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Hasselbeck: “I would love to be back”

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 17, 2011 at 3:04 pm with 47 Comments »
January 17, 2011 3:04 pm

After a meeting with head coach Pete Carroll along with their position group, Seattle Seahawks players cleaned out their lockers this afternoon and headed out to an uncertain offseason.

Several players who will be unrestricted free agents were asked about their status heading into the offseason, along with their thoughts of re-joining the team. By my count, the Seahawks potentially could have 28 free agents this offseason, depending what happens with the new collective bargaining agreement.

Of course, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is at the top of the list, and is still hopeful he can get something worked out with Seattle. Hasselbeck again reiterated his preference of staying in Seattle.

“It’s just how it is,” he said. “And I’m not stressed about anything. There’s nothing I can do about anything right now, just sit back and wait. The only X-factor here is I don’t exactly know how it works, so if the lockout does come March 4, I don’t know when the time to sign free agents would be. My hope is that we could maybe do something before then, but again that’s not up to me. And I’m just going to go be a dad for a little bit.”

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Hasselbeck said the fact that Seattle won the NFC West and made some noise in the playoffs adds to his desire of wanting to stay with the Seahawks, particularly after going through two losing seasons last year.

“All the hard work has been done this year,” Hasselbeck said. “Going through all of the change, going through all of the drama at times and just going through all of the adversity. So it would be so much fun to be a part of the rest of it.”

So Matt, do you see a scenario where you’re not in a Seahawks uniform next season?

“I can’t,” he said. “There’s a lot of things I can’t envision. I mean, nothing’s impossible. But I can’t envision not playing someday. And someday that will happen, too. So, you never know. I would love to be back, I would absolutely love to be back. There’s nothing I can think of why I wouldn’t. But we’ll see.”

The players also talked about the real possibility of NFL owners locking players out once the collective bargaining agreement ends on March 4, and what that means in terms of the day-to-day lives of the players, including paying for their own health insurance, rehabbing injuries away from the team’s facility and getting together with other players away from team headquarters to continue to work on routes and other football-related drills without coaching supervision.

“Nobody knows what’s going to happen,” defensive end Raheem Brock said. “Hopefully they figure it out sometime soon, especially before the season starts. I can’t imagine life without football, but we’ll wait and see what happens.”

Young players like Russell Okung are looking forward to getting to work in the offseason in preparation for next year.

“We’re gaining a better understanding of what it takes in Pete’s philosophy and what he expects out of us,” Okung said. “And like I said before, we hope we can build off of this.”

And veteran like Lawyer Milloy can look back proudly on what accomplishing what few expected that would do this season – win an NFC West championship.

“The biggest compliment I can get is when a rookie like Earl Thomas, who’s going to be around here a lot longer than me, can say the things that Lawyer Milloy taught me and what he meant to me this year I’ll never forget,” Milloy said. “I have a couple people from my early years that I can say the same thing about, and that’s the ultimate respect.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I imagine a significant turnover again this offseason. Especially after the staff returns from some time off and the player evaluations take place, I can envision several players, still under contract, gone. In many ways, I can see this being more active than last winter / spring.

  2. I can see people getting replaced but in a way I don’t see quite as many moves. While I am sure that I see guys getting replaced because we find someone better.

    I think they have buy in from the guys that we have but they may not fit the system. I don’t see too many idiots coming in and not getting with the program and getting cut right away.

    I am curious what we do with Andrews. His contract for next year is HUGE but at the same time history shows that he is a pretty good right tackle. I am still surprised that he seemingly didn’t get a shot to play there. I do think that Polumbus sticks around because she seemed to be a versitile sub for us.

  3. Matt Hasselbeck needs to be resigned and Jake Locker needs to be drafted so he can take over in 2013.

    That’s just my opinion right now. I’m no Locker expert, that’s for sure, but I’ve got an above average feeling about him. And I can’t be accused of being a UW homer on this one, as I really don’t care about the Huskies.

    Hasselbeck and Locker need a Vincent Jackson/Sidney Rice on the outside AND a Logan Mankins protecting them. Our offense would be legit and the defense would be better because of playing with an offense that scored points. The Falcons don’t have a very good defense but they had an offense this past season that controlled the clock and scored points. We need offense to help our defense. Ruskell never understood this. Don’t get me wrong, but the defense does need help too.

    I see us being players in free agency simply because I envision a QB being drafted in the 1st round and there’s no way we can fill in our holes at OL, DL, CB, WR with just a 2nd round pick (as the QB will be gotten in the 1st and we don’t have a 3rd rounder).

  4. I think they’re going to try to get Curry to renegotiate his contract and then trade him.

    Other trade bate: Trufant, Butler, Jennings, Lofa, Locklear, and Spencer / Unger.

    What do you guys think? We have several players who are struggling or underperforming in this system, and I think some of these guys have some value on the FA market.

  5. edstang45 says:

    I think we progressed at all positions this year,( we still need to progress further) except one. We went I feel from having one of the leagues best LB core to maybe a very mediocre if not lousey core. I love Tatupu as far as what he once was for this team but I think he is past his prime already and too small to take the abuse at MLB, Curry iam sorry to say is a bust so far, I thought he was going to be a beast for us but he seems lost and does not use his speed as he is turned around most of the time. Hawethorne is the only player worth his starting title, I think we need a young stud at LG, use what we have for depth and hope the right side can endure for one more year, It looked to me like they are starting to get it, can they stay healthy??, Also we progressed in th D back field because of Our rookie and Milloy, But our corners a very weak even Trufant is sliding every year, If Red comes back strong, and Brock and ?? 91(brain fart) can get a stud to rotate with them the D line should be somewhat ok at least adequate. Mebane a cole are very good in the middle. But we are in dire need of a playmaker at RB and WR come hell or high water we need 2 game breakers this comming year!! Gosh we need alot dont we still!!!!

  6. edstang45 says:

    I think we need to keep locklear as sending him away makes another hole when we have so many now,

  7. Let’s say you’re named GM, what roster moves would you make to stockpile picks for the upcoming draft.

    If we’re serious about building the team through the draft, then it makes sense to get the value we can from the current roster to add some picks.

    We also want to win now….so maybe we can add some key FAs to the team to help us improve on this year.

  8. Audible – I don’t think they can renegotiate Curry’s contract yet because he still has too much guaranteed money coming to him.

  9. nighthawk2 says:

    I guess you’ve never seen either of those guys play Bobby, because they both suck. The first one needs to go far, far away and the other one needs to never, ever come here.

    Why in the name of all that’s holy would Carroll be dumb enough to re-sign that injury-prone 36-next-season turnover machine? 43 turnovers in 28-3/4 games isn’t some kind of red flag screaming “Get a new quarterback!”? Or is Pete afraid of “Matthew”s mommy? Wait, we got a new quarterback, he just doesn’t get to play even after getting us into the playoffs on the last game of the season.

    If Carroll takes a QB in the 1st round at the expense of the o-line or secondary he needs to be fired. Our history with drafting 1st round QB’s has not been good, and the offensive line is head and shoulders the biggest need on this team, followed by the secondary.

  10. I bet we could get a 2nd round picks for Curry and Lofa.

    How about a third rounder for either Unger or Spencer.

    A 4th rounder for Trufant and Locklear and a 5th rounder for Jennings,

    Then we go into the draft with a

    1 – 1st
    3- 2nd
    1- 3rd
    3- 4th round
    3-5th rounder
    1 – 6th rounder
    1 – 7th rounder

    In FA, we sign top FA Guard, Tackle, Corner.

    Then we cherry pick players like Clemons, Brock, Willams to shore up other positions and add depth.

    How’s that for an offseason plan?

  11. night – I am of the opinion that we need an offensive line that can run block effectively and a big play WR (and the rest of our WRs drop down and aren’t counted on as much which fits more into what they really are… like BMW not being counted as a #1, but as a #2 he’s more suited at). I believe that Matt will be fine if he’s got a decent supporting cast. Not just anyone can be fine with a good supporting cast because guys like Tavaris Jackson suck even when they have good surrounding talent.

    Matt is certainly not Manning or Brady, not even close, but he’s still a good option IMO. He’s had a bad OL and WRs for years and years so I don’t buy into all of the crap stats he’s put up when we all know fully well that his stats would be oodles better with a real OL and better WR play.

    You are probably more of an expert on Locker than I because I am not from the area, nor did I watch many of his games. I am mixed on my feelings about him, but I do have a decent feeling about his future. Time will tell…

    I’d be so thrilled to sign a Mankins, Kalil, and Rice (or Jackson). I guarantee that Matt would put up Pro Bowl or close to Pro Bowl type of numbers if he had those three guys helping him out.

  12. nighthawk2 says:

    “Let’s say you’re named GM, what roster moves would you make to stockpile picks for the upcoming draft.”

    I’d trade, or least put on the trade block, Tatupu, Curry, Trufant, Hill (if his contract isn’t already up, as I think Spencer’s is) and Babineaux.

  13. Audible – we can’t trade Spencer b/c he’s a FA. Same for Lock and Jennings. I don’t know of any GM in their right mind who would give up a 2nd round pick for Curry. Would we if we were the GM of another team? And Lofa makes a lot of money and his production has gone down hill. Again, would we trade a #2 for GM if we were in charge of another team? And Trufant makes too much money for below average production for anyone to want him at that salary. It’s a good dream to get more picks, but I don’t see it happening in those scenarios. We could possibly get a 3rd for Unger, but personally, I’d like to keep Unger around. We’re going to need him to play C if Spencer doesn’t resign.

  14. Maybe we can resign and / or renegotiate those guys and then trade them.

    Yeah, I do think we could get a 2nd for Curry because he’s extremely talented and improving….they may believe he’ll flourish in the right system.

    Lofa still has a solid reputation around the league and can point to an injury this past year as an excuse.

    I wonder if they’ll give Hill another chance. Especially, since Curry hasn’t stepped up.

  15. I would like to see Curry at Leo for a full off-season and training camp. I have given up on him as a SAM and I know there are some areas of weakness with respect to him at that position too, but I believe that’s his best position moving forward. I actually believed that last year too. There’s no guarantees he’ll be a stud there, but I think there’s more of a guarantee that he’ll be more effective there than SAM.

  16. freedom_X says:

    If Curry is actually worth a 2nd rounder on the open market, why trade him? Getting rid of him only makes sense if a) he clearly will never fit into Carroll’s system or b) he becomes a cancer or c) there’s no salary cap in the future, and Paul Allen doesn’t mind flushing $12+ million down the drain. I do not agree with those who think he’s a far below average player.

    The cost is sunk, both in years invested and bonus. Unless Seattle can’t afford to keep him (keeping him means sacrificing something else) they need to continue to work with him. He may have been a mistake at #4, but if he can fill his position at an average or somewhat above average level, he still fills a position hole (that’s devalued in Carroll’s defense anyway) and they can wait until year 5 to bail out of the deal (when the sunk costs are gone, and they’ll have to invest new money to keep him.) Another 2nd round LB might take a year or two to develop, so why bother?

    Hill was renegotiated to be an F/A, he’s gone. That’s part of the Carroll rebuilding project – lots of guys had their deals shortened to 1 year so they can go bye-bye in 2011.

    If Seattle plays in the free agent market, they should be looking at linemen (O-line and D-line) 1st. I’m OK with a shutdown corner too, though I am not sure about the Asomugha/Woodson comparison because Asomugha relies on pure speed and athletic ability to cover, whereas Woodson evolved to be like his Rod Woodson namesake – he covers by being physical and roughing up his man. Charles Woodson could slide to safety eventually – I don’t think Asomugha can do that.

    But I won’t complain too much about a shutdown corner. No way should Seattle be investing in any receiver. Given their numerous offensive holes, a WR is the final topping in the recipe, not the meat. I suppose if a true top-3 receiver like Fitzgerald were available Seattle would have to think about it, but I don’t see Sidney Rice being in that class right now, if ever. He’s a Ruskell-type WR signing if they pay #1 elite money to get him, and I think that’s what it’s going to take.

    I’ve been a harsh on Milloy’s coverage, which is a weakness, but to be honest he and the secondary probably would have looked better with a sturdy run defense. Seattle had to stack the box a lot to try and control the run, and if Milloy hadn’t had to be so conscious of the run Sunday, maybe he plays pass 1st and is in a better position to cover Olson on the long TD pass.

  17. Did you see Rice’s numbers last year and the Pro Bowl he was voted to for being elite? He’s not Fitz, but he’s close to that class (and more of a deep threat than Fitz). He’s not a Ruskell signing because he’s too young and too close to being among the elites at his position. Ruskell liked signing older guys who were never considered elites in the first place. For the record, As;ksadjfflkdfslkk can man up and hammer WRs at the LOS in addition to blanketing them in coverage. Having a guy like that frees up the defensive coordinator to attack and play more aggressive defense.

  18. Seahawkgo says:

    I would love Matt go some where else

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle controlled the run with the front 4 for the first two months of the season and were still getting torched by opposing QBs. I would argue the secondary as a whole is the weakest unit on the team and needs significant upgrades. Not unlike Okung on the o-line, they have Thomas to build around and not much else.

    And if they could land Sidney Rice I would be ecstatic. He is a ridiculous talent.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- We can forget about Locker being available to us at 25. If he just has a decent senior bowl game he will be top ten. He will almost surely blow them away at the combine. My guess is that he will be picked up by the 49ers.

    Harbaugh like Carroll knows this kid has a good chance to be something special.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Also, I agree with Bobby about Asomugha; he is a physical, man-press corner, very much like Woodson. Whether he continues to play at an elite level past 30, like Woodson or Bailey is another story. But he would be perfect for what Carroll wants from a corner if he were able to.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I agree with you about the secondary, and I fear other then Hawthorne, our linebackers are regressing.
    I just think that Trufant and Lofa are one or two cuncussions away from retirement. They need to get out before they really get hurt.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    That’s sad and disappointing, but true I’m afraid.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That is disappointing.

    I’m waiting to see what kind of magic that Carroll can create in perhaps convincing Paul Allen to open up his wallet to some of these top tier free agents.

  25. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see it for Asomugha – Woodson had 79 tackles, Asomugha 17. I know teams don’t throw at him, but he doesn’t mix it up the way Woodson does and get in on the action. While he certainly can press, when he loses that step I don’t think he can compensate the way Woodson does (unless he changes his game.)

    Really, I think the only way Trufant salvages his career is to change up and start mugging people in coverage (without drawing penalties) and anticipating more.

    Rice has had 1 good year in 4. He was a slow developing receiver (lesson to those who want to give up on Tate so quickly, though QB issues were a big part of it.) That’s not enough of a track record for me to award him a #1 franchise level contract. If he signs for $5 million/year real money, that’s not bad, but I doubt that will be enough. Giving him franchise receiver money is a huge risk.

    No, stiffening the run won’t solve Seattle’s coverage issues, but it would help. It really would have helped the safeties. But by help, maybe it’s worth 5-6 spots in the yards allowed rankings. Not the answer, but on the other hand, even though the defense did give up long pass plays earlier on, they were able to have a semblance of bend-but-don’t break even in the passing game. And teams had to throw a lot because they couldn’t run. They broke early and often after the run defense collapsed.

    All in all, I’d still take Seattle’s 1st 3rd season pass defense over the last 3rd of the season.

  26. vichawkfan says:

    Plaxico Burress….that’s all I got.

  27. IdahoHawk says:

    Good god. This room is full of crazy talk. The Seahwks just made it to the NFC Divisional round (with an act of god). An everybody wants to cut ties with the guys that got us here. I agree to try and get a trade or money for Tru , jennings, and locklear. Why get rid of Lofa, Curry, or Hass? I would be more worried about this front office getting rid of Forsett, Washighton, or a d-line that’s filled in great. You talk about cutting a guy that didn’t even play this year (Unger). Bull shit. Let’s just sit back and cheer for FA’s to jump on board.

  28. The more I think about it the more I do want Matt back; both as a bridge to the QB of the future & to keep him away from Ariz & SF.

  29. Jerry Gray now gone too? we’re gettin plucked from the college ranks -really hope that strike talk is just talk

  30. Dukeshire says:

    I think a big reason Woodson has had more tackles with the Packers, especially this season, is that they move him inside in their nickel packages. That’s not something he did in Oakland nor does Asomugha. In any case, the comparisons are rooted in their coverage skills and style and age at which they will be in demand around the league, witch are similar.

    And losing a step is something that’s very hard to predict. His technique seems very sound, so he would figure to still be able to cover at a very high level, like Bailey who has clearly lost a step, moving forward. But again, there is certainly risk there.

    Can you imagine how much better the defense would be in total if they were able to cover well, while they were shutting the run down? That’s the kind of defense I want. The d line and secondary have a symbiotic relationship in much the same way being able to run the ball and throw it effectively for an offense do.

  31. I think this is going to be the most exciting offseason yet.

    We’ve had a taste of success and we’re starting to see this team take shape. It’s so cool to have confidence that the FO is going to leave no stone unturned trying to bring in more talent.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we ever want to play with the big boys then we have to build a top ten defense.

    Jets -#3

    What does it all mean? Well I thought it meant alot until I checked to see who was #1.

    Sandiego #1 defense!

    And to make your head scratch more!?

    Sandiego #1 offense!

    Thanks Sandiego! you just made it harder for me to make a case for a top 10 defense!

    Rats! Stats!

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    San diego.

  34. freedom_X says:

    That’s an interesting theory, if guys are bailing out to college because they’re worried about a lockout. But I think the staff gets paid during a lockout, no? That’s why some people claimed coaching salaries were less for the recent crop of new hires, because owners don’t want to pay huge bucks if there’s no season?

    The Jerry Gray move is also interesting because on the surface, it seems like a lateral move at best. I don’t know what “assistant head coach” in college really means. The other moves with Seattle coaches did look like guys positioning themselves for upwards moves.

    Is it possible Seattle was unhappy with the coaching job and the performance of the DB’s? Probably not – bad DB coaching didn’t stop Mora from getting the head coaching job 2 years ago… :)

  35. piperfeltcher says:

    Why all they hate for Trufant??? Every game this year teams went after Jennings I do not think Trufant is a elite corner but he is solid. I hope we sign a top corner in free agency and draft Guard in 1st round and DT in 2nd. If Locklear comes back it will be at a huge pay cut as he was paid as a LT as he was supposed to replace Walt but he is to slow so was moved back to RT. I hope we resign Spencer as I thought he was solid this year.

  36. freedom_X says:

    I’d like to see the charts for Seattle’s secondary, but I’ve checked a couple of Seattle games and I see no evidence people targeted Jennings any more than Trufant, or that teams avoided Trufant in any way, shape or form.

    My reasoning against Trufant is his huge contract. He hasn’t played up to that contract for 3 years now, and at his age and experience, he doesn’t have any upside. Trufant’s not going to get any better. I had high hopes for him in pre-season – I thought he was back to his old form – but Trufant looked like he lost it by game 4. Maybe Trufant got hurt and was playing through it (he still had some back trouble at times this year) but let’s face it – if he’s been hurt 3 years in a row, it’s not likely the Waters of Lourdes will magically restore him to 100% next year.

    I will definitely say, many of the times the CB’s (including Jennings as well) have “burned” are really because the safety or nickel backs blew a coverage and didn’t provide help – so when the CB released the receiver into the uncovered area (as designed), there was no one there and the CB was left to chase the wide open receiver. In reality, it’s the other DB’s fault, not the CB.

    But an elite CB has the speed, acceleration, and/or anticipation to recover from many of those blown coverages (or catch up when they do actually make a mistake.) Trufant has lost that. He can’t catch up anymore when he makes a mistake, and he can’t erase someone else’s mistakes.

    So if there’s a salary cap next year, I think Trufant needs to take a pay cut or move on. He’s still an average cover CB, and tackles pretty well (if he were physically more durable, I’d think about moving him to safety.) But unless he reinvents himself, changing to a guy who uses pure intelligence to anticipate and predict routes, or turns himself into a Charles Woodson/Mike McKenzie/Mike Woodson type physical brawler at CB (think Nebraska CB’s abusing effete Washington Husky receivers this year), Trufant’s star is setting fast.

  37. freedom_X says:

    Whoops, I mean “Rod Woodson” in that last sentence – though Mike Woodson might have been a good man-to-man defender on the hardwood…

  38. Simplest Moves:
    (3) ST: Keep Ryan & Gresham. Extend Mare.

    (9) DL: Draft 5-tech DE and 3-tech DT.
    Keep starters Cole, Clemons, & Red. Extend or high-tender Mebane. Extend Brock to backup Clemons, D.Davis to backup Brock. Competition/cuts: one of D.Walker, Richardson or Balmer to backup Red & new 5-tech.

    (6) LB: Draft best coverage SLB. Keep Hawthorne, Lofa, Curry. Re-sign RFAs Herring & McCoy. Hill goes in FA(?)

    (6) CBs: Draft best cover corner. Keep but renegotiate Tru, and re-sign Jennings. Keep Thurmond. Competition/cuts: keep two of R.Lewis, M.Brown, K.Cox, or J.Pinkard.

    (5) Safeties: Draft best SS. Keep Kam Chancellor & extend Milloy.
    Keep ET & re-sign Babs.

    (9) OL: Draft best ZBing LG. Keep Okung, Unger & Gibson. Re-sign Polumbus, Spencer, Locklear, Pitts, Willis & White.

    (3) TE: Keep JC, Morrah & Baker.

    (5) WR: Keep Obo, Williams & Butler. Re-sign Martin & Stokely.

    (3) QB: Draft developmental QB. Keep CW. Re-sign Matt. Losman goes in FA.

    (4) RB: Keep M.Lynch & J.Forcett. Re-sign L.Washington & M.Robinson.

  39. freedom – Rice had a rookie year where you could tell he was going to be special. Injury destroyed his second season or he would have “broke” out to a degree. He was a monster in year 3. No doubt. He had the hip issue (in part b/c of a pissing match about his contract and he didn’t get it taken care of when he should have) but when he returned he was the same old Sidney Rice even with a bunch of different QBs. There was one game where Jackson was QB and he’d throw jump balls to a double covered Rice and they were completions. He was utterly dominant. Troy Aikman was raving about how great he was and making catches that most humans couldn’t make. He’s a top 5-7 WR in the NFL in my opinion.

  40. That Nebraska CB you’re referring to is also overrated IMO. Watch his game vs. Oklahoma State and he got utterly abused. A hiccup is a couple of bad plays, not an entire game when we has healthy.

  41. He also played with a great pass rush all of the time. He’s going to have to cover for 39 seconds per pass pattern if he came here.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Freedom – I do agree with you about teams not avoiding Tru. The Giants game is one that immediately comes to mind. Eli went after him all game, and he got torched. (And I’m not talking about 12-15 yard routes, 5 step drops where a prominent pass rush could have bailed him out either. Hitches, outs and slants as well.) No, teams did not avoid Tru any more than they avoided Jennings, it didn’t appear this season.

  43. bulldog80 says:

    klm008, very good position list. I’d make a few changes though as GM. I wouldn’t resign Jennings, he’s a liability. I also wouldn’t resign Balmer under any circumstances, the guy can’t/won’t give enough effort. I also wouldn’t resign Robinson. He’s been dissappointing when it has mattered the most. We need a true fullback and it ain’t him. Too small and too unreliable.

    On HIll, I’d give him a shot at the veteran minimum to see if he’s got anything left. He could give us another good LB for a year if he does, and for cheap.

    Curry must go, he suckiest suck that ever sucked. He’s used up his opportunities. Potential? What exactly is that? Heck, Ryan Leaf had potential. He has to show it on the field and apparently he can’t.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    This is a terrific piece about the impending lockout, from a Seahawk perspective.’-exit-day/

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I am tired of having to watch a soft defense! We need smash mouth football players!
    Why is it that Pittsburgh can play the type of defense that brings fear into the opponent and keep their offense in most games when they are not playing well and we can’t?
    Why is it that when Pittsburgh loses a pro bowl linebacker to free agency they seem to always have another one waiting in the wings?
    Why is it when a Pittsburgh player makes a tackle They seem to punish and/or manhandle their opponent.
    Why is it that when the Seahawks make a tackle that all too often they get dragged down hill or worse! They get knocked out or Injured?

    Dam! I hate Pittsburgh! But if we can find a Dick Labeau clone? Relative? Neighbor? Anything close to this guy, then we need to bring him in A.S.A.P!

  46. bulldog80 says:

    Totally agree on Dick Labeau. He makes the Pittsburgh D. It wouldn’t matter if we had Troy Palamalu, as a Seahawk he’d be sitting deep in coverage. Scheme and attitude make the difference.

    This CBA situation pisses me off. Greed arguing with greed. Fellers, it’s a game!! The fans are doing their part, if the owners and players can’t then maybe they don’t need me.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    I have to agree that Bradley schemes “scared” at times. It boggles the mind. You don’t always have to blitz, that’s not what I’m talking about. But sitting back in 2 deep zone against the leagues better QBs is frustrating to watch. I would much rather watch Tru or Jennings get beat playing man and give up a big play, than have them get slowly abused to death 10-15 yards at a clip. Last year in Indy was the first time I saw this. A passive and what I would consider a frightened scheme at the feet of the almighty Manning. Last season we heard it was Mora’s influence. This year it’s Carroll. I would be lying if I said I’m not beginning to sour on Bradley. But in fairness, let’s see what he can do as Carroll and Schneider get him more talented players.

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