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Carroll: Bevell a candidate for OC job

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 19, 2011 at 12:19 pm with 40 Comments »
January 19, 2011 3:24 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll covered a wide range of topics during a 40-minute conversation with reporters this morning.

Carroll confirmed that Minnesota offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is a candidate for the offensive coordinator position and will be interviewed today.

Carroll also said he had a conversation with former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, now the offensive coordinator for St. Louis

“I got a call from Josh, I talked to him,” Carroll said.

He did not confirm that Jim Zorn, now the quarterbacks coach for Baltimore, is a candidate for either the quarterbacks or offensive coordinator position.

“I’m not that far along right now,” Carroll said. “He’s a great coach, and he’s on another staff right now.”

On Jeremy Bates being fired as offensive coordinator, Carroll indicated that there was a difference in philosophy, and his dismissal had little to do with the offense’s performance this season.

“We saw things differently,” Carroll said about Bates’ departure. “And as we’re going to move ahead, I had some thought on how I wanted to go, and I think this was the best thing to do.”

And on the hiring of Tom Cable as assistant head coach/offensive line coach, Carroll sees Cable as a younger version of Alex Gibbs, who abruptly quit just before the season began, and wants the emphasis of the run game to once again become a focus of his offense.

Carroll said that Bates’ relationship with Gibbs had nothing to do with the longtime offensive line coach’s departure earlier this year.

“I’ve been working with Alex for years,” Carroll said. “And Tom was his No. 1 guy for a long time. So philosophically we’re able to recapture a younger version. Tom’s been on his own, and has proven he’s a tremendous football coach. He’s a tremendous line coach. He’s as good as you can find.”

Carroll said Cable will have say on the offensive coordinator hire.

“He’s the assistant head coach, so he’s involved in every aspect of the decision, yes,” Carroll said. “And I’ve been talking to him about that specifically, since the moment we got a chance to visit. So yeah, he is a big part of that.”

Carroll said that he did not hire Cable as the offensive coordinator because he wanted to structure it differently.

Carroll also addressed Cable’s off-the-field issues, including allegations of domestic violence and an altercation with assistant coach Randy Hanson during his time in Oakland that left Hansen with a broken jaw.

“Tom has dealt with all that in a very professional manner and taken care of business,” Carroll said. “And we’ve done our due diligence to understand the background and all of that. And I feel that this is a good time to come to us. And he’s going to get supported.”

Carroll also said that bringing back Matt Hasselbeck as the team’s quarterback is the No. 1 priority this offseason. And he admitted that changing offensive coordinators and installing a new offense could be troublesome with the uncertainty of the CBA and how much time coaches will have with players during the offseason.

“Matt finished beautifully with us,” Carroll said. “He did everything we asked of him. So we’ve already talked. We’ve already met – John (general manager John Schneider) and I sat down with Matt already, and we’re going to move forward. And we have to see what it all means, but we’re on it.”

Carroll went on to say he does not know when or how free agency will take place this season, so that will force the team to focus more on retaining the guys they believe that can help them moving forward along with the draft, and less on the free agency market.

“I can’t imagine that we’ll be anywhere close to the amount of transactions that took place this year,” Carroll said. “We don’t have any number in mind or care about that. But the attitude is not changing. The mentality of working hard and pushing to improve is going to be there.”

And Carroll said to expect that “always compete” theme to continue.

“As our guys went out the door, that’s what they were left with,” Carroll said. “When you come back, get ready. There’s going to be guys coming after your jobs, and the best man is going to win.”

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  1. It took Carroll two years to figure out they had a “difference in the philosophy”? Sounds fishy to me. Guess we’ll have to read between the lines.

    Also, Carroll didn’t publicly thank Bates, which seems really odd.

    You would expect some well-wishing and flattering comments, from Carroll the optimistic, vocal guy that he is, so it appears that there was a pretty hard falling out.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I’m glad re-signing Matt is priority #1, and anticipate that happening (relatively) soon. The concern seems to be on the affect of yet another OC turnover. I have to confess that I know very little of the CBA and its implications on the future of pro football, but it sounds like the impact of a new OC and his limited time with the player s in the offseason could be a big issue.

  3. surelyyoujest says:

    Philosophy evolves over time and covers many topics. The philosophical difference may not have been around calling plays, or putting together game strategies, or breaking down film. It could be something as simple as how you treat people, work with the coaching staff, take direction from the coach, etc. Who knows what aspect the difference was about, but I agree, for PC not to thank and praise Bates on the way out says something about the gravity of the situation.

    Either way, if it isn’t working, don’t screw around. Fix it fast……and he did.

    I’m concerned that Matt has to learn yet ANOTHER OC’s playbook….if he stays that is.

  4. surelyyoujest says:

    This says a lot;

    Q: How much did the performance, the way that the offense played, weigh into that?

    Carroll: “Really, not very much at all. It had nothing to do with it.”

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – That’s an interesting point. I’d like to see the presser in it’s entirety to get a feel of the context, but there does seem to be something else aside from a philosophical difference at play.

    SeahawkFan12 – There’s no question about that. The uncertain lockout is said to be a factor in teams like the Cowboys retaining Garrett and Raiders, Jackson. Coaches already familiar with the personnel and players familiar with their scheme. If they don’t get this thing done by midnight of the 3rd, players and coaches will have zero contact until a new one is in place.

  6. Audible – I found that very strange as well.

    In almost every circumstance I’ve seen following a coach being let go, the person doing the firing will drop statements such as: “This was a difficult decision” “I want to thank him for his hard work and dedication” “I have no doubt he’ll find another position that suits him” “I wish him well in his future” etc.

    There was absolutely none of that today. Carroll certainly didn’t disparage bates, but for a coach who boasts about his track record of helping others succeed when they move on from the team, he definitely didn’t set him up for success in his search for another job.

    Makes me curious what went on behind the scenes..

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:
  8. Does:
    “Carroll went on to say not know when or how free agency will take play this season will force the team to focus more on retaining the guys they believe that can help them moving forward along with the draft, and less on the free agency market.”

    “Carroll went on to say that not knowing when or how free agency will take place this offseason will force the team to focus more on retaining guys they believe that can help them moving forward along with the draft, and less on the free agency market.”

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, this offseason. Free agency is scheduled to begin March 4th.

  10. I think those who wondered if Pistol Pete would come to Seattle with a sound philosophy and a plan, or if would twist in the wind, now have their answer.

    The first thing Carrol did when he got here was announce that a strong ground game and zbs was the key to his system. By the time he accepted the HC job, he already had Alex Gibbs ready to become his Asst Head Coach and O line Coach. It turned out that Gibbs was too old and wore out after training camp to coach the whole season, and his retirement led to a lackluster season of failing to commit to the running game.

    Carroll has now demonstrated his commitment to the same philosophy and plan he had when he arrived. Even before hiring his new OC, he hired Tom Cable – the closest thing to an experienced Alex Gibbs Clone in the NFL. Like Gibbs, Cable is Asst Head Coach and O line coach. Like Gibbs, Cable loves pounding the ZBS. Carroll has again made it clear that running this blocking and running scheme, and running it well, is his #1 priority.

    Last year, Carroll hired Jeremy Bates, a young creative OC with ZBS experience to work with Alex Gibbs. After losing Gibbs, it was up to Bates and Art Valero to keep up the emphasis on ZBS and ground game that Carroll wanted. That didn’t happen, and Carroll showed he won’t put up with this. He must have blamed Bates, at least in part.

    If Darrell Bevell is hired, that makes perfect sense. He is a lot like Bates, young, creative, and has worked in the ZBS scheme. Also, it seems obvious now that Carroll will expect his next OC represent the Alex Gibbs/Tom Cable belief in running the ZBS down the throats of opponents.

  11. *No team will come out publicly right now to say they will be active in the free agent market. There’s too much of a pissing match going on right now between the owners and the players.

    *Bevell would be the perfect choice for Matt (not that Zorn wouldn’t). He basically runs what Matt ran all those years with Holmgren.

    *We can change whatever coaches we want but until we get some better players in place, it’s not going to matter all that much.

    *Very strange about Mr. Happy’s comments concerning Bates. You’d think he would have known about the philisophical differences from last season at USC.

  12. Stevos – check my comment about the Gibbs situation yesterday. I can almost guarantee he didn’t quit because he was tired. Mad, maybe. Not tired.

  13. Bobby, I didn’t see your post, maybe I can find it, but I wouldn’t want to spread any innuendo about Gibbs based on opinions. Coach Gibbs was pushing 70 when he came here, he had a history of heart trouble, he had worked mostly part-time as a consultant during his late 60s. He started up again full-time with Houston for a season, and then went full time with us for a summer. I see no reason not to accept that the old man was worn out and ready to retire. Did he maybe also not get along with Bates, sure maybe, but he might have regardless. Just my take on it. I’d hate to spread any rumors about a great pro like Gibbs.

  14. Very interesting situation, indeed. I was sure Pete had someone special in mind when letting Bates go (that would be McDaniels) because he must’ve known what Bates was all about, he worked with him for an entire year before that. Strange situation.

  15. I don’t think anyone is making disparaging remarks toward Gibbs. We’re just trying try piece together how things unraveled with Bates.

    Ya know, if Gibbs was tired, he could have stepped back into a consulting role, so we weren’t left in the lurch by his departure. It’s not like he had a heart attack, so he didn’t have to make an all-or-nothing decision. That’s why some of us are wondering what role Bates played in how that all went down.

  16. Lots of possibilities. Note that Pete hired Cable first, so maybe this is more about Cable than it is about Bates or any other OC.

    Maybe the one thing Carroll knew is that he wanted Tom Cable, and maybe Cable wouldn’t come here unless Bates was gone first? We’ll probably never know. In any case, I love the Cable hire, and I think Bevell or Zorn could be good OCs, Pete just has to make sure he has the right fit between his coaches this time.

  17. It’s a man soap opera around here this week!

  18. True Audible, and Bobby. Gibbs left Carroll in the lurch in an uncharacteristic fashion. So there must be more to the story we don’t know.

  19. Speaking of Art Velero, nobody mentioned his firing, which might be implicit with bringing in Cable, unless they’re going to move him to another coaching spot or make him Gibbs’s assistant.

  20. Cable’s asst.

  21. Stevos – check your email. I sent you the “in.” Nothing against Gibbs (as you’ll see) but just a little “insider” Seahawks information. :)

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – That would be an awfully strange move; fire an OC in order to hire a line coach. If Carroll thought so highly of Cable that he was willing to dismiss the team’s OC in order to get him, I would think he would consider him for OC himself. No, I think that the issue with Bates is separate from Cable.

    Not unlike the Gibbs retirement, we may never know the truth in it’s entirety.

  23. It is a bit strange that Carroll hired Cable before hiring an OC because most coordinators want to help choose their position coaches, and that’s a big selling point for some of them.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed, it feels odd. But if only Bates were fired and Cable not hired, the new OC would still have Valero and Ruel in place, so it would be unlikely he’d get to assemble an entire staff (or pick and choose). So I’m (choosing) to look at this in much the same way.

    And perhaps I’m reading way too much into this, but I think Carroll really is looking an OC that’s truly committed to balance or maybe even one who wants to run the ball first. I guess we’ll know for certain in time.

  25. Seahawks2620 says:

    Looks like Bevell has been officially offered the position of OC.

  26. It does seem odd, Duke. But I think the fact that Carroll went out and got Tom Cable first speaks volumes about what his priorities are.

    Like Gibbs, Cable will likely not be “just an O line coach” but rather will coach the whole rushing attack, like Gibbs was here to do. I think bringing Cable in first suggests he won’t be working for the OC, but for Pete.

    Pete is now out interviewing OCs that will be compatible with Cable. That says a lot.

  27. Seahawks2620,

    Where did you hear that Bevell was offered the job?

  28. It’s refreshing to have a coach who’s actions are consistent with his rhetoric! These guys mean business! It’s so cool to watch these guys fit the pieces together for what is going to be a kick-ass team.

  29. Damn Seahawks2620,

    You must be a news hound! Thanks for breaking the news.

    Time to celebrate, boys (and girl).

  30. Seahawks2620 says:

    Audible- haha no problem

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Absolutely.

    So, since Bevell was brought on in Minn the same year Hutch signed there, does that mean he brings him with? (Sorry, that ones for Bobby…)

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good news about making Matt #1 priority. Matt is such an unbelievable smart Q.B. He constantly has to dumb down his game to the talent around him.
    I don’t think that any Q.B. coach, or for that matter any offensive coordinator has the knowledge and/or smarts that Matt posesses!
    I wish for once before Matt retires that he has a chance to call his own plays. And when he does retire I hope the Seahawks hire him for a coaching position.

  33. Hutch, are you kidding me? I thought we were staying away from old, broken down, over-the-hill offensive linemen??? He’s almost Matt’s age!

  34. Dukeshire says:

    Audible, Yes. I am. (He’s 33 BTW.)

    For what it’s worth, here are Bevell’s run vs pass %s since he arrived in Minn;

    ’06 – pass 55% run 45% (pre-Peterson)
    ’07 -pass 47% run 53% (AP’s rookie year)
    ’08 – pass 47% run 53%
    ’09 – pass 54% run 46% (Favre arrives)
    ’10 – pass 53% run 47%

    By comparison Seattle passed 59% vs 41% run.

    Not sure what to make, if anything, from this other than they maintained a semblance of balance in their playcalling, regardless. Where Seattle had a pretty large disparity, even if a much smaller sample size. Carroll mentioned wanting to run the ball in nearly every press conference this season. In any case, for what it’s worth.

  35. nighthawk2 says:

    “Carroll also said that bringing back Matt Hasselbeck as the team’s quarterback is the No. 1 priority this offseason.”

    12 TDs, 17 INTs, 5 lost fumbles (out of 7) in 2010. 22 turnovers, plus one more in the playoffs.

    17TDs, 17 INTs, 3 lost fumbles (out 11) in 2009. 20 turnovers in the regular season.

    3 turnovers in the 3rd quarter of week 15 game vs. Atlanta at home, turning a mere 7 point halftime defecit into a 24 point defecit and dooming our chance to pull to .500 and finish with an above .500 record (or even finish at .500); and getting benched at the end of the 3rd quarter while Whitehurst got us our only points of the 2nd half.

    34 INTs and 8 lost fumbles (18 fumbles total) in less than two full seasons(26-3/4 games). But he got lucky in one playoff game at home (with another INT for good measure) and got a couple TDs in garbage time in another on the road.

    46 more career TDs than INTs, 176 to 128. Career 82 QB rating.

    This franchise hasn’t won a road playoff game with “Matthew” (don’t want to upset his mommy by calling him “Matt”) as the starting quarterback.

    3 complete 16 game seasons in 10 years in Seattle.

    Damn, what a recipe for greatness. Definately worth re-signing and making our #1 priority (reaching for wastebasket to vomit in). Facing Atlanta again, Bears again, Eagles, Ravens, Stealers, Giants, Cowboys…

    Wonder who we’ll take with that 5th or 6th overall pick in the 2012 draft? That’s what 5-11 is picking at this year. That’s what Hasselsuck and his ever declining skill set will get us.

  36. maddog12 says:

    Nighthawk- Thats gloomy, but if it came to that how about Luck?

  37. I’d like to see any supposedly above average QB put up above average numbers playing with a team whose WRs suck and an OL of mostly garbage.

    This past year and ’07 we actually had decent pass protection and we had a decent running game for about a 3-4 game stretch late in ’09… other than that our QBs have had a horsesh!t offensive line to work with for a half decade.

    All above average QBs will put up crap stats when they don’t have much talent around them (nevermind our defense really never got the level that Ruskell built it for).

    WRs not very good (especially the ’08 nightmare). Bad run blocking. Defenses know you have to pass (more players in coverage, usually). Anyone else see a QB situation set up to fail?

    nighthawk – you can complain about Matt’s numbers all you want, but 90% of QBs out there would look that bad or worse on paper if the deck was that far stacked against him in terms of crap surrounding talent.

    People like me and you have been b!tching for a long time that our OL is absolute donkey crap, and it is, which makes it hard to get much done offensively (whether you’re a QB or RB… don’t get me wrong, you were right on Julius Jones… lol).

  38. hyunwoong says:

    @nighthawk2 – instead of just complaining about the problems, why don’t we try to come up with a solution? what do you propose the seahawks do?
    Hasselbeck has 18 td’s and 9 int’s in the postseason and has stepped up his performance in the playoffs. Is there another QB that is available out there with his resume that can be counted on to produce in the clutch? After all that is what we’re trying to do, right? Make the playoffs, first of all, then win in the postseason? Besides, the bulk of MH’s picks came in the last 3-4 games of the year in both ’09 and ’10 after we abandoned the running game when it became painfully obvious we couldn’t win trying to run the ball so much. you become very vulnerable to a defense when you’re one dimensional.
    Peyton Manning and Brett Favre showed this year that even an elite hall of famer can be prone to picks when he doesn’t have help and tries to force the issue. When Cable instills that smashmouth attitude with an effective play action game and takes pressure off of Hasselbeck, we will be a force to reckon with. Carroll is doing the smart thing, which is leaning on the running game more since he doesn’t have a dominant QB like Rodgers or Brees that can carry the majority of the burden of offensive production. This way, Hasselbeck can stay healthier and make smarter decisions in crunch time.
    There is something about a defense not being able to stop the run that is psychologically demoralizing when teams just gash rush after rush. I want us to be able to run the ball like the NY Giants, just mean and nasty, straight forcing the ball down people’s throats. That’s what wins in the postseason along with good, solid defense and a smart veteran quarterback.
    History has proven this to be true time and time again.

  39. HawkSoop says:

    Did anyone else actually listen to the presser? Carroll said that he doesn’t know any other way to look at it, when asked if Matt was the starter, but that he’s not under contract so they are looking into that. He then said that the quarterback position was their top priority because it is the most critical position on the football field.

    They will probably get a deal worked out with Matt, but no Seahawk representative has used the phrase ‘Resigning Matthew Hasselbeck is our top priority.”

    Heck Pete went on to say, “We don’t get to play forever, Matt’s not going to look at it like that… but we are aware of it and we are working on it.” (this quote is a bit paraphrased b/c am doing it from memory if anyone has the full quote I’d appreciate it!)

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