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Morning links: Locker faces up-hill battle

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 27, 2011 at 8:36 am with 31 Comments »
January 27, 2011 8:36 am
Washington quarterback Jake locker (AP file photo).

Chad Reuter, senior draft analyst for, chimes in on Washington quarterback and his plays this week down at the Senior Bowl practices.

Most of the scouts are heading home after Wednesday’s practices. A few coaches and scouts will stick around for the game on Saturday, but most already got their work done during practices earlier this week.

Locker’s evaluation has been mixed this week. Most scouts like his leadership, live arm and athletic ability, but still have real questions about his accuracy and whether he’s a first-round talent.

“Locker physically, there’s no doubt,” Russ Lande, a former NFL scout who now heads the GM Jr. NFL Draft scouting service, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“But accuracy-wise, he’s terrible. I don’t think he’s a first-round quarterback in any way, shape or form.”

Rob Rang of says Locker struggled again on Wednesday after a solid Tuesday practice.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune says the league is sending conflicting messages to players by placing more emphasis on player safety, yet lobbying for an 18-game season, which has become a major sticking point in the ongoing CBA negotiations.

Seahawks owner Paul Allen joins KJR’s Elise Woodward after winning the Sports Citizen of the Year award handed out by the Seattle Sports Commission in this audio link.

Dave Boling joins Woodward to talk about the Senior Bowl and the Seahawks in this audio link.

Looks like the Seahawks have signed two more players to futures contracts, bringing back safety James Brindley and adding Florida State tight end Caz Piurowski, who sat out all of last year nursing an ACL injury.

Charles Davis and Mike Mayock of the NFL Network discuss standouts from Day 3 of the Senior Bowl in this video link.

Tony Pauline of Sports Illustrated says Nebraska running back Roy Helu Jr. shined in Wednesday’s practices.

Doug Farrar of says Florida State QB Christian Ponder could be a good fit in a West Coast offense like Seattle.

Morning links
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I put this in another thread earlier, but Locker struggled badly again this morning. He was awful in red-zone offense (incomplete, a pick, a fumbled snap) and struggled later in team drills. It looks like he’s now just pressing. He got off to a shaky start Monday and it’s snowballed into his worst day, today. Hopefully he’ll be able to get into the flow of the game a bit on Saturday and just let it go.

    And I agree with Farrar, if any QB has “stood out” this week (no one has really been eye popping) it’s been Ponder.

    The star of this morning’s practice for the North was Kendric Burney (CB, NC). He had several pass’ defended and a couple picks. He’s shorter (5’9″) so wouldn’t seem to fit into what Carroll wants at corner, but he helped himself today, big time.

  2. I still don’t understand why pretty much everyone has just given up on Charlie Whitehurst. The dude hasn’t had much of a chance to show himself and has look pretty damn good at time.

    Hopefully, Bevell will be able to get the best from him.

    If we draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round, it would pretty much be a death sentence for CWs career in Seattle.

  3. O-line in for ‘rude awakening’ as far as tempo of practice

    Posted by Danny O’Neil (Seattle Times)

    Jeremy Newberry was an offensive lineman for 11 seasons in the NFL, playing many of them for Bob McKittrick, the 49ers’ line coach who is considered in reverential terms around the league.

    Newberry also played for Tom Cable, Seattle’s new offensive line coach, and as I was interviewing Newberry for a different story I’m working on, he offered an unambiguous endorsement of Cable that I found quite compelling.

    “Tom Cable, as an offensive line coach, ranks up there with any of the best ones I’ve ever been under,” Newberry said. “His passion for the game, I think. He truly, truly loves line play. He wants to be a line coach. These guys are in for a rude awakening as far as the tempo of practice and how they’re going to work under him. The guy is intense as hell. He cares about what he does. He loves his players, but it’s going to be a rude awakening because the tempo, you can’t wait to go to team drills and 9-on-7 just to get a break from individual with that guy. They’re going to work their (hindparts) off for him.”

  4. With Bevell, we get Holmgren’s WCO?

  5. bird_spit says:

    Is Pitts under contract next year? I would expect he will come in great shape, and Cable will get the most out of him. I think the story of the OL is all upside. One thing for certain is the need to a RT to compete for 1st team.

    We need DL as early as possible IMO.

    I hope they pickup a QB in the later rounds. Maybe Locker will fall far enough that he will be a bargain.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t count on Locker falling. Like John Madden said a long time ago.” There are good practice players. And then there are good game players.”

  7. freedom_X says:

    Well, by that token Charlie Whitehurst is a Pro Bowl QB…

  8. bird_spit says:

    GH, your much higher on Locker than I.. I have watched him for a few years, and yeah he is an athlete, but maybe WR or in the role of Ward, Randle El, …

    Sorry, I live in the NW, and I have yet to drink that cool-aid.

  9. Well, CW had a pretty good showing to get us into the playoffs this year.

  10. That bowl game is a good example of Locker finding a way to get a win, without completing a pass until the 3rd quarter. Of course it wasn’t all on Locker, other factors played in (Polk ran like a madman) and he won’t be able to do that consistently in the NFL, but he created opportunities and didn’t lose the game for them. I like Locker, but I believe there are better options out there, even at quarterback.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Unfortunately, Locker hasn’t been much of a game player (in total, he’s had moments of course.) yet, either.

    klm – Bevell’s version of the WCO has trickled down from Holmgren to Reid, Reid to Childress, Childress to Bevell. With Cable in the mix, I suspect we’ll see more influence on running first with a 3 and 5 step dominated passing philosophy coming second, rather than the opposite. So, I wouldn’t expect Holmgren part II.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bird_spit- I have questions regarding Locker like everyone else does. However with the way that the NFL has evolved in the last few years with the wild cat and running back by committee thing, I can see how important it would be to have a player with the intangibles that Locker provides. And you can’t deny his clutch play when the game is on the line.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I am curious. Does anyone know what was said about Brady and/or Hasselbeck that dropped them to the lower rounds?

  14. Did anyone see if Matt wrote something controversial on his twitter, or something? Cromartie wrote some pretty unfriendly stuff to him, not sure if it was supposed to be for fun or not, but it sure doesn’t seem like it.

  15. footballscaa says:

    Oh No! Lockers true form showing up at the wrong time. Well maybe his stock will fall to a point the Hawks can get him. With a fourth or fifth round selection of course. And Georgia, sometimes the less said about a QB in the draft the better. I’ll point to Mr Dan McGuire being selected with the Hawks #1 pick and one Brett Favre sitting until the second round. Maybe a little to much being read into that one.

  16. Re Locker – this from Rang’s twitter feed:

    “No denying Locker’s inconsistent accuracy, but I’ve had scouts look at me like I was crazy when I asked if he’d slip out of 1st. #upside”

  17. AKhawkFan says:

    Wow. Lately Cromartie has me wondering if DB stands for defensive back or DOUCHE BAG.

  18. Most normal thugs don’t have 394,292 kids with 394,290 different women. I guess Cromartie will be screwed with child support payments if there is a work stoppage.

  19. @Audible,

    CW had a pretty good showing or did the offense dumb it down ridiculously. When 90% of your passes are for less than 5yds and you miss some of those passes or throw passes that no one can get, I’m not sure that’s what I would call a good showing. Also, it was against the Rams, what did he do against the G-Man, I forgot.

  20. Well, a lot a thugs do, they just don’t claim em’.

  21. But on the rare occasion they do, at least they remeber there names and how many they have.

  22. On Locker this last year, he was injured the whole time and how many passes did his WR’s drop, I lost count. Even with that though, I’m kinda inclined to go a different route in the first, maybe get him in the second if we get lucky.

  23. I do hope he goes off Saturday though.

  24. No wonder he was looking so slow… two bad knees might do that:

  25. Dukeshire says:

    TruBlu – He wasn’t injured all season, but he did have rib issues the second half. As for receivers dropping passes; we’re not seeing that this week yet he has been erratic, undeniably.

    Potential can take an athlete a long way, but at some point he will have to show he can be a drop back, pocket passer to succeed in the NFL.

  26. The frustrating thing for me (if Locker isn’t going to get it going) is that I don’t see any QB that I’m comfortable with at #25.

    Do we go with a later round pick like Andy Dalton (and perhaps an even later round pick at QB) and go Pouncey at #25 if he’s still available?

    It’s not the ideal scenario, but we can’t draft a QB at #25 if someone isn’t there that’s worth it (just because we really, really want a QB).

    We could do worse than Pouncey, should he be available.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Presuming Seattle doesn’t make any moves with their first two picks, I can’t imagine taking any QBs in this class until the 4th. There are so many solid linemen, tackles and interior, I don’t see how they don’t spend one of the top two picks on one. Then there’s the matter of d line and the opportunity to grab one should things break right.

  28. Yeah. The way things seem to be breaking, I have a feeling we’re going to get a lineman in the 1st round. Offensive or defensive.

  29. I wish I could just copy and paste all of the excuses everyone on this blog has made for Hasselbeck’s poor play over the years and insert Jake Lockers name in there. How on one hand people will defend Hasselbeck, and on the other hand become armchair scout and decide that Locker sucks, is inaccurate or not going in the 1st round etc.
    He still has way more upside than any quarterback at the senior bowl, and on our roster. Oh, and he’s a leader and a winner. While some people talk about players being a warrior, and a competitor, he truly is one. I’ve never seen him sack himself.

    I bet he still ends up going in the top half of the 1st.

  30. SharkHawk says:

    This just tells me we have a better shot of getting him. Is there any question about whether or not he has the ability of Tebow or Kyle Orton? He’s better. He will be a good pro with good coaching I think.

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