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Statistically speaking: Are the Hawks really better than last year’s team?

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 1, 2011 at 1:33 pm with 55 Comments »
February 1, 2011 1:35 pm
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (Elaine Thompson/AP).

Look, on the surface I think we all know just by looking at the win-loss record, this year’s team was better. They finished 7-9, won the NFC West and advanced to the playoffs for the first time in three seasons.

This year’s team defeated the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in the opening round of the NFC playoffs. And they won three more games total than last year’s 5-11 finish in Jim Mora’s first and only season as head coach of his hometown team.

Still, it’s interesting to take a look at the numbers of both teams and see how they compare. In a lot of ways, they are pretty similar teams.

2010: 7-9 (1-1 in the playoffs)
2009: 5-11
Comment: After going 5-7, the 2009 team lost four straight by an average margin of 21.5 points a game, sealing Jim Mora’s fate in his first and only year as head coach. This year’s team didn’t finish the season much better, losing seven of the last 10 games. But they won win it mattered, including the season final against St. Louis to get into the playoffs for the first time in three seasons.

Total yards gained

2010: 4,765
2009: 5,059
Comment: Both teams have one thing in common – the offensive coordinators (Greg Knapp in 2009, Jeremy Bates in 2010) were fired at season’s end. For comparison, the Seahawks finished with 4,385 net yards in Mike Holmgren’s final season in 2008, and 5,583 yards in 2007. The franchise record is 5,915 yards in 2005.

Total offense

2010: 297.8 (28th)
2009: 316.8 (21st)
Comment: Hard to believe an offense could be as inconsistent as the 2009 season, but then the 2010 team showed up and put the Knapp-led offense to shame. One number to note, Seattle was 33 percent on third down in 2010, No. 25 in the league.

Rush offense
2010: 97.9 (26th)
2009: 89.0 (31st)
Comment: The Seahawks still have not had a 1,000-yard rusher since 2005. This year’s team came close to setting a franchise-low for average rushing yards, 87 yards a contest set by the 1989 team. It’s interesting that most team observers thought that Greg Knapp stayed with the running game for too long, while Jeremy Bates apparently go fired for not sticking with the running game long enough.

Pass offense
2010: 208.8 (19th)
2009: 218.9 (15th)
Comment: Both teams had to throw it a bunch because they were behind a lot and had no running game, hence the decent numbers passing the ball.

Points per game
2010: 19.4 (23rd)
2009: 17.5 (25th)
Comment: You’ve got to score to win in the NFL, and neither of these teams could do that consistently. For comparison, the 2005 Super Bowl Seahawks averaged a league-high 28.2 points a contest, while the 2007 team averaged 24.6 points a contest (tied for 9th overall).

Total yards allowed
2010: 5,897 yards
2009: 5,703 yards
Comment: Neither one of these numbers are something to write home to mom about, but they are still far from the team record of 6,391 yards allowed for a season set in 2000.

Total defense
2010: 368.6 (27)
2009: 356.4 (24)
Comment: This year’s team allowed over 450 yards five different times this season.

Rush defense
2010: 118.9 (21st)
2009: 111 (15th)
Comment: Jamaal Charles (173 yards), LeGarrette Blount (164) and Darren McFadden (111) all ran for over 100 yards against Seattle’s defense this season.

Pass defense
2010: 249.6 (27th)
2009: 245.4 (30th)
Comment: Both teams were equally awful. Five quarterbacks threw for over 300 yards against the Seahawks this season, led by Philip Rivers 455 yards.

Points allowed/defense
2010: 25.4 (25th)
2009: 24.4 (T 25th)
Comment: This is about a wash. Both defenses gave up a lot of points and didn’t help their teams stay in games.

Possession avg.
2010: 27:33
2009: 27:31
Comment: It’s interesting that both of these numbers are so close. I think it shows that both offenses had similar problems in establishing the running game and staying on the field, even with creating balance on offense being a focal point of both squads.

Sacked/Yards lost
2010: 35/195
2009: 41/268
Comment: I thought this year’s team did a better job of protecting the quarterback, particularly when you think about how much they passed the ball.

Sacks made/Yards
2010: 37/246
2009: 28/185
Comment: The addition of Chris Clemons and the change in scheme really helped this year’s defense create more pressure off the edge.

Interceptions by
2010: 12
2009: 13
Comment: Seattle did a nice job early, but really fell off this year in takeaways.


2010: 101/890
2009: 95/840
Comment: One of Jim Mora’s priorities as a head coach was being one of the least penalized teams in the league. He felt it showed his team was disciplined.

2010: 78/41.7
2009: 89/46.1
Comment: Hard to believe this year’s team punted 11 times more than the 2009 team.

Turnover differential

2010: -9 (T27)
2009: -8 (T26)
Comment: Both teams were awful in this category, which is interesting because takeaways remained a focal point of both teams.

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    The only stat that matters is 7 v. 5 wins…, yes they were better.

  2. flahawker says:

    So how exactly does Gus Bradley keep his job?

  3. pabuwal says:

    Good thing Kurt Warner retired!

  4. Dukeshire says:

    First off, I love Eric’s attitude to start the piece, “Look…” lol. Love it.

    That said, while they are similar on paper, it doesn’t tell the whole story. This team was a deconstruction project, while the ’09 club was a patchwork mis-match of undetermined direction. So in that regard, the 2010 Seahawks are immeasurably better. A team on the rise and building itself toward something whose baseline is division winner, for good or ill. (But of course I understand, the question was “statistically better”.)

    I’ll take where this team is and is headed every day of the week and twice on Sunday vs. the Ruskell / Mora / Knapp version.

  5. agavemonkey says:

    Pretty pathetic stats regardless of the year. Here’s looking to 2011

  6. We all need to show up at Logan Mankins’ house and get him to sign with Seattle (I know PA needs to show him the money, too). The time of possesssion will go up, the yards rushing will go up, the total points scored will go up, the defense will be on the field less so their yards given up will decrease, same for points allowed, etc. Amazing what improvement there can be with a good offensive line. Get ‘er done! I wanna see LARGE statistical improvement in ’11!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby, I’m glad to see you’ve come around on him. ;)

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t expect the stats to change much next year. Our schedule will be much more difficult.

  9. For a good time, go about 1/2 way into this video:

    Have fun!

  10. Duke, You have no idea (you probably do) how much I’d give for a free agency of Logan Mankins AND Ryan Kalil. I’d have permagrin for a long time! Throw in VJack or Sidney and I’d predict another division title! One with a winning record (regardless of schedule).

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Any one of the those guys sign and you’re perma-grin. lol (me too)

    Schedules are weird; teams you think will be tough before the season can tank and teams you see as pushovers surprise you. The only way to know for sure if a schedule is tough, is after that season has ended. Sort of like the draft. no one really knows if it was deep or not until 3 years after.

  12. IBGoofy says:

    I’d take Mankins “”AND”” Gallery Bobby! ;-)

    Not sure how you add this to the equation above, the improvement of our
    opponents is a key factor to all these stats…. even just within our division, where we had one team sink due to a lost QB and the other two better…. even if you just add their last #1 pick…. Point is, to compete even equal to other teams’ progress, I believe you need to get at least somewhat better each year just to stay even…. The opponents faced outside the division, have weight in the statistics too, of course…. (and, without doubt, if you’re the Steelers, its how much you’re willing to pay the refs…. )… ;-)

  13. Yeah. Baltimore is a team I could see winning 12 games again next year or a team that realizes it’s old with a lack of big playmaking ability on the outside and with an injury here or there could end up with 6 wins. I guarantee there’s a couple of “hard” games next year that turn out easy and vice versa.

    Duke – IF the ‘Hawks sign Mankins or Kalil… I WILL get their jersey and wear it with a big ‘ol silly grin.

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    BobbyK- Is it too inconceivable to think that we could possibly land both Mankins and Kalil? The biggest obstacle from my point of view, would be to allure them here. The money should not be a big deal, seeing as how Allen’s pockets are VERY deep. I am not familiar with the budget restrictions around the league (salary cap). Please fill me in.

  15. I certainly wouldn’t be upset with Gallery and Kalil. But if I had to choose between the two, I’d take the younger guy with Pro Bowl experience any day of the week (Kalil).

    If we signed Mankins and Gallery, I wonder which one would get to keep their position of left guard?

  16. Seahawks2620 – Kalil won a National Championship with Mr. Happy as his coach at USC. There are definitely connections to bring him in.

    With Mankins, I think it’ll be about showing him the money (not that Kalil would come here for peanuts).

    There’s too much we don’t know about the CBA yet, but if both of them find their way on the open market, I can see the Seahawks signing BOTH (if they choose to go after them). It’s not like we have a bunch of guys who make a lot of money (probably because we don’t have a lot of great players and they are the ones who make the big bucks… unless you’re Curry, but that’s another story). Guys like Andrews are set to make over $5 million, but I don’t see the ‘Hawks actually paying that to them next season. Perhaps the same with Trufant, although less likely than Andrews IMO.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby’s video is a classic. (Not sure why he posted it, but it is an all time great. So glad he did)

    I remember that entire Sunday night game like it was yesterday. My parents went to the game (they had season tickets, but it was “understood” I ALWAYS got one of them… Well, they had some dinner date B.S. with another couple before the game who were also going to the game. Duke stays home…) Anyway, for Largent to lay Harden out like that after the game in Denver earlier that season (week 1?) when Harden cheap-shotted Largent, and popped 2 crowns loose and fractured his jaw… so sweet. And Knox… I feel like I should be watching games in a v-neck and trucker cap.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding the CBA, will teams have to pay roster bonuses if there is a lockout? A ton of questions…

  19. On the last page, you guys were talking about Kenny Easley, so I wanted to go back and have a couple of his highlights. But after watching a few of those, I got sidetracked with the Largent play and posted that on this page instead. Seeing that always got me fired up so I thought I’d pass some good tidings this depressing time of year (another year with no Super Bowl win).

    And there, Duke, is the ‘Rest of the Story.’ lol

  20. Seahawks2620 says:

    Lots of questions indeed. It is really frustrating trying to predict all of these off season moves without the facts. Regardless, it is really fun sorting through all of the free agents, envisioning the potential signings.

    What we have witnessed, is that Carroll does what he wants. Paul Allen, as well as the entire organization, clearly trusts Carroll’s decision making. He has committed to improving both the offensive and defensive lines, and I am sure that we can count on it. I am ecstatic to see who we bring into play along the lines. It will be a phenomenal off season.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I’m still smiling about it… I can’t think about what it’s like to have 5 rings or 3 or 2. I dream about what it will be like when the Seahawks win 1 and I can’t imagine it. This is weird to say, but I hope it happens in my lifetime. There’s no guarantee it will. This is way (among other reasons) is so important players like Tez and Easley and Largent, the truly greats Seattle’s had, get the recognition they deserve. At least to me.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I really appreciate the Largent highlights BobbyK. I wouldn’t trade any of ground Chuck’s teams for Holmgrens teams any day of the week! That’s including the 2005 team.

  23. I remember when Nebraska won the National Championship in ’94. I was at the Orange Bowl and after the came back and won (scored 14 in the final quarter to win 24-17) I didn’t really chear too much or anything. I just kind of stood around with this goofy, fun, numb feeling wondering if it really happened. I more so just kind of walked around with a stunned disbelief or relief moreso than the crazy man I thought I’d be of jumping, hollering, and running around. It was pretty cool. But the ‘Hawks winning it would be at even another level. I hope to heck I can experience it.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I imagine I’d be like that as well. At some point after it would all sink in.

    That must have been incredible though. Beating Miami in their back yard. Lawrence Phillips when he had the world by the short and curlys. Tommie Frazier’s drama. And Warren Sapp… Must have been fun.

  25. Drive Stats under Mora (from Football Outsiders):
    Drive Stats under Carroll:

    For Offense, Defense, & Net, the stats declined this season compared to last. Hawks generally dropped 6 slots compared to the rest of the teams in the NFL from last year to this one. Statistically, the Hawks were very bad this season.

  26. Ryan Kalil was taken ’07 round 2 pick #59. I remember being hopping mad when Hawks failed to draft him. We were told that TR always took the BPA, regardless of need, and that it would always work out better in the end that way. But in ’07 TR took Josh Wilson at #55 and Kalil went to CAR. I’d seen Spencer at center and was convinced TR had drafted a bust. Years have come and gone and Spencer had himself a so-so year last season. Prior to that he’s been out with injury, had trouble making line calls, completely missed blocks, and generally struggled until finally, TR took another center in ’09 (Unger). I know that occasionally GMs and HCs have miscommunications, but it was like TR was speaking French and Holmgren German. We had our great opportunity to get Kalil in ’07, and I’m guessing we won’t get that opportunity again this offseason.

  27. davidhh says:

    Looks like the ‘Hawks punted `11 times more LAST season (2009!) ANd for 4.4 extra yards per punt.

  28. Thanks for the link Bobby, that will never get old. Best play i have ever witnessed. sorry mr lynch

  29. nighthawk2 says:

    “So how exactly does Gus Bradley keep his job?”

    That’s the $64,000 question. Answer seems to be: “Because Monte Kiffin thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread”. And we all saw how great Kiffin’s USC defense was last year.

    I don’t want Mankins (who in all likelihood will re-sign with the Patriots). I want Carl Nicks and Ryan Kalil. Then sign Thomas Howard, move Hawthorne to the middle and unload Tatupu and Curry on some sucker that wil give us decent draft picks (like Al Davis). Draft Tyron Smith. Then draft some depth at OL.

    klm008, I’ve been saying Spencer sucks for years.

  30. nighthawk2 says:

    Gallery sucks. A failed tackle moved to guard that is injury prone. We’ve had enough of those.

  31. Palerydr says:

    nothing like the Nighthawk to drop in and give us all something to cheer about.

  32. nighthawk – if Carl Nicks were a free agent, I’d agree. I screwed up some months back thinking that he was a 4-year veteran. He’s a 3rd year guy who will be restricted. That’s why I’ve hopped aboard the Logan Mankins bandwagon. Left guard must be addressed with a quality player.

    And I’d love nothing more than for Ryan Kalil to be our Center next season.

  33. Soggybuc says:

    Apparently you sleeping when Kiffin was coaching those great D’s in Tampa. it took him a dungy a bit to get the personel but once they did….

    I really wouldnt want to pay the price for mankins or kahlil because they are going to cost a mint. I’d rather save the money to get more talent as we build through the draft. Okung and pouncey on the left side represent a potential 10 year lock.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Carl Nicks is restricted, so he’ll cost picks.

    And what does Monte Kiffen’s USC defense last season have to do with his endorsement of Bradley to Mora prior to the ’09 season? Carroll and Bradley share similar defensive philosophies through Kiffen, but he’s only served under Carroll for one season. In that regard, it’s as though it was his first year here. I’m not sure Dick Lebeau would have much success with Jennings, Trufant, Curry, Balmer, Richardson et al.

    If they could unload Curry for a 6 pack I’d be happy.

  35. Soggy – what good is saving money going to do when we don’t have an abundance of higly paid players (assuming there’s going to be a future cap again)? Why save money when we’re going to be under the cap? You can’t save money this year and then go over the cap in the future.

    And why not give money to a guy like Kalil… who is YOUNG and has played in a couple of Pro Bowls? He’s going to be around for another 6-7 years so you can’t tell me that that’s not the type of guy you don’t want around here for the long term. He’s only 25 years old (will be 26 on opening day). He’s only about 2 1/2 years older than Okung and I assume Okung is part of the long term plan (unless I’m missing something).

    Paul Allen is a stud. Some other owners would love to build through the draft this year, pocket a bunch of change being under the cap, and then complain in the future that they can’t spend too much more because of the cap.

    If you’re smart, in the case of a 25 year old Pro Bowl Center, you can speed up the rebuilding process by signing a YOUNG guy like that on the open market. If you have the money like Paul Allen, I call that a “steal.”

  36. Duke – you’re asking too much for Curry. I’d simply take the last drop of the final 6th can after it had been thrown away in the garbage for him. lol

  37. just b/c we sign good talent (mankins/kalil) doesn’t mean we can’t also add good young talent through the draft

  38. Dukeshire says:

    What’s tough about not having a CBA in place by the draft is that they can’t trade players for picks. And deals like the ones for Leon Washington and Chris Clemons can’t happen. Every pick is so critical, more than usual, especially without a 3rd.

  39. maddog12 says:

    BobbyK said…”I’d jizz my pants for Mankins and Gallery” Heres to BobbyK jizzing his pants! But I wonder would you jizz for Mankins and Kahlil also or just Mankins….

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope they finally put a salary cap on rookies! Curry is a great example of why they need to do it.
    They can call it the Curry cap.

  41. CDHawkFan says:

    I have no problem with the Hawks filling holes on the OL through FA, but BobbyK, why didn’t Mr Happy and JS do that last year? Was the crop thin, or is it just not their style.

  42. Sarcasticus says:

    The more BobbyK mentions “Mr. Happy” and says “we” when referring to the Seahawks the more I am convinced he is not speaking of Pete Carroll.

  43. chuck_easton says:


    While I cheer your perpetual hope and optimism I can’t help but fear you are setting yourself up for a major letdown and unhappiness towards the team.

    My concern is what can Seattle offer that would entice Mankins or Khalil to come to Seattle?

    The only way Seattle appears to be able to land big name FA’s is to overpay for over the hill, past their prime guys. This is why Seattle doesn’t seem to have had much luck with FA’s historically.

    Guy’s that are in their prime historically always have chosen to take less money to go to a different team or to stay with their current team. (Abriham, Deilman, Marshall)

    I fully expect Seattle will have to settle for just re-signing their own FA’s, going with the draft, and trying to pick up second tier FA’s or reclamation projects like BMW.

  44. Sarc – then you don’t understand and that’s okay. Everyone else knows who I’m referring to with “Mr. Happy.”

    chuck – I like my fantasy world:) It’s more fun than reality. Yeah. It may be setting me up for failure, but in the meantime there’s hope.

    There’s no connection for Mankins to come here. But Mr. Happy coaching Kalil in college gives me hope that that connection will help bring him here.

    CD – I think they wanted to sit back last year and evaluate some things before they saw what they had (i.e. no big FA splashes). Also, there wasn’t a Mankins or Kalil available on the FA market last year.

    With all the uncertainties around the CBA, I suppose there’s a chance 4th year players can/will be restricted again (good for keeping Mebane, bad for signing a Kalil) and that Mankins could be franchised again (if there’s a franchise tag moving forward and they are willing to give him a lot more than he made under this past tag as a guard… he’d be set to make more than many of the best LTs).

    Lots of uncertainties, but fun to speculate nonetheless.

  45. chuck_easton says:


    It is fun to speculate. My issue is you are one of the ‘go to’ guys on here. If you start talking as if it is a done deal or even a better than 50% chance then some people on here are going to buy in whole heartedly.

    Than when it doesn’t happen we are going to have to listen to people complaining about the FO and ‘why won’t they spend the money’ and those type of things.

    It takes two (well actually three if you count the Agents who want their guy to go to a big market so he can get the endorsement deals—the REAL money) to do a FA deal. It isn’t enough that the team wants a guy and is willing to spend. The FA has to want to come. That has been where Seattle tends to lose out. They offer the big money but the player chooses to ‘stay closer to home…’ or ‘chooses to stay with his team because that’s really what he wanted and he just wanted to FEEL needed…’ or ‘It’s too cold and rainy up there… (Dielman)’.

    I love the Seahawks. I love the PNW having been born and raised there. But I’m also a realist. Outside of the greater King County area there isn’t much love for Seattle and I constantly hear from the talking heads both nationally and in my local paper that Seattle having a team is a mistake and the Seahawks should just move to LA or some other big market. That is why the Seahawks have one of the higher payrolls in the NFL for mid to lower level talent. They have a hard time getting and keeping quality players and it isn’t due to the Owner not wanting to spend like some teams. It isn’t due to the Organization not being first rate. It has everything to do with NFL players wanting to play in the big cities or at least closer to the East Coast media.

  46. The tide may have turned and jumping on the Mr. Happy Train along with BobbyK. Only problem, until the CBA is resolved it will be the same old story and Schneider won’t even be able to bring in unwanted FA’s. But I like BK’s plan of targeting the LG position If not in FA then draft Pouncey who looks to be a solid pick.

    Champ Bailey would look good as a Hawk. Keep Tru as a #2 with Thomas over the top. Agree with Nighthawk here and move Heater into the middle. Keep Curry and possibly Hill and unload Tat’s. Schneider will soon find another solid sifting through the ash for the DL. But DE Clemons and then Brock towards the end of the year were getting after the QB. Factor in returning big man – the unreliable – Red Bryant. The D was stuffing the run before his injury. I’m confident Schneider will field a top 10 D this season – fingers crossed on the CBA.

  47. bird_spit says:

    chuck, I would argue that the same could be true for Green Bay. Talk about cold, miserable winter conditions (though I personally would relish the snow). Green Bay manages to have solid teams by growing the OL via young talent, and solidifying the DL by FA. I would hope with PC and Schneid, that the Hawks will do the same. They needed a year of injecting talent where ever they could find it. I would expect to see a 2011 that looks a lot like 2010, with maybe less transactions. Hawks still need a major injection of talent. Going the youth route is the best route to long term success. Eventually through success, I would hope, the cost of acquisition of FAs would go down.

    BTW, I’m with you guys on Curry. I would take a a basket of eggs for Curry, and have him suck on them on the way out.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll say this; that defense in Green Bay is what it is today because of their ’09 draft. BJ Raji and Clay Matthews. As great as Matthews is, and as solid as their secondary is, Raji makes all the difference.

  49. Stop It! You guys keep given me epiphanies and I gotta write em down insteada doin my work! TT’s known as a GM who builds thru the draft, then fills in via FA. No big name talents. GB doesn’t usually do much in FA, the Reggie White from PHI thing aside. Getting really good FAs is an auction, where you’re competing against the likes of TR, Snyder and Davis. Somebody’s bound to overbid, so to get a “big name player” to go anywhere, but especially to cold, wet smaller mkts like SEA, GB, BUF, etc. you’ll end up eating too much cap space for the bang you get from the player. JS learned at the knee of TT. Now I think I see why SEA’s FO specifically hired JS. But Stop! I gotta get some work done!

  50. Dukeshire says:


    I think Charles Woodson has more relevance to the type of FA TT would go after, considering Ron Wolf was the GM who signed Reggie White. Anyway…

  51. chuck_easton says:

    In regards to FA’s where I really get frustrated is when we hear that some prized FA is coming to Seattle for a visit. The player comes and goes but signs somewhere else.

    We then get the unwashed masses, myself included here, getting our panties all in a bunch because the FO didn’t just ‘show him the money’.

    The little voice in the back of my head says this is what actually happened.

    Player: “Seattle is known for being desperate and wanting to overpay for big names. I’ll go there first, get them to put a number on the table. Then I’ll go to the team I really want to play for and tell them I can get X amount of dollars from the Seahawks. If that team even comes close to Seattle’s offer I’ll take it.”

    Why do I feel like Seattle is just being used to drive up the price FA’s eventually get from their first choice? Unfortunately we never hear what Seattle did or didn’t offer. We just hear that Player Y talked to the Seahawks and some other team and chose that other team. Of course we all jump to conclusions and demand to know why Seattle low-balled their offer and lost that one great player to another team.

  52. Sarcasticus says:

    “Sarc – then you don’t understand and that’s okay. Everyone else knows who I’m referring to with “Mr. Happy.”

    Go easy, Mr. Sensitive. I was obviously poking fun. But if you don’t understand, that’s okay. Everyone else knows what I was saying.

  53. lol – good one. You got me:)

  54. Duke –
    GB & SEA have had an interesting FO/coaching relationship for awhile. OAK’s pro-personnel guy Ron Wolf was hired as GB’s GM (’91-’01). Wolf fired Infante and hired Holmgren as HC (and acquired FA DE R.White). Wolf hired Ted Thompson as GB’s pro-personnel director (’92-’99). TT hired John Schneider (’92) as an intern, who became pro-personnel asst (’93-’96). Holmgren hired Ray Rhodes to be GB’s DC (’92-’94). JS became KC’s player-personnel dir (’97-”99), SEA’s in ’00, & DC’s VP of player-personnel in ’01. Holmgren went to SEA to be HC & GM (’99-’02) then just HC (’03-’08). Holmgren hired Mike Sherman to be OC ‘(99), and brought in Ted Thompson to be SEA’s Operations VP (’00 – ’04). When Holmgren left GB, Wolf made Ray Rhodes HC (’99), then in ’00 Wolf took Holmgren’s OC Mike Sherman to be GB’s HC (’00-’05) & GM (’01-’04). Wolf resigned as GB’s GM after the ’00 season. JS went back to GB as personnel analyst to the GM (’02-’07) and dir football ops (’08-’09). Holmgren brought Ray Rhodes to SEA to be DC (’03-’07) after Ray spent ’00 in DC and ’01-’02 in DEN. TT went back to GB in ’05 to be their GM.

    Reggie White was an exception to the GB rule of not being too splashy in FA. And, like you mentioned, he was Wolf’s acquisition, not TT’s. And yes C.Woodson is a perfect example of TT’s FA acquisitions. Woodson was languishing in OAK. He fit in GB and has performed way better than he ever did in OAK. What RW did for GB was more than just his performance on the field. GB was thought of as a place that wasn’t very friendly to their non-white players. That perception changed with RW’s fans responses, as well as the 2 SBs and numerous division titles he helped get. RW made GB more acceptable to other FAs.

    What amazes me is how GB is able to hang onto their players, especially their FAs after their initial contracts are up. If you look at their roster, it looks like if you are looking at a pre-FA team’s roster. Somehow, GB is able to get their players to give more of themselves to their team than most other teams. Usually, players say “It’s just business” when they leave their team for another team. And most fans agree with them. Why doesn’t that happen at GB, and can JS & PC help bring some of that ‘loyalty’ from players to this team?

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