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Report: Rams hire McDaniels as OC

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 18, 2011 at 3:31 pm with 40 Comments »
January 18, 2011 3:31 pm

Count Josh McDaniels out of the running as offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, McDaniels has been hired as the St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator, replacing Pat Schurmur, who moved on to take the Cleveland Browns head coaching job.

So it appears McDaniels created some leverage by putting his name out there as a potential candidate.

Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell reportedly still is scheduled to interview with head coach Pete Carroll this evening.

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  1. maddog12 says:

    Well we have seen the Seahawks be used a leverage before. Rams having Bradford is a big factor I think in McDaniels thinking . Probably got his money up using the Hawks and now he has his OC job.

    Don’t really care, but am disappointed that Pete would fire Bates without his man for OC. Got a little egg on his face I think.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Bevell has ties to Schneider from their Green Bay days, so it makes sense on that level.

  3. If the 3 remaining candidates are Bevell, Fisch and Zorn, that would point to Carroll definitely wanting to bring Hasselbeck back for next year as they would run offenses much closer to his strengths.

  4. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Maddog, how does Pete have egg on his face? How do we know that McDaniels was not the #1 choice? If he was, I’m quite certain Schneider and Pete would be announcing McDaniels as the new OC here. I think Duke’s assessment is closer to reality, and that is that Bevell has ties to Schneider from Green Bay. This could be the best fit after all, but only time will tell.

  5. I’m excited about the prospect of Darrell Bevell becoming our offensive coordinator.

    I haven’t ragged on Bates this season. Yeah, there was a 4th down fade here and there that left me shaking my head and some other things here and there but, overall, I did not have a problem with him. Personally, I liked him and thought he was the least of our problems. There were times this season when I felt sorry for him having to try to call a game where the offensive line “blocked” so terribly in the running game that it really handcuffed what any offensive coordinator could realistically do.

    Mike Holmgren is one of the great offensive coordinators of all-time and I remember people b!tching and moaning about him all the time too. I’m not saying Bates is great, I’m just saying people are going to complain no matter who the OC is.

    You give any of the great offensive minds of all time the crap line the Seahawks have and the overall subpar WRs and you’d be amazed at how that “greats” would look pretty damn mortal.

    There’s probably some dynamics behind the scenes to this, but on the surface, I feel bad for Bates. To a degree, I think he got a raw deal.

  6. pabs – you’re spot on. Bevell would be great for Matt. He’d be almost perfect for him. However, that’s not why I want Bevell. I want him because I think he’s a good offensive coordinator.

  7. Even though Bevell was the Vikings OC he is VERY respected in Wisconsin. Heck, he was even the Badgers QB at one time. We all know Schneider must think well of him too. I don’t know of anyone here in MN who thinks ill of him and that’s pretty rare around these parts (I guess all the hate was directed at Childress the last few years… yes, even last year when they were winning).

  8. I’m all for Bevell and totally against Fisch. Zorn would be a disappointment as well because he doesn’t have experience as an OC.

    We don’t even know if McDaniels interviewed for the job, and he has baggage.

    His reputation and ego may have eliminated him from consideration because Carroll and Schneider are trying to form a coaching Godhead of like-minded guys to run this team.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    As I’ve said many times, we’re all great play-callers after the fact. But I fail to understand how Bates couldn’t be criticized. He abandoned game plans faster than a dead-beat dad and seemed to not realize the strengths of his players. I would categorize his play-calling as reckless and his game plans inconsistent. And this is without any knowledge of how he related to the players, which may have more to do with him being canned than anything.

  10. Duke – we won’t even debate Bates. We’ll agree to disagree, okay?


  11. montanahawk says:

    Speculation really fires up that rumor mill but it’s fun to read all the buzz that’s going on.

    Pete’s a smart man. He knows exactly what’s going on. Doubt his eggs are anywhere but in his basket at this point– or anytime during this process.

  12. I’d like Zorn back in SEA. If not as OC, then maybe as QB coach.

    I would like to understand what MIN’s Bevell would bring. MIN let their old C Birk go, yet their OL was 10th in run blocking up the middle. Would Bevell go strong for good man OL (if he has a voice) like Childress did? That could be a very good thing. Would he tend to keep Matt around while finding/deveoping a new ‘franchise’ QB?

  13. “There’s probably some dynamics behind the scenes to this”

    I think you’re right.

    In fact, Bates may have had something to do with Gibbs bailing at the beginning of the season and Fisch leaving the NFL. Then Jedd Fisch quit as well.

    Of course, this is just pure speculation, but Bobby is totally right. There seems to be more to the story.

    Firing a guy like Bates after just one season should raise some red flags.

  14. sooooooo the Hawks hire cable Very interesting. The Off season is on a roll.

  15. bigsmooth says:

    Looks like Hawks hired Tom Cable as assistant head coach / offensive line coach. That’s actually what I figured was going to happen since I heard the Bate’s news. Pete wants to run the ball and Cable’s Raiders have been great at it.

  16. To expand on that, Adam Schefter says:

    Seahawks hired Tom Cable as assistant head coach/offensive line coach and Todd Wash as defensive line coach,

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Okay. I have to admit I am surprised to read you liked him though. For the record, he lost me when he gave his (to paraphrase) “we look for man on man matchups regardless” and “it’s difficult to put 10 play drives together”. To me, that read like he was excusing to some degree, the lack of production. But in any case…

  18. I feel much better that Carroll is meeting with Bevell tonight. At least, if he goes with Fisch, after meeting with Bevell, it will feel like he did his due diligence and really believes that Fisch is the man for the job.

    It’s hard to believe Carroll is going to take that much of a risk, though. He has a couple of years to make this thing work before the wheels start falling off, so his coaching career depends on his ability to surround himself with the right talent because he won’t get any more chances at his age.

  19. This is one of those crap long-winded he-said she-said junk but I work with a lady and her Mom’s sister had a boy and he was among the final cuts of training camp. He said (in no way to me) through the Mom through her sister through her daughter to me that there was some serious friction and that there was a lot more to the story that Gibbs simply retiring because he burnt himself out. I have no specifics other than that and I’m sure he was mad/hurt that he was released, but the bottom line was that there were problems with relationships on the offensive staff that would make one quit.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Well, that makes sense. Cable’s background for 20 years has been o line.

  21. So are Pat Ruel and whats-his-name out?

    Good to get Cable. Remember when he sposedly punched one of his asst coaches out? Funniest cover-up ever heard. If he can’t get this OL run-blocking don’t know who can.

    McDaniels to STL. Remember his 1st season as HC w/DEN. 6 straight wins before 4 straight losses. Hope Hawks get to play STL later in the season.

  22. Duke – not saying I liked him. And you’re right on those fronts where he deserved to be questioned/criticized. There’s definitely a list of ammo that could be used. I just don’t think anyone could do much with a line that run blocks like ours and receivers that aren’t very good.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Dear god I hope this means they plan on abandoning (at least for the most part) ZBS for a man-blocking scheme up front.

  24. If Cable imagines that you’re a woman, he’ll probably beat you up.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – Yeah, it’s hard to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

  26. The whole Gibbs retirement thing sounded pretty fishy to me from the start. Bates is young enough to be Gibbs’s grandson, so it’s no surprise that they may not have seen eye-to-eye.

    And, you’d have to think Carroll has been planning this for awhile, perhaps since the beginning of the year because he wasted no time making moves after we lost Sunday.

  27. Kris Richard promoted to DB Coach/Cornerbacks, Rocky Seto Asst DB Coach/Safeties.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    In addition, they hired Kris Richard to coach corners and Rocky Seto to coach safeties.

    Wow, this is fun…

  29. chrisj122 says:

    All I know of Tom Cable is his H.C. job with the Raiders, which is always a job setup for failure regardless who is hired.

    I won’t miss Jeremy Bates, to me it he called plays like he was playing a game of Madden (all or nothing at times) always trying to make the big plays and abanding the run as soon as we fell behind by 3 points. He never established those go to plays that an offenense needs in short yardage situations. Yes, I know our O.L. sucks but his answer was taking big shots down the field, low percentage plays on 4th short.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    promoted rather…

  31. Carroll and Schneider keep it interesting, that’s for damn sure.

  32. As an offensive line coach, I think the addition of Cable is great! I think he’s a great offensive line coach and if he can bring that abusive mentality to our offensive line, it’ll be welcomed.

    Tom Cable will kick your ass if you mess with him. I hope he kicks Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy’s ass if they don’t get him anymore talent to work with on the offensive line. I love Okung. I like Unger. I’m okay with Polumbus. But I worry about guys like Gibson if we’re going to more man blocking. And I do hope we’re going to more man blocking!

  33. How many years was Cable in Oakland…he lasted a hell of a lot longer than some of their coaches. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing…but Oakland did have a good running game. Plus, he brings a hell of a lot of experience to the table. So far so good.

  34. What a crazy frickin’ day! A day at work, take the kid for her pre-school screening afterwards, and all of a sudden find out that all hell has broke loose in Seahawkland.

  35. vichawkfan says:

    Bevell would be a way better hire than Josh…..that guy has zero respect in the league – and why take on a turd OC that will jump at any chance to show video of Seattle practicing while courting another post season HC suitor.

  36. Al Davis didn’t have good things to say about Cable

    But he’s not gonna be in the same position as OL coach. Still, wouldn’t want to cross him, ‘specially if he’s my position coach.

  37. All Davis was going senile 15 years ago.

  38. freedom_X says:

    Al Davis is completely discredited. He has sued every head coach he’s had since Shanahan. (maybe he didn’t sue Callahan.) I think he’s suing Cable for $120,000 in fines.

    Do you remember Davis’ post Lane Kiffen overhead projector presentation, where he lambasted Kiffin? I’m surprised he didn’t pull out a poster board and markers. Even though I think Kiffin is a punk, after seeing Davis’ presentation I actually had sympathy for him.

  39. Audible – actually, what you meant to say is that he WENT senile 15 years ago.

  40. bayareahawkfan says:

    Several things:

    – Sorry to see Bates go, like Bobby I think he was in a no win situation with that line, Matt called him out by name repeatedly, and they seemed to have a good rapport, and Matt and company were finally getting the essence of his offense; who knows what they might have done after being in it for a year
    – Cable turned one of the worst O lines in football for years and turned them into the unit that broke out this year in the run game, and he turned around flame-out Robert Gallery; he’s a very respected line coach around the league
    – McDaniels is very much respected around the league as an OC, just not as a head coach; also, no one knows whether he or Carroll were ever serious about him coming here; finally his system is very specific, and I think its pretty clear we’d be scrapping some of what we have and bringing in many new pieces again – St Louis is going to be trying to maximize their margin receivers next year, and he’s probably a good bet there.
    – Fisch (and Gray, and Quinn) all left, it was speculated by many pundits, because of the looming labor uncertainty, opportunities to move up in responsibility, and the general security represented by the college game at this point; Fisch emphatically did not quit because of Bates
    – it does appear, though, in retrospect more like Gibbs departure was the result of losing a struggle for power with Bates; we’ll probably never know for sure

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