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Locker sizzles, Newton struggles

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 27, 2011 at 12:52 pm with 22 Comments »
February 27, 2011 12:52 pm
Washington quarterback Jake Locker (AP file photo).

I watched Washington quarterback Jake Locker, Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet and others during the morning session workout in Indianapolis here at Lucas Oil Stadium.

While Locker was not perfect and had a few errant throws, I thought overall he performed well and helped answer some questions about his accuracy.

Now, I understand that ultimately coaches are going to go off of the film from Lockers’ final season for the Huskies, where they will see him struggling at times with accuracy throwing from inside the pocket.

But it certainly helped that he came out and ran official 40-yard time of 4.52 seconds, later posted as an official time of 4.59 on the NFL web site, tied with Auburn’s Cam Newton as the third-fastest time for a quarterback.

Kapernick ran a 4.53. Blaine Gabbert ran a 4.62. Florida State’s Christian Ponder ran a 4.65.

Locker showed that he could make all the throws. But what impressed me is that he made the most difficult throws in my opinion — 15-yard out routes and 30-yard post corners – look easy. He put all of those throws on the money during the throwing session.

He also did a good job on the deep throws on fade routes, but surprisingly struggled with accuracy on square-ins, which I think are easier throws. He also seemed to shot put or aim the ball at times instead of letting it loose.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, also was impressed with Locker. Check out his thoughts here.

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton (AP file photo).

Kapernick had the biggest arm, but really struggled with accuracy and definitely is a work in progress.

Mallet was the most impressive thrower I saw today. The ball jumps out of his hand, he’s pretty accurate and his mechanics look solid. I know he has struggled in games when pressured and has some off-the-field issues, but a setting like that is made for him to shine.

TCU’s Andy Dalton was solid, but appeared to struggle making deeper throws down the field.

I did not watch the throwing session with Auburn’s Cam Newton, but from all the reports I’ve read he really struggled with accuracy, which is not a good sign. And Ponder actually had a better throwing day during that session.

Also, Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea put up a ridiculous 49 reps on the bench at 225 pounds, a combine record.

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  1. “TCU’s Andy Dalton was solid, but appeared to struggle making deeper throws down the field.”

    Sounds a bit like a young Matt Hasselbeck.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Can’t wait for Dallas to draft Newton. Couldn’t happen to a crappier team, IMO.

    Kappernick is 4th rounder. I’ve watched him over the past few years as he competed against Boise State. I’m far more impressed with Kellen Moore (not to be a homer, just being real). Sounds like Locker made strides toward solidifying his stock as a first rounder.

    In all accounts, I hope we get Pouncey at 25. THAT would be awesome…

  3. MattandCindy says:

    Eric- Do you think how Ryan Mallet responded during his interview was a “meltdown”, which is what some writers have called it, or a kid just mishandling a question about alleged drug use?

  4. MattandCindy: I don’t think it was a meltdown, but he could have done a better job of deflecting the questions the questions about alleged drug abuse. He was asked five different times about the alleged drug use, and finally got irritated and became brief in his answering of the questions. The interview ended abruptly after that.

  5. I never realized what a tool Ryan Mallett was. If I were a GM and he had the brain of someone I respected, I’d take him in a heartbeat. Since he also (like Newton) seems like a pinhead, I’ll pass on him. It’s too bad.

    I’d be happy with a Carimi/Wisniewski 1st and 2nd round. I’d love to stop complaining about horrific offensive line play. I realize that two rookies wouldn’t automatically make the line one of the best for 2011, but it would be nice to have the base in place for many years of good/great play (starting in 2012). I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to see a majority of the OL play together for a long period.

  6. MattandCindy says:

    Thanks, Eric. It’s really too bad. He seemed like a smart kid with alot of potential. There’s a really good chance that he’ll still end up a 1st rounder…but the way he chose to compose himself did nothing but hurt his stock.

    Does anyone know the particulars about these allegations. Are we talking pot, pain pills, or is it something worse than that? I had my fun during my high school and college years, and I wouldn’t take him for a drug user. Of course, things are alot different nowadays.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    The whispers making the rounds is that Mallett is into Coke and not the beverage.

  8. SeahawkFan12 –
    Didn’t Kappernick’s team beat Boise State this year? UNR plays the Pistol doesn’t it? I wonder how hard it would be for him to convert to the WCO?

    BobbyK –
    How about Pouncey? He’s been playing the ZBS for awhile now. . .

  9. Let the love fest for Newton begin!

    I love how people say the NFL teams are so prepared and watch game film. But every year guys fly up and down the charts after the combine or “pro days”. Sometimes NFL teams (and fans) get WAY to engrossed with the measureables. OMG he ran a 4.4! . . . or he only ran a 4.6. Do you realize that .2 is next to nothing.

    IF they can’t read the play I don’t care how fast they are. There are a ton of guys out there that are not the prototypical size, speed, arm strength, etc that are very successful in what they do. That being said there is a reason that Teams have a preference for those measureables. that is the one thing that drove me nuts about TR. He always went for that slightly too small guy, not prototypical players, which is fine until your whole team is made up of them and you can’t compete.

    That being said I want NOTHING to do with
    Newton or Mallet. They both just give me the creeps for different reasons – (i.e. J. Russell, R. Leaf) not the guys I want to spend a lot of money/high picks on.

  10. freedom_X says:

    Seems like a lot of fast QB’s in the draft – not often almost all the top prospects run under 4.7. Only Mallet didn’t show up – did he run or did he just post a nondescript time (I’d expect him to be in the pocket passer 4.8-4.9 range.)

    Also interesting that Locker wasn’t clearly faster than the rest – to hear the Husky hype machine on KJR, he ran 4.4 and was “the fastest Husky.” If he was the fastest Husky, it explains a lot about their season.

    And in fact, especially this year, he didn’t seem supernaturally fast – I thought he was slower and less explosive than in previous years running. Not to make a big deal about running, but that is supposed to be one of Locker’s main strengths. I wonder if he is actually 100% healthy, or if he’s taken a beating and already lost a step.

  11. I quite like Ponder. Thought maybe he could be a steal, but not if he keeps impressing.

  12. I have watched some of Cam Newton at the combine, he might be athletic gifted but he has thrown some bad passes and this is with no pressure. You can take into account poor route running by the receiver on occasion but there have been several bad passes. Coming from a spread offense he is going to have figure out the 3-5 step drops a lot better. I love how the NFL network which is garbage is saying he is so good, lol the media and so called experts ie Trent i got a ring because i was on the Ravens and thats it Dilfer are proping him up. Not even 2 months ago he was projected late 1st round now he is possibly top 5?? The entertainer can go to the skins and be a bust there I guess.

  13. I continue to feel confident we will be in very good position at # 25 to make a team impacting draft selection …. Because we have no 3rd round pick, the key pick for us is clearly our 2nd rounder….. We want a starter from that pick, and we really have no margin for error….

  14. All this talk about Locker, Newton, Ponder . . . . Where does Gabbert fall in to all of this?

    It’s like the whole world is revolving around Newton and everyone has forgot about the guy that I remember reading was the #1 QB on the board.

    Do I remember wrong or is he just quietly doing what he needs to do to be a top pick?

  15. Seattle might need to trade up to get Pouncey. I’d be happy with him or another OL in the first round and Ponder (or another QB) in the second round. Hitting on the first two picks, like in 2010, would be great. Now we have to wait another six weeks or so …

  16. Sarcasticus says:

    You might not be reading anything about Gabbert because he did not throw today. I suppose journalists could have written about that, but the articles would be very short.

    Dallas has Romo. Why would they draft Newton?

  17. Dukeshire says:

    xcman – He may not be throwing but Charlie Casserly said that of the half-dozen GMs he spoke to today, they all said Gabbert was by far the most impressive QB they interviewed. (He didn’t mention whether these GMs had spoken to all the QBs there, or how many.) In addition, his broad jump, 20 yard shuttle, 3 cone drill and 40 were among the best of the QBs. So, aside from not throwing, he’s done nothing but help himself, so far.

  18. I agree, Eric, Locker looked more ready than advertised, and Newton didn’t look as ready as all the hype would suggest.

    Five guys I’m very interested in who might be available at #25:

    OG Pouncey
    OT Carimi
    QB Ponder
    OG Watson
    QB Locker

  19. Most interesting thing about watching the combine on NFL Network this year was all the announcers repeating how these combine workouts don’t actually mean much to NFL scouts.

    Most disappointing was that they didn’t show more game clips of the players, even while they talked about how important it is to watch film.

    Booby prize of the combine goes to all the interviews with spokesmen for Under Armor talking about their much-hyped E39 jersey that measures heart rate and other nonsense while the athlete is practicing. As if scouts and coaches need more meaningless numbers?

  20. hawkdawg says:

    .2 seconds on a football field at the speeds these guys are running is NOT “next to nothing”. It can make the difference between a small play and a big play, in many different contexts. A tackle for a 2 yard gain because the LB stopped the ruuner from making the corner, for example, or a 20 yard gain on a seam route instead of an 80 yard touchdown pass. Speed matters.

  21. HawkyHann says:

    The most accurate statment on Jake Locker.

    “Depending on your scheme, certain schemes require accuracy. And Jake has been a generally inaccurate quarterback throughout his career. So with that fact, there are some people who believe that if you are not accurate then no amount of fine-tuning in terms of your technique is going to change that,” Rang said.

    So very true. Play WR Jake.

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