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  1. GriffinNW says:

    With how this is going, I don’t see us being able to grab our future QB. So I say we switch the order of how we draft.
    If that QB isn’t there, I say we draft an OL and solidify it more, and bring Hass back for another year or 2 (2nd year to groom our future QB). This gives us another year to gel our OL, so the following year we have a good looking line for our next guy. Thoughts?
    I’ve been saying, I think Hass has a couple years left if he can have a good line in front of him giving him time.
    This game was so insane, so great. Very memorable. Hass lit up Qwest, and Marshawn turned out the lights on New Orleans.


  2. maddog12 says:

    I think you absolutely try to sign Matt ,the problem is going to be for how much and how long. Matt is going to want much and long and hawks are going to want him to be close to second string money and terms. This will be interesting.

  3. bird_spit says:

    It does not matter if we win again this season…wow what a win. Pete Caroll’s team just took down the Superbowl Champions on the big stage.

    PC just earned this team the hearts and minds of the team in the coming years. Free agents will not look down at coming to a team with the potential at the big stage.

    Wow, the next game would be huge from a prestige point of view, but already you can see PC’s stock is high, and going higher.

    Sign Matt, but hedge bets, as Hass can not play 16 games. Pick up a vet QB in FA, and let them battle it out.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    No draft order has been established just yet, there was no guarantee they were going to take a QB if they lost to the Rams and selected 8th. And there’s no law that says that unless you’re selecting inside the top 10 you can’t get a “franchise” QB. Just like there is no guarantee that yesterday’s game assures that Matt will be re-signed. We’ll have to wait for the season to end and see who is re-signed and who they grab in FA before we have any real sense of what they might be looking at early in the draft.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    These playoff games can only help us for bringing in top free agents!

    I am rooting now for Greenbay. Could the unthinkable happen and we play for the NFC championship at home?

  6. Dukeshire says:

    E, you’re a true professional. How you did that without a smile on your face is impressive. I’m still grinning.

    “They take educated guesses…” Hasselbeck. I think a great example of that was the 3rd and 2 TD to BMW. They basically doubled Williams with both inside and outside leverage, thinking he would run something short, 3-step from Matt. Instead, he split the coverage with a flag route (out of a bunch look) and Hass dropped it into him perfectly. They guessed with the coverage and Seattle was able to take advantage. That doesn’t happen often with a Greg Williams D. Got to give props to Bates on that one.

  7. It’s the day after and I can’t stop thinking about the game!

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Me either. I was replaying it in my head as I was falling asleep last night.

  9. Glad to see I’m not the only one smiling all day today, and I think I’ve watched that Lynch run 20 times already, what a game, what a game.

  10. bhamfan says:

    New Orleans newspapers are fun to read today. Here is one article that talks about the Seahawks wanting it more.

  11. Right there with you guys. That game set up the whole weekend . . . .

    “If that QB isn’t there, I say we draft an OL and solidify it more, and bring Hass back for another year or 2 (2nd year to groom our future QB). This gives us another year to gel our OL, so the following year we have a good looking line for our next guy. Thoughts?”

    I tend to agree. Look, if we can continue to run the ball next year, you will see a different level of quarterbacking. Seems like our line is playing its best of the year – and if we add a 1st round Guard or RT to the mix, no reason we can’t continue it next year.

  12. princeaden says:

    I’m happy to know that I am not the only Dork out there that fell asleep replaying that game in my head, it was classic. No offense intended.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. None taken. Got to enjoy those days, they just don’t happen very often.

  14. GriffinNW, I have to agree with that, although we just have to wait and see how the FA and the draft play out.

    Most of the QBs available in the draft will have some uncertainties around them, and we might never know which one our scouts might quietly covet, unless he falls to us on draft day. But I think we know there will be some new QB blood in camp next year even if Hass returns, and that’s exciting.

    Also, it looks like there will be a lot of quality O linemen – especially OTs – available in the first couple rounds of this year’s draft, so the Seahawks may do well to take one or two there, unless they fill those needs in FA.

    But for now, Hasselbeck and this offensive line deserve all the praise in the world for how they played yesterday. That’s all that matters to me today.

    And I’m sure all that matters to Hass today is preparing for next week.

  15. I love looking forward to the draft and free agency as much as anyone, but right now I could care less about anything except for the here and now and the game yesterday and the game this coming week!

    I keep thinking about how huge ETs tackle was of Bush on the opening drive that forced the Saints to a FG.

    I keep thinking of how stupid Clemons was for retaliating and giving up the 15 yards (gotta keep your cool in the play-offs).

    I keep thinking about that damn Lynch run.

    I keep thinking about Matt hitting his WRs in the hands on about his first 10 passes and someone on the blog talking about how “Matt just doesn’t have it today” after his third pass (the pass where he hit Obo in the hands, after hitting his WRs with the two complete passes to start the game. lol

    The near INTs from Lofa and Clemons.

    The pass and catch from Matt to Morrah.

    Mebane stuffing the 4th down play (he blew it up – I think it was a 4th down).

    The Stokley bomb. The Stokley 3rd down.

    And on and on…

  16. I am SOOOOO happy that Hass had a big game. He doesn’t get enough respect nationally. I hate seeing the comments from other teams’ fans that he hasn’t done anything in his career and was never a good QB. Sad thing is, I see that from some Seahawks fans too. A lot of them have such short-term memory, forgetting that Hass played great in 2005 and was an elite QB for a few years. Sure, he’s not in his prime any more, but he’s still capable of making good throws, as long as he has a good OL and running game. He can’t win games single-handedly anymore, but he can be part of a winning team. And if the Seahawks don’t re-sign him, I’m sure the Vikings or Cardinals or Niners will be happy to grab him.

    I still support drafting a QB prospect in April, but not in the first round. The first rounder should be OL or DL or CB (unless a great QB prospect falls to No. 32!)

    Another thing: yesterday’s game should put to rest all the talk before this season that Pete Carroll’s schtick won’t work in the NFL. The guy can flat-out coach.

  17. bayareahawkfan says:

    Just one of many enjoyable “experts” predictions:

    New Orleans (-11) at Seattle
    Seriously, the Seahawks are just awful. As Nate Silver noted in The New York Times, one respected rating system would have installed them as three-point underdog to the 2008 Detroit Lions, who went 0-16. But hey, remember when Tony Dungy called them the best team in the NFC? There’s still a chance!
    Pick: New Orleans 34, Seattle 13

    At least he got the Saints score right :). What makes reading and watching these again so enjoyable is how smug all of these guys are. This guy goes on about Seattle being “the top of the trash pile”.

    In addition to “Wear Khaki Pants Forever” day (looking at you Pabs and Dukeshire), Monday should be “National Crow-Eating Day” for all self-styled, self-satisfied prognosticators and experts.

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