a must. Kid just did 49 in the bench press setting a new record. Okung, who can bench a Toyota, at LG and Paea who can salvage a Nissan on the D line.

  22. Soggybuc says:

    Everyone keeps talking about the depth at DL this year but i think there is alot good OL talent not getting talked about. Wiesnewski is a kid I think is going to be playing in the league for a good 12 years or more. while he might not be getting the “numbers” at the combine he’s just a flat out good football player and quite frankly plays like a the dirtbag you want your guards to be.

    Lets face it. all of these talent experts and guru’s basically engage in a massive circle jerk every year that whiffs as much as it hits. every year some guys get way overvalued ala Lawrence Jackson while pro bowl caliber talent gets ignored ala David Hawthorn. so i dont take all this with a grain of salt. I take with a heavy dose salt.

  23. If Wisniewski is anything like his Dad, I’d love to have him. That guy was a stud and the kid does seem to have some of the same characteristics.

  24. Lawrence Jackson was projected mid second round. It was Philip Merling projected in the top of the first who dropped early second. Campbell would have been the better pick but passed on was CB Mike Jenkins taken by the Cowboys in our 25. TR was an idiot. FS Kenny Philips was available.

    Face it. TIT couldn’t be trusted with a $20 bill and a grocery list. His roster movement looked like a ladies closet full of high heal shoes.
    Tongue in cheek but the amount of errors made by Eric I would think this site could allow the courtesy of an edit feature for a bottomless blogger like myself… wow, what a bad keyboard hair day! Okung is LT

  25. I would love, Love, LOVE to see Foster in a hawks uniform. I think he would be a great addition to our team. Could play special teams and anywhere at linebacker.

    He isn’t a “hitter” but a tackler. Wraps up and takes the guy down. period. Just what we like to see. Not flashy but efficient – without a 3rd i doubt we can find him available to us – Dang it.

    I would love to see us draft the BPA out of OL, DL, QB, with our first 2 picks and then after that find guys that are better than what we have. Better yet if if isn’t a stud available to us at 25 then if somehow we could trade down to a high #2 with another 2nd or 3rd coming back, This year – not next.

    If we trade the only thing I want coming back to us next year would be a #1. That way we could have 2 first rounders next year.

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