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Third time not a charm for Kennedy

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 5, 2011 at 4:43 pm with 19 Comments »
February 5, 2011 4:43 pm

For the third straight year former Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy failed to make the cut in this year’s NFL Hall of Fame voting, announced this afternoon.

Kennedy made the list of 10 finalists for a second straight year, but was not the players inducted into this year’s the Hall of Fame.

Those getting gold jackets and a bust in Canton include cornerback Deion Sanders, running back Marshall Faulk, defensive end Richard Dent, tight end Shannon Sharpe, linebackers Chris Hanburger and Les Richter, and Ed Sabol, the founder of NFL Films.

Ricter and Hanburger were senior candidates.

Kennedy was among 10 finalists who did not make the cut down to five, including receiver Andre Reed, center Dermontti Dawson, running back Curtis Martin and offensive tackle Willie Roaf.

Candidates who did not make the final 10 include wide receivers Cris Carter and Tim Brown, running back Jerome Bettis, and defensive ends Charles Haley and Chris Doleman.

Kennedy spent all 11 years of his NFL career with Seattle. He was selected as the NFL defensive player of the year in 1992 on a team that finished 2-14 that season. Kennedy also went to eight Pro Bowls and was selected to the all-decade team for the 90s.

Kennedy belongs in the Hall of Fame, in my opinion, but because of a log jam of impressive players making their way through the process will have to continue to wait patiently until the folks around the league properly recognize his considerable accomplishments.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Ed Sabol took Kennedy’s spot in the FInal 5. That’s how it generally works for the Seahawks.

  2. Cornutt says:


  3. Drillslinger says:

    And then to top it all off, it appears that Vick will be selected as Comeback Player of the Year :-/ (Leon wasn’t even in the running from what I hear)

  4. Tez might have to wait as long as Richard Dent, but he’ll eventually get in.

    Sando’s take: “Kennedy has made the final 10 two years in a row. That means he commands respect in the room. Kennedy was among the players potentially losing out when selectors voted in a non-player in NFL Films founder Ed Sabol. The fact that this was Dent’s year also might have had an impact on Kennedy. They played different positions on the line, but both were defensive linemen. Voters went with only one this time.”

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s the nfl Dukeshire. Reward a player that by his own behavior got himself in prison, and not reward a player that gave his all on the field and got injured.

  6. elkhorn says:

    I dont think Leon or Mike Williams care about Comeback Whatever of the year nearly as much as fans do. I hope they have their eyes on another playoff season and getting past that damn divisional round.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I meant Drillslinger. To much sauce.

    Rottenberger gets up early every morning just to see the crack of dawn film at 11.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    elkhorn – They may not, but it’s a shame a player like Leon Washington doesn’t get the recognition he’s earned, as Georgia said.

    At least the committee finally placed Ed Sabol among the most important people ever associated with the NFL and put him in. It doesn’t help guys like Tez any, that the talking heads on the major networks have a memory as long as an eyelash and always seem to pander the the populace. He needs guys like Mark Schlareth on ESPN, who Tez abused for years and who knows how great he was, to champion his cause. Sadly, that’s not happening.

  9. Its hard to imagine Tez getting in the HOF before Charles Haley. I could even see Tim Brown and Andre Reed getting in first, given that both had Largent-like numbers in their careers. There are simply a lot of great players competing for the Hall. Its no knock on Tez. We’ll likely be able to root for him to get voted in for a couple more years. And it will happen.

    Seahawks getting to the super bowl again and raising their profile in the media would not hurt his chances either.

  10. Off-topic, but I just came across this great training camp video from 1981:

  11. IBGoofy says:

    TEZ:….. Sorry man, you’re deserving, the bias continues…..

  12. seahawklovertoo says:

    I think they should vote for the “NFL civilians” (Sobol, etc ) separate and not at the expence of deserving “NFL warriors” (Tez , etc). I agree that Sobol and many others are important people whose contributions helped NFL be what it is today. Yet, without the players, the coaches and (in some cases)
    deserving FO’ staff members there wouldn’t have been anything worth filming.

  13. Maybe it Tez ran his mouth more, ala Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders …

  14. Dukeshire says:

    One other thing regarding the Comeback Player vote; how in hell does LeGarrett Blount get a vote? He’s a rookie for christ’s sake. What a complete sham.

    You know, if Tez wants to get in the Hall, he ought to take a job with one of the NFL media outlets. (I’m only half kidding…) And I understand perhaps having a special exemption vote for “civilians” like Sabol. It makes some sense. But sadly if he were not on the ballot, I’m doubtful Tez would still have gotten in. In Sabol’s case however, if he took votes away from the 4th leading rusher of all time (Curtis Martin) not getting in this go-around or Willie Roaf, I’m fine with it. His contributions have / are that significant to the game.

  15. Warren Moon was QBing in a flag-football game @ DAL on TV yesterday. Spanish-speaking station. M.Grammatica was playing and a few others.

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Duke, my issue with Sabol is, how many times has been passed over? I honestly do not know that answer.

    If Sabol has never been passed over, I have a hard time with a guy who makes movies (albeit GREAT movies) getting in before a dominating D-lineman. Not to be crass, but someone like Sabol should get in posthumously if it means him taking a back seat to some of the greats who’ve played the game.

    Sabol wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for these guys like Tez, Martin and Roaf (and others). Not the other way around…IMO.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know how many time he was passed over, or if has has ever been, before. That said, Sabol’s contributions are far, far greater than just movies. Everything from micing players, to highlights, to how the game is filmed and broadcasted by the networks has been influenced directly by him. He’s contributed to the unprecedented growth and popularity (and subsequent player salaries, indirectly) of the game as much as anyone ever associated with it, IMO. Yes, without the game and the players, there would be no NFL Films but not having been a player should not exclude one from induction. What about someone like Pete Rozelle?

    Having said that, I do agree that is does make some sense to have a certain type of exemption for non-players, as I said before.

    And why must we wait for someone like him to pass before he’s recognized for his contributions to the game we all love? He’s 93.

  18. bayareahawkfan says:

    What a way to win – Big Ben tries to sandlot his way to another win, and this time the refs swallow their flags on that last play instead of giving the hated Stealers another chance.

    What a great result – a little bit of the world’s darkness was just blasted away, if only for a night :).

  19. nighthawk2 says:

    I’d like to know how a clown like Shannon Sharpe gets in and Tez doesn’t? Because Sharpe ran his mouth so much and stayed in the public eye? The HOF voting is a crock of you know what. Kind of like the Heisman Trophy and the Grammys.

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