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Hawks bring back Roy Lewis, Stanback

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 22, 2011 at 2:16 pm with 12 Comments »
February 22, 2011 3:16 pm
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Roy Lewis, right, breaks up a pass intended for Denver wide receiver Jabar Gaffney (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski).

The Seattle Seahawks announced that they have re-signed defensive back Roy Lewis and receiver Isaiah Stanback to the team’s 2011 roster this afternoon.

Elected special teams captain by his teammates last season, Lewis was a regular contributor in Seattle’s third down package defensively, playing in 14 games and finishing with 17 tackles and a sack.

Lewis missed the final two games of the season and the playoffs with a knee issue.

Stanback missed the 2010 season after suffering an Achilles injury during training camp that required surgery.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Very happy to see Lewis back. He was improving by the game at corner in nickel packages (if in limited time).

    In the bigger picture, I’m glad to see they have re-signed a soon-to-be FA, before the CBA expires. This may be a good sign that many others will be re-upped within the next week. If they have designs to bring a player back, I think it’s important to get them under contract before the deal expires. There’s no telling how long it could drag out and they ought to be prepared to hit the ground running when the lockout ends.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Outstanding news. Roy was playing great on ST and like duke points getting better at corner. I can honestly see the hawks not going secondary in the draft or waiting till very late to do so as we have a very promising stable of young talent already. I can not wait to see how Browner does. hopefully he or Thurmond can replace frontrow Jennings this year.

    i can also see that unless there is guard they have rated as a day one starter going very heavy on D-line depth and getting someone opposite clemons in the pass rush. was an interesting read earlier on just how far they slid when the front four went down.

  3. I think Thurmond is going to have a good/solid year in ’11. He’s got the size Mr. Happy wants (or he wouldn’t have drafted him). He also has two things going for him in ’11:

    1. He’s been through an NFL training camp/season. He now knows/understands life in the NFL. No matter what any rookie says, they will always talk about being more comfortable in year #2 with a year of development under their belt(s).

    2. His knee will actually have had enough time to get right. No way a shredded knee like his was fine less than a year after hurting it when the season began.

    Add experience to being healthy and he’s got the makings of a good CB. I am excited for him to take one of the CB positions over for about a decade.

    Trufant/Thurmond/Lewis should be a fine trio of CBs for ’11. I’m excited about some of the depth too.

    The best thing that could happen to the secondary isn’t drafting a CB with our #1 pick, it’s getting an offensive lineman for the offense to generate better time of possession (and score more points) and/or a defensive lineman who can rush the passer so those guys don’t have to cover so long.

    I think Okung, Thomas, Tate, Thurmond, Chancellor… is going to be one of those drafts that you look back on, after winning a Super Bowl, and say that that was a big reason it happened.

    However, that draft must be followed by a couple of more good ones. Maybe they don’t have to be as good, but they can’t be an average Ruskell draft either.

    I remember really liking our draft in 1990 (great DL, good OLB, fine S, and good RB)… but we followed it up with a crappy draft in ’91, ’92, and then in ’93 was the Rick Mirer year (yet another 1st round QB bust). We can’t get by with getting one or two decent players per draft in the next couple of years.

    I know guys like McCrary/Sinclair were good, but you can’t continually have drafts where almost all of the picks aren’t very good (especially the high ones). Sure, even the great drafts always produce crappy guys who get cut, but there comes a time when you’ve got to hit on 3-5 good guys in consecutive drafts before your talent level gets you to the point where you’re a legit Super Bowl contender.

    Can you really get a string of 1st round busts like we had from ’91-’93? Nevermind. Don’t answer. Ruskell was around for 5 years.

    It sucks not having a 3rd round pick in a year where we especially need 3-5 more good players/contributors.

  4. Good points Bobby, and I believe Soggy hit the nail on the head when he notes we won’t go secondary early in the draft…. I share his anticipation on Browner…. should be a nice fit for everyone bringing him in…. positive coaching, he’s stepping up with some experience, a position in need of improvement…. I like it….

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes Soggy hit the nail on the head! Again, Mr positive( happy sounds dorky) said after last years draft that he wished the defensive end was a position the Seahawks could have upgraded better. Well here we are, with the 25th pick in a draft that is heavy with Defensive lineman. If Pouncey doesn’t fall to us or Locker doesn’t fall to us then it looks like we will have a defensive lineman as our #1. And that’s just fine with me!

  6. guiltybystander says:

    I’m just thinking out loud here and feel free to shoot this random thought down, but I’d be interested in seeing Isaiah Stanback given a decent shot at becoming the Seahawks’ number three quarterback in camp (if he’s healthy).

    Let’s assume both Hasselbeck and Whitehurst are back this fall. Who takes the number three QB spot on the depth chart? Right now, J.P. Losman is listed there…he’s not a bad QB, really, no worse than Whitehurst and more experienced, but how much athleticism and upside does he bring? They were expected to sign Nate Davis from the 49ers as a free agent and while he’s young and has some ability, his maturity and work ethic are not strong points.

    Which brings me to Stanback. While he’s been a WR in the NFL, his last two years at the UW he passed for 3,461 yards and 19 TDs with 9 INTs in 18 games for a lousy team). He also rushed 185 times for 703 yards and 9 TDs those two years. Granted, his numbers don’t say a lot but I recall what a great athlete he was (a Pac-10 champion in track and a Baltimore Orioles baseball draft pick) and that he was considered a hard worker and good leader. It’s the athleticism that makes me think of Stanback as a potential Numbr 3 QB.

    Let’s face it: The Seahawks offensive line has a long way to go to be good. Unger was an inspired second rounder and Okung could be a very good OL if he can just stay healthy, but as a unit the O-line is the team’s weakest link. Hasselbeck has spent a lot of the last 2-3 seasons on his back looking up at the birds flying by because his line can’t hold their blocks and he doesn’t have the mobility to run out of trouble. Stanback does. Say what you want about Seneca Wallace, but he was able to avoid getting sacked and actually cause opposing defenses problems because he could run. The Hawks don’t have that now, but Stanback could give them that dimension at QB.

    Like I say, it’s just a thought, but why not try it? Does Stanback really figure in the Hawks’ plans at WR? If not, what can it hurt to let him take some snaps and see what happens? Carroll coached against him at USC, so he knows what Isaiah can and can’t do. We’re talking third on the depth chart, so you can afford to get creative, even at QB. What the hell?

  7. williambryan says:

    I like your thinking on stanback. I remember when he went on IR, Pete Carroll seemed to really be dissapointed and made it sound as if he had a roster spot locked up already. I think he is a versatile guy and that probably helps him alot. BMW, Obomanu, Tate (used to his capabilities hopefully) I think are locks and should be. I don’t know how many WR’s they will keep but If there’s a competition, and we all know there will be, I think Stanback has a legitimate shot at beating out Butler if it came to that. Also we don’t know if Michael Robinson will be back and he was the emergency QB. If he isn’t back then that would probably help Stanbacks chances as well.

    Also, I had this thought (i’m sure other have as well) the new OC is from minnesota and there best WR will be a free agent…Maybe the hawks will be in play for Rice???

  8. First off, I’ll just say this for entertainment/draft purposes, a little off topic but hey:
    So a new trick shot video has been posted on youtube, this time it’s a guy who’s named Alex Tanney and it’s arguably more impressive than Johnny Mac. What makes this interesting is that this guy can actually play football. He is a division III player (so was Pierre Garçon whom I loved before he was drafted, just saying). But Alex Tanney has been labeled as “the best QB in the nation that you’ve never heard of” by draftnasty, and he has some impressive stats, plus some great measurable (6’4, 212, and a 4.89. 40time). I know it’s division-III football, but if this guy goes undrafted I’d love to pull him into some kind of camp to see what he can do (link to the video: )

    Now that’s done, more on topic. Great that we continue to lock up our players, as mentioned before Lewis did some great things on special teams, and Stanback should be a valuable addition to that squad, great job in the front office.

  9. Sarcasticus says:

    I think Stanbeck would be an interesting “wildcat” choice, but I don’t know if his projected ceiling is higher at quarterback than at wide receiver.

    I can live with Mirer in my Seahawks’ psyche. He threw too many interceptions, but he had decent mobility and put up nearly 3k yards his rookie year. Of course you would rather have a number 2 overall pick around for more than 4 years, but flipping him to the Bears for another number 1 was genius.

    Mr. Positive does indeed sound better than Mr. Happy, but I think PC or Carroll sounds better. The man is about to turn 60, he doesn’t need a cute nickname.

    I too like the re-signing of Lewis. He appeared to be one of the few defensive backs with the ability to press at the line of scrimmage.

  10. guiltybystander says:

    How does “Peter Prozac” sound? The Wenatchee area used to be nicknamed “Happy Valley” because so many residents there were on it. Carroll is so relentlessly upbeat, you sometimes wonder if he had a blood transfusion from Tony Robbins earlier in life.

  11. Yeah, agreed…Mr. Happy makes him sound like a bit like a circus clown.

  12. nighthawk2 says:

    Wow, we’re saved. Two more Huskies. Yawn.

    Stanback blows, he blew at QB and he blows at WR. Wake me when the draft gets here and free agency finally starts. Then we can accumulate some real talent.

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