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Morning links: Keep Hasselbeck

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 25, 2011 at 8:34 am with 56 Comments »
January 25, 2011 8:34 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (AP Photo/Ralph Freso).

Even though he sputtered through another so-so season that included a one-month stretch with 10 interceptions and three fumbles, Dave Boling of The News Tribune believes Matt Hasselbeck’s miraculous turnaround in the playoffs showed enough for the team to bring him back as a bridge to the quarterback of the future.


“If you can sign him for a reasonable cost for a couple of years, you can draft a prospective replacement and let him be groomed by Hasselbeck. He has said he has no problem with that, and understands that’s a part of the game.

He won’t just step aside, but he also won’t be an obstruction. He might be the ideal veteran to teach a young quarterback what it takes to be a professional – in all the ways that are important.

“I want to win … I’d love to do it here,” Hasselbeck said in a radio interview last week.

Hasselbeck is one of those players with enough perspective to understand that a career is about more than contract figures. But if a competitive team comes calling with a high salary in mind, he’d have to listen.

And that’s why it’s crucial for the Seahawks to fully communicate their plans, and convince Hasselbeck of his value here.

Seahawks returner Leon Washington was named to second-team All-Pro as a returner by the Associated Press.

Rob Rang of says another quarterback wearing the No. 10, Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, not Washington’s Jake Locker, show accuracy and nice throwing touch on the first day of Senior Bowl practice.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network explains what Locker has to work on in this video link.

Tony Pauline reports for Sports Illustrated that there’s talk down at the Senior Bowl that Seattle could be interested in trading for Carson Palmer should Cincinnati make him available in a trade.

Doug Farrar of discusses some of the positions Seattle needs to address heading into this week’s Senior Bowl.

ESPN’s Mike Sando selects Chris Clemons, Earl Thomas and Marcus Trufant for his All-NFC West defense, while the Seahawks had no one selected on the All-NFC West offense.

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  1. agavemonkey says:

    “So so year” is a gracious comment. But lets face it, there are very few options available and we know what Hasselbeck is capable of. We really have no choice but to offer a couple years. We need the time. Unless we are stupid enough to bring in Carson Palmer…

  2. Just one more for all of those who loves mock drafts!! Rob Rang has us picking M. Pouncey in his latest mock, I would be totally fine with that, actually I would be stoked. Kaepernick is really looking good out there, and the fact that he has dropped back, playing in the pistol offense makes him even better in my opinion, if his stock continue to rise, will he be there with our second pick?
    It’s time for us to get a young quarterback, unless they totally believe in Nate Davis or Charlie Whitehurst. The past three seasons I’ve been telling myself, we do not need a quarterback, Matt is fine, well I still believe that, but he is getting older, and I don’t think he’ll play as good as he did in the playoffs, every single week. It’s important that we keep him though, he is the leader of this team, he will be important for an eventual rookie QB or Nate Davis, maybe not teaching them directly, but they should be able to learn how he practices, interacts with the team, generally carries himself, and so on.

  3. dankuykendall says:

    Goodbye Matt. It has been fun, sort of, but it is time to fade to black!

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Yesterday and this morning watching the Sr Bowl practice, it’s fun it see them put the linemen in different spots along the line.

    This morning both Cameron Jordan (Cal) and Christian Ballard (Iowa) looked really good on the d line. Both looked very quick off the ball and would seem to be versatile enough to play end or tackle, depending on the scheme. They each abused Castonzo (BC) in full pad one-on-one drills. (Perhaps that’s more of a comment on Castonzo, but he is regarded as one of the best tackle prospects in this years’ draft.)

    Just a couple players at positions of need, to keep an eye on.

  5. Ya know it just makes me sick when comments are made concerning Matt.
    Since 2005 he has put up with an OL that has offered no protection and a receiving core that is new plus a constant change in offensive coordinators. He is a tough QB and has done so much for the franchise. Yes we certainly need to draft or trade for his replacement. However he is a warrior. And there are teams who would trade or want his leadership on their sidelines. Clip board Jesus could never had read the complex defenses that new Orleans presented. And a rookie would have been lost. The Hawks would serve themselves well to Keep Matt. And of course fade him to black as a new leader emerges. Matt has been an excellent leader and to replace that is difficult at best. This ain’t fantasy Football folks it Reality!

  6. Seahawkgo says:

    Matt era is ended.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Well put eyeland, nice post….

  8. I’m a bit surprised they haven’t re-signed him yet.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    eyeland- I couldn’t have said it better!

  10. I hope we all remember Dave Kreig’s departure, and don’t let a QB go until we have a sure upgrade on hand.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire-I continue to hear less than positive reports on Castonzo. What in your opinion do you think what we should do with our first and second round picks?

  12. MadSweeney42 says:

    Eyeland makes good points. Without his playoff performance, I was strictly in the “don’t re-sign” him club despite the fact that Hass is one of my favorite players in Seahawk history. But the Rams and NO game proved exactly why we need him next year. The only reason we didn’t lose to the Rams is because, for some reason, the Rams dumbed their game down more than we did for Clipboard Jesus (that’s pronounced hay-zoose). Many say Matt wouldn’t have escaped the Rams pressure that CW did, yeah well the game plan wouldn’t have called for him to do so and no way in hell that CW picks apart the Saints.

    So the playoffs provided us with some seriously good intel. One, Matt is a keeper. Give him a 2-3 year deal, let him retire a Seahawk and quide the QBoF. Which leads to the second great piece of intel we got from the playoffs (of course, I’m including the Rams game as a playoff game because it really was)…

    CW is NOT the QBoF. Period. He’s worse than Matt was before he got benched for Dilfer. He’s shown nothing in preseason or his regular season snaps to show that he has what it takes to play in this league. Carroll doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that refuses to admit mistakes and since Allen was willing to let Mora walk away with $12mil, I’m sure the $$ they gave Whitehurst won;t be a factor in deciding what to do with him. Nice try guys, but back to the pond with Whitey.

    Matt’s certainly sucked. A LOT at times. But he’s the undisputed leader of the team, the heart that picks them up off the ground after a beating and the only one that could’ve given us the Beast Quake Victory.He carried the team after dipstick Russell let Hutch slip away, even without a line or WRs. Letting Holmy take him away to train a QB in Cleveland would be a mistake, not on the Hutch level, but a mistake nonetheless. No way (well, almost no way) a rudderless ship like a Hass-less Seahawks team challenges the Rams for the division next year. Even if he’s cheerleading on the sidelines, Matt brings more to the table than anyone else possibly could.

  13. chrisj122 says:

    Pete Carroll know we have to resign Matt, we have no other options unless you truely believe in Charlie, which I don’t. Yes we need to draft a QB but who ever the next QB is he will definetly benefit from Hasselbecks knowledge of the position and help him blossom in to the next franchise QB.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – Personally, I think they have to look (order of need, IMO) o line, secondary and d line. But so much depends on who is taken ahead of them and how highly they’ve ranked players. So let’s say at those positions they have Pouncey ranked highest but he’s taken ahead of them. Rather than taking their second rated lineman, I’d prefer they took their next highest rated player regardless of position, like Aaron Williams at corner (as an example) and wait until the second for a guy like Moffett. (Or if the next player is a d-lineman like Cameron Jordan, go in that direction)

    I guess what I’m struggling to say, is select the best player available that fits their areas of need. (And that’s key for me. Not just BPA. But BPA that suits their needs. And I’m not including QB here since Carroll’s stated desire to re-sign Hass and CW still under contract.)

    These are my initial thoughts. I’m sure as FA moves are made and potential trades executed, it will change. How are you leaning?

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Dukeshire.-My feeling is to focus on the defensive side in the draft.Unless a player like Pouncey is there.

  16. chrisj122 says:

    I truely hope Hasselbeck get resigned not only because I think its the best thing for the Seahawks but also for my personal financial reasons.

    My 5yr old son has two Hasselbeck jerseys (blue & white). If Hass were to leave I’m sure I would have to buy new jerseys of the next starting QB. Plus I would have to explain to my 5yr old that Hasselbeck no longer plays for the Seahawks because he’s to old and the team needed to move on with new younger QB, this is a conversation I do not want to have. On game day my son will put on his Seahawks jersey (matching his jersey color to Hass) and Seahawks helmet and mimic everything Hasselbeck does on T.V. or even at the quest field when I have taken him to games.

  17. Bringing Matt back makes the most sense.

    We’re already without a 3rd rounder, so if we did something like trade for Carson Palmer, would we want to give up our 2nd rounder too? That doesn’t make sense.

    We need to add some valuable pieces via free agency but we must use the draft wisely (more picks the better) to get younger (and more talented).

    One wouldn’t think it’s exactly rocket science.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    chrisj122 – That’s awesome.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Perhaps we can get that 3rd round pick back by trading Curry?You know the same Curry that stopped watching westling because it’s too complicated?!
    The same Curry that ran outside with a bowl and spoon when he heard someone say” it’s chilly outside?!”

  20. Georgia – you’ve definitely brought an entertaining aspect to the blog. lol

  21. One miraculous game does not make up for his terrible regular season. Matt has been great for the team but it’s time to move on. I don’t want a declining veteran like him to keep us from getting our QB of the future. Blame the o-line all you want but Matt did not play well at all this year and I’m ready to move on and get a QB who I can actually have hope in.

  22. Keeping Matt certainly doesn’t mean he will “keep us from getting our QB of the future.” We should keep him AND get our QB of the future. Both can/should be done. It’s not an either/or.

  23. SeahawkFan12 says:

    With the exception of a few myopic donut-eating mouth breathers, it seems that most people are using their intellect and calling for Hasselbeck to be re-signed. It is nice to see that he still has supporters despite a season of people bashing him.

    #8 might be one of the all-time best to wear the blue and green, and his leadership, toughness and spirit are too valuable to let go to another team.


  24. SeahawkFan12 says:

    And for the record, Colin Kaepernic is very good but not as good as Kellen Moore. But like the case is with Luck, we’ll have to wait until next year to see Moore in the NFL.

  25. If we can’t get a guy we really want in the 1st/2nd round… I think we should use a couple of draft picks on the QB position later.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    ROFLOL….myopic donut-eating mouth breathers…. folks a lot of good posts here…keep Matt …get him someone to mentor….let’s move on

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Matt was more than just miraculous! Matt was a man of extraordinary magnitude!
    His atoms were oscillating, his cells were celebrating, his molecules were motivated, his heart was thumping, his blood was pumping,his muscles were moving, his body was shaking, and the Saints fans were aching!

    Why woudn’t we want to bring him back for another year or two!

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I going to have to see this movie…

    This afternoon NFL Network showed the south practice. I was impressed with James Carpenter (Ala). They had him working at LT and was just a wall. He played guard most of the season but he looked like a natural at tackle, might be someone to keep an eye on in the middle rounds as a RT.

    Rodney Hudson (FSU) was as good as advertised. If he stays healthy, he’ll be fixture at guard for some team, for years. He was just pounding guys in the chest with his hands and steered them wherever he wanted.

  29. I’ve followed him through the years (Hudson) and if he were 10-15lbs heavier, I think people would be talking about him as a mid-1st round pick. He’s an actual athlete who plays guard. Heck, he’s more athletic than most left tackles. The only concern with him, and it is a big concern, is how will he do against some of these maulers in the NFL who weigh 350lbs on the inside in short yardage situations.

  30. Yolohawk says:

    Yes, Bring him back. He is the H in Seahawks. I don’t know if he has 2 years left but he’ll make a great player-coach if he understands/accepts the roll.

    For all the nay-sayers, look at all the interceptions and tell me there haven’t been 3 times as many on-the-number drops,,,,maybe that’s before your time.

  31. Or just rewatch the Bears game if you want to see drops. That even makes Robinson/Jackson in their prime look good.

  32. Dave B: Sure like your perspective on Hass….. Thx….

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Of all the things in the Superbowl of 2005 that could have affected the outcome, it was the drops that I remember the most!

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And what made it even worse in 2005 as that the running backs couldn’t catch worth a flip either.

  35. chrisj122 says:

    Resigning Hasselbeck is our best option, period.
    Other options-

    Option A – let Charlie Whitehurst Start (if he looks horrible 5 games into the season then what?)

    Option B – Draft a QB and letting a rookie QB start. QBs that become starters in their 1st season are lot more likely to be a bust.

    Option C – Trade or sign a F.A. QB (name one on the market or trading block you would rather have than Hasselbeck)

    Option D- Resign Hasselbeck and Draft a QB, let Hass groom the rookie. If a rookie can sit for a year or two, learn the system, learn how to read defenses his chance for success is greatly improved.

    Me personally, I go with option D.

  36. chrisj122 says:

    Of all the things in the Superbowl of 2005 that could have affected the outcome, it was touchdown on the opening drive taken away and the phantom hold on Locklear in the 4th quarter.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I couldn’t argue against that chrisj122.

  38. chrisj122 says:

    The only QB on the trading block that could be the QB of the future is Kolb. Me personally I wouldn’t give up what it would take to get Kolb, there are to many holes at other positions. Trading away the picks it would take would set back the Hawks for along time.

  39. Soggybuc says:

    I think your assessment of the options is fairly accurate and I agree with you that D would be best.

    I watched Tyrod Taylor during that VT bowl game and was fairly impressed. most people look at him like a running QB ala Vick but I saw an athletic QB who is light years ahead of where Vick was on using his feet to stay in the pocket and keep the pass option alive. Vick was really good this year because he stayed with pocket as long as he could. he would be a nice 3rd round pick up if they can work thier magic and get one back for us.

  40. maddog12 says:

    I think the likelihood is that the price for Matt is going to be high. Sooo many teams need QB’s. Needy teams (Vikes, Clev., SF, Phx etc) are going to bid up the price. The price war is good for Matt but not good for us fans. I think in the end he will walk because he will get more than he was offered here.

    It is probably Matt’s last contract and he will want what we would all want, biggest money and length of term as possible.

    A two year deal and being paid according to his performance over the last year is probably not going to get it done.

  41. Soggybuc says:

    Maddog is probably right and i wouldnt hold it against matt for bailing for a last big NFL payday. but i think if the Hawks can at least be in the ballpark he would take a bit less to not disrupt his family.
    truth is any offer for say a 4 year deal is going to be heavily backloaded to year 3 and 4 if we can structure deal thats more even in year 1 and 2 he might stay.
    but hey! if some dip shit (daniel Snyder) wants to offer him a 100 million with 60 guaranteed i’ll help pack the moving van and cheer for the guy on his way out.

  42. I don’t wanna go 2-14 next season (unless It guaranties getting Luck in the draft), but I digress. . . Extend Matt (why hasn’t JS already done so?) Get the best ZBing run-blocking OLers possible and have Cable take them and SEA’s RBs out back of the local tavern (if VMAC is locked up) this whole offseason, with street clothes if they have to, and set up wooden chairs as DL-guys and get them choreographed through walk-thrus. Wish Hawks had their own version of a “holodeck” for OL & QB training.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    “A two year deal and being paid according to his performance over the last year is probably not going to get it done.”

    That may be very true and it’s likely he’ll demand a healthy chunk of his deal to be in guaranteed money, regardless who he signs with. But I would be very surprised if any team offers him more than a two year deal and if they do, he runs the very real risk of being cut long before that deal is up. (Hence the guaranteed money.) There’s a very real chance he wouldn’t finnish even a two year deal when one considers his injury history. I think the biggest stumbling block re-signing here is CW’s contract. No way he signs for less than that, so I think we may see that deal get re-done as well. In the end, I think he stays. Both sides want him to.

  44. maddog12 says:

    I still would like to see Hass and Palmer ComPete. Would be fun to see the fur fly on that one. Or maybe Hass and Leinart and Palmer. Trojans and old go for the gold. Don’t worry, even I’m not sold.

  45. Southendzone says:

    Re-signing Hass at a reasonable or even slightly overpriced contract should be a no-brainer for ANYONE that is a Seahawk fan.

    Let’s say you think Hass is horrible and should never play a down again as a Seahawk (This isn’t me, I think the guy can play and help us). EVEN YOU should want us to re-sign him and here’s why:

    1) The guy has trade value. Look at Todd Collins, that was criminal NFL management having such a bad backup QB on your team. Without a shadow of a doubt there are at a bare minimum a handful of teams who want Hass on their roster next year.

    2) If you do trade Hass, you control his destination. You don’t want Hass helping out a division rival of SF or AZ who have no viable QB option on their roster right now.

    3) Draft Flexibility: W/O Hass you have to be thinking of a trade for QB or a high pick on one. With Hass you can STILL do this but you’re not cornered into doing so.

    There’s only 1 real argument against re-signing him. Some sort of no-trade clause, or extraordinary salary demands. Barring either of these there is no question it’s in the team’s best interest to lock him up now.

  46. Everyone’s talking about Luck like he’s a sure thing. Just because he has all the tools doesn’t mean he’ll be successful in the NFL. How many QB busts have we seen at No. 1 overall? How many teams drooled over JaMarcus Russell, Tim Couch, David Carr and Alex Smith? Not saying that Luck will be a bust — just saying I wouldn’t want the Seahawks to go 1-15 just to get him.

    Let’s hope the Seahawks can find a non-First Round franchise QB like Brett Favre, Joe Montana or Kurt Warner.

    I have a theory that every year at least eight players leave college with the talent to play QB in the NFL. But only half get the right opportunity. Some go undrafted like Dave Krieg but still make it through persistence, while others play in the Arena league or CFL (like Kurt Warner and Warren Moon) before being discovered. Some just disappear because they didn’t get a chance and weren’t determined enough.

    Oh, and another thing: RE-SIGN MATT NOW.

  47. bird_spit says:

    Which would you rather have:

    1) A QB with the last name Loss-man
    2) A QB with the last name Luck

    Enough said!

  48. Not sure how good a QB Locker will turn into but he does an outstanding interview at the SR Bowl currently aired on NFLN. That would be a great face of the franchise. I couldn’t tolerate a Tebow, Young, Vick.

    I wonder how much influence Carroll has had on the Carlson Palmer situation threatening to retire if not traded. Just a few years back he restructured stating he would retire a Bengal. Injuries and all Carlson Palmer in a Hawk jersey appeals to me. He and Carroll reunited would be fabulous.

    Knowing the Hawks have had contact with the Bengals means Hass is anything but secure in a return to Seattle. They made an attempt for Kolb and/or McNabb last off season and the later is available.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle has contacted Cinci about Palmer? When did this happen? I just cannot imagine Seattle trading for him. They’re not in a position to give picks for him and I can’t envision a player(s) on the roster they’d be willing to part with.

  50. HawkyHann says:

    I’m saying this, look out for Vince Young coming to Seattle. He’s a proven Charlie W, without the diva drama though. Very similar game. I’m not a fan of his but will respect his stats, especially wins. PC, I know is looking into this. He’s the guy who beat the Trojans in his house. If he has attitude, he’ll be cut right away, we all know that now. Just ask Lendale. I’d much rather go this route than see Jake Locker come to town as a feel good story, only to see how pathetic he really is. Reminds me of Luke Ridnour-god he drove me nuts with his pussy ass loft shots. The Nebraska bowl game showed the world Jake can’t throw the football. Quite honestly, there is no college QB that wows me. None. Can’t wait for people to start stroking Jake after the combine, which is way over hyped. He’ll be great in Canada or over seas, not the NFL!!

  51. Dukeshire says:

    You mean he’s CW WITH the diva drama, right? High maintenance QB, at least to this point in his career.

  52. I’ve seen Locker thread the needle on the run. Also seen him miss by a country mile in the pocket. Also seen every other QB miss by a mile given the wrong WR routes or D-holding, etc. Locker could end up being a Brett Favre, or a (can’t think of an – at times- inaccurate but with good wheels QB’s name – Steve Young or Vince Young?) Jake’s got Favre’s competitive spirit, though. He’s a gamer, and not a basket case. If he lands somewhere, with the Browns say, where he gets good – to – great QB instruction, and can get his head around the game before having to play in it, we can all say “we knew him when. . .” Especially if they have an OL and some good WRs/TEs who don’t drop passes that hit them in the numbers.

    If Hawks’re lucky enough to get a potential good-great rookie QB, they’ll need an excellent QB coach for the WCO (Hawks’re still playin that – right?) Maybe Zorn would be willing to come back? If Hasselbeck can stay as a bridge, giving the rookie the time to learn the offense, and with an OL that can run-block, taking some of the pressure off, Hawks might be good to go into the future.

  53. Duke, I read that somewhere but a quick search came up with nothing. Believe I was looking into his contract status at the time. Also said that Ocho was changing name back to Johnson so may not have been news worthy:)

    Vince Young without the diva drama??
    Even after the owner forced Fisher to play him ~ with the two thumbs up~. In the end he was released and this after a formidable comeback.

    “I asked [Fisher], ‘What made her worry about him?'” Lt. Andrea Swisher wrote. “He stated, ‘His mood, his emotions, he wants to quit, and he mentioned suicide several times.’ He went on to state that [Young] left the house with a gun.”

  54. Anything less than a mega contract for Hasselbeck is an indictment on the mouth breathing donut eaters! COMPLY OR BE ASSIMILATED!

    Am I using my intellect? God I sure hope so… please e-accept me.

    Wanker. You’re EXACTLY a troll. Re-read the terms of service.

  55. I continue to believe that unless we decide to go for Kevin Kolb, signing Matt is essential, & I’m frustrated that it’s not already done.

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