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A few minutes with Cal’s Cam Jordan

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 27, 2011 at 1:43 pm with 33 Comments »
February 27, 2011 1:43 pm

One of the more impressive interviews I checked out during this year’s combine was California defensive end Cameron Jordan.

Jordan appeared chiseled, was well-spoken and articulate, made people laugh and appeared very confident on the podium.

Jordan’s talent is undeniable. The son of former NFL TE Steve Jordan, a six-time Pro Bowler for Minnesota, the Cal product wreaked havoc on the field for the Bears, taking over where Tyson Alualu left off last year.

Jordan said that his former teammate, a surprising No. 10 overall selection by Jacksonville last season, served as motivation for his final college season and his preparation for the draft.

And Jordan believes he could have a similar impact as Alualu at the next level.

“I’ve always put Tyson one step above me because he was ahead of me,” Jordan said. “He was always strong. He came in strong. I thought we were close. And I think if they year had we played on the same team, I’d fight him for start of the D-line right now.”

If you haven’t seen Jordan action, take a look at this video highlight clip.

At 6-4, 287 pounds, Jordan could play 5-technique for the Seahawks or slide inside during passing downs, so he would provide some versatility for Seattle up front.

“My motto is draft me and I’ll play anywhere,” Jordan said, when asked what was his best position. “I don’t care where I play, I just want to be on the team.”

But I would be surprised if he’s available at No. 25. Right now Rob Rang has him going No. 11 overall to Houston.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I would love Seattle to get him, but I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t go fairly early.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    … too.

  3. I may despise the Vikings, but his Dad was a guy that I really respected. It’s nice to draft players you would think you can trust (insert Ryan Mallett/pinhead comment).

  4. Soggybuc says:

    A very likable young man. shame he’s gonna be long gone before 25.

  5. Maybe we can start a rumor about him and then he will slide :)

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Nick Kaczur is going to be cut by the Patriots because he has refused to take a paycut from $3.4 million.

    He’s a 7 year starter. Could be someone to keep an eye out for if/when free agency starts.

    If they cut him before March 3 he can sign with anyone. If they cut him after March 3 nobody can sign him until there is a new labor deal.

  7. Wonder if Harbaugh takes him?

  8. He’d be a nice short term signing.

  9. The Jordan inerview was good….
    I agree, he won’t be there when we select…..

    However, I continue to feel confident we will be in very good position at # 25 to make a team impacting draft selection …. Because we have no 3rd round pick, “the key pick” for us is clearly our 2nd rounder….. We want a starter from that pick, and we really have no margin for error…. Big, big selection…..

  10. “interview”

  11. There’s no sense looking at this year’s draft in comparison to last year, we’re picking way later, but . . . lookin at last year’s draft, both first rounders were impact guys (especially if Okung can get and stay healthy). Tate may end up starting this year or next. Last year we didn’t have a 3rd rounder, either. W.Thurmond is looking like another starter down the road. JS got him in the 4th. The 2nd 4th rounder was EJ Wilson, and getting IRd so early made it hard to tell what we’ve got for a DE there. 5th round SS Kam Chancellor, if Milloy doesn’t come back, may start(?) 6th round TE Anthony McCoy looks like another good player. 7th rounder DE Dexter Davis, on a per pass rush basis was the best Leo of the bunch at getting pressure. TE Jameson Konz – where did you go? JS has lotsa credibility from just that one draft. Dying to see what he does this year’s draft. Specially if you look at TRs drafts and compare how many picks didn’t work out.

  12. TRs drafts:
    1 LB Aaron Curry Wake Forest – starter
    2 C Max Unger Oregon future – starter
    3 WR Deon Butler Penn State – backup
    6 QB Mike Teel Rutgers – gone
    7 Courtney Greene Rutgers – gone
    7 DE Nick Reed Oregon – gone
    7 TE Cameron Morrah California – backup
    1 Lawrence Jackson USC – gone
    2 John Carlson Notre Dame – starter
    4 Red Bryant Texas A&M – eventual starter
    5 Owen Schmitt West Virginia – gone
    6 Tyler Schmitt San Diego State – gone
    7 Justin Forsett California – eventual starter
    7 Brandon Coutu Georgia – gone
    2 Josh Wilson Maryland – gone
    3 Brandon Mebane California – starter
    4 Baraka Atkins Miami (Fla.) – gone
    4 Mansfield Wrotto Georgia Tech – gone
    5 Will Herring Auburn – eventual starter
    6 Courtney Taylor Auburn – gone
    6 Jordan Kent Oregon – gone
    7 Steve Vallos Wake Forest – gone
    1 Kelly Jennings Miami (FL) – starter
    2 Darryl Tapp Virginia Tech – gone
    4 Rob Sims Ohio State – gone
    5 David Kirtman USC – gone
    7 Ryan Plackemeier Wake Forest – gone
    7 Ben Obomanu Auburn – eventual starter
    1 Chris Spencer Mississippi – eventual starter
    2 Lofa Tatupu USC – starter
    3 David Greene Georgia – gone
    3 Leroy Hill Clemson – starter
    4 Ray Willis Florida State – eventual starter
    5 Jeb Huckeba Arkansas – gone
    6 Tony Jackson Iowa – gone
    7 Cornelius Wortham Alabama – gone
    7 Doug Nienhuis Oregon State – gone

    What if many of those “gone” players were as good of fits as JS’s picks were last year?

  13. Where is Cotu the kicker? I wonder if Holmgren has nightmares about him.

  14. Part of the reason those guys fit so well was because of all the “gone” guys and FA pick ups that were just too old to continue for too long

    Oh and Konz was IR’d early in training camp or right before – I think a knee

  15. Dukeshire says:

    klm – What’s the difference between “starter” and “eventual starter”? That is, Red and Spencer are “eventual starter” and Jennings is a “starter”…? That’s rather confusing considering they are all starters.

  16. NM – Konz was waived on Aug. 3rd

  17. Dukeshire says:

    The Vikings have extended Sidney Rice a contract offer but looks like he’ll not re-sign until after he tests the market, after the CBA is reached. I’d love Seattle to get him, but I can’t imagine a high profile WR being signed until their QB future is settled.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Not sure if anyone else saw this, but Stephen Paea (OSU) broke the bench press record today with 49. He was inches from locking to get 50. It was crazy how easy he made it look. He was throwing that 225 up like it was a toothpick.

  19. Looking back at that draft list – what are the odds that Butler will be healthy if the season starts on time. suffering that injury so late in the season could be a bad omen for him. it will give someone else (Tate?) a chance to step up and take that spot.

  20. Dukeshire–

    I did see that. Insane. Looked so effortless.

  21. Duke –
    I messed up some there, I guess. Spencer couldn’t beat out Tobeck for a coupla years. Red was a backup ’till Quinn tried him at DE. I thought Jennings started his rookie season, but SEA still was starting Herndon that year. KJ started the next season, so I should have noted him an “eventual” starter like the others. Was just trying to compare JS & TR drafts, like we used to compare TR’s & Holmgren’s drafts. I know we won’t be able to really tell much for another coupla years, but last years draft looks pretty good so far.

  22. Maybe I shoulda compared Ted Thompson’s drafts to JS’s?

  23. klm, I’d love to join you in bashing TR’s drafts, and praising JS. But really its too early to judge that the 2010 draft was truly better than previous year. The main thing that differentiates 2010 from previous years was drafting twice in the first round – at 6 and 14 – which made the new GM’s job pretty darn easy compared to drafting in the 20s as TR usually had to do.

    The best one can say about the 2010 draft:
    1 – Russell Okung – starter with injury problems
    1 – Earl Thomas – starter with rookie-of-year votes
    3 – Golden Tate – unproductive rookie
    4 – Walter Thurmond III – backup
    4 – EJ Wilson – cut
    5 – Kam Chancellor – backup
    6 – Anthony McCoy – backup on the bubble
    7 – Dexter Davis – special teamer on the bubble
    7 – Jameson Konz – cut

    One year after any of TR’s drafts, one coud have written approximately the same things about his guys as about JS’ guys.

    After their rookie years, everyone was saying Curry and Unger would be future studs – so far they’re not. After their rookie years, John Carlson and Owen Schmidtt were supposed to become breakout players – didn’t happen. Etc, etc.

    Next year, we’ll find out if Kam Chancellor can cover receivers (hope so) and if Golden Tate manages to pull his head out of his rear (please), but few of our 2010 draft choices have proven anything yet, except for the two youths drafted in the first half of the first round. It is too early to compare drafts.

  24. freedom_X says:

    I thought Konz was brought back and put on IR.

  25. freedom_X says:

    Of last year’s draft list:

    Tate – simply not ready to mentally handle a West Coast offense yet. But remember, Butler was considered a near-complete dud his rookie year and got much better his 2nd year (though he still has a long way to go.) Many receivers take a couple years to come along (Roddy White, the sainted Sidney Rice, to name some recent examples.)

    Thurmond – I believe he’s expected to claim a starting role next year.

    McCoy – I believe the team thinks either he or Morrah will eventually replace Carlson, if Carlson can’t adjust to the new world order. Even if Carlson does figure it out, he still might be allowed to walk after next year (if there’s a next year.)

    Davis – The team may have higher expectations for him than many think. He could be developing into a very solid pass rush threat. I think the staff is pretty happy with what he showed in limited action.

  26. Why do we think Carlson won’t adjust to a WCO when that was when he looked most comfortable in that syle of offense as a rookie and put up his best numbers?

  27. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I read the list as that’s what they are now. But you meant it as what they became… that makes sense.

    Bobby – JC’s at his best with the discipline of the WCO. I agree Bevell will be good for him.

    Adrian Clayborn looks great this morning. So quick and agile. Some of the other big name DL look as good as advertised as well; Fairley, Kerrigan, Acho, Jordan all look head and shoulders above others.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    7 DE were selected to run an additional drill this morning. A change of direction, back-peddle, receiving drill to see how they would react to standing in a 3-4 scheme. Of course, when I saw Ryan Kerrigan as one of the 7, I couldn’t help think about him as Leo. Unless Seattle is truly sold on Davis as a pass rusher, Kerrigan ought to be on Seattle’s radar as one of the several potentials at 25, IMO.

  29. R.Kerrigan 6-4/255, P.Kerney 6-5/273. A little smaller, but shows the same heart/drive. At Leo could be great!

  30. freedom_X says:

    BobbyK – something wasn’t right with Carlson and this year’s edition of the WCO. Maybe it was Jeremy Bates wanting a bit more freelancing or spontaneity, and Carlson being too by-the-book. I don’t know. Perhaps Bevell will be a better fit for Carlson.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Kerrigan weighed in at 267 this week. I’ve making that comparison for weeks, too.

    Honestly, I think not having to play FB and stay in and block, as he did last year, will be a significant help to JC.

  32. We haven’t really had much of a version of a WCO. It either is or it isn’t. It was with Holmgren and will be much closer to that with Bevell. The Knapp/Bates versions weren’t as close to the Holmgren WCO as it was made to be when they both were hired (not that anyone said Bates was totally a WCO guy b/c he wasn’t).

    If we don’t take an OL and the guy we take turns out good/great… that’s fine.

    Yeah. A real blocking FB is needed. Not some guy who is better than we hoped but still not good/great (stone hands Robinson). Don’t get me wrong, I love Robinson on ST, I just don’t ever want to see him blocking in a key short yardage situation unless it’s because John Kuhn got hurt earlier in the game (and, yes, that’s who I want at FB next year and I *think* he’s a free agent too).

  33. freedom_X says:

    I suspect that’s why Carlson was so promising under Holmgren and a bit of a dud under Bates. The Holmgren system rewarded Carlson’s precision and predictability.

    The “stretchier” Bates system may have wanted more on-the-fly adjustments and improvisation, and that could be why Carlson never really seemed in sync, missing on a number of big plays earlier in the season.

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