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Confirmed: Seahawks sign Darrell Bevell as offensive coordinator

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 20, 2011 at 1:40 pm with 64 Comments »
January 20, 2011 4:44 pm

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, the Seahawks have signed Darrell Bevell to a two-year deal as their offensive coordinator. The team has yet to confirm the deal.

UPDATE: The team announced the Bevell signing as offensive coordinator this afternoon.

I’ll get more details for you as soon as I can.

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  1. Seahawks2620 says:

    Good signing.

  2. Finally, too much waiting. And it’s just at the right time with Senior Bowl right around the corner. Excited to see what this means for the offense, how much will be changed, because I thought Matt did a good job in Bates’ system toward the end of the season (the playoffs).

  3. Is the East-West Shrine game = Sr Bowl?

  4. SeahawkFan12 says:

    NICE…this should be a great signing. Not that there is too much doubt, but this seems to all but pave the way for Hasselbeck to re-sign.

  5. Hawks Draft:
    Rd 1 25th pick
    Rd 2 25th pick
    Rd 4 2nd pick
    Rd 5 25th (& 26th picks – for Pistol?)
    Rd 6 8th pick
    Rd 7 25th pick

  6. Periferal says:

    Can someone explain to me, with facts, why Bevell is a good hiring? Are you just giving Schneider/Carroll benefit of the doubt or do you actually know his work well enough to comment intellectually?

    To me it feels like we wanted McDaniels and fired Bates thinking we would get him.

    Because I will tell you…I thought Bates did a great job given how BAD/HORRIBLE/DISGUSTING the o-line’s talent was, not to mention the non-stop injuries to Hasselbeck and our WR’s. And we only got Lynch halfway through the season meaning he didn’t exactly have an offseason/training came to learn the offense.

    Until Bevell proves me wrong, I’m going to wish we still had Bates. His play calling was a MAJOR reason why we beat the Rams with our non-future QB and the Saints game.

  7. “Finally, too much waiting!”


    Seahawks season ended exactly 4 days ago. Already we have three new coaches, two promotions, one firing, three coaches hired elsewhere. Who’s waiting? Not the Seahawks. ;-)

  8. Periferal, no one knows if its a good hire. But we do know a few things: Pete Carroll wants his zone-blocking O line coach to play a big part in coaching the offense. He tried with Alex Gibbs, but lost him, now he’s trying with Tom Cable.

    Next, he needed the right OC to work with Cable. Carroll obviously decided Bates was not that guy. None of knows the inside story there, but it looks to me like Carroll is selecting Bevell as an OC who can work well next to Cable. Others have already written about how Bates may have been too unfriendly to the zbs scheme. This chemistry is important to the offense.

    Bevell has experienced as an OC and a QB coach in two teams that ran zone -blocking offense. He coached Farve in two cities. He knew Hasselbeck in Green Bay. If he and Tom Cable are on the same page about how to build the offense, then I would think Bevell fits in well.

    I’m not sure sure all those rumors about Pete wanting McDaniels were accurate. Seems to me that Pete wanted Tom Cable all along, likely starting the day Cable was fired from Oakland. I’m not sure that two strong personalities like McDaniels and Cable could easily share authority over the offense. Seems to me that Pete is determined to get the staff all on the same page here.

  9. Senior Bowl is on the 29th I think, and I was trying to be ironic about the too much waiting part guess it didn’t work too well, hahah. It’s great to see us move so fast, getting everything settled, and with the entire CBA thing this year, it’s particularly good. About the draft picks, if Pouncy is there when we pick, maybe Steelers want to trade up to get the Puncey’s working together, would be nice, maybe we would get a 3rd rounder out of it? Oh crazy draft day scenarios, how I love you.

  10. Personally, I am excited about Darrell Bevell. He and Cable obviously need an infusion of talent or their coaching skills really aren’t going to matter. But at least it’s nice to have the coaches in place (and coaches you believe in — I have seen too many good teams destroyed by crap coaching… Bevell knows about this: see Childress, Brad.).

  11. williambryan says:

    It seems a little odd at first but then we have to remember that PC really wants to run the ball and Bates was clearly a throw it guy. Even at USC, they got things done running the ball and doing it in a big way. I think they blew so many teams out it’s easy to forget that they did it running the ball. It’s definitely not a big or exciting name but hopefully it works out. I’m all for having Cable have more say in the offense. I imagine BobbyK must be pretty excited about the running teams Cable out together in oakland.

  12. I’d prefer a man blocking style, but with what Bevell/Cable are going to do… that’s fine by me, too. It’s not 100% ideal, but it could be worse. All in all, I’m quite happy!

  13. If it were some clown OC and some clown OL coach/asst. head coach… then I’d be quite irate that we’re still running the ZBS.

  14. If they go with Matt Hasselbeck as the QB which looks like its a near 100% certainty with Bevell, they are going to have to surround him with stud playmakers. In the past, Hasselbeck could run a high end offense with marginal speed players like Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram. Hasselbeck made the players around him better back in the day. He no longer does this.

    Now Hasselbeck needs stud players around him to make him better. Mike Williams as a number 1 WR and Marshawn Lynch as the number 1 RB is a recipe for disaster. We saw that for most of the season as well as the Bears game.

    Maybe they can sign Robert Gallery, DeAngelo Williams and Sidney Rice to elevate Hasselbeck’s game. Then the Hasselbeck fans could “Party like it was 2005.”

  15. JazBadAzz says:

    Bevell needs to have Sydney Rice in his back pocket when free agency starts cause we need a deep option with gamebreaking skills. That’s why viking offense suffered this yr and was great in 09′

  16. Periferal says:


    Nice post. I agree that “no one knows if it’s a good hire.” However there sure ar a lot of fans in Seahawk-land acting as if they know it is.

  17. pabs – personally, I think a Lynch, J-Force, and Washington trio at RB makes that position one that I am very comfortable with. Lynch didn’t guite have the vision I thought he would when we got him, but I’m okay with him (and his mates). If it were Lynch and some scrubs, then I’d have more of a problem with this.

    The run blocking must improve, no doubt.

    And adding a “real” WR is a must.

    I’d love to “party like it was 2005!” lol

  18. Seahawks2620 says:

    As long as we pick up some legitimate OL, then I am completely okay with Lynch, Forsett, and Washington (if we re-sign him).

  19. Some things I know from living in MN — Favre had the utmost respect for Bevell and his knowledge in the WCO. Favre thought Childress was a buffoon. I may not like Favre at all, but if he spends most of his career in one offense like he has the WCO and speaks that highly of Bevell… I take that seriously and it’s part of the reason why I like this hire.

  20. Great offenses either have stud QBs who make average players look good (Brady, Manning, Rivers, Rodgers, Brees) or stud gamebreakers that make the average QB look good (Sanchez, Eli Manning, Matt Cassel). I imagine the Seahawks plan to fit in the latter.

    The Seahawks need skill position players that can run away from the defense. Mike Williams basically runs a 5 yard pattern and looks to post up a DB that has tight coverage. That only works on the worst defenses. Marshawn Lynch can’t run away from anyone or spot the holes quickly so he is forced to try to run over people. Hasselbeck can’t help these players like he could in the past. The Seahawks need to help Hasselbeck in every way possible through free agency. Paul Allen needs to open that wallet this year.

  21. Periferal says:


    Most Vikings fans I’m reading are calling Bevell’s offense as plan, vanilla, and predictable as you can get. It might be sour grapes on their part, but between them and our over-jubilant reaction, the truth probably lies somewhere in-between.

    Translation…Bevell’s just ok.

  22. Bevell runs something pretty close to Mike Holmgren’s WCO so the adjectives “plan, vanilla, and predictable” are right on. The offense is what it is.

    Also, in terms of play makers, I think Cameron Morrah can become a stud play making TE.

  23. I don’t think Matt is washed up. I think it’s more likely he is gun-shy from having to scramble for his life for the past couple of years. As for saying Marshawn isn’t capable – same excuse. How many times last year was he met in the backfield during run plays?

    Cable will bring the bodies and the attitude we need up front to give Matt time and open holes for our trio of backs.

    Sidney Rice is not required to make this offence work – Capable line play is.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    klm – No, there are not the same. They are both all-star games but think of the East-West as sort of a “second tier” where the Sr Bowl is for the very best seniors in college football.

    Regarding Bevell / Cable; we’re at the very least going to have balance witch makes them less predictable and if nothing else ought to translate into a high 3rd down conversion %. At least here’s to hoping…

  25. Sorry to double-post so quickly here. Just a thought – wasn’t it Holmgren who stated that the key to a good offence is to find a play that works and keep running it until the other team stops it.

    To me that sounds ‘plan, vanilla and predictable as you can get.’ Yet it works.

  26. seatowntp says:

    To me the one thing standing between the Seahawks of 2010 and a great Seahawks team is the O-line. Think about how great the ’05 O-line made all the Seahawks. That should be the focus of the off-season.

  27. Bevell wasn’t allowed to call the plays until Childress was fired. Most Viking “fans” I know of stopped watching the Vikings after they were out of the race so they don’t even know what Bevell called in the games in which he got to call the plays. I don’t have much respect for the idiot fans around here.

    We certainly don’t need Sidney Rice, but if we plan to have an average offense… he would elevate it to good. And good to great.

  28. PC wants SEA to be a running team. Cable & new OL talent (& maybe Michael Bush to go with Forcett, Lynch & Washington(?) will get that done. That’s their job. Cable will work with the RBs as well as the OL and WILL get the run game to work.

    When Bevell was in college he was a QB. He played for OC Childress @ Northern AZ Uni. Then he went to Wisc. and took Badgers to 2 Bowl wins inna row (’94 Rose & ’95 Hall of Fame).

    After graduating, Bevell began coaching at Westmar Uni, Iowa St, & U of Conn. Bevell was hired as offensive asst by GB in ’00 & became their QB coach in ’03 (worked with Favre). Childress became MIN HC in ’06 and brought in Bevell to be his OC. WCO, Bevell will make sure the Hawks passing game will work in conjunction with the run game.

    The only concern is how well Cable’s OL will pass-block. Maybe OAK’s QBs held the ball too long, but OAKs QBs took 44 sacks compared to SEA’s 35 sacks last reg season. Maybe Matt gets the ball out quick. Matt’ll need Stokely back.

  29. Seahawks2620 says:

    This is off topic, but is anyone interested in pursuing Ray Edwards?

  30. chrisj122 says:

    Just read a mock draft on Fox sports by Peter Schrager and he has the Seahawks taking Jake Locker with our 25th pick.

  31. seaking – I think it was actually Vince Lombardi who first said: “the key to a good offense is to find a play that works and keep running it until the other team stops it.”

    NFL offense was (a lot) simpler back then. But I still like this attitude. I’m sure Tom Cable would agree.

  32. I don’t think he’s as good as some people.

  33. re: Ray Edwards

  34. I would be interested in pursuing 2 new CBs, a new SS and a new MLB. But no, probably not Ray Edwards.

  35. Thanks for that Stevos. I just remember Holmgren uttering it once, but I find it to be true. A good running offence sets everything else up – play action, roll outs…

    It is just refreshing to have a front office ready, and willing, (fingers crossed) to make the moves to make this club better. We may not agree with every move (Wilson) but as long as the effort is there and there is accountability the Kool-Aid tastes great!

  36. With the limited number of draft pics, It’s clear we need to concentrate on the areas of biggest need… That makes BobbyK’s comments on our running backs and the need for a receiver solid… Clearly there is still something going on behind the scenes on Golden Tate…. Clearly an exceptional athlete, but something is wrong there…..
    Hopefully, like Pabs’ is noting, we need the free agent market to accelerate our skill set…. If we can go far enough in the FA market, spend some bucks, we will be in position to barter a bit for the franchise QB we need so desperately …

  37. pabs – You’d be okay with Heater at MLB, right? Obviously, that means we’d need a WILL though. I am okay with promoting Chancellor to SS if it comes down to it.

  38. I’d be ok with a LB crew of Herring, Hawthorne and Curry. I don’t know enough about Chancellor in coverage to have an opinion on him. But the guy is quite an athlete with great size.

  39. Seahawks2620 says:

    Obviously Ray Edwards is not the most elite DE in free agency, but he will offer a lot of production for the kind of contract that he will require.

  40. chrisj122 says:

    Lofa isn’t going anywhere. With his contract being what it is he won’t be traded and I don’t see the P.C. out right releasing him.

  41. maddog12 says:

    I think Bevell is more of a fit with Cable being the honcho. Not OC running the O-line. I think Bevell will work for Pete and Cable to run the thing and not just dictate. McDaniels was the wrong system and wrong personality. In that sense, since this is Pete’s show, Bevell is a good fit. Knowledgable but not a personality that can’t take orders.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Being the great recruiter that he is, I can’t help but wonder if Carroll had some kind of recruiting leverage in mind when he hired Cable and Bevell?
    Both the Raiders and the Vikings have alot of talent.

    If there is any amount of truth to that then why not go after a Stealers coach? Or a Jets coach?
    Wouldn’t that be great!

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope these moves workout, however I am a little concerned about hiring An unsuccesful former head coach that has to now take a lower position. Will he be motivated for the long haul?

  44. Auburn was pretty worried a few years ago.

  45. freedom_X says:

    Has anyone considered that Hasselbeck might want to go somewhere else? That, being a person in the tail end of his career, he might want to choose a team that could be closer to the Super Bowl than Seattle?

    Are the 49ers closer than Seattle, talent wise? The Cardinals? Maybe even Cleveland? It may well be Hasselbeck actually will have options that he can choose from, though the Hasselbeck haters will scoff at this.

  46. nighthawk2 says:

    “Is the East-West Shrine game = Sr Bowl?”

    klm008, they’re not the same game if that is what you are asking. The East-West Shrine game is this Saturday, the Senior Bowl is a week later. I believe that underclassmen can play in the Shrine game but of course not the Senior Bowl.

    I’m wondering if Bevell understands he has to take orders from the OL coach, a guy who assaulted an assistant coach in Oakland and admitted to domestic violence.

  47. nighthawk2 says:

    Appears I was wrong (imagine that) about underclassmen playing in the Shrine game. Here’s the roster, and I don’t recognize any as underclassmen.

  48. Soggybuc says:

    Georgiahawk, the league is full of guys who where fired as HC’s and went on to have great success working in other staffs. look at Tice and Martz for the bears as just one example.
    Not to mention that getting fired by AL Davis is sort of a badge of honor in the league.

  49. freedom_X says:

    Rod Marinelli appears to have been sufficiently motivated to get Chicago’s defense to the NFC Championship. Gregg Williams did the same last year for the Saints. Dom Capers seems motivated for Green Bay and both he and Williams have been there for a while. There are many former head coaches working as assistants, many successful.

    I don’t believe Carroll fired Bates in hopes of getting McDaniels. Why would he have to? He could sign McDaniels 1st then fire Bates. Carroll was genuinely unhappy with Bates. I’ve heard one huge issue was Bates not adjusting to his personnel. He didn’t have a big play receiving corps or a solid offensive line, but Bates kept calling for quick-strike, deep passing plays. This frustrated Carroll.

    If Lynch were playing behind a decent line, he’d have big, big numbers. To ID the running back as the problem, figure out how many rushing yards he left on the table – i.e. missed a hole or went down too easily. I am convinced he’s at least a 1000+ yard rusher behind an average run-blocking line.

    I don’t see that Lynch missed many holes – he’s not particularly creative as a runner, but it’s not like there were any holes there and he just didn’t see them. Not even Chris Johnson has the speed to get to whatever open spots that resulted in Seattle’s offensive scheme (usually 10 yards from wherever the run play was designed to go.)

    And when it comes to YAC, well, I don’t know than any back in the league did a better job. Even on the monster 67 yard playoff run, it wasn’t like the O-line tore open a huge seam for Lynch to run through. Almost all 67 yards of that run were yards after contact. I was amazed that Lynch would get positive yards on at least 1/3 of his carries – no Seattle back in the past 5 years would have gotten any positive yards.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    True Soggybuc! Just having flash backs to the experience or experiment with Mora.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    nighthawk2- Locklear should fit right in with Cable.

  52. Soggybuc says:

    Does anyone know if Randy Hanson is working for another NFL team? it could be a case of the guy was such a jerk he was asking for it a deserved it. not that Cable should have punched the guy anyways. was a bad move on his part.

    Pretty sure we all have worked with someone in whatever you do as a pro that was just such prick that you really would have loved to be able to sock’em in the mouth. there’s a lot more to that story than we got to hear IMHO.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Soggybuc- Did Cables two ex-wife’s and girlfriend deserve it too!

  54. Soggybuc: “Not to mention that getting fired by AL Davis is sort of a badge of honor in the league.”

    LOL! I’ll bet Cable is happy to be away from Al Davis!

  55. Pete landed in the perfect division were you can suck and still make the playoffs and host a game to boot. It’s going to take more than getting rid of a few coaches to improve this team. How getting rid of some player like broken Hassleback. Pete you’re no longer in Kansas (USC) anymore!

  56. Dukeshire says:

    I though this was interesting about what Carlson said about his concussion.

    I’m sure Carroll is well aware that simply replacing Bates doesn’t sure all this teams’ issues. But he clearly felt Bates was part of the problem, not solution, moving forward.

  57. HawkSoop says:

    I think Pete is looking for an offense that has some hope of being consistent, and Jeremy’s offensive scheme can only be consistent if you drastically out match the opponent in talent.

    That’s basically impossible to achieve in the NFL. We saw the peak possibility of Bates’s offense vs NO, one time. Looked genius that day, but if Matthew isn’t spot on with every read and every pass AND the receivers don’t catch everything close to them AND we don’t get bailed out by BeastQuake we still lose.

    When his plan doesn’t work we lose by 11 plus because our offense can’t control the ball at all.

    I really think that we had no choice but to get rid of Bates.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    When I saw Carlson trying to jump over a safety I was thinking ” why does a T.E need to jump over a safety? Can’t he just run over him or plow him into the ground?”

    I’m sure he won’t be trying that again!

  59. HawkyHann says:

    Jake Locklear is a complete joke. Dont even consider him unless he wants to play special teams or WR. I laugh watching him throw the ball. Such a homer move if we even spent 5 minutes on him.

    Get tough guys. Locklear and Cable will be best buds, domestic abuse prblms.

  60. Looks like after 3 concussions, Hawks better plan on getting another TE.

  61. This is actually John Carlson’s hometown newspaper.

    The West Central Tribune is simply for this respective area of MN (not just for his hometown).

  62. Dukeshire says:

    Manning had already begun to dive at Carlson’s legs when he tried to leap over him for the first down. In addition, drag routs are tough to get turned upfield, along the sideline, as Carlson was. But the reason he went at JC below the waist was for the very reason you mentioned; Carlson would have run him right over.

  63. Jake Locklear? Who are you talking about? Could reckon you mean Sean Locklear because of your reference to Cable and domestic abuse situations – but then you say ‘play special teams or WR’ – could you be talking about Jake Locker? Or are you even trying to make any sense?

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