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Rang on Senior Bowl: O-line steps up

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 26, 2011 at 9:43 am with 31 Comments »
January 26, 2011 9:43 am
Washington QB Jake Locker (AP Photo/Denis Poroy).

I talked to Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, for a few minutes yesterday about what his happening down at the Senior Bowl this week. Rang is down in Mobile, Ala. scouting the event.

He believes that quarterback, defensive line and offensive line will be the three areas Seattle focus on in the first round. And with quarterback and defensive line generally valued more in the draft, the Seahawks might not have another choice but to select an interior lineman with the No. 25 overall pick.

That’s why right now, Rang has Seattle selecting Florida offensive guard Mike Pouncey (6-4, 310) with its No. 25 overall pick, the twin brother of Pittsburgh rookie center Maurice Pouncey. Rang says that Mike is not as versatile as his twin brother, but still possesses the same toughness, agility and physical play to make a good interior lineman at the next level.

Rang believes that Seattle will have a good shot at picking up a talented interior linemen between the late first, early-to-mid second round. Others to keep an eye on include Wisconsin offensive linemen Gabe Carimi (6-7 1/8, 315) and John Moffitt (6/4, 314), Rodney Hudson out of Florida State (6-2 ¼, 291) and Baylor’s Danny Watkins (6-3 ½, 312).

Rang said Colorado’s Nate Solder (6-8 ¼, 314) has separated as the best offensive tackle down at the Senior Bowl right now.

I also asked Rang about several players, and here’s what he had to say.

Rang on Washington QB Jake Locker (6-2 ¼, 228): “He looked like the game was kind of slowing down a little for him. He was generally more accurate today (Tuesday). Yesterday he was high on a lot of passes. So today he was significantly more accurate, especially in the pocket, and that has been the main problem for him in the past.

“They kind of just need an excuse to want to take him. They all love his leadership and intangibles. They want to see guys improve, and he certainly improved from yesterday.

“The biggest knock in him is accuracy. If he is more accurate, especially in the pocket, then his stock will improve.”
On Washington LB Mason Foster (6-1 1/8, 241): “No real surprises. He’s a good football player. There’s not a lot you can tell from these drills. So much of a linebacker is tackling, and you can’t tackle. But that is one thing I know and scouts now – He breaks down well and wraps up well. He’s not a true striker like a Ray Lewis type, but he certainly does enough. He doesn’t get dragged around after tackles.

“One concern was how he’d do in coverage, and he looked good in that. He’s athletic. He drops well, and he turns and changes direction well. And they haven’t been targeting him when I’ve watched the quarterbacks. Some are certainly a lot stiffer in coverage than he is.”

On Nevada QB Casey Kapernick (6-4 5/8, 225): “He had a strong day yesterday (Monday), but today he took a little bit of a step back. There’s no denying he has a strong arm and he’s fast. So when you see that combination, it’s exciting, especially the way the NFL is going with mobile quarterbacks. But he’s got a lot of work to do before he’s starting for an NFL team. But there’s definitely some natural tools there that is worthy of development.
Rang said he thought Kapernick was a third or fourth-round guy.

On TCU QB Andy Dalton (6-2, 213):
“I like the Dalton kid. He’s got a lot of intangles. He doesn’t have a “wow” arm, but he’s got good, not great accuracy. He’s good in all areas, but does not throw a great deep ball. At TCU they didn’t ask him to throw deep often. And so that’s one of my concerns about him.”
On San Diego State WR Vincent Brown (5-11, 184): “He can catch the ball. He’s got pretty impressive hands. He snatches the ball right out of the air. He had some guys closing in on him and he still was able to make the catch. He’s got some speed. High 4.4s. He’s elusive and accelerates quickly. A little like Johnny Knox from Chicago, a guy who could make some flash plays for you.”

On Boise State receiver Titus Young (5-11, 174): “He’s like DeSean Jackson in good ways and bad ways. He’s real inconsistent. He’s not a very big guy, so in press coverage he can be knocked off his routes. And he lets too many passes get into his chest. But in terms of a big-play guy he’s definitely can make some ‘wow’ plays.”

Rob Rang Analysis
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I presume Rang is there so he’s seen far more than what they’ve shown on NFL Network (obviously), but from what I’ve seen, Carimi has bee the best tackle of this years group. I’ve seen Solder beaten a couple times in one-on-one drills. Even this morning, he had a terrible whiff against Kerrigan who just ran right around him. Carimi has looked so solid in everything I’ve seen. He would make a great pick at 25 at RT, but he looks like he can play LT very capably as well.

    I’m hoping they’ll show more line drills for the South this afternoon than yesterday, because I’d like to see more of Pouncey and Watkins. The South interior lineman that stood out to me yesterday was Hudson from FSU.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    One other thing; the Brown vs Knox comparison seem a little odd to me. Knox can fly and Brown would seem to be a bit slower (and shorter). I think it was excile who mentioned a Greg Jennings comparison, which seems reasonable. (Brown’s a bit thinner…) But there’s no question he can catch the ball. It never seems to get on him, he just picks it right out of the air. Impressive.

    (Not trying to pick Rang apart here, just a different perspective. His there, at the practices, mine from the comfort of my couch, 2000 miles away. lol)

  3. The more eyes (brains) scouting the better.

  4. If Foster fell to us with a 3rd or a 4th pick I would be very, VERY happy!!

  5. Duke,,, your an addict! Here is the number for a therapist 867.5309 Jenny.
    Thanx for the above prop… goes along way to boast my ego:) although I was only making a general comparison between size and weight. Yours was into detail. sigh ~whistling winds~ from deflation:(

  6. “Rang says that Mike is not as versatile as his twin brother, but still possesses the same toughness, agility and physical play to make a good interior lineman at the next level.”

    If he possesses the same toughness, agility, and physical play as his twin brother, who cares if he doesn’t have the same versatility? His brother is a special center and would be a special guard. Why would we care if he wouldn’t be a special center, but just as special of a guard (i.e. a PRO BOWL talent!)? Would we really have devalued Steve Hutchinson because he couldn’t play center? You normally find great players and put them at one position and watch them grow there. Normally (we’re not talking about a defensive player like what we want Curry to be at rushing the passer and dropping fluidly into space).

    If we have a chance to have Pouncey line-up next to Okung for close to a decade, side-by-side, I’m all for it (provided a QB isn’t there staring us in the face). I could care less if Pouncey wouldn’t make a good strong safety either! As long as he’d make a dominant guard, I don’t care!

  7. Ya gotta feel good about Carroll’s approach, though…the fact that he insists on a team that can pound the ball and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

    If we draft Pouncey or pick up a good FA guard who’s just entering his prime…There are going to be some damn happy guys on this blog.

  8. Remember how cocky we were on 3rd on Short with Hutch and Walt?

    The defense knew what Holmgren was going to do but it didn’t matter…we’d run it right down their throats and sometimes score for 18 yards out or whatever. We were successful on the right side too, partly because the left side was so dominant…

    Like signing Sidney Rice…Imagine how that would open up Williams, Stokely, Tate, Obo, etc…

  9. Speaking of Rice…are there any ties to the Seattle coaching staff or FO that we may have an edge in signing him?

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Only the new OC, Darrell Bevell… :) If they get that damn CBA re-done soon, hopefully that will be one of the first calls they make.

  11. We have his offensive coordinator (Darrell Bevell) since he was a rookie!

  12. Beat me to it! Damn you! :)

  13. No wonder you guys have been throwing his name around so much.

    I don’t usually get too wound up over FAs, unless there is a connection, since there are 31 other teams out there.

    “Only the new OC, Darrell Bevell” Duke, you’re a master of sarcastic understatement.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s the genius of Pete Carroll. Bring in Cable and Bevell and at the very least we have recruiting leverage with two very underachieving NFL teams, that have alot of talent.

    Hey Dukeshire, you ever thought about starting your own Blog!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    lol, I have actually. A couple years ago I bought the domain name “”, with that in mind. (Just renewed it actually.) But sadly, the procrastinator in me has won out so far. I have in mind to make it Xs and Os and scheme oriented. And I really want to do it as a way to keep learning and improve my knowledge of the game. I love football… lol

    Speaking of which, Carpenter from Ala looked so good again today at LT. Everything I’ve read about him has him as a late round pick but he’s been great in one-on-one and team drills, from what I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see him play Saturday.

    Noel Devine (RB, WV) was breaking ankles in team drills this afternoon. He’s really small (Sprolls small) but so quick and elusive.

    Greg Salas (WR, Hi) was beating press coverage regularly today. I’m not sure he’ll run away from many corners, but strong and very quick for a guy 6’1″. Would have been nice to see BMW beat press like Salas did today, against the Bears.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire I know you spend alot of time on this blog. Much like BobbyK and Stevos. You could just delegate on your blog. I do not have much time to invest in such an endeavor however I see you and or BobbyK, or Stevos doing such a thing.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    If and when it comes to it, I’ll be reaching out, that’s for sure.

  18. Get a press pass. That’d be cool!

  19. Seahawks2620 says:

    Wish List:

    Free Agency:
    1. Robert Gallery
    2. Sidney Rice
    3. Richard Marshall

    1. Shaun Rogers
    2. Kevin Kolb

    1. OG/C Mike Pouncey- Florida (first round pick)
    2. OG Rodney Hudson- Florida State (second round pick)
    3. DE/OLB Steven Friday- Virginia Tech (fourth round pick)
    4. DT Mike Blanc- Auburn (fifth round pick)
    5. OT Marcus Gilbert- Florida (fifth round pick from Ravens)
    6. QB Tyrod Taylor- Virginia Tech (sixth round pick)

    I know that I will probably take a lot of heat for the Tyrod Taylor pick, but I like what he has to offer. I also understand, that he does not necessarily offer what this team is looking for from its’ QB; however it does not take away from the fact that I like his skill set. It is not a big gamble either.

    As for the trade situation, I really like what Rogers could potentially bring to the defensive line. We could have one of the biggest defensive lines with Red Bryant, Colin Cole, Shaun Rogers, and whoever takes over at the LEO position. Whether it be Clemons or someone yet to be signed.

    I still love what Kolb brings to the table, and would be willing to part with a draft pick and a player for him.

    Richard Marshall is an intriguing possibility as well. He is not a Nnamdi Asomugha, but he is a step up from Kelly Jennings IMO.

    It will be a very exciting off season, and this is just my take on things.

  20. Last year, the TE we just signed had 13 receptions for 182 yards by October something when he got injured..that’s not bad production for a TE.

  21. You would trade 26 yo Mebane 6-1/311 31 tkls 1 sack 2 PDs, for CLE’s 31 yo Sean Rogers 6-4/350 17 tkls, 2 sacks? I think Holmgren would chuckle.

  22. Soggybuc says:

    I’m intrigued by Tyrod Taylor my self. the only VT game I really saw was this years bowl game and was somewhat impressive. granted the VT scheme did give him fairly easy throws but he looks comfortable in being a passer.
    If he shows good arm strength and and can throw outs (didnt do that at VT) he might be worth a look.

    But hey this is the NFL and they tend be completely wrong on most of thier QB assesments. we could go all day on that. Brady 6th round, Steve Young trade bait? Rick Mirer???, Matt Leinert? Brees washed up and damaged goods? Kurt Warner not even good enough for a practice squad spot? etc…..

  23. IdahoHawk says:

    I see the press talking up BSU’S Titus Young. To me the biggest lost to BSU is Austin Pettis. The guy has some off the best hands and field presence to side lines and first downs. He’s 6’3″ 200lbs had 140sum yards in their ment nothing bowl game. When it’s third down and 8 Kellin Moore’s go to guy was Pettis. He knew if he did his part Pettis would catch the ball. Just sayin he could be a sleeper in the draft.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mason Foster, Mason Foster, Mason Foster!

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Mike Mayock had nice things to say about Austin Pettis. He’s one of the guys who he’s mentioned as being lost in the shuffle a bit and is intrigued seeing how he runs at the combine.

  26. I’ve seen Taylor a few times and asides from some amazing athletic ability I do not see an NFL QB in him. I wouldn’t draft him.

  27. Sarcasticus says:

    As someone who watches every Alabama game, I am not impressed with Carpenter. I kept expecting to see him dominate and he didn’t. I think he would make an average tackle.

    I like the idea of drafting Mike Pouncey (don’t tell anyone I know that I am supporting a Gator). I like the idea that as a freshman he played defensive line when they were short-handed. He has some fire in him that I like. As far as his brother goes…the name is Maurkice…not Maurice.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Sarcasticus – That’s interesting. I saw maybe 3 Alabama games this year (not including bowl game) but never paid any special attention to Carpenter. I’ve suspected that he didn’t play particularly well throughout the season because for him to look so good during the Sr Bowl practices and be regarded as late round pick, something doesn’t quite add up. Is it a work ethic issue with him, do you think?

  29. azhawkman says:

    Austin Pettis is an excellent WR to keep your eye on like many have already said. I’m a Boise State fan actually but try to stay realistic and not being too much of a homer wanting Boise State players on the Seawhawks but man would I love to see Austin Pettis catching passes for the Hawks! Definitely my favorite player coming out in the draft from Boise State. He runs very crisp routes, great hands, smart, hard worker with tons of natural ability and good size!

    I also like the idea of Pouncy on the line. That close of an association to the Steelers makes me hesitate but they are in the Super Bowl (again, ugh) and Pouncy’s twin brother seems to do well.

  30. Sarcasticus says:

    Duke – I think part of it had to do with him being a JC transfer. So, he played only two seasons in the system and he had a hard time picking it up. I can remember Mike Johnson mentioning that Carpenter took some time to pick up the nuances and that he was helping him with his reads. Without Johnson there this year, I think Carpenter had to do it on his own.

    Again, I don’t think he is a bad player. I just didn’t see the guy showing up on game day like I would imagine. I am not sure why he went the JC route. It could be he is not quite the student of the game one would hope.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks and that makes sense. And I’ll say this, he looked like a late round pick / FA signing today. He was beaten like a rented mule in one-on-one, several times today.

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