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Hawks headed to the Windy City

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 9, 2011 at 4:43 pm with 68 Comments »
January 9, 2011 4:44 pm
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (AP photo).

With the Green Bay Packers taking care of Philadelphia on the road, 21-16, the Seattle Seahawks (8-9) will meet the Chicago Bears (11-5) in the NFC divisional playoffs on Sunday, 10 a.m. Pacific Time on FOX.

Of course, Seattle already played Chicago earlier this season, a surprising 23-20 win at Soldier Field in perhaps the Seahawks best game of the regular season.

The Seahawks held the Bears to 307 total yards offensively in that game, including just 24 yards on the ground. And Matt Hasselbeck had one of his better games against Chicago’s Tampa 2 defense, finishing 25 of 40 for 242 yards and a 22-yard touchdown pass to Deion Butler.

The two teams have some playoff history as well, with the Bears defeating Seattle 27-24 in an NFC divisional playoff game on Jan 14, 2007 on their way to the Super Bowl.

Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler is playing in his first postseason game this week.

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  1. Dare To Dream!!!

  2. Chicago not nearly as complete a team as Atlanta – things continue to break our way.

    We gonna win another one?

  3. Audible says:

    Doubt the bears will be 10 1/2 point favorites this week.

  4. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I like Hass’ speech in the locker room … “Hey, we’re not done yet, we’re not done yet”

    We’re gonna get the ball, and we’re gonna score!

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Go Seahawks!
    Go Packers!

  6. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    If Seattle beats Chicago and the Packers beat Atlanta does that mean that the NFC Championship game will be in Seattle?

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I like it. A much better matchup for Seattle than Atlanta.

    Time to put NO in the rearview and start looking ahead. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  8. hawkfan777 says:

    The Hawks will be 10 point underdogs probably.

    This is B.S.

    Why do the Hawks have to play in the only 10AM start next weekend? Any of the other time slots would be much better.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Displaced – It sure does.

  10. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    That would be awesome.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like the fact that this will be Cutlers first playoff game!

    I especially like the fact that Cutler lead the NFL with 59 sacks!

  12. CYRREEN says:

    The Green Bay-Atlanta game is on Saturday. Meaning, Seattle will know they’ll have the home field for NFC Championship before the kick-off. That is if Green Bay wins in Atlanta.

  13. BORNHAWK says:

    I see that no one is asking how many draft picks we lost after this win, where are those guys?

  14. I agree – the 10am start time is awful.

  15. BORNHAWK says:

    Didn’t we beat them last time at a 10am start time?

  16. montanahawk says:

    The ‘Hawks beat the Bears the last time with an early game. That win got the monkey off their backs. Intensity, all around smart play, having some fun & never letting up are the keys to a win. Oh… & getting to Cutler. Cutler will be hungry missing 4 previous Opps to get into the playoffs but he’s not infallible.
    If the ‘Hawks win & the Pack wins then it’s a home game @ Qwest hosting the Packers.
    I believe in Pete’s philosophy.
    -Montanahawk wife

  17. Things are definitely breaking our way!

    (and I’m not about to jinx things by talking about the NFC Championship game, but damn, do you remember that game at Qwest in ’05?!!! :)

    Two big differences between the Saints game and the Bears game is that Chicago gets to play at home, and no one will be taking us for granted. The element of surprise is over. That said, these Seahawks BELIEVE in themselves now, and there is no reason to stop believing!

    I’m pinching myself. Is this sh!# real?

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Playing in Chicago at 10am is little better than playing on the east coast at 10am.

  19. dacmike says:

    I am glad the Hawks will be playing Sunday, like CYRREEN mentioned they will know if Packers pull a win over the Falcons on Saturday and that if they take care of business in Chicago that they would host the NFC Championship. I like our chances against the Bears but will still be a game that the Hawks need to have very few mistakes and convert on 3rd downs is a must. I was at the game on Saturday and Quest field was rocking, man can you imagine if somewhow we ended up in the NFC Championship and possible hosting it? WOW

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chicagos sunday forecast-30% chance light snow- highs 14-19.

    Maybe Matts glove will help keep his hand warm?

  21. CYRREEN says:

    Once again Seahawks are underdog by 11 points

  22. montanahawk says:

    Whoops… Meant to say that Cutler will be hungry regardless (’cause he’s already in the pIayoffs…duh) I mis-spoke with my earlier comment… Hopefully you all know what I meant & I don’t have to explain myself any further. Would hate to play into the ‘Women shouldn’t be allowed to drive, therefore women shouldn’t comment on football myth’, by making a stupid statement.

    Off Topic, obvious answer question for Ryan D: With you being a Havre native what are your thoughts on Mariani making the pro bowl?

    Thanks to Eric & the rest of the staff for keeping us informed. Esp appreciated all the dialogue you posted on player comments. For those of us who can’t be there in person it really brings it home. Very cool!

  23. hambone08 says:

    The only way the game would’ve been better was if Marshawn celebrated like this

    Great win yesterday, without a doubt the best game I’ve been to. That stadium was rockin’ the entire 60 minutes.

  24. hawkfan777 says:

    We played Chicago at 1PM Pacific time last time. I dont remember why they bumped it back but they did.

    10AM Pacific time is the same time in Chicago as it is in the East coast. It is still 10AM Pacific time. The only advantage to Chicago is the flight is a little shorter.

    The 10AM start is a big deal. There are three later time slots. I just dont understand why the Hawks (the only West coast team) has to play in the early slot.

  25. BobbyAyala says:

    All I keep thinking about is the 2005 steelers.

    They beat Cincinatti on the road in a game they were supposed to lose.

    Then they beat Indy after Jerome Bettis fumbled at the one-foot line.

    Then they beat Denver in Denver.

    They were 9-7 entering the playoffs, and ended up the world champs.

    At this point, with the way things are breaking, you can’t say that fate is fighting very hard against us.

    Is anyone on this team scared of Chicago? That’s a paper tiger just waiting to get squashed.

    I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

    Keep dreaming Hawk fans.

  26. montanahawk says:

    The game time that was bumped, if I remember correctly, was when we played Tampa Bay.

  27. BobbyAyala says:


    It’s not some conspiracy against the Seahawks, it’s all about TV contracts.

    Stop bitching and moaning about the start time.

    Real professionals will play at 2 a.m. if you ask them.

    Besides, we played in Chicago on a Sunday at 10 a.m. a few years back in the postseason, and had Shaun Alexander picked up a lousy yard on the ground, we would’ve won.

  28. pabuwal says:

    Who else bet the 150:1 odds on the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl?

  29. BobbyAyala says:

    Hey MontanHawk, you don’t have to explain yourself and you don’t fit into the stereotype, believe me, with all the testosterone haphazardly strewn about these pages, it’s nice to have a female perspective.

  30. How much did you put down?

  31. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    LOL, I’m pretty sure it was a 1pm ET start last time in Chi-Town, cuz I missed most of the game during church.

  32. montanahawk says:

    Remember that Justin Timberlake remake called, ‘I am Matt Hasselback’?
    ‘Dirty Rex’ was the QB then. Would love to hear someone come up with another one. Perhaps an entirely different song.
    I apologize. I’m still giddy from yesterdays win.

    Our cousin is heading off to Afganistan soon. He is a HUUUGE Seahawk fan. Paradoxical as it seems, we are both excited for this possibility for the ‘Hawks but entirely apprehensive about him being over there. He is a diehard fan & we share his enthusiasm for this team.
    Go Hawks!

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I would like to say thats what I meant by a little bit,(having a shorter plane flight),however the truth is I don’t really know what I meant.


    It’s ok to post stupid things occasionally. I am a good example of that!

  34. montanahawk says:

    Thanks Bobby A!

  35. pabuwal says:

    BobbyK – It was a small amount on the 150:1, but a small amount can turn into a massive amount with those type of odds. That will be more than paid for with the MoneyLine Bet (5:1 because they won straight up) and the against the spread bet (1:1 because they covered the 11.5 points I received).

    I don’t regard the Seahawks winning any game with the 12th Man on the team as a real upset. To me, it was like the sport books were giving that bet away. When Duke informed me of the MoneyLine, it was a no brainer.

    And just like the 7-9 Divisional Title prediction, it’s not about the money. Its about the absurdity of it all and being a part of that history and once in a lifetime moment.

  36. I don’t think it is a conspiracy, but you have to wonder why the league could not of scheduled the NYJ vs. NE game at 10am and our game at 1:30pm? Just an explanation of this would satisfy me.

    For west coasters, 10am games suck…. we are still waking up in the 1st quarter.

    Maybe the play-off intensity will give the hawks a jump start.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I am sure that the NFL will do whatever it can to give us a disadvantage from here on out.

  38. Audible says:

    There’s a chance Matt will have a chance at Pittsburgh again in the SB…wouldn’t that be strange twist of fate.

    The Seahawks right now are pioneering new ground…you can’t find a team in NFL history that matches the scenario we now have unfolding for us.

    If this comes to fruition, we’ll go as the biggest underdog upset in NFL history.

  39. montanahawk says:

    Unfortunately, the Seahawks aren’t a big viewing draw (for the masses at least). Later games are viewed more frequently. It has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory but everything to do with who wants to watch what!
    -Montanahawk wife.

    P.S. Thanks to you too GeorgiaHawk. Think we’ve all been in the same boat on a number of occasions. Sometimes I comment due to reaction based on emotion. Other times I let things settle & then I comment… The life of a blogger & a fan. What a very cool predicament to be in & glad we all have this opportunity to do so. (:

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we ever want to be taken seriously as a great team then we have to start winning these 10am road games.

    Carroll wants the Seahawks to have a, ( we will win anywhere anytime), mindset!
    He wants to shed that soft label, and that’s exactly what their going to do!

  41. pabuwal says:

    The times of these games were set weeks in advance and were made BASED ON THE HOME TEAM. If the Eagles won, the Seahawks would have played Saturday Night in Atlanta.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sometimes I comment due to reaction based on beermotion.

  43. montanahawk says:

    ‘Beermotion’ … That’s a good one. You just coined a phrase. Love it!

  44. IdahoHawk says:

    Long week coming up at work. Good friend and coworker is huge bears fan. I like Seattles chance. I just hope Lofa and obo are a go.

  45. I think the Packers are a great team. I think they are equal to the Falcons (even though their record indicates otherwise). The only reason I hope the Packers win is simply b/c it’ll be a home game in the NFC Championship.

    First thing is first, the Bears game is all that matters right now!

  46. hawkfan777 says:


    “Stop bitching and moaning about the start time.” I dont think anyone was bitching and moaning. The start time does make a difference.

    “Real professionals will play at 2 a.m. if you ask them.” You are full of crap. You dont have a clue.

    “Besides, we played in Chicago on a Sunday at 10 a.m. a few years back in the postseason, and had Shaun Alexander picked up a lousy yard on the ground, we would’ve won.” Hey moron, that game was a night game. You are an idiot.

  47. montanahawk says:

    Wow… Idahohawk, Georgiahawk, the local-Hawks, We Montanahawks…. what a lot of looove for the ‘Hawks. It seems to be global. Cool

    Lofa & his concussion??? Yikes! How many has he had this season or thru-out his career for that matter? Not too sure it would be in his best interest to play. I absolutley love the guy. He’s amazing. Guess we’ll just have to see.
    Obu coming back after a seperated shoulder… wow. He wants to redeem for the drops. At least that’s what I think he would want to do. What competitive person wouldn’t want to do something big given the venue that’s ahead? Anywho, gotta hand it to Obu for coming back vs. the Saints considering what he’d encountered.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Already getting a taste of what the weather may be like in chicago.
    Biggest snow storm in 17 years. I love it! Atlanta will totally shut down for the next two day’s. And there is lightning in in this snow storm. How cool is that!

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One thing about the Hawks this year is that they are about the most exciting team to watch! Unlike the boring Falcons!

  50. bayareahawkfan says:

    Hawkfan77, the Chicago game was an afternoon game. I watched it at a bar, and cheered Pete Hunter’s gimme pick against sexy Rexy, and was angry at the fouled up snap-exchange at the end of the game and Hass’s choice to throw to DJ instead of a wide-open B-easy immediately before that.

    The sun was still up here in SF after the game had ended.

    I think we have a shot in Chicago, but Young Mr. Bates is going to have to take his game planning and play calling to yet another level (I firmly believe the quality of both in the last two games are big, big reasons why we’re still playing today).

    SEA!!! HAWKS!!!

  51. bayareahawkfan says:

    Oh and I’m looking to see Deuce break out in this game and really kick start his legend – this situation is tailor-made for another signature moment, an Earl Thomas pick-6 to ice or turn the tide of the game – Mike Martz, Radio Raheem and CC in at the same time rushing and getting pressure…it could be magical.

    Here’s hoping Tats can come back from the concussion to play on Sunday.

  52. hyunwoong says:

    Hawkfan777 sorry but that playoff game in 07 was a 10 am pacific start.
    I remember I was pissed the rest of the day and it was still light out.
    It was memorable cuz it was one of the few times smiling shaun ran hard, let alone in the playoffs. I don’t know if you guys remember that game but alexander bowled over urlacher and another dude to score one of his two touchdowns. All I know is lynch is the anti-Alexander. He runs hard every play and fights for every inch instead of just laying down or going out of bounds. Go hawks and go beast mode!

  53. montanahawk says:

    Absolutely agree that Lynch is the anti-Alexander. We got a huge dose of beast-mode against the Saints & it was incredible. Hope there is more to come.

  54. BobbyAyala, the Steelers were 11-5 in 2005. They were a very good team (lost only one game by more than a TD) and were 15-1 the previous year. However, your overall point is valid: anything can happen in the playoffs and teams sometimes get on a roll. I think Seattle will not roll over against Chicago. Whatever happens, this is great experience for the team.

    What happened to the QB controversy? Does anyone think CW should start this week? (I actually wanted him to start against the Saints, stupid me. Always been a big Hass fan though and hope he re-signs.)

  55. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Canfan, I hope we re-sign Hass too. And I definitely think he gets the start against the Bears.

  56. It was memorable cuz it was one of the few times smiling shaun ran hard, let alone in the playoffs.

    Yeah, SA got almost 10,000 yards in his career without running hard. He gained 132 yards against Carolina in the NFC Championship Game and 95 yards in the Super Bowl without running hard.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Imagine what Lynch would have done behind Jones, Hutch, and Strong!

  58. I’m excited about Lynch too, but no need to demean Shaun Alexander, one of the greatest Seahawks. Some of my best moments as a Seahawks fan were watching Shaun run.

    Speaking of greatest Seahawks, I sure hope Cortez gets in the HOF this year. He deserves it.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t get me started on Shaun,(he stabbed me in the back), Alexander the ungrateful!

  60. newjerseyhawkfan says:

    To GeorgiaHawk:

    BINGO! If Lynch ran behind that Left side of the Line. Wow! Anyways…Chicago …Sunday…Any Given…Its Icing on the cake from here! I have a good feeling Sunday!…(to Quote a famous movie line)….That’s all I have to say about that! Run! Marshawn! Run!

  61. princeaden says:

    This may be bit of a stretch. But, does anyone remember the ’87(I think) Sonics when McMillan, McDaniel, Chambers, Ellis and co. coached by Bickerstaff went into Dallas and beat them? Then went onto Houston to beat then Akeem and co.
    This Team reminds me of that Band of Cast-offs and Role Players bonding together. I can’t wait until Sunday to see if this roll continues.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I remember that team princeaden. What a bunch of talented misfits they were.

    I hope the Seahawks have similar success and then some.

  63. adamtoth says:

    I’ll never forget that 86-87 Sonics year. The “Cinderalla Sonics”. 7th seed versus 2nd seed. No one thought we’d even win a game against Dallas. When the series moved back to Seattle, the Colliseum was even booked up with some other event, and the Sonics had to play the final game of that series at HecEd Pavilion. I remember being at that game, and Dale Ellis’ three pointers.

    We went on to beat the Rockets, and then got swept by the Lakers. I remember the final game against the Lakers, it was late in the fourth quarter, we were down by a lot and the game and series was pretty much over, when the crowd got up and gave Bernie Bickerstaff a standing ovation, shouting “BERNIE! BERNIE!”. I remember thinking that Seattle fans were one helluva loyal fan base to do that.

    You’re right man, this team kinda feels like that old Sonics one that everyone overlooked.

    Here’s to hoping that we get some bitter payback for that field goal the last time we were in Chicago in the playoffs. A Seattle fan’s memory runs deep!

  64. HawkyHann says:

    Go Seahawks! Get Leon involved in this game. Quick passes, make some Bears miss. BMW, all day. Run Lynch to the LEFT and right. Why do we hate running to the left so much?


  65. Dukeshire says:

    Has anyone else caught this? Is there any debate whether Qwest is the loudest stadium in the NFL? Or maybe any sport. No,0,7742458.story

  66. Dukeshire says:

    HawkyHann – I think it’s simply a matter of the success they have going to the right. I’m sure they’d love to be able to run it successfully to both sides.

  67. yellaman says:

    pipe dream if packers beat the falcons and the hawks fcan win in chicago. the NFC championship will be played at qwest. How nuts would that be? no matter what happens this week I’m going to be on cloud 9 dreaming of a seahawk win.

    PS national media can suck it!!!

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