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Morning links: Senior Bowl today

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 29, 2011 at 9:37 am with 106 Comments »
January 29, 2011 9:37 am

Chad Reuter, senior analyst for, provides a look at what Washington quarterback Jake Locker must do to impress scouts in today’s Senior Bowl, which starts at 1 p.m. Pacific Time.

According to Tony Softli, former St. Louis Rams vice president of player personnel, poise in the pocket and running ability when the play breaks down will be keys for Locker.

“He’s a very difficult kid to project as to where he’ll go,” said veteran ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper. “He could go top 10 – it wouldn’t shock me if somebody wanted to roll the dice.”

Rob Rang, senior analyst for, provides his risers and fallers from this week’s Senior Bowl.

The Seahawks signed two more players to futures contracts, OT Paul McQuistan and TE Caz Piurowski.

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton will workout in front of the media Feb. 10 in San Diego.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated has the Seahawks selecting Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet in his first mock draft.

Clare Farnsworth of talks to Seahawks general manager John Schneider about the player evaluation process.

Seattle safety Jordan Babineaux makes Doug Farrar’s All-Intangibles list.

Dan Arkush of Pro Football Weekly reports that according to a team source, the Seahawks are content with their running back situation.

Former Seahawks receiver Bobby Engram has been hired as an offensive assistant for NFC West rival San Francisco.

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  1. SeahawkFan12 says:

    IF Locker is available when we draft, I see us taking him. BUT…it wouldn’t break my heart to see us tap into the abundant OL talent available in this year’s class either. And I would LOVE to see Boise State’s Austin Pettis or Titus Young wear the blue and green; I’ve had the privilege of watching them both from the 47 yard-line of the blur turf this season, and they WILL be big in the NFL. Hope one of them ends up in Seattle!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Some players on Rang’s list, like Von Miller, were regarded so highly coming in they had nowhere to go but down, really. I’m surprised John Moffett didn’t make his list of “risers”. From what I saw, he had a great week at both guard and center.

    And I can tell you what Locker needs to do to impress scouts today; string some completions together. That’s all. He has everything one would look for in a QB aside from being able to complete passes. And after is disastrous week of practice on the field (from the North practices they televised, he was that bad) he still doesn’t need to do much today, other than hit his targets. Everyone seems to want to like him and IMO, he won’t have to show much for scouts to overlook his pedestrian college stats. (I just hope Seattle’s not one of them.)

  3. Duke –
    Is Von Miller a SLB? What I’m wondering is if he’d be there @ 25 (doubtful) would JS be willing to sign him and PC redesignate Curry as a Leo?

  4. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I think you’re right, Miller will likely be long gone at 25. Regardless, where he’ll fit in the NFL seems to be undecided. He’s a little undersized for Sam but should be versatile enough to play in 3-4 or 4-3 schemes. At A&M he played their “Joker” position in their 3-4. (Something akin to a rush LB.) This week, from what I saw (which was limited for the South. The practice scheduling favored the North as far as NFL Network coverage goes. Just the way it worked out..) they had him at Will in their 4-3, primarily but did get some work on the strong side. He looked great rushing the QB and can cover as well. I think the only question is whether he can hold up against the run, on the strong side. He’s a freak athlete and something of a football historian (LB especially), from what I’ve read. He would seem to be motivated to be great at all aspects. All that said, I don’t think scouts see him as Sam in a 4-3 first. Weak side OLB in a 3-4 would seem to be an ideal fit. Not unlike Derrick Thomas…

  5. Dukeshire says:

    To windbag a little more here… if Seattle did happen to draft MIller, I think he plays Will and Heater moves to MLB. You’re then left with a decision about what to do with Lofa. Cut? Trade? Try him at Sam (I don’t think he can play there. I think he’d get swallowed up there.) But for argument’s sake, let’s say Miller is pugged in on the strong side, the prospect of moving Curry to Leo is unattractive to me. He’d have to learn a new skill set (or, a skill set…) which he would have the talent for (speed and strength) but I’ve seen him take so many plays off his first two seasons, I simply don’t think he’d have the heart for it. You have to be tenacious and full effort every single snap there and I don’t trust he’d do that for you. Clemons success this season had as much to do with never quitting as it did talent, IMO.

    I know there are some here who like the idea of Curry at Leo, based on his athleticism. But ultimately, I think it’s a mirage. He is crazy athletic but would seem to not have the courage or stomach for laying it all on the line, all the time. Anyway…

  6. Can teams rework a rookie contract? It’s like watching a beautiful Formula I car but with a driver that can’t seem to steer the proper course. Really discouraging.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Sure they can, if the player agrees to it. But he might be a little reluctant considering his deal contain $34 mil guaranteed, lol. He’s due $5 mil next season plus a $5 mil roster bonus. It’s unfathomable he could earn $10 mil next year, to me at least.

  8. Casey Matthews is a Sam isn’t he? Where would he go in the draft, and would he ever develop near as good as his brother? Any other good SLBs out there in later rounds (or FA) that could actually push Curry to play better?

  9. Oops – right Casey is an ILB. He won’t go to the Hawks.

  10. Is Nick Fairley the next Haynesworth?

  11. Dukeshire says:

    KJ Wright (Miss St) or Colin McCarthy (Miami) might be interesting in the middle + rounds.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not sure that’s a compliment. Hopefully he’s better than that, overall. Haynesworth has been pretty up and down outside ’07 and ’08. No chance his baggage outweighs his production, IMO.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    Duke and KLM,

    I’d also have to say given some of the comments Curry has made since he signed that big contract, things like saying another player had to get the money when holding out (said that about Okung).

    Also complainging that he’s a LB and not a DL tells me he is not the kind of guy that is going to go into the FO and say “you know coach, I really haven’t been performing up to my contract, please lower my pay”.

    He’s more likely to be one of those players who is going to be mediocre at best right up until his contract year. Then he’s going to come out and have a monster season just so he can demand a bigger payday the next year.

  14. Fairley could be taken by CAR. Heard he’s had issues about ‘playing every down’. Seemed to not disappear in the Tostedo Bowl, but just wondered.

  15. If Locker doesn’t go to TEN, where he just might be able to replace VY his rookie year – they’d have lotsa talent around him – he might fall kinda far?

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – I totally agree. And I remember his quote (Twitter) about him being a LB not DL. Doesn’t strike one as a player who is willing to do whatever it takes.

    klm – Locker going into a situation where he is asked to start his rookie season would be a disaster for him, IMO. Especially considering he stated this week, that his preference is to go somewhere that would allow him to sit behind someone a couple years and learn.

    I still don’t think Locker will go in the first, but I’ve been wrong many, many times before.

  17. If I was Locker, maybe I wouldn’t mind falling far enough to become some team’s CW. Maybe better would be to be their first backup for a year or two, still getting into the game when the starter occasionally goes down. Work on defense-recognitions and accuracy. Let the team’s FO have the time to build the personnel around him to make an environment best suited for his success.

    Hawks got Walt’s replacement. They really need Matt’s replacement this draft. Next season, especially if Matt’s back, CW is the 1st backup and the rookie sits and watches. Then in ’12 the rookie is either the starter or the backup to re-signed CW and Matt retires to become SEA’s QB coach (if we can keep him outta the media).

  18. Seems like quite a difference between the N & S teams.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Richard Sherman (CB, Stanford) has sure made some nice plays for the North. He’s got the size Carroll would like. It’s too bad they’re not allowed to play press outside the 5s. Someone to keep an eye on as later round guy.

  20. Agreed, some nice plays.

  21. Kerrigan at the 5-tech?

  22. Nice run by Dalton

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The south is just dominating the line of scrimmage!

  24. Locker gonna do better this half?

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Not with that offensive line.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Kaepernick is looking good. Strong arm and poised. Good height and running ability.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Kerrigan will be gone at 25 I’m sure. He reminds me a bit of Patrick Kerney.

  28. Nice toss by Locker, good route too.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Got to hang on to the rock, Locker.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think Locker has done anything so far this week, and in this game to help or hurt his stock much.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Really? Perhaps not, but I think he hurt himself, especially in the practices. There came a point Thursday where he was even struggling with the exchange. They only showed one from the coverage, but Mayock later in the re-cap show noted he fumbled the snap twice. Personally, I think this has been a rough week for him.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope they put Locker in one more time so he can show us again what he is best at. And that’s leading his team to a win when the game is on the line.
    You can’t evaluate clutch play by watching him practice.

  33. Ponder, WCO, hmmm?

  34. TCU’s WR Kerley?

  35. Dukeshire says:

    IMO, Ponder’s been the best of the QBs this week. Maybe not as high a celling as Kaepernick, but he’s been very consistent.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s amazing how good a Q.B can look when they have a good offensive line to block and protect them.

    Story of the game. The South had by far the dominant line play.On both sides.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Of course that’s true. But don’t forget both Dalton and McElroy were knocked out of the game.

    That story of the game is 100% right. Especially their d line vs the North’s rash of supposed 1st rounders.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The north had 0 yards total rushing today.I hope we don’t draft any of those O- Lineman from the north.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We need to draft some big mean and nasty lineman. Some big bad hogs!

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Well, at least none of their running backs. lol

  41. I always thought OLs had to gel. How come the South’s OL did so much better with the same length of time together?

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Because they raise them on the farm in the south.

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Hogzilla where are you?”

  44. SteelBlueLime says:

    Maybe Locker would benefit by going back to school for another Senior season (:-). I hope the Hawks are smart enough to PASS on this guy…..WAY Way, way over-rated!

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Country strong, Big Walt style.

    The two sides moved their linemen all over the place. One series a center the next at guard. Tackles moving from the left to the right. Guards doing the same. When scouts break this game film down, they’ll be far more interested in how players faired in one-on-one matchups (where they had success, where they struggled, against whom, etc..) than how the units faired as a whole.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why would you even be foolish enough to think that the Hawks would have a shot at drafting Locker at 25?
    Locker is top ten, and I hope to hell that he dosen’t come back to bite our A$$ some day down the road.

  47. I didn’t watch nearly the amount of the Senior Bowl festivities this week, but I thought Dalton looked pretty decent. Again, it’s a limited sample size of what I saw.

    I was surprised during the game when one of the announcers mentioned that Rodney Hudson weighed in at 292lbs. That’s about 10lbs bigger than I thought he was (and good for his NFL future). He’d be nice to have with our 2nd rounder.

    I know we need a RT badly, but our guard play was utterly pathetic this past season. We need one pretty dang bad (granted, the return of Unger will help, but he won’t make our guard play above or above average on his own). I doubt Pouncey makes it to #25. Sad thing is that I don’t see Hudson making it to our 2nd round pick either.

  48. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Locker sucked just as bad in the senior bowl as he did his entire career at UW.

    Hopefully the 49ers or Cardinals draft him so those teams can keep on losing.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Sure, Locker sucked so bad that most scouts,G.Ms, coaches, And experts have him going in the top half of the first round.
    I’m sure that you have so much more knowledge and insight into Locker! So could you explain it, or is it just more “he sucks! he sucks! he just sucks!Well I think He suck’s! No I didn’t watch him play much, but he suck’s!

    Enlighten me.

  50. Soggybuc says:

    Actually think that RT is less of a need than guard(both of them) did you notice how much better Lock played with better talent on his left shoulder? Lock is not great by any means but he is far from our biggest need.

  51. Okung is starting LT next season. Unger is under contract. Most of the rest of our OL, including Lock are FAs. Without a new CBA until late in preseason, or even into part of the season (like the last time), Hawks won’t be able to bring in many FA OLers, and train them in our blocking schemes in time. That’s why we’ll likely see many of our OL FAs back next season. If Cable wants, he may decide he can sign some of OAK’s FA OLers to replace SEA’s FA OLers and bring them up to speed in his blocking schemes faster. If I was Cable, I’d look carefully at Lock and see if he couldn’t play either RG or LG. Unger was good at pass-pro when he played there, but not at run-blocking. Spencer also played better @ RG late ’09 too. I’d play Unger at center. Interior zone run blocking improved when Unger and Spencer swapped places at the end of ’09. At RT Willis was good at run-blocking, but had troubles at pass-pro. I wish they’d try Andrews there, since he’s also still under contract. It’s two strange offseasons inna row.

  52. maddog12 says:

    I know there are many Locker fans on the site. Your loyalty to this Huskie is lawdable. However, I am not sure he is our future. I ask myself if is he good enough to take Matt’s, place?…no. Is he good enogh to take CW’s spot? No. With alot of work he might put some presure on CW if CW stands still in his development. But guess what, CW is not going to stand still. This is ComPete land…you want a guys job? You have to go take it. Could Locker do that? I don’t think so. PC and JS will draft players who they think will be the best and be able to ComPete with and have chance to win the starting jobs (especially in the first two rounds).

    Now if Matt can’t be signed, that creates a different senario with maybe past USC greats coming in for a chance to pull a comback year (ML or CP come to mind) and ComPete.

    I think we all need to think in terms of competition with whoever we draft forget get the school loyalty and go with PC and JS’s judgement. Pete will find a great qb or make one as needed.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No way will Locker be in the Hawks future. And there isn’t any College q.b that can come into the NFL and immediately take away even an average qbs job.
    I think Locker will be good because he will work at being good. If Sanchez can do it, so can Locker. Sure Locker will go through some growing pains, However just to make a blanket opinion that Locker sucks, or that he was bad his whole time at U.W., or that he will not be a good NFL qb is ignorant at best.

    By the way Carroll said that Locker was the best qb he faced in the pac 10.

  54. Much of the success Sanchez has had is related to his supporting cast. I’d be curious as to what kind of “success” he would have had if he were our starter the last few years (couldn’t be a worse pick than Crappy Curry though). Maybe people would realize he’s had a better OL and receivers (and defense) than what he’s gotten spoiled with in New Jersey, which means he wouldn’t look as good in Seattle?

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Your right about Sanchez. Favre was a fool to leave the Jets!

  56. I was AGREEING with your post about Sanchez.

    Favre had Edwards (most of ’09) and Holmes (only 3/4 of ’10) at WR, right? Dustin Keller must have been better in his rookie year, than his 2nd or 3rd year, right? Ferguson/Mangold don’t get better after their early years? I guess Okung and/or Unger are going to get worse next year (or at least NOT improve)? Favre got worse in the next season after leaving the Jets, right? The Jets defense got worse the year after Favre was gone and Rex Ryan was in, right?

    What a waste of time and common sense.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What I meant by Farve was a fool to leave the Jets was that they had alot of young talent on that team and the o-line. The team was excited to have Farve. If Farve would have stayed with the Jets for another year or two then he would have reaped the benefits that Sanchez has enjoyed!

    I was agreeing with you agreeing with me! It’s late and I could have done a better job of explaining that in my previous post.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Farve went to the NFC Championship game in Minn last year. And there was a lot of talk in NY how he isolated himself from the rest of the team and had a difficult time relating to the younger players. Then there’s the matter of massage therapists that surfaced later. No, Favre seemed to burn plenty of bridges in NY.

    As for Locker “sucking”. His college stats are nothing to write home about, but saying he sucks would seem to be a backlash against all the hype and attention he has received without have much success, for good or ill. And there are a number of scouts, coaches and GMs who have said that while he has top 10 talent he’s not a sure fire top 10 pick. The disconnect between his ability and play is something they are trying to understand. Not every situation will be a good one for him. In the top 10, only Cinci would be a good landing spot, IMO. And that’s only if they are able to keep Palmer. A pros pro for him to study under. There are plenty of teams that need QBs, but nearly all are situations that need someone now, not a 2 year project.

    But as I’ve said about Locker before, I may very well be wrong.

  59. Georgia – you’re like my wife! We need to work on our communication skills! lol

    Randomly: I think there are guys out there now, as there have been in the past, who I think pretty highly of and have been good in the NFL (or I think will be pretty good). I remember not wanting a SAM with a #4 pick, not being thrilled with Jennings, LoJack, etc. There have been some busts too (I thought Jason Smith was the 2nd best LT in the ’09 draft, behind Oher, and it turns out that he’s not very good).

    With that being said, I have no clue about Locker. Granted, I didn’t watch many of his games, but on one hand, I see a stud when he gets acclimated to the NFL to the extent Steve Young was once he was developed and had that elite type talent to work with in SF. On the other hand, I see a kind-of Akili Smith. Flip a coin, that’s my take on whether to draft him or not. And that’s not real good advice. If he and Pouncey are there at #25 I’d have a tough decision. I’d like the one position more (QB) but I’d like the, what I consider, more sure thing (OG) too, on a unit that’s also in dire need of talent.

    I would love to work in a front office, don’t get me wrong, but those guys who actually do it really have their work cut out for them on a decision like this.

    Pretend it’s not Locker, pretend it’s a random high upside QB vs. a probable stud OG… what would you guys do? The QB or the OG?



  61. SandpointHawk says:

    Bobby, that’s easy….Pouncey over Locker…

    The QB I’m starting to like for a west coast offense is Christian Ponder.

    (I do wonder about his injury history though…..)

  62. Dukeshire says:

    Between those two positions in the 1st, Guard. (I’d like to know why Pouncey withdrew from the Sr Bowl)

  63. Soggybuc says:

    Georgia had a neat point and that is alot like Tebow, Locker will be a success because he will work harder than the next guy and through sheer force of will refuse to fail.

    Remember there was no such thing as WCO untill someone gave some little known coach a shot in the big show. Imagine if there is some young coach out there with the foresight and creativity to design an offense that plays to the strengths of guys like Tebow and Locker. maybe its time for the Next Walsh or Kiffin to emerge.

  64. Interesting comments on O line, klm. Lack of a CBA, and resulting lack of camp time, could destroy any chances of continuity on this O line, that’s for sure. Cable would do well to bring in some of his favorite guys.

    I would think Andrews is more Cable’s type of RT than Locklear is, but Andrews needs to prove he will do the work and earn it.

    At OG, I think the best answer – as you suggested – is two starting OGs better than what we have now. I hope they retain Spencer and let both he and Unger compete for C and backup OG.

    There’s always lot of Unger fans on this blog, but I think the only reason moving Unger to C and Spencer to OG might work out well is because Unger doesn’t have the skills or lower body to excel at many OG blocking assignments, whereas I think Spencer can handle either position. I don’t trust Unger in pass pro and don’t see a lot of upside there based on his build and technique. Then again… sort of seems like we’re rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic here, lol… we need two massive OGs with the kind of thick and quick lower bodies that knock people out of the way. Given that, I think a lot of people would suddenly fall in love with our running backs.

  65. I said you can’t pretend to know it’s Locker who is the gifted QB prospect. It’s a random guy with elite physical tools who is a hard worker.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    “Remember there was no such thing as WCO untill someone gave some little known coach a shot in the big show.”

    I understand what you are trying to say about looking beyond what’s commonly accepted and being creative, and I’d agree. But, I have to say one thing; Walsh didn’t develop his “WCO” for Joe Montana. (The term didn’t even really become part of the landscape until the mid-eighties. Before that, the Sid Gillman vertical game was thought of as a WCO.) In the late 60s and early 70s working under Paul Brown with the Bengals, Walsh began to develop what we now consider WCO. You have to go back to the Ken Anderson Bengal’s of the 70s to see the successful origins of Walsh’s WCO. And in many ways it’s a modification of Gillman’s vertical style. Walsh was a highly respected coach when the 9ers hired him in ’79.

    Anyway… had to get that out there.

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One thing for sure, it’s the perfect storm for in this draft. So many teams needing a q.b.

  68. Yep, Georgia, there are so many teams needing a QB in this draft. And so many questionable prospects. Seems like the perfect storm to create a record number of busts.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s very true Stevos.

  70. Holy cow, Duke, I havent’ heard anyone talk about Kenny Anderson’s Bengals in years! I don’t how many people here are old enough to remember those teams. They ripped it up!

    1982, Kenny Anderson’s Bengals vs. Dan Fout’s Chargers
    Anderson 416 yards passing
    Fouts 435 yards passing

    And people say the NFL these days “is becoming more of a passing league” ;)

  71. Stevos –
    Statistically, Unger was Hawks best pass-pro OLer at both guard and center his rookie year, and their worst run-blocker. Immediately after the snap he has quickness (steps back still in crouch and gets head and hands up to punch DTs, and keeps head on a swivel looking for the inside blitzers). That works in pass-pro for both center and guard, forms the pocket a yard + behind the LOS. Maybe the 1+ yard yielded helps the OL absorb the initial push of the DL. When Unger moved to C and Spencer moved to RG the inside zone runs improved. Coincidence? Probably. Hawks faced poorer Run-D teams stats-wise at the time of the switch, but Spencer ‘looked’ better than Unger playing at RG & Unger ‘looked’ better playing at center than he did at RG. If Unger at center takes on an in-shape angry Haynesworth-type without guard help, the front of the pocket could shrink 3-5 yards in the 1st second, with Spencer maybe 2-4 yds. But I’ve also seen Spencer look right at a MLB standing 3 yds across the LOS for a half second, then help the RG engage their DT and completely ignore the MLB who then blitzes up the vacated middle for the sack at +1 seconds. Spencer doesn’t keep his head on a swivel.

  72. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with Stevo that moving Unger to center (where he was unable to beat out Spencer in camp) and Spencer to guard does not reasonably improve their line. This line needs improved talent, not simply moving the same pieces around.

  73. I think Spencer and Unger both have their issues. Like you probably have, I’ve watched tons of replays of our O line, and I’ve watched Unger pushed into his own backfield far too often on pass pro, lose balance too often, and force his QB to hesitate and adjust too often. He’s strong and nasty and I love that about him, but I just think Unger lacks the powerful lower body that great starting interior linemen have. I think he can be a good center, where he wouldn’t be assigned the lead block as often. But I’m just not convinced that Max has potential to become a great starting OG.

    And the only reason I’m not a big fan of moving Unger to center (where I think he could be a better fit) is because we have Spencer at C, a guy with the natural physical gifts of a great lower body, a guy who has put in four years of work on his techniques and who is entering the prime years of his career. So I don’t know why our FO would want to lose that potential and disrupt things by losing Spencer at C. I’d move Spencer for Nick Mangold in a heartbeat, but not for Unger.

    But you make a lot of good points, and I think we both agree our line’s big problems are at OG. Here’s hoping the roster at OG looks very different next year!

  74. If I remember, Spencer was handed the job well before training camp ever started. I know the staff looked at all the film of the ’09 OL play so they obviously did their homework, but I wonder how much of Spencer being at Center was due to him being vocal about wanting to be there (which is strange b/c he’s never been the most vocal guy in the world)? Even with the bum hand, he wasn’t happy about moving to RG when Mora was in town and I remember reading comments about that.

    It also seemed to me that Unger was the rookie who didn’t want to overstep his bounds and kind of felt bad (based on his comments) about moving to Center (and moving a veteran to RG), which is funny because I remember comments from Unger before we drafted him where he said he wanted to be a Center and that’s where he was most comfortable and thought he had his best future in the NFL at that position.

    This is just me and has nothing to do with anyone’s comments here today… but I firmly believe that a 4th year Unger at Center will be a better than a 5th year Chris Spencer at the same position.

    And I agree that we need to add talent and that simply moving around our pieces isn’t going to fix this line. We must add a guard who can/will play with some nastiness. That, to me, is priority #1 for this unit (even more than the uncertainty of RT).

    Unger concerns me at the point of attack. Even last year in training camp and in the first game. He simply does not get a lot of push. I hope he’s gotten significantly stronger this past year while on IR. To me, you can get away with being more of a finese guy as a Center, as opposed to a Guard. This is another reason why I like Unger the Center quite a bit better than Unger the Guard.

    Unger is a Pro Bowl performer if the only thing the Seahawks ever did was pass the ball. He’s damn good in pass pro. Just gotta beef up and get stronger at the point of attack.

  75. Stevos – you kind of beat me to the punch on some of that. lol

  76. lol, Bobby… slow day. We need more senior bowls to talk about… or maybe some new O linemen to talk about. ;)

  77. I’d be okay with us talking about Logan Mankins at left guard!

    Wouldn’t it be fun knowing that we’d go into the draft with Okung/Mankins on the left side?

    I love what I saw of Okung as a rookie with respect to nastiness. He’s a beast who will not take sh!t from anyone and will not let a Dockett be a punk and mess with his QB. I love that. We haven’t had a physical badass like that since Hutch left town. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I implying that Okung will ever be as good as Walt, but in this area, I love him!

    Logan Mankins is the same type of nasty player. I’d love to pair both of those badasses together.

  78. beerbobj says:

    Now that Jim Zorn has been fired as QB coach at Baltimore (, do you think the Hawks will look into hiring him as QB coach? Assuming that Holmgren doesn’t get to him first.

  79. SeahawkFan12 says:

    beerbobj, I’d love to see Zorn back here, but I bet you’re right and he lands on Holmgren’s staff in Cleveland.

  80. HawkyHann says:

    Locker is a complete joke. He looked scared and horrible. I was laughing so hard when they were describing his stance and how it looks like a shortstop, nothing like an NFL QB.

  81. hawkfan777 says:


    I am right with you. Logan Mankins would be huge for the Hawks. Hopefully PC and JS are at least going to talk to his agent about Seattle. I like the fact that he has started every game. Injuries have killed the Hawks the last few years. We need someone who is a Pro Bowl guard and not easily injured.

  82. hawkfan777 says:


    I think Locker is overrated but I dont agree with your assesment. He is a great leader and is about as ready as any other potential first round picks. Ponder is the only one who stood out. All of the North QB’s struggled mightly behind the Norths O-line. They couldnt even get 1 yard rushing. How pathetic is that? The South line was much better. Dalton got hurt but only because the Norths D-line was offsides. The o-line for the North did a much better job protecting the QB.

  83. Duke –
    Mike Pouncey at first accepted the invitation to play in the Sr Bowl, then 2-3 weeks ago he declined to play. Haven’t heard anything else.

    Pouncey’s already touted as the #1 interior OLer in the draft, so why play? They tell you that “your stock can only go up” if you play well in the Sr Bowl, that “it wouldn’t go down”. But look at Locker. If anything Jake’s stock has gone well down. Pouncey is assured of going in the 1st or early 2nd rd anyway, he’s got guaranteed $millions. Nobody (‘cept maybe me) would take him above a top OT regardless of how well he played in that Bowl, so why take the risk of getting injured or looking bad?

    I wish he’d played though. It would have showcased his versatility at least at both OG spots and C. If he makes it to #25 I wouldn’t be unhappy if SEA took him there.

  84. It’ll be so weird if we end up having the draft before FA this year.

  85. HawkyHann,

    Are you a Coug?

  86. klm – I think there would be plenty of people happy around here if we ended up with Pouncey.

  87. Soggybuc says:

    Duke glad ya got that off your chest =) the path to HC is generally a long one. throwing the clip board to a young unproven coach is a fairly new wrinkle in the NFL and has mixed results so far.

    Hell, Rex Ryan is anything but “new” while he and Rob may not actually have been born on the sideline during a sunday game, close enough.

    The NFL has a long history of re-inventing and innovating itself and its been awhile since we have seen the the next big thing. the “wildcat” was a nice try but ended up bieng a rather easily smoked cigar once the DC’s got a good study of it.

    Frankly we are well over due for the next new thing and the guy who figures out to use the skill sets the Locker, Tebow, and Tyrod Taylor’s bring might be the next Walsh. so instead of trying to put the round peg into the square hole, why not get a drill and make the square hole round instead.

  88. Dukeshire says:

    klm – I realize he accepted the invite, then withdrew. But the reasoning you provide makes little sense to me. It would be like Von Miller this year saying “I’m the #1 LB, so I don’t have anything to prove”, yet he was there and showed how good he really is and likely made himself some money while doing it. It’s not the end of the world or anything, but it does make me skeptical. And he’s got anything but guaranteed millions, especially with a new CBA sure to contain a rookie salary cap of some sort. I’d like to know why he withdrew, but for now I’m unimpressed, for what that’s worth.

  89. Duke – you don’t know why Pouncey withrew? Connect the dots. He’s secretly in Pittsburgh and his brother is going to make a miraculous recovery in time to anchor the Steeler offensive line. Hell, if we draft Pouncey… how cool is that? We’ll be getting a guy who has Super Bowl experience! :)

  90. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. They are twins… you may be right.

  91. I think the fact that they are twins with almost exactly skill sets makes Pouncey an even safer bet in the upcoming draft. There aren’t many “sure” things (see Curry, Aaron). The only difference between the Pouncey boys is that one can play great center and guard, whereas the other is strictly a guard (but equally good there from what I’ve heard).

    It’s not a Horace and Harvey Grant where one was more of a power forward and the other was more a small forward (and not as good).

    I’d love to draft the guy and plug him next to Okung for almost a decade.

  92. Maybe not strictly a guard, but clearly the better guard than a center prospect.

  93. Dukeshire says:

    I was going to say, he moved to center this year. Yet another reason I would have liked to see him at the Sr Bowl.

  94. I’m confused about the rookie salary cap and the new CBA. I’d heard the ’11 draft was included as part of the old CBA, even though it’s after the March 4, 2011 deadline. So, even though a rookie salary cap may occur, won’t it apply to the ’12 draft and not the ’11? Or, is it that the draft will occur, but the signings won’t until the new CBA is done?

  95. BobbyK-
    I like your explaination of why Mike Pouncey didn’t play the Sr Bowl better. Maurkice didn’t play in it since he went pro after his jr yr. Maybe Mike wants it to be called the “Turning Pro” Bowl, instead of the Sr Bowl and’s protesting it by staying home? Who knows?

  96. Sarcasticus says:

    In the latest ESPN the Magazine, they were asking some random athletes how well they fight on a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being the highest.

    Mike Pouncey – “10. I’ve never lost. To me, that deserves a 10.”

  97. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s great to hear that most of you are on the Pouncey bandwagon. I wanted us to draft his brother last year.

  98. Dukeshire says:

    klm – The draft will take place even if the current CBA is allowed to expire (March 3rd) and a new one is not reached before the draft begins April 28th. The contracts the players sign will have to conform with the new CBA when one is agreed upon, not the expired one.

  99. Sarcasticus says:

    “I wanted us to draft his brother last year.” Did you have him rated higher than Thomas or Okung or were you hoping they would somehow manage a 3rd 1st round pick?

    This Locker debate is getting silly. Locker is not in anyway Tebow. Simply because they both were known for running the ball makes them in no way alike. Tebow played in an offense that forced opposing defenses to stop him running. I am not talking about containing his running; I am talking about doing whatever they could to force him to be a passer. The only comparable to Tebow this year would be Newton, and Newton has a much better arm to put the ball down the field with touch.

    Locker has great intangibles and maybe with enough coaching he can become a good qb, but his accuracy is not at this time NFL ready.

    I find this to be an interesting read and good discussion material.

    What they find here is what many are finding: “Now we did find that completion percentage in the NFL was statistically related to college completion percentage (although the explanatory power was somewhat low). Completion percentage in college, though, did not predict where a quarterback was taken. And the factors that did predict where a quarterback was taken did not predict future performance. ”

    In other words, intangibles got qb’s picked (height was surprisingly one of the most important factors), but few of the reasons for the pick actually helped a qb win.

    College completion %

    Tom Brady – 62.3
    Drew Brees – 61.1
    Peyton Manning – 62.85
    Ben Roethlisberger – 65.5
    Aaron Rodgers – 63.8
    Kyle Boller – 48
    Ryan Leaf – 54
    Jim Drunkenmiller – 54
    Jake Locker 53.9

    There has been this Rule of 26-27-60 tossed around for a bit that I think warrants more discussion as well.

  100. Dukeshire says:

    That’s an interesting read, thanks for passing it along.

  101. If GeorgiaHawk would have taken Pouncey last year, who’s to argue with him? Last I looked, out of Pouncey, Okung, and Thomas, only Pouncey made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Granted, all three of them have the makings of great players for a long time. If I were starting a team, I like Okung best, but I can flip a coin on Pouncey and Thomas and that’s not a dis to either of those. Rather, it’s a compliment. Since I love great offensive line play before anything, I’d probably take Pouncey over Thomas (but there are certainly no losers in that scenario). It’s sure nice, too, having a FS that I believe in moving forward. We’ve sucked there for so long that this is a welcomed thing as well.

  102. Rang has Mike Pouncey ranked 35th. If JS has him ranked the same as Rang, taking him at 25 would be “reaching” because he’s in that “10 draft slots or more past the pick number” that people start calling a reach. If JS could swap with whomever was willing to give us another later pick (’11 or ’12) and still be reasonably assured of landing Pouncey, that would be best.

    Besides being a very good interior OLer, Pouncey played for the Gators – I know, Urban Meyers spread option offense that doesn’t work in the NFL, with the QB most always in shotgun – but their OL is all about zone blocking. Their OLers can ZB in their sleep. Inside zone, outside zone, zone-read, and counters (incl counter-trey) as well as all their option plays. The main thing is Pouncey is at home with the inside zone run game – which are the majority of the Gators runs, and from multiple interior positions. Beautiful fit.

  103. Another thing’s got me scratching my head is why PIT took Maurkice? They’re a man-blocking team aren’t they?

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