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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Jan. 23, 2011 at 3:34 pm with 21 Comments »
January 23, 2011 3:34 pm

Putting together some thoughts for a column out of the NFC title game. One of the things that jumps out at me is the strange situation in which the Packers were the NFC’s No. 6 seed while the Seahawks were No. 4. Generally, teams that make it to the divisional round of the playoffs, as did the Hawks, are considered among the conference elite. Screwy year in the NFC West skewed customary thinking, of course.

But now that the conference champion has been crowned, it’s fair to hold that team up as the measuring stick and wonder just how far the Seahawks are away from reaching that level. I think one interesting element in any look at the Packers is the way the team has been built. And if there’s anybody on another team in the league who understands the approach, it’s Hawks GM John Schneider, who was part of the Green Bay front office. So, in that way at least, it seems as if the Green Bay success could be viewed as some hope for the future for the Seahawks.

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  1. maddog12 says:

    Seahawks Insider…Where there is no offseason, but there is always hope!

  2. Totally agree!!! I think we will see JS try and build through the draft. The only problem is that before he got here we were short on talent and picks.

    He has a great job so far of picking and trading but right now our cupboards are pretty bare!!! Too many holes in the team and not a full completment of picks. It will be interesting to see how the season moves on. The big problem will be what will teams want to do or be able to do not knowing what the CBA is going to be about.

    The Thing that drives me nuts is that they are going to want the season ticket money before we will even know if we are going to have a season!

  3. I’ve not liked GB’s OLs since Holmgren left there. Holmgren got us at least part way to the kind of OL I want to see here.

    I think of SEA’s future offense as a run-oriented team and think back to when Ground Chuck was HC. Knox made SEA’s defense close to what we’re seeing in the championships with GB, PIT, CHI, & NYJ. But his offense wasn’t as good as it could have been if they even had today’s OL:

    ’83 Knox’s 1st yr
    LT Ron Essink 6-6/260 10th round (265th overall) by SEA. Started @ LT ’81-’85
    LG Reggie McKenzie 6-4/255 2nd rd (27th overall) by BUF in ’72. Started @ LG for Knox in ’83 & ’84
    C Blair Bush 6-3/268 1st rd (16th overall) by CIN in ’78. Started @ C for Knox from ’83 – ’88
    RG Robert Pratt 6-3/255 3rd rd (67th overall) by BAL in ’74. Started @ RG for SEA from ’82-’85
    RT Steve August 6-4/255 UDFA in ’77. Started for SEA from ’78-’83, then went to PIT.

    ’91 Knox’s last year
    LT Andy Heck 6-6/298 1st rd (15th overall) by SEA. Started @ LT ’89-93, then went to CHI
    LG Darrick Brilz 6-3/287 UDFA from SD in ’89 Started @ LG for SEA from ’90-’93
    C Grant Feasel 6-7/278 6th rd by BAL (161st overall) Started @ C for SEA from ’87-’92
    RG Bryan Millard 6-5/282 UDFA by Knox in ’84 Started @ RG for Knox from ’86-’91also started @ LT in ’85
    RT Bill Hitchcock 6-6/296 8th rd (202nd overall) Started @ RT ’91 & ’92, moved to RG ’93 & ’94

    Knox got us to the playoffs his 1st yr @ 9-7, then again his 2nd yr @ 12-4, then twice more @ 9-6 & 9-7. His OLs were best at run-blocking, and I don’t remember if anyone was ZBing back then, but Curt Warner nearly had 1500 yds his rookie season (’83), and several over 1000 yd seasons after. Kreig was QB, and mostly I just remember him chasing fumbled balls in the backfield then making terrific downfield throws to Largent and Blades.

    Between Knox and Holmgren was mostly the dark ages of Hawks football. Holmgren’s OL and WCO attack got us to the ’05 season and near nirvana. Now we’re keeping the WCO (not something I associate with Moon) and PC is saying the right things about OL needs. I’m excited for the Hawks future.

  4. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Yeah, Go Packers…I guess. Better than cheering for Sh!tsburgh. I like the idea of JS helping to build the next Super Bowl Champion, and agree that Seattle could be close behind. We are definitely taking steps in that direction!


  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    you win with defense and a good qb!

  6. seahawklovertoo says:

    Go Pack, kick Rapistburgers behind and win the SB !

  7. I don’t think that John Schneider is any sort of draft guru like some of you do. I think he’s SMART enough to know that the draft is a crap shoot and the more picks you have, the better your chances of actually getting good players.

    Our most important position moving forward (any position, really) is QB. He is part of bringing Aaron Rodgers to Green Bay. That is awesome.

    However, he also is part of the regime that brought Brian Brohm to Green Bay in the 2nd round the year Favre “retired.” This is the same Brian Brohm that sucked so bad he was released about a year after being drafted by Green Bay. How many 2nd rounders are seen as busts that soon? Our own John Schneider “knows.” He also “helped” draft Aaron Curry (AJ Hawk) with the 5th overall pick in the ’06 draft b/c he was the “safest” pick.

    Our very own John Scneider is also the main reason Mr. Happy and Co. (he’s part of the “Co.”) brought in Charlie Whitehurst and gave up more than he seemingly should have given up.

    Yeah. I could bring up drafting Jordy Nelson over DeSean Jackson in the 2nd round and also using a 2nd rounder on Brandon Jackson (who any smart Nebraska fan could have told you was overrated) but, still…

    But Green Bay was smart in knowing that you *usually win by trading down and getting more picks. There’s no such thing as a GM who gets all/most of his picks correct, so trading down to get more is the way to go.

    If Jake Locker isn’t there at #25 (or we don’t trade up to get him) I hope that we do NOT make the 25th pick overall. I hope we trade down once, twice, etc. you get the idea. Screw the value chart too. Go down and get more picks.

    The regime of the Patriots can get away with trading for picks a few years down the line b/c they have job security (as mentioned yesterday). That’s the way any team should be ran (long term vision). That’s what we should do and Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy should be early enough in their reclamation project to feel safe to do the right thing for the long-term interest of the franchise.

    Go hog wild in FA if the opportunity presents itself AND use the draft to accumulate picks in the ’12-’13’ draft(s). I really don’t see any difference in the 25th pick and the 40-50th pick except for the fact that you can trade down several times to acquire future picks by trading down 3-5-10 spots (at a time).

  8. I am happy with the set up of our front office – JS is the Finder but as we saw last year PC is going to make the final calls on draft day. They seem to mesh well. I agree there are always going to be mistakes and guys who don’t pan out.

    BUT . . .

    The one thing that I have always thought that guys like Parsells and Jimmy Johnson have always done well is get guys that fit THEIR system. Bellicheat is doing it in NE now and actually in Philly they are doing a great job with it on their defense over the years and more recently with the Offense.

    As we saw last year all the draft picks contributed in some way (except Konz {sp} who was hurt early) They are not all perfect but they have increased the talent level on this team and fit what we are trying to do.

    Thats why I don’t care who we bring in as long as they are going to fit what we are doing and make the team better in some way!!!!!! I have much more confidence that this will happen with PC and JS than I have been in a number of years.

    One thing we know – It won’t be boring – as long as the players and owners can learn to share the crayons!

  9. I have to believe that PC is still going to have some ‘edge’ when it comes to the draft and evaluating talent…. I’m suspecting this will be his last year of significant advantage though, unless some of his old coaching ties give him some direction also in later years…. for sure, we can count on PC to make it interesting….

  10. Article on the Seahawks and their needs.

  11. I love (not) how that article mentions NOTHING about a BLACK HOLE at Left Guard.

    Gee… left guard isn’t a problem? lol

  12. Not worth the reading actually!

  13. BobbyAyala says:

    Yeah, we need to upgrade the line, but, honestly, Polumbus did some nice things there at guard. He impresses me, far more than the usual crop of stiffs the Hawks end up with up front.

    There are many areas of concern though, and I think acquiring picks is the way to go too.

  14. Wow, that walter football article (link above) is completely lame. I think I’m done reading walter football.

    We’ve all been throwing around lots of O line possibilities. I hope we spend $ on the O line this offseason, and I hope we bring in at least one proven free agent G like Gallery or Nicks. But perhaps the most important change we’ll see is Tom Cable.

    The Steelers today showed how a bunch of average O linemen can come together to play winning football. That’s why Carroll is bringing in Cable. It might not really matter whose names are on the backs of the jersey. Whomever Cable assembles for his O line next year, it will be done with a kick-butt attitude like we haven’t seen here for awhile.

  15. If there’s one thing you can learn from Ben Roethlisberger’s season, is that you can sexually assault a woman and still go to the Superbowl, but hey, at least I can root for the Packers so hard, you would think they were the Seahawks.

  16. His name is “allegedly” Rapistburger.

  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Peter King on Bates….
    15. Seattle (8-10). So you wonder why Pete Carroll brought Jeremy Bates with him from USC and then fired him 12 months later? Couldn’t get along with Alex Gibbs, forcing the highly respected offensive line czar’s departure just before the start of the season. Never integrated Marshawn Lynch into the offense as much as the muckety-mucks would have liked after the midseason trade from Buffalo. Never got the quarterbacks to play well. Never got Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate to be the offensive weapon the Seahawks were sure he’d be when they used the 60th overall pick on him last spring. That should just about do it

    Read more:

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I really think the Steelers o line is underrated. There are not many lines in the NFL that would allow a QB to sit back in the pocket and wait as long as Roethlisberger does. Their whole passing offense is like a flag football team; just hold it and hold it until someone eventually runs free. And I’m sorry, but they were also opening some pretty nice holes for Mendenhall, especially in the first half. (Granted, he was a tank yesterday but they’ve done that most of the year.) That is a line that statistics by sites like Football Outsiders don’t do justice, IMO. They are not the best in the league by any stretch, but they are well above average for what they are asked to do.

  19. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyK said:
    “If Jake Locker isn’t there at #25 (or we don’t trade up to get him) I hope that we do NOT make the 25th pick overall. I hope we trade down once, twice, etc. you get the idea. Screw the value chart too. Go down and get more picks.”

    YES. This is exactly what we should do. Completely agree, and that is why I think Schnieder can build us to an NFC/NFL contender because he gets this very line of reasoning.

  20. Yer right again Duke –
    Football Outsiders (FO) ranks OLs in pass pro solely on sacks – or sack% (SEA’s OL gave up 35 sacks and PIT’s OL gave up 43 in ’10 reg season, so SEA’s OL outranked PITs per FO). ProFootballFocus (PFF) ranks OLs pass pro by combining sacks, hits and pressures. Again, SEA outranked PIT per PFF. It’s very confusing. PIT’s OL run-blocking stats are better than SEA’s, but not by that much – like a tenth of a yard/att. I’ve often wondered how PIT always does so well with such a statistically poorly ranked OL. And their offense works with not only Big Ben, but also with Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch as we saw early in this season. (Almost think PIT is better with Batch than Ben.) And it’s not like Ben is a tracked artillery piece playing keep away from pass-rushers and only throwing the long bomb. Ben’s air yards/attempt (4.1) are better than Matt’s (3.7), but lower than Aaron Roger’s (4.5) or Matt Ryan’s (4.7). And it’s not like PIT’s YAC is any higher than usual (41%). I think it’s just strange looking because they’re an average offense. Their defense is so good that it bring’s other teams offenses to well below average.

  21. Sarcasticus says:

    I don’t know if it is just defensive philosophy or a stark difference in abilities, but it was nice watching a team (Green Bay) consistently contest every pass to every Bears receiver.

    I wish the Hawks would ditch the crappy zone they play and use more man. I would much rather watch the db’s get beat one-on-one than to watch the opposing offense walk its way down the field 15 yard digs at a time. The Packers were even able to cover the amazing Olsen!

    I am expecting Thurmond to start next year, and Lewis will have Babs job. If Milloy is not back, I can see Kam easily playing in the box and blowing some stuff up. With the larger db’s, I would like to see them pressing more.

    Also, I would like to see Curry moved to defensive end. He cannot play in space. (Though, it often looks like he is completely lost in space.)

    On offense, I would just like to see some sort of philosophy established (one that does not involve 4th down flea-flickers).

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